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Comments on: "Review of [100827]Suzukaze no Melt (10/10)" (4)

  1. Jason Yong said:

    It requires a PS3 which cost about RM900 in Malaysia to play this game(Sadly i don’t have one). And the game is VERY expensive.How do you people afford it?

    • Hi Jason,

      As unfair as this sounds, some people are more privileged than others in real life to afford these games. Take one of my best friends for example: He lives in Switzerland, and has spent at least $20000 USD on decorating his room with anime goods and posters.

      Likewise, while I don’t have too much money myself, I try to buy all the games I think is worth the money, to show that I support it.

      Despite this, games are originally meant to be played on a PC, and is readily available for “pirating” by essentially anyone, making titles available all around the world relatively easily.

  2. This game is a 10/10 for you? I thought it dragged because there was so much ‘Padding-text’. I did like the osananajimi though. Best Osananajimi in eroge full stop

    • Well, everyone has different opinions, but for a player like me, I enjoy stories that “connect” (aka, make sense and have a definite literary theme) over all other games. This game just happened to do well with the “flash backs”

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