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Foreword: Certainly a good game by Symphony, but it lacked impact; A LOT of it. Most of the story was simple plotline, and there was very little “memorable moments”, for both story and character. Even so, there was plot twists as required for a good score, as well as good music and CG. I’m actually quite confused at how to score this eroge, so I leave it up to the decision of you readers to make the final judgment.

Title: Fortuna Rhapsody
Producers: Symphony
Release Date: May 25th, 2012
VNDB Link:  http://vndb.org/v8005

Summary: Kohei is a child who grew up in the town of Hazama. All his memories are intact with his childhood friends Kiyo and Nako. All he remembers about his parents are that his father suddenly went missing, and his mother left on a worldwide journey in search of his father. Nonetheless, he has gotten used to living alone, and go to school regularly as if nothing was wrong.

One day, as he is walking along the beach, a bright light shines from the sky, and as he goes over to check what it is, a winged girl calls out to him, saying that she was waiting so long to meet him. Quite confused at the sudden confession, he takes the now-unconscious girl back to Kiyo’s house, where Kiyo’s mom, a doctor, takes a look at this girl.

This winged girl’s name is Fey, and the trio soon find out that she has amnesia, after she wakes up.  They try their best to help this girl, and find out what in the world happened. Meanwhile, Kohei is concerned with his relationship with Kiyo and Nako…

Story Length: Moderately long (35 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Slightly difficult
Comments: This is a strange game where a secondary route is unlocked after the first play-through. Nonetheless, there are lots of “common routes” that I skipped over (and thus did not count into the length) but it was significantly longer than other games.

Character Design Rating: 5/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: As explained previously in the foreword, this game was okay, but lacked a lot of impact. Because of this, I found that I was unable to clearly recall its events or plotline even after a couple of days. Most of this review is based on what I vaguely remember, which is an abysmal amount compared to the actual story. However, I found this trait rather unfavorable, and resulted in a lower score.

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: Well, you needed to go through a lot of stuff to even play this game, so I was pretty distraught at it from the beginning. However, as the game started to get slow in the middle and finally lose impact, I decided to finish this game as soon as possible and get to other releases, lol.

I’m sincerely hoping for good games by Symphony in the future, to compensate for this game.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Quality: Moderate
Music Quality: Moderately Low. Most of the tracks were soft BGMs that would be great to listen to while focusing on another task. However, this trait in the music was also one of those “impact lacking” features.

Addictiveness: Low.

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