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Foreword: Lolis, lolis, lolis… This game is all lolis, and is actually one of the more popular games among the English community despite its age. Yandere translations did a great job regarding its translation, and while I can’t give this game a good score for its story, I gotta give it a break–it’s freaking 6 years old!

Title: Wanko to Kurasou わんことくらそう (Living with puppies)

Producers: Ivory

Release Date: June 14, 2006

Finished Date: N/A

VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v812


Summary: Yuuichi is a college student who lives a luxurious (?) life. In the world where humanoid pets are existent, people around him possesses such pets. Not having a single care, Yuuichi goes about his business until he finds one of the humanoid dogs lying in the rain. He takes the dog and nurses it back to health. Yuuichi finds that this action not only connects him with Mikan, the dog, but also with other people around him.


Story Length: Medium (15 hours)

Comments: Not a bad story at all. There are “unlockable” events with CGs for each of them, which may take a little longer.


Character Design Rating: 9/10

Story Rating: 4/10

Overall Rating: 5/10

Rating Comments: If you like kemonomimi, and loli’s (like me), you just found a heaven on earth. This game is both. Great character artwork (for a 2006 game). I demand to know who the artist is >:O


Sexual Content: High


Translations: English, by “Yandere Translations”

Translation Rating: 8/10. Yandere Translations is a group known for its careful and accurate translations. I’ve found that their work is very good.


Comments: Wanko to Kurasou was one of the very first English games that caught my attention (for obvious reasons), and it’s certainly has many heart-warming story lines. Nonetheless, the users should be warned about the several “random” sexual content, should they find them discomforting.


Comments on: "Review of [060614]Wanko to Kurasou" (5)

  1. Could you add a tag if the VN is translated or not? So i can search straight for all your translated VN reviews.

    • I do believe that VNDB would do a better job at this than I could ever do. For general information such as this, please utilize these databases.

  2. […] a special route that introduces additional characters. In addition, if you know of the title “Wanko to Kurasou“, she has the very same CV that Mikan is voiced by. Imagine my surprise when I realized how […]

  3. Gromlin said:

    4/10 for story??? Did you seriously just hold Ctrl to skip through it all? Or did you only get 1 of the 2 endings. Mikan’s (Risa’s) ending was a touching one where the second ending was worthy of your 4/10.
    Don’t let this review scare you off.

    For a PROPER Review of this game go to:
    (Link Removed. Please refrain from “advertising”, Thanks — Joyjason)

    Also i did skip straight to the comment section when i saw the 4/10 so if you tried to redeem yourself then i didn’t see it.

    • You sound like one of those people who doesn’t have a proper standard due to being only exposed to English-translated novels. I pity you.

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