A blog for reviews… that's really not much of a blog

Welcome to VNErogeReview!

Dear Reader,

VNErogeReview is a site created by one lonely college student, in hopes of reaching out to the rest of the English Eroge community with its genuine and honest reviews. I hope  you can take the time to read through the various pages, such as https://vnerogereview.wordpress.com/about/ or https://vnerogereview.wordpress.com/about-me/ to learn a little more about the creation of this page.

I am always open to suggestions, in regards to what I should add to my reviews or any games I should try. I dedicate this page to my readers, not for myself.

While this site may be dedicated for Visual Novels and Eroge Reviews, I am always open to other subjects, such as the latest anime series. Please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook. As I said, I am a lonely student.

Please enjoy your stay, and do not hesitate to contact me about anything.

Thank you,


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