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Foreward: A very superior Lump of Sugar game, this is the big hit that made LoS a very famous company it is today. Statistics also show that Mashiro continuously ranked number 1 even after 2 months of this game being released, and is sure to leave an impact in all reader’s minds.

Title: Tayutama ~Kiss on my Deity~
Producers: Lump of Sugar
Release Date: May 29, 2005
Summary: Tayutama is a mystical creature that humans do not know about. Yuri, the heirloom to the “Yachimata Shrine”, comes across several strange creatures around his town, and finds that these creatures all flee from him into a strange engraving. Believing this has something to do with spiritual matter, Yuri decides to take a look at it. However, the engraving is in the property of an all-girls school, and he has no choice but to sneak in at night. When he starts to pray, time stops, and a god named “Kikurami” appears and explains to him all the story as well as her wish–for humans and tayutai to coexist. She takes on a form of a small girl and starts to live with him. The small goddess has no memory except the fact she wants the coexistence of humans and tayutai…
What will happen next? That’s up to you to find out.

Story Length: Long (35 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate
Comments: Long Stories that separate very early in the story. The readers will be surprised to see that there are two “Opening Movies”, both thoroughly designed and well-created.
Character Design Rating: 10/10
Story Rating: 9/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 9/10

Rating Comments: This is arguably one of the best games I’ve ever played, and am anguished about how I never found this earlier. With a great storyline and character design, this game is a DEFINITE MUST for any Eroge player.
Sexual Content:
Related Media: Anime and a Sequel to the game. The anime follows the “Mashiro Route”
Comments: Unexpectantly good for Lump of Sugar. They have some of the best “romance” games, but this was out of the world awesome. Great music, artwork, and character design, the only flaw with this game is the exceptionally difficult Kanji; translators are almost required to even play this game.
Nonetheless, the game has a tendency to spell out most of the unusual (non-elementary) kanji in Hiragana, which is rather strange, but helpful for the user to understand that it’s a game-unique word.


Me very gusta.

Comments on: "Reminiscence of the Past [050529]タユタマ~Kiss on my Deity~" (1)

  1. I wonder if i’ll ever go back to filling backlog ever again…

    not keeping up with releases i want to play at all…

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