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Foreword: I’m going to be an eroge machine this Spring Break! With only one week, I’ll be playing games like crazy and enjoy while it lasts. Obviously, I didn’t get the chance to do this over the school year, so there you have it.

Second review for the day, this is a game I finished within 24 hours of starting–this was actually THAT good. Unlike the previous Sugar Pot game, this was a great title–hence finishing it even when I was in the progress of Sugar + Spice (Yes, I’m playing it because of you, gangrelion! xD)

Remember how in the previous Sugar Pot game, Tsukumo no Tsuki, I was mostly complaining about how everything seemed so slow in the middle of the story, and the protagonist seemed really weak. This time around, Sugar Pot got rid of both and created a very good game that I’ll be saving for the future.

I’ll stop blabbing and get with the review!

Title: 恋する少女(どーる)と想いのキセキ~Poupee de souhaits~  (Koi suru shoujo (do-ru) to omoi no kiseki) [Lit. Trans: A Girl (Doll) that loves and the miracle of feeling — Poupee de souhaits = “Doll of Wishes” in French
Producers: Sugar Pot
Release Date: February 28, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12987
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=776567
Game Type: Romance Novel with themes of “Puppetry”

Summary: Tomoki is a dollmaker who is actually quite famous. The beginning scenes involve him being “harassed” by his manager, who delivers his works to the company for production and sale. Perhaps because of this, he attends an art school and is in a club designed for creating dolls.

After a day when he “runs” away from his upperclassman (who also happens to be the student council president), he is suddenly attacked by strange wooden doll! As any normal human would do in such a situation, he runs away and into a mansion that he knows of. As he is soon cornered and waiting for his death, a girl flies out of nowhere and tears the wooden (?!) doll into pieces, gracefully taking the time to crush its head beneath her foot.

This is the meeting of Tomoki and a strange doll named Towa (as well as another doll named Ena). Well, not really… Towa and Tomoki had met before, when he was young. They promised to meet, and the next time they met, Tomoki had promised Towa that he would be her master. Towa simply came to fulfill that promise.

Towa and Ena are special dolls entrusted with a certain “wish”, which gave them the life and personality they hold today. Dolls infused with this “wish” will live with the goal of fulfilling this wish, and Puppeteers like Asuha, who is Tomoki’s Role-Model, are people who lead them on the right path.

Then there are exterminators like Amane, who specialize in sealing away such emotions if they become too negative. With her partner Shuri, she holds great pride in her family’s long heritage for protecting people from dolls that run out of control, and find doll-makers like Tomoki an eyesore.

Or you can be like Mitomo–a cool-beauty, except for the fact that she’s also an otaku who loves cute things: like dolls. She enjoys creating and simply collecting dolls, and perhaps this is the reason why she is close to Tomoki in the first place.

Switch spots with me, Tomoki OwO

Story Length: Moderate (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Simple story where all you need to do is choose from four obvious “choices”. Extra (harem) route opens after you clear all four routes.

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 7/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 8/10
Rating Comments: Well, if it wasn’t a rating like this, I wouldn’t finish the game within a day, right? With character design superior and beautifully done, I especially loved the CV choice, and have always been a fan of Yuuko-sensei’s drawings. Story actually has some in-your-face contradictions which could have been avoided with a slight tweak in the scenario, and this brought down the score drastically.

Character Summary: Good job, Sugar Pot! Your character design was much better than the previous game!

Towa is first. A beautiful girl with blonde hair and heterochromia (odd-eye), this girl is the one who crushes the wooden doll’s head and the central heroine of this story. Absolutely head-over-heels in love with the protagonist, most of the scenes involve her either being jealous of Tomoki in company of another girl, or becoming a complete amaenbo character.

Her ignorance of worldly matters also seems to trouble Tomoki a lot, which she consciously (?) takes advantage of in order to have Tomoki punish her. Perhaps when it comes to Tomoki, Towa has some masochistic attributes. Most of the comedy that is created in the beginning stem from Towa’s “ignorance”, but as I realized that this girl only wants the attention of one individual, a genuine smile crept on my face.

Nonetheless, there is definitely a reason why this girl only has Tomoki in her mind. Along with this, the reader will be shown a shocking truth about Towa’s identity, and how she may relate to someone that Tomoki loved dearly.
Arguably the best story of this game, Towa’s route contains the most amount of “foreshadows”, and even plot twists that I didn’t even see coming until it hit me.

Easily competing with Ena for my “favorite character of the game” title, this is actually extremely impressive considering Ena also has a great design herself.

Yep, I saw it after I finished Tsukumo no Tsuki, but Aoba Ringo is the CV for this loli character!! WOOOOO

Well, some people might complain that the design was almost the same as Tsukumo in the previous game, and she actually is: same tone of voice, same slow talking, the same hair color, and even the fact that Ena also speaks in Hiragana is also kept intact.

But hey, I’m not complaining–Loli character with Aoba Ringo’s voice? My body is ready. Uh… not that part… ///

Jokes aside, this is a character who is accompanied by Towa during the first encounter, and has some reason to stay by Tomoki’s side. Regardless of her reason, this quiet girl seems to be extremely intelligent despite her first impression–throwing off not only Tomoki, but also Shuri.

While being serious for the most part, a surprise is when Ena is introduced as the older sister to Towa, despite it obviously seeming to be the other way around. As readers will soon realize, there’s a reason why Ena will call herself onee-chan (so it’s another foreshadow!), and while not as frequent as Towa, Ena participates in much of the comedy as well.

However, Ena is the “saddest” character, seemingly not getting enough credit for all the work she does (for the characters), and ultimately gets removed from the story in each route except for hers.

Next is Amane! A strange girl who follows Tomoki around and transfers to his school, AND demands him to guide her around the school the very day she continuously pushes herself onto him. Her interest apparently stems from the fact that Tomoki is the successor to Asuha, who is a world-famous puppeteer. Despite this, Amane quickly realizes (or rather finds out) that Tomoki does not have the knowledge of a puppeteer, and must endure the insult that he simply has “talent” or “potential”.

This displeases the girl, to the point she will point out every single weakness of the protagonist. This action then incites Towa, who hates Amane with a burning passion because she often hits Tomoki, Towa’s dear master. Many of the comedy scenes involve the two fighting, and Amane often getting pushed due to Towa’s advantage of being a doll.

Amane, however, seems to have interest in the protagonist as well, as hinted by Shuri, the guardian cat for Amane’s family. This cat is even stronger than Towa, and has lived for many generations. In Amane’s route, Shuri becomes an important element as well.

Last is Mitomo. As the student council president who is also the head of the Doll Research Club, she is a figure that’s looked upon with great respect by girls and guys alike. However, she doesn’t seem to have interest in anyone except for Tomoki, who simply shrugs off her approaches.

Unfortunately, Mitomo’s route was arguably the most boring, along with her (as a character) the most insignificant in the overall story. As shown early in the beginning, Mitomo loves cute things like dolls, so her interest in Tomoki likely stems from the fact that he can create stunningly beautiful dolls like Towa (the doll version) or Kokoro (another character introduced later on in the story).

Amane, ironically, is an ojousama. Being born in a rich family and having the role of the student council president doesn’t help her reputation of originally dating Tomoki or having an obsession with dolls.

Regardless, this doesn’t mean that her route completely sucks–she has some relationship to Tomoki outside of school, which is revealed as well as the story goes along.

This is one of my favorite CGs in the game. I mean… Look at the two! They look so happy :)

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: Okay, so for some compliments and criticisms. The first compliment was that the protagonist was actually resourceful in this game. Yes, he does have his “donkan” moments, but he becomes as sharp as needle when it comes to detecting some kind of “change” in heroines. This gap throws off the heroines, who doesn’t originally expect such an ability. Even when he’s not powerful, I like how he is very skilled at doll-making, to the point he attracts many fans. This is completely different from the protagonist in Tsukumo no Tsuki, so it was definitely a plus.

Speaking of which… the school uniform from the previous title makes an appearance.

Similar to the previous title, I love the plot speed and foreshadow. Throughout the entire game you are shown hints and clues to the plot that will be revealed sooner or later, and this is definitely a trait that I want other companies to inherit. Small “teasers” or foreshadows make the game much more enjoyable, and this is another reason why I choose Sugar Pot’s games over anything else.

A scene where the game foreshadows Towa’s identity! I’ll leave the readers guessing with what the hint might be

On the contrary, the game is pretty contradictory in the sense it blatantly states that the dolls can’t feel “heat” or “pain”, then have them cringe in pain during the first intercourse or comment on how “hot” such an action is. Despite being dolls, they have human anatomy which allows them to bleed during intercourse (despite the fact that they won’t bleed even if their arm is torn off), and this is the greatest contradiction that I found unfavorable.

The second criticism is that while the protagonist design was improved relatively to the previous game, I wanted him to be more colorful. Simply put, “donkan” protagonists will never be #1 in my rankings. I want him to at least have some other talent which puts him at a superior position over the other heroines. For the reference, the heroines seemingly fall in love with him due to his “kind aura”.

Ooh, that’s gotta hurt o_e;;

Affection for the Characters: Very High

CG Score: 9/10

I love how the emotions of the characters are so distinct–to the point you can hear them saying something

Music Score: 4/10. Despite this score, I love the Opening and Ending songs. I’ll post the former below.

Addictiveness: Moderate

Conclusion: A great game from Sugar Pot. I haven’t played titles before Tsukumo no Tsuki, but considering those two titles, I would rate this more superior. While there is the huge contradiction I described in the comments section, the character design is done very well, and there’s a definite plot with cute humor, a nerve-wrecking climax, and a satisfying conclusion.



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  3. I wish you can go into bit a spoiler territory about who is Towa and any other plot twists.

    • That would be a good idea if it wasn’t the entirety of Towa’s route. Really, her route is all about her “hidden identity”, and this game’s most prominent feature ARE the foreshadows and small plot twists.

      I tried to be as subtle as I can with most of the CGs, Descriptions, and summary, so I can encourage other readers to try this title out for themselves.

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