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From the top left, clockwise. Karen, Yukino, Kotone, and Nanami. In the center, Ryuna is on the left and Ryusei is on the right.

Title: キミとボクとエデンの林檎 (Kimi to boku to eden no ringo) [trans. You, me, and the apple of Eden]

Producers: ALMA

Release Date: June 10, 2011

Finished Date: December 22, 2011

VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v5635

Summary: Ryusei (Please don’t mind VNDB; they spelled the name incorrectly) finishes school and is walking back home when a lady convinces him to get in the car with her (with candy, LOL). Inside the car, Ryusei meets his cousin, who he has not met in 3 years. Ryuna, his cousin , is troubled because she has the main role in school that requires singing, but cannot do so as she cannot sing at all. She claims to have some kind of sickness with her throat. Strangely, she can still talk normally–isn’t that weird?

Nonetheless, Ryusei, who looks EXACTLY like his cousin (the “girl” on the right is Ryusei) gets some makeup on and ends up being the replacement for his cousin in the prestigious all-girl’s school. Quite thankfully, Ryuna’s “dorm” is actually a small house outside the school, so the two schemers could switch back and forth as needed. However, Ryusei will not find his experience to be sunshine and lollipops; he must be extremely careful to not get caught by the girls or he will be in big trouble.

With the large number of girls around him, is he in heaven or hell?

Story Length: Medium (20 hours)

Comments: The story is rather confusing at first, but it generally picks up the pace. The one thing I’m very disappointed about is the ending, where some of the conclusions are rather sudden or done forcefully. This is probably a script’s fault.

Character Design Rating: 8/10

Story Rating: 5/10

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Rating Comments: At first, the character design screamed “Tsubasu Izumi” in my head (Tsubasu Izumi is my favorite illustrator). I was wrong, but this is definitely not a bad artwork. I would like to complain that the majority of the CGs were H-scene CGs, though…

As for the story, the beginning and midway was good, the ending was abrupt and insufficient. It was as if they hurried the ending too much.

Tsubasu Izumi? Nope, just a trap

Sexual Content: Medium

Comments: Traps. Traps. Traps.

The story mainly revolves around “forbidden relationships”, just like the “Fruit of Eden”. The various forbidden relationships include cross-dressing, which is… a pretty unique situation, considering that Ryusei isn’t the only one to cross-dress as the story continues. Nonetheless, players will find themselves rather… attracted to a male’s cross-dress, because it looks DAMN awesome.

I DARE you to argue this is a girl.

Extra Note for non-Japanese players: This game is extremely unusual in the way it does NOT allow any hooking programs. Even if you try to hook the text within the game, you won’t get anything. Nonetheless, there is a program called “AralTrans” that can use force-hooking along with AralCode if you’re interested. You must provide your own translation engines, however.

PM me for the AralCode. Normally, you need to register on a site to get the code, but I’m saving you a lot of trouble =)

Comments on: "Review of [110610]Kimi to boku to eden no ringo" (11)

  1. ikillzu123 said:

    got any AralTrans tutorial that IS in english ?

  2. I am strongly attatched or maybe creepily wanting to play this but I cant get the know how on how to hook it T_T, PLS!! Teach me this Ray of Hope ARAL trans thing to me T_T I beg you!! I cant understand the other sites i find, they korean T_T!!

    • Hi RJ. In order to hook this game properly using AralTrans, you may want to read up on Aral Trans on your own time. I guarantee it is not difficult to learn, but please note that AralTrans is only designed for the Korean language, and only allows direct, literal translations that may screw up when using engines that translate Japanese to English.

      For other user’s reference, I will post the AralCode for this game below:


      Please do note that you will need a modified “Fixline.dat” file for this code to work, and you may acquire that from me.

    • May I ask where I can download the Aral Trans program so I can get started, I have time to read on how to work it, so is there any site or page that can teach me Aral Trans and its Download Link?

    • Hi RJ.

      Dedicated to players like yourself, I have created a simple information page (Visible on the top of this website called “AralTrans VS ITH/AGTH” which explains its functions or mechanics, and also provides a link to AralCode Laboratory, where you can download the entire program plus Korean translator engines for free.

      As for usage, I would highly suggest googling “AralTrans”, because the last time I’ve done that, there was a very detailed video that showed you what to do.

  3. RazeMeitzen said:

    u got link for download AralTrans?

    • I would like to STRONGLY recommend that you find out how AralTrans works, before asking for the AralCode. Furthermore, please remember that you must have your own translation engines if you want to use AralTrans, which is something you should prepare in your own time; I cannot help you there.

  4. RazeMeitzen said:

    Can ITH hook it?

    • As far as I’m concerned, ITH does not work with Kimiringo unless you use an H-code, which I do not think is existent at the moment.

    • I know this is a VERY late response, but in case it helps anyone. You don’t need an H-code for this game to work. Just change the font the game uses and the game text will wrap. You can change font in config settings, it the bottom most option in the Text tab. Hope you find this useful if you rely on ITH for vns like me :)

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