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Review of [120629]Aorio (3/10)

Foreword: Weak. Oh so very weak…. I started this game because the artwork was very similar to the anime artwork: Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai, and kinda overexpected the idiocy, puns, and humor. You won’t find much in here, so don’t expect it. As with other games like Fortuna Rhapsody, this game was weak in the sense that there was no impact within its character design or its plot. Another complaint that I have is that there is no affection created between the characters, or even the player himself!!

Title: Aorio (アオリオ) This title is derived from “Aoiro x Scenario” which means “Blue Scenario”
Producers: ad:lib (<– Yes, that’s a colon. lol)
Release Date: June 29th, 2012
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v9984
Game Type: Novel

Summary: Daisuke, who just transferred to Shikisaka Academy, is a loner. Because he transferred so late, no one would really talk to him or invite him to clubs. While Daisuke thought he’d be okay, he actually feels pretty lonely. One day, a beautiful girl named Yamabuki Rio invites him to the Theater Club, and Daisuke readily accepts because she was pretty. What awaits him next is not going to be sunshine and lollipops for him!

Story Length: Moderately Short (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: The split takes place pretty far into the story, so this game took a lot less than I expected in terms of gameplay time. Additionally, no need for walkthroughs if you are experienced with eroge!

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Moderately Low
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: Okay, let’s take this one by one. For the character design, the low score comes mostly from the “Oh, I think I like you” -> “Oh, let’s try going out!” -> “Let’s have sex!” plotline that was present in a couple of the storylines. Obviously, that’s unrealistic, especially with the very little “story” between the two characters before that happened.  The story rating would have been better if the character’s problems were solved THEN displayed the H-scenes. Many parts of the plotline was rushed throughout the game, much to my distress. Well, sprites are animated, but there’s nothing else other than the movie that was animated. With artwork like this, it should be relatively easy to create animations >.>;;

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: This is just me, but when characters suddenly go out and have sex the next day, I just get pissed off for no reason. Such relationships are really shallow, and if it was real life, the two would’ve broken up, and the girl would’ve just been depressed. Nonetheless, I remind myself at these times that the characters are not real, and simply give the company a bad score, lol.

I wonder how my readers feel about this? I don’t care if you enjoy H-scenes in general, but how do you feel about characters using their bodies to confirm their love instead of genuine love?

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Quality: With the less color resolution, I expected animations, but meh……. I guess they didn’t want to go through the effort
Music Quality: Surprisingly, the music was slightly more superior. Most of it was electronically produced (<– this is an assumption, because most of the companies use synthesizers anyways), but it sounded really natural to me.

Addictiveness: Low. Unless you’re a fan of bokutomo, and want to keep the CG, I don’t think this would be worth playing twice for any player XD

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  1. A boy who transfer in late and became a loner who then met a girl then join a club, hmmmmm
    Yea I feel the same way, a couple who uses their body to say i love u is a bit out their.

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