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Foreword: An extremely high rating game, which will definitely surprise all readers. Contrary to the popular belief, this game is extremely unpredictable; don’t try to determine what happens in the later parts of the story, because 90% of the time, you’ll be wrong. Despite this, I correctly predicted the outcomes when this game was announced, in my previews. 

However, you’ll definitely find this game worth your time, regardless of your experience with eroge. Yes, this game is actually pretty difficult to understand. Yes, this game has a lot of psychological traits that a normal person wouldn’t understand “Why would she do that?!” But, you’ll find that the heroines below, as well as subcharacters that interact in a very complex manner, and create various dramatic ironies (This term means that the readers are shown what the characters have no ideas about).

I will try to not give any part of the storyline in this review. This is mainly because this game is so good, it is a definite must for any player, just like how Ever17 was a must for any English players. Please also note that this game is EXTREMELY inciting. You really must resist your urge to punch your computer, because some of the characters will make you VERY MAD. In addition, make sure you have a box of tissues nearby, because this game will also make you CRY.

In general, this game was a sad game, and there are very little comical scenes. Keep this in mind as you continue down to the review, or think about playing this game.

Title: White Album 2

Producers: Leaf

Release Date: December 22, 2011

VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v7771

Game Type: Novel

Summary: This is the after story to White Album 2 introductory chapter. The story takes place 3 years after the introductory chapter, and features stories of 5 characters: Setsuna and Touma is definitely coming back, but the story can wander towards heroines Chiaki, Mari, and Koharu.

The game itself includes the introductory chapter, so for the players who have already seen the beginning of the story can simply change the skip option to “All” and watch as the text flies by.

The white snow falls gently on to the ground, covering everything with white. However, when spring comes, the snow will melt, and reveal everything that was hidden.

 White Album - Anime

Story Length: FRIGGING LONG (50+ hours)

Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Extremely Hard

Comments: I had trouble several times within the game trying to find the right routes, and finally went to a Korean player’s walkthrough after countless hours of struggling. Even then I got lost because some of the choices were repeated several times. Without that walkthrough, I would’ve given up this game a long time ago. Please note that you SHOULD use a walkthrough, because without it, it’s extremely hard to find the correct routes, and considering that this story is extremely long in the first place, it will be a wise decision.

Character Design Rating: 8/10

Story Rating: 12/10

Game Quality: High

Overall Rating: 11/10

Rating Comments: Disagree with my ratings? Laugh while you can. Closing Chapter is arguably better than the introductory chapter, as it contains quick plot twists and beautiful stories that connect with events and plot within the game. All of the plot line is extremely unexpected, and there will be lots of “Holy Shit” moments for the reader that will make this game certainly a memorable one. Even for myself, it has been at least a year since I’ve played this game, and through that year, I have played many games. Despite this, White Album 2’s plotline is engraved firmly into my memory.

This is one of the scenes that made me cry. Avoiding spoilers, Setsuna plays a very crucial role in all of these stories, and perhaps because of this, I felt the most affection for this poor girl, who suffered for so long.

Sexual Content: High. This was quite a surprise. While there was little 18+ content in the introductory chapter, you’ll be able to find that there is actually lots of sexual content within the concluding chapter. Perhaps this was because of the long story…? Nonetheless, I skipped most of them.

Translations: There are none… However, from day 1 of this release, there has been translators working on a patch. Team Utamaru is working on a Korean patch, and I believe there’s an English Patch that’s being progressed somewhere around.

Hooking Recommendations: I highly recommend AGTH. ITH will not pick up the processes, and while AGTH isn’t perfect, it will be good enough.

Affection for the Characters: Extremely High

This character’s name is “Chiaki”. She is arguably the most significant from the three heroines, because she has a very strange role, even in her route, but in other routes as well. Another spoiler is that the reader will be EXTREMELY angry at this girl in one of her routes.

CG Quality: Moderate. Despite that it was a good game, Leaf’s CGs were never of the best quality.
Music Quality: Very High. Do note that the introductory chapter’s theme is “music”. Including songs like “White Album” and “Todokanai Koi”, this game is filled to the brim with great BGMs and insert songs.

Addictiveness: Very High. Despite being over 7 gb in size, even when archived, this game is well protected and preserved for when the Korean Patch is released, so I can spend another 40-50 hours playing it.

This is Haruki’s boss, Mari, who is also a heroine herself. I guarantee the readers will be surprised at  how their story works out.

Comments: Wow. Simply an awesome game. I’ve had high hopes for this game because it’s Leaf we’re talking about, but Leaf overcame that expectation easily. From the very first moment I opened this game, I saw the great movie design, and the high-quality movie-like scenes that captured my heart. When the opening movie came along, I was hooked for GOOD.

Don’t stop there. The following video is a spoiler of the Introductory Chapter.

Conclusion: Personally, this is the #1 game from Leaf, and easily the top 5 favorite games I’ve ever played.

I guarantee you, dear reader, that even if you prefer comical games, this game will still occupy your “top favorite games”.

White Album is a story about love, trust, and betrayal. Who can you trust? Who can you love? and Who will you betray? The answers all depend on you, dear reader.

Please note that the following are spoilers. Please do not continue if you wish to find out the story for yourself.

Well, after you get all the happy ends for the three heroines and Setsuna, something happens…

An Ending Movie? Well, Touma didn’t appear, but that’s okay. Bring on the staff cred–



Me: O_O…

… 30 minutes later…

Me: O_O;;…

WHAT THE FFFFFFF— *table flip*


What are you waiting for? Go play White Album 2!!

Comments on: "Review of [111222]White Album 2 -Introduction + Closing-" (50)

  1. I don’t know if you will ever see this, stumbled across your blog recently, but if you are interested in playing the English patch of this game, a fansubbed team called Todokanai TL did a wonderful job translating all the route in the Closing Chapter. Though, CODA is still being worked on.

    • Apologies for the late reply. I was actually aware of a translation project going on for WA2, but how it’s taking them so long because the game literally spans over 50 hours. It does make me want to encourage the translators because this is a really good game and I feel like more people should try it out.

  2. I cant find any where white album 2 download… could you say where you did you download… or you bought your game? thanks :)

  3. Hi there are some cg that is not appear in my cg list. I unlock all cg there are no cg that still hidden. but yet. how? is this because I have no internet and no update so no patch no add from update to the cg.
    I find out from the site above that I miss some cg.

  4. Do you mind if I ask you the link to the English Choices Walkthrough for the game? I google’d and found nothing… :(

    Thank you in advance

  5. Do i need to play WA1 to enjoy WA2?

  6. I like WA2 a lot. just curious: what are your top 5 favorite games you’ve played ?

    • My…! You hit me hard with that question. It’s really hard to choose my top 5, but I’d probably have to go with the following, in no relative order:

      1) White Album 2
      2) Mashiroiro Symphony
      3) Sekai de ichiban dame na Koi
      4) Suzukaze no Melt
      5) Tayutama

      Again, don’t think that these are the only good titles out there: there are certainly more! It’s just that “I” happen to enjoy them more than any others :)

  7. CheeseKun'sHat said:

    So how did you like the WA2 anime?

    • I actually didn’t watch the anime, for two reasons.

      1) I chickened out and was scared that I would hate the series altogether if it sucked
      2) I was too busy.

      WA2 is a title of the past for me anyways, and I’ve already seen the story once. I don’t think I’ll be missing out on much, so I’d rather continue with the newer releases.

    • CheeseKun'sHat said:

      That’s too bad, I think you would have liked seeing the WA2 characters move and talk in animation.

    • PudinMisaki said:

      AHAHA +1 on what joyjason thinks. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the anime for long. But seeing setsuna in animation sure is nice ;__; I can’t bring myself to see her getting hurt even more(Read the vn before). God knows if CC is ever getting an adaptation. I’ll probably buy the blu-ray and ended up not even unwrapping it just for the sake of loving the series.

    • CheeseKun'sHat said:

      Actually, an animator at Satelight tweeted a picture of Kazusa in a disguise she wore in CODA, so it’s possible that they’ll skip CC entirely (much as some fans like me would wish otherwise). CC doesn’t have any Kazusa in it, and the main love triangle was what sold the series, so I think it’s likely that we’ll see them adapt CODA next.

      And of course Setsuna gets hurt in the anime adaptation, and of course people tuned in and paid money to see it on disc. There is such a thing as “beautiful tragedy,” after all.

    • First, let me thank you for your comment. I offer my gratitude because whether or not it was intentional, you’ve told me the general meat of the anime and helped me predict that it won’t be as good as the main game (especially I know how it’ll end).

      WA2 has a huge audience. It’s definitely a kamige in my opinion, so I don’t find that surprising.

      I do, however, find it sad that individuals who can’t read Japanese would rather resort to the lesser, more inferior variation of a title than its original work…

    • CheeseKun'sHat said:

      I don’t get it; were you expecting the WA2 anime to significantly deviate from its source material, the IC? Setsuna getting hurt was originally in the IC and thus makes it to the anime. I don’t see how that’s helpful information.

    • Without watching the anime or even reading any posts online about the plot, the mere fact that you suggest the “skipping of CC” says that the entire anime series is revolving around IC.

      Of course, I played IC twice (when it first came out and second when I was going through with the CC), so I get a general idea that since the IC was relatively short, the producers could fit all the plot displayed in IC into the anime series (regardless of how many episodes there are). Hence, I’m not missing anything even if I skip the anime entirely.

      I make another prediction that the anime probably ends with the very scene that starts the game: with Setsuna clinging onto Haruki after the departure of Kazusa.
      This would probably bring about huge attention from the anime audience, and have people literally screaming their heads off for a sequel.

      All of this is from your single statement: “they’ll skip CC”.

    • CheeseKun'sHat said:

      That still strikes me as an odd leap of logic. But yes, what did you expect out of a 12-episode series? If they tried to cover both IC and CC within that time span, there would be far too much material to cover to have any real chance of satisfying the fans of the game (and would seem oddly glossed over for fans who haven’t played the game).

      Would you like to see the routes of the CC heroines covered in a future WA2 anime season? Or would you be happy if they picked a CODA route and animated just that for a future season?

    • I actually expected more than 12 episodes, but I guess they kinda ran out of funds…? o3o;;

      In my personal opinion, the CODA sucked within the game, so I would not like to see it animated. On the contrary, I would love to see one of the 4 other heroines animated, with the preference being in this order:
      Setsuna >> Koharu > Chiaki > Mari

      But that’s just my biased opinion from playing the game :P

  8. Does touma appear in white album 2 after story

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “White Album 2 After Story”.

      Touma does appear as the main heroine in the “Final Chapter” of White Album 2 Concluding Chapter.

  9. blastyblasty said:

    How to i dowload wheere is the link and is this in english?

  10. CoronaUpper said:

    if I run it using AGTH, I can actually find dialogue using /V /X3But the dialogue includes unwanted characters that break up ATLAS’s translations.Every time there is a new line in the same Dialogue box AGTH picks up a “\n” before continuing to the next line.the “\” looks like a yen-symbol in AGTH and TAHelper.Is there any way to get AGTH to omit “\n” from the text it pulls from the game script?TAHelper gets errors when you try to use “remove from sentence” on a “\” .

    • I distinctively remember that I had the “\” symbol as well. This is actually the Korean “won” symbol, and despite it, I remember I was able to play the game properly.

      I’m sorry I’m not much help. I also do not know of other ways to eliminate this symbol directly (since H-codes only specify commands for hooking; not modifying)

  11. where can i download it? I really want to play ;~;
    i dont think there are any translations :(

  12. bazzzoooka said:

    Guys please. Where i can find english text patch is it something in the net?

    • bazzzoooka, an English translation does not exist for this game.

      Please don’t ask for translations or download links on this site, as this is a REVIEW site, not somewhere you can find download links.

    • bazzzoooka said:

      Thank you. Just didn’t know site rules ;). So i will play this game with auto translator patches then. Review is awesome. I think the game should be great :D

    • How do you play with auto translator patches?

  13. Where can I download this??? Any links?

  14. Thank you so much for the review! I was actually looking for one.
    But I have a question, will Haruki choose between Setsuna and Kazusa….coz I really don’t like unresolved love triangles..

    • Looking back at this post, which was made over half a year ago, I find that this review is VERY poor compared to the ones I create today, and would like to offer my greatest gratitude for complimenting such a vague and strange review.

      To answer your question, to which I will try to give the best answer I can, this game DOES have the resolution of the Love Triangle, although it is at the VERY end of the Last Episode story.

      Does it end well, or does it end with lots of clashes and fights? That’s for you to find out.

  15. CheeseKun'sHat said:

    So, are you going to review the WA2 anime when it comes out? I’m sure you’d like to see which of the game’s plot elements they preserved and which they didn’t.

    Also, did you play the PS3 version as well? It has an “extra episode” you can check out, probably to compensate for all the removed h-scenes.

    • Not having a PS3 restricts me from playing the PS3 version, although I would’ve liked to.

      As for the anime, I will definitely be giving it a try, since I enjoyed this series very much. While I expect the quality to fall greatly, I’m very curious to how the producer will present the storyline to viewers.

    • CheeseKun'sHat said:

      Actually, there was a video walkthrough for the PS3’s Extra Episode on youtube, but the copyright police had it removed shortly after it was posted.

      Here’s a PV of the WA2 anime which I think you’ll like:

  16. lol, I have the same expression as yours in the closure of closing chapter setsuna’s route when after the credit goes, there’s the final episode of the series and suddenly become happy for the surprise lol, well the closing chapter doesn’t really satisfy me though as Kazusa was gone from the story for a really long time… why the hell they make one of the main heroine to be out of the story…. well maybe it also need to give the impact for the coda though
    Well I also think and predict what will actually happen if I choose to go to concert which then I found that it’s just a trap and can’t be chosen even after finishing any route… damn..

    the anime said to have 4 cour which is around 50 episodes hopefully it will be popular enough so that they can make it till the end…. I guess there’s no other VN adaptation into anime that has this amount of episodes right?

  17. This review is good and interesting :)
    But one of the pictures is gone.

    I think if the anime is good, more people will have an interest in this game.

    • Thank you for your comment and view, LCat!

      I’m very sorry to deliver such poor quality reviews, but I ask for your understanding, as I try to play all the weekly releases that I believe are “good”, and write a review for ones I thought were good. If you look around, I even write long spoilers for some games I thought particularly good.

      As for the anime, who knows what’ll happen? However, with the Little Busters anime that crushed my expectations, I found that it’s probably best if one did not hold too much expectations for animated series based on a novel (whether it’s VN or LN).

      As the general rule goes, VN or LN is almost ALWAYS better than its anime adaptation.

    • Thanks for your reply.
      Anyway, it’s a good review.

      I agree with you. In my opinion, more people like to watch anime than play VN. Actually, I was one of them. I have watched some anime adapted from VN such as “Fate/Stay Night” or “Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~”, and dissatisfied with the plots or endings. That’s why I started to play VN. If the anime is good, we can tell our friends that the original work is better and recommend them to try it.

    • Well now… I stand corrected!

      But as with all Anime variations, I have no high expectations for this. More like, I’m not sure if I’ll even watch this from fear that it’ll degrade the VN into nothingness.

      On that thought, though, I’ve never heard of this producer; Satelight?

    • Satelight are a studio animation that make fairly good anime like Macross Frontier and Muv-luv Total eclipse.

      I think they have good experience to make adaption anime from this VN.

  18. Mazryonh said:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the resounding commercial success of WA2 now means that it will get a larger-than-normal anime adaptation. I hope they will be able to encapsulate all the drama, and possibly cover all the routes in an omnibus adaptation after the Introductory Chapter is covered.

    • I’m unsure if there will be an anime adaptation for this title, despite its success.
      (Of course, if there’s an official announcement somewhere, I ask that you refer me to it)

      This is mainly due to the fact that animation companies tend to favor light novels over eroge. There is a good reason for this: the number of light novel readers FAR surpasses eroge players, both in Japan and out.

      Even if the animated version is produced, I highly doubt that all of the drama can be captured into the series. This does not include the fact that if the series is animated, I estimate with an 80% chance that the variation will follow the “Last Episode” route.

      Leaf’s abilities in creating great eroge comes from their effectiveness in using “scene changes”. Throughout the game itself, (as a reader, of course), you’ll see many scenes that abruptly end and make you wonder what happens next. (This is a good element!)
      This technique, however, is hard to recreate in animations.

    • Mazryonh said:

      Scene changes are just accomplished by transitions/cuts to another situation, location, or time. If they indeed have 50 episodes for this, then Introductory Chapter could cover one season of 12 episodes, and the Closing Chapter could cover 24 episodes (possibly enough to cover all three non-main heroines in an omnibus adaptation + Setsuna’s CC route). The last 12 would be good for the Coda events.

    • Wow…. 50 episodes? Just imagine all the production cost!

      But I really hope they don’t produce the anime like you suggested, because that means the anime will attempt to go through all the routes of the characters. This will be very hard since the Final Episode is a completely different setting than the other episodes.

      I feel that if this anime wants to be a success, it should get rid of Chiaki, Mari, and Koharu’s routes completely, and simply use those characters in the “intermission” episodes, which is represented by the time frame AFTER the introductory, but BEFORE the Final Episode.

      Other than that suggestion above, there’s really no good way to make the anime variation a success =x

  19. janetjackson said:

    So there ARE good ends. I got the feeling that all the endings would be bittersweet at best.

    • Yep. There are good endings. I ask you, though: What’s the point of a game if it doesn’t have good ends?

      I guess you could argue that the introductory chapter could technically be considered a “bad end”, but the term “introductory” implied that the ending of the introductory would not be the final ending.

      Although you could argue that some games have only bad ends, those kinds of games don’t end up doing well in the market anyways. Remember that Leaf is actually pretty popular with their games, and there’s probably a reason for it.

  20. Yep, that’s the “Last Chapter”. It’s basically where you dive into the “Touma route”

    Betrayal… it’s actually a plus in general for me, because anime and eroge in general involves way too much “love at first sight” or that continuous theme of “falling in love with a protagonist for the smallest things”. Because of this, I guess I find the “betrayal” theme a lot more realistic, and much more desirable.

    Even within this game, there’s no “easy capturing” for the protagonist. If you remember correctly, Haruki is only 21 or 22 years old, when he attends college + works as an editorial, and even does tutoring for high school students. He claims he sleeps 4 hours a day, and such “motivation” is the thing that should captivate girl’s hearts.

    I would have to disagree with the fact that Koharu’s route was basically the same as the main route, because in her case, she just butted into Haruki’s life BECAUSE he rejected her friend. In the intro chapter, it was a bit different.

    Also, wasn’t it you that was commenting about the glory of voiced male characters in H-scenes? XD Sorry if I’m wrong.

    Thanks for the report about zerochan. I swear, they really must hate hotlinking to the point they won’t even let me use ONE image from them. So freaking annoying =3=

  21. I finished Setsuna route, and then i remember there is an After after, where Touma appears with no shoes on and she’s walking on snow, is that the bit you were talking about?

    There was some really nice moments, but the repeated betrayals started to get too repetitive for me, so i never even played to the end of touma.

    the only other route i did was the kouhai, and her story was…. a bit crap, basically the same thing as the main route.

    I do like the voiced protagonist though.

    btw one of the images from zerochan.net not appearing

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