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Foreword: Flyable Heart is one of those “heartwarming games” that is relatively approved by many players including myself. Its unique character design and script allows any player to enjoy its stories, while the game itself having low-level kanji (at the late Middle school level) for non-Japanese players to practice their kanji reading skills. Despite ranking inferior to many other reviews posted on this blog, Flyable Heart is a recommendation for essentially anyone.

Title: Flyable Heart (the fandisk’s title is “Flyable CandyHeart”
Producers: Unisonshift
Release Date:
VNDB Link:
Game Type:

Summary: Shou is a healthy young adult who can eat a lot. This “a lot” cannot be held comparison to normal standards, however, and it should be noted that his eating abilities are extraordinary. After having a dream with bunny girls serving him food, (and him being more interested in the food than the girls), Shou finds that he received an acceptance letter from a school where the cafeteria is an “all-you-can-eat”. While he does not remember applying to this school, he realizes that if he wants to attend, he must reply by… TOMORROW?! Cursing his dad for handing the mail to him sooner, Shou leaves immediately to the island where the school is located. During the way, a series of events cause Shou to unleash a ton of fireworks, and is thrown off the bridge (on the way to the island) from the impulse. Will he die? Of course not! Someone saves the day and…

CandyHeart Summary: This is the fandisk for the respective game, Flyable Heart. The game includes “after” stories for the featured characters within the original game, but also includes stories for Akira (aka Maxx) and Gumi, the loli (?) secretary. The special thing about this game is that it features characters from other games, such as “Alice Parade”, “Peace@Pieces”, and “Nanatsuiro Drops”. It’s very enjoyable if you have played those games as well.

This character appears in the fandisc, and is actually someone you know if you played the main game :D

Story Length: Moderate (25 hours), CandyHeart: Short (10 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate. Not Applicable in CandyHeart
Comments: A rather straightforward story design we have here, so no need for complicated walkthroughs. In the main game, watch out for Yui and Amane’s route continuing almost the same until a bit further into the story. As for CandyHeart, most of its interaction stems from the player choosing which story to view, so no need for anything there.

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 6/10
Rating Comments: A decent game with good character design but slightly inferior story. Many of the characters (Artist: Ito-sensei) are really cute and innocent looking, which is well complimented with the designed characteristics, such as Yui being a glutton like Shou, but being embarrassed about a girl eating so much. While I do appreciate the fact that there is a solid storyline for each heroines, there’s no specific theme between all of them, and the beginning story. This will be explained later.


CandyHeart Ratings are similar to the main game.

Sexual Content: Moderately low

Comments: This is one of the “major” unisonshift games that branch off into other stories. (With the other “major” stories being the Chuchu series). If you haven’t noticed yet (LOL), there’s a fandisk for this game, as well as a spin-off sequel, titled “Kiminago”, which has a darker, more serious storyline.

As for the inconsistency in theme explained above. As an example, the story starts out with an element of “cute gluttony”, where the element is explained best by Shou and Yui gobbling up food, but this “theme” seems to dissolve after the character splits, into family problems, identity issues, and finally, time warping. Obviously, without the fandisc, even the main game would be deemed “incomplete” without some of the major questions answered. This is why if you want to give a score like I gave above, it’s pretty crucial to play the main game, THEN the fandisc, to fully understand what the heck is going on.

CandyHeart also has a large crossover route, which takes characters from a couple other games and sticks them onto the setting that you are familiar with. This storyline is very amusing, as you can see characters from one of the Unisonshift games interacting with characters from another game. This kind of plotline is a huge plus.

Not everything is sunshine and lollipops though…

Affection for the Characters: High

CG Quality: Low. Personally, Ito-sensei’s artwork is cute, but pretty plain. There’s no specific distinctions between artwork elements, but that might be just me…
Music Quality: Moderate.

Addictiveness: Moderate. Unlike other games, this game was actually pretty enjoyable.

Conclusion: A cute, but rather inconsistent game by Unisonshift. Great if you want a simple, light-hearted story, but for players who may want a distinct plot with a definite theme, this game may not be for them. However, Kiminago may suit their tastes…

Noizi Ito, UNiSONSHIFT, Flyable Heart, Shou Katsuragi, Yui Inaba

Right! Spoiler time! I really didn’t want to make a separate page for this because the game’s really not that big of a spoiler in the first place…

Yeah, as anyone would’ve expected, Shou and Yui are identical beings. They are essentially male and female variations of each other, and this is hinted several times in the story while being “in-your-face” with the factor that both were gluttons. How did these two “same identities” end up in the same world? Simple. Shou, when he accidentally set off fireworks and was thrown off the bridge, was destined to die. However, Suzuno saved him and brought him to this alternate world at the last minute, and thus, the two identities suddenly met up.

Who the heck is Suzuno, then? Well, of course, a time traveler from the future! No, she is not an angel despite the awesome artwork depicting her with wings =P (Although it looks DAMN awesome)

This CG was my wallpaper for quite a while.

Comments on: "Reminiscence of the Past:[090319]+[110225] Flyable Heart Series" (4)

  1. u have to consider that there are 2 completely different games: “Flyable Heart” the original and “Flyable CandyHeart” the second game. the original Flyable Heart has an incredible great story and is one of the best games ever! (also great is Kimi no “Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete” and that’s the third game! the second game, which your review is about, is something like a fandisc.

    • Yes, I do remember CandyHeart to be a Fandisc, since half the story was an extra long “crossover” route that was unrelated to the main game in the first place.

      In addition to this, I’m not sure if either Flyable Heart nor Kiminago were THAT great. Sure, they were definitely good games scoring 7 and 8 respectively, it’s an exaggeration to call them “one of the best games ever”.

      Kiminago is not a “third game”. It’s just a spin-off using the characters from the main story, and in a sense, probably on the same chronological timeline as CandyHeart (though you really shouldn’t quote me on this)

  2. hey joyjason
    some of the images are not showing it says “hosted on minitokyo.net”
    and the other images are stretched

    i think flyable candy heart was praised as a good ending for the FH story, (it’s as meaty as it gets for fandiscs), but i still couldnt like it that much

    • Thanks for the heads-up. The images have been fixed.

      *sigh*, I wouldn’t understand why hotlinking is bad unless the server is located in a poor country where they’re charged for bandwidth usage, which is sad in its own sense.

      Yeah, FCH was pretty much the “ending story” for FH, which is exactly what I state in there XD, but other than that, the only good thing about it was the crossover.

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