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Foreword: Yay! Exams finished! I’ll be getting right back to playing VNs for this Christmas break. In addition, I’ll also be helping in the translation of Yosuga no Sora, along with other members!

Right into review of this game: I was actually expecting some dungeon-crawling game, but looking at it in VNDB told me that this game was a parody, so I threw aside this hope. Right from the first hour of playing this, I was laughing my butt off. This comedy factor continues even to the most serious moments, which kinda leads to flamboyant characters and meaningless plot. However, rest assured that if you need laughs, this is the game for you.


Title: フツウノファンタジー (lit. trans: Normal Fantasy)
Producers: EX-ONE
Release Date: June 29th, 2012
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v9734
Game Type: Novel

Summary: “…Then the warriors of light defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the world.” … … …

This is the cliche for all games, but Jade, the Demon King, will not accept this fact. He has only become king after the passing of his father for a short period of time, and he feels like he does not want to die. With this in mind, he takes the magical grimoire, Libra, and searches for this hero who is destined to kill him. Soon enough, he finds her, and gets to see her powers in action…

and she is killed by a slimy, the weakest demon.

Jade is happy (?) about this, but his happiness doesn’t last for long; he sees the warrior levitate and shoot off into the distance. The next day, he sees the same warrior carelessly walking through the streets!

Story Length: Moderately Long (30 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: There are two parts; make sure in part 1, you raise affection with all characters in the battle, and accept each of their feelings. This leads to the split in part 2.

Main characters of this game

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 4/10
Rating Comments: Character design isn’t too good… in fact, it’s much too cliche for these kinds of games. Yes, it is considered a parody. Yes, it got all its “story points” from the elaborate humor, but without a good story, this game is no better than a nukige.

Sexual Content: Moderately low

Comments: I really can’t give too much opinions on parodies in general, because they’re only made to make the players laugh, and nothing else. Yes, I was slapping my knee while literally drowning myself in laughter, but in the end, I didn’t get too much “heartwarming” or satisfaction while playing this game. The characters are charming, but not lovable. The CG is unique, but of low quality. The storyline is fun, but very predictable.

The priestess happens to play the role of a “succubus”. (OH THE IRONY)

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Quality: Low
Music Quality: Low

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A game that should be played only for its “laughs”. Story and CG aren’t that great, and you won’t find much satisfaction from playing this game either, due to it being a parody.

Comments on: "Review of [120629]Futsuno Fantasy" (2)

  1. in this game’s walkthroughs (every site) showed some options which are only for second playthrough, I completed the game started it again but I didn’t got any of those if someone can help pls tell me. I really want to play demon army stories.

  2. […] review. Produced by Ex-One, I knew of this company from before, when I tried a game called “Futsuno Fantasy“. My review for the aforementioned game wasn’t a good one, but I kinda had hope that […]

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