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Foreword: Okay wow… My prediction was dead on. Remember how I said I was hesitant to play other games after Fureraba, because I was scared of coming across a crappy game? Yep, we have a crappy game.

Originally, this title (often shortened to “tototo”) presented itself in front of me as I realized that one of the scenario writers was “Natake”, who also worked on one of my favorite titles, Astraythem.

Despite this, tototo had a very vague theme (which didn’t even seem like a theme either), along with weak plot, non-existing story elements, as well as low quality CG that makes this one of the worst games I’ve played up until now.

For my sanity’s sake, I won’t post screenshots.

Title: 彼女と俺と恋人と (Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to) [Lit. Trans: With Her, and me, and lover] Yeah, this is a fragment phrase.
Producers: Pulltop Latte
Release Date: December 14, 2012
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v10972
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=763602
Game Type: Harem Romance Novel

Summary: Haruto is a college student who saves a girl from being hit by a car. Although he does save the girl, his arm is injured in the process, and he is immediately taken to the hospital. There, he meets the girl that he saved; Ayano, who takes care of him for a few days until his release.

However, even back at his “apartment”, Ayano insists on taking care of him, and the two enjoy their time together. As his arm heals, Haruto realizes that he feels lonely without this girl taking care of him, but decides to give up approaching her, from fear of creating an awkward tension in between their relationship.

Surprisingly, he is not the only one who thought like this. Ayano had fallen in love with this university student, and kisses him on the day he walks her back home. This action greatly startles Haruto, and is even more disturbed to find Ayano knocking on his door the next day. Realizing that Ayano’s affection matched up with his feelings for the girl, Haruto confesses to this girl.

Story Length: Relatively short (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate
Comments: There are very few choices, but all of them involve Ayano in some way. With 4 other heroines (Suzuki, the younger sister, has her own story that’s available by downloading the patch from the website), make sure to capture each heroine properly by making careful choices.

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 2/10
Rating Comments: A very low rating, this is a great surprise, mainly because Pulltop Latte is a branch of Pulltop, who is well known for its high-quality slice-of-life stories that leave the reader satisfied. This title, on the other hand, left a feeling of “What the hell did I just read?” as I finished each route, and in this sense, I label this game as a “nukige” than a novel.

Character Summary:

Right onto character summaries. I don’t really want to get into too much detail (mainly because there’s really not much to say about each character), so I’ll just go over the basics.

Starting from the left is Yuuko. Yuuko attends the same school as Ayano, and is the childhood friend of Haruto. “Taking care of him” since they were young, it is implied in the beginning scenes that she has feelings for this protagonist who she admires as an older brother. However, with the presence of Ayano, Yuuko doesn’t know how to act towards Haruto and Ayano, because it Ayano essentially “stole” Yuuko’s crush.

Second from the left is Konoka. As the younger sister of Ayano, it is shown that they’re only half-sisters, due to having a different mother. Unlike Ayano, who is calm and mature, Konoka is much more cheerful and extroverted, and it is shown in her route that this attitude is mostly from the fact that Ayano received more attention when the siblings were younger. Immediately taking a liking to Haruto, Konoka soon falls in love with him as well, as he directly points out Konoka’s “good points” without hesitation.

In the middle is our central heroine Ayano. Perfect in essentially everything, this character is your normal “Yamato Nadeshiko” character. Despite being perfect, it is unknown why she took a liking to Haruto, and when inquired, she only replies “He is kind, and I feel comfortable around him”, which aggravates me slightly, considering the time they spent together was chronologically less than a week. She is also “lenient” to the point she allows other girls to clamor around Haruto, which is also a minus for this character. Despite being a central heroine, I found myself hating this character the most, due to her contradicting personality, weak and twisted mindset, as well as non-existent background story.

Second from the right is the manager of the apartment, Chikage. As an adult, Chikage is often seen to be smiling pleasantly, but when she consumes alcohol, she becomes seductive and equivalent to that of a succubus. Another character who randomly fell in love with Haruto, her route involves her forcing sex on Haruto when she was drunk, and dealing with that guilt until Ayano says it was acceptable.

Last is Tsukushi, who is a self-proclaimed Ayano’s “BFF”, and hates Haruto because she thinks he threatened Ayano with something so they started dating. Trying to distance Ayano from him, Tsukushi is your typical “tsundere” character who is hardheaded enough to not acknowledge Haruto even when he returns her malice with kindness. Tsukushi’s route mostly involves Ayano requesting Haruto to kiss the unwilling Tsukushi, because she believes that if Haruto kisses her, Tsukushi will realize that Haruto’s kiss is, indeed, comforting and come hate him less (BECAUSE THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE /sarcasm). Jokes aside, Haruto does as he is told, and because of this event, Tsukushi realizes she thinks about Haruto more and more.

Sexual Content: High

Comments: One of the crappiest games I’ve ever seen created, that easily rivals parodies in terms of story quality, other than Ayano’s route, the other heroine’s routes end as a “3-some harem”, which is rather disgusting in my eyesight. With the fact that Ayano continuously says, “It can’t be helped if Haruto loves another person…” due to her father having two wives, the contradictory action where she often displays jealousy is completely unreasonable. Other than this, there are too many unexplained elements throughout the entire story that makes this game a very crappy and unworthy one.

There IS a Suzuki route, which involves the ‘capturing’ of your younger sister Suzuki. I haven’t tried it, nor think I will, but it is available, for those who are interested.

Affection for the Characters: Extremely Low.

CG Quality: Low
Music Quality: Moderate

Addictiveness: Extremely Low.

Conclusion: A surprisingly crappy game that I recommend players to NOT play. As with other crappy games, I was facepalming myself and nearly broke my “Ctrl” button trying to skip through the entire story as fast as possible.

On that thought though, I have some other good-looking games I’ll be playing. Look forward to the reviews for those!

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