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Foreword: Invited by Mark R., I didn’t get to this game until very recently, so I’m not sure if I can give a good review or not…

Nonetheless, I actually had some hope for this game, because most indie creators are pretty good at making games, in one way or another.
Turns out, this wasn’t the most thrilling game, both in its graphics or content. I’m very disappointed that besides some animations, this was your average kusoge (trashy game), which (sorry, Lostwood Games) is not worth the money.

Unless the game has some huge element that connects everything and performs a good resolution in a single last episode (or they can choose to extend it… either way, I don’t have good impressions on this game), this game will not interest me, and I’ll make sure it doesn’t fool anyone to fork over unnecessary cash just because it’s in English.

Title: Leviathan -the Last Day of the Decade-
Producers: Lostwood Games
Release Date: August 10, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v13124
Getchu Link: N/A
Game Type: Interactive Adventure Game with cyberpunk theme

Summary: Oliver is the only son of a relatively wealthy family. Because of this, he is sent to school like other kids, and has a “relatively” normal life…

That is, until his mom started to act strange and he starts to be bullied just because he hangs out with the school bully victim, Kael.

One day, Kael invites Oliver to perform a demon summoning magic, and provides him with the necessary materials. Oliver successfully casts the magic, but the demon starts attacking him instead!!
Finally calming the demon with soothing words, Oliver will now have the demon serving him as a master. However, this awesomeness doesn’t last for long; the demon informs that Oliver’s mother is lying to him about something… and Oliver sticks his neck into the problem too deeply.

Although he’s released with a scold from his mother, he will definitely regret it–His mother is killed the very same night by an intruder.

Years pass by, and Oliver is now a healthy teenager. Although he cannot prove it, he knows who his murderer is; the very foster father that adopted him after his mother’s murder. However, he can’t do anything against one of the most powerful man in the area, and spends every day trying to find evidence that his guardian is a sham; he is evil at heart.

Story Length: Short (<10 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate
Comments: As an interactive game, it is very important to pay attention to even the smallest details. Fortunately, the game DOES tell you the most important points with a color-coded text that will assist you in the way.

Character Design Rating: 4/10
Story Rating: 3/10
Game Quality: High
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: I’m very hesitant to even rate this game at all due to the fact that it’s incomplete, but my patience is actually rather thin when it comes to incomplete games.
This rating is for the game, up to the 4th episode, which is where I saw much of the conflict and can roughly predict what’s going to happen to the entire series.

Character Summary: N/A

Sexual Content: None. This game is rated 18+ only for the grotesque visuals (there is no gore, however) as well as bloody scenes

Comments: So let’s get started with the criticisms.

First, there are so many elements that do not play a role within the game itself; the bully, the government, and even the “Tower” that is introduced in Episode 2 has no role even up to Episode 4. Sure, one can definitely argue that there can be some plot-twist that’ll cause something mystical to occur, but even that will be very difficult to do in a single episode. Along with the fact that each episode only takes a couple of hours of clicking (dialogue reading included), the last episode will need to be DAMN long for the producers to fit anything significant in it.

Second, it’s really funny how most of the “choices” involve relatively unique story, but it really all ends in the same result, which seems to either be “bad” or “good”.
I mean, come on! Even galge has up to 4 routes nowadays. I’m sure there can be more plot than just two shown here.

Third, which relates back to the second point, is the concept of “the Tree” which magically appears in Oliver’s dreams and teaches him about purity and the minds of other people. It continuously reminds Oliver that he needs to take the path of “righteousness”, but even this is very vague, and I predict that the meaning of this identity will be revealed in the final episode without any form of reasoning

This is supposed to be the “Tree” it’s pretty creepy…

Fourth, which includes a small spoiler, but did anyone realize that it’s SOOOO easy to corner the protagonist, but the game has to go on and on about the same old “goal” for hours? A certain character is introduced in the later episodes that seem to know everything without even knowing it; as if the producers just wanted it that way.
No, this is a HUGE no-no. The character in question does explain her reasoning, but the foundation is completely invalid, and that character just happened to have a brilliant spark that said “Oh, Oliver is the culprit” which puts the poor protagonist and his friend into deep shit at the end of the fourth episode.

The “bad guy”, or at least Oliver thinks he is…

Affection for the Characters: Non-existent

CG Quality: High-ish…? But I prefer my Visual Novels to be 2D and full of moe-characters. Not deformed characters that look to be 30 years old
Music Quality: Low. Personally, I despised the “whoosh” sound that continuously came up in any point there was supposed to be comedy (it wasn’t even funny…), and the fact that characters weren’t even voiced made the background music rather boring. This is highly unlike another game that I’ve been playing, titled “Noesis”. (The review for this title should be coming up, if not already posted)

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I saw these kinds of graphics

Addictiveness: Very low. With “mystery” that doesn’t even seem significant, as well as the fact that the protagonist takes 10 years to even find some clue that leads nowhere, I can’t see how this story would have a happy ending, nor will I stick around to wait for it. But when the last episode comes out, hit me up and I’ll quickly go through it just to make sure that my hypothesis was on the right track.

Conclusion: A very poor game from Lostwood Games, which was very startling even for an indie company. They focused far too much on the interactive element or the graphics, to the point the story makes no sense and what’s supposed to be a “cliffhanger” pretty much turned me off completely from the game.

Comments on: "Mini Review: Leviathan the Last Day of the Decade" (2)

  1. Haha, you’re completely right. This really isn’t the type of game I’d be playing…

    But I guess most of the impulse (since I know I wouldn’t want to play this kinds of games) actually came from much of the “mystery solving” games that I’ve been playing for the past month. These were more of the “interactive” games, which is pretty much what expected from this game: player interaction.

    But as you can see above, the graphics aren’t the best, there really wasn’t much interaction (map movement was there, but it was pretty limited…), and then the story sucked.

    But really, other than the fact that the game was there (it’s kinda like how some people eat just because food is there, not because they’re hungry), there wasn’t really much reason for playing this game, nor would I recommend to anyone looking for a change of pace.

  2. Whoa, what got you into playing this one? This isn’t cute at all- I mean… actually, exactly that. This isn’t cute at all! This is completely different from what you usually do, isn’t it?

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