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Foreword: Another Akabeisoft2 Game! As I was trying to finish as many titles as humanly possible for the upcoming release on March 28th (while trying to balance schoolwork), this was one of the games I decided to knock out as soon as possible.

Turns out, however, I didn’t need to spend too much time on it–it sucked.

As horrified I am to report, it seems that when it comes to the Romance genre, Akabeisoft 2 is another company you should really avoid. This is despite the fact that many of the other games they’ve created earned great ratings even worthy of being a kamige.

Perhaps I went too far back in time…? Nonetheless, let’s get started with the review of Konboku.

But before I begin, I’d like to apologize in advance that I got a bit lazy with this review, partially because I didn’t want to spend too much time writing up for a game I didn’t really enjoy, but also because I have another one I want to write up before I get to the next game.

Title: こんな娘がいたら僕はもう。。。! (konna ko (musume) ga itara bokuha mou…!) [Lit. Trans: If there was a girl like this, I…!]
Producers: Akabeisoft 2
Release Date: September 29, 2006
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v86
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=272985
Game Type: School life Romance Novel

Summary: Tooru is feared by the entire school. They all know what he did last year…
This is why he stuffs his face with cup ramen three times daily as he only attends school hating his life and everything around him. He refuses to interact with anyone including his own parents, and lives by himself in a small apartment  with no one to take care of him.

This was when he comes across a strange cat like creature being threatened by a dog. Somehow finding the heart of helping the cat out, the cat starts to tell him that he is a god, and he needs “love power” to become strong again. To prove that he is indeed a god, this cat (?) knows all of Tooru’s secrets, and even helps him run into a girl.

While finding him an eye-sore, Tooru brings back the god (who he names Susumu), and takes care of him. In return, Susumu will then use his powers to allow Tooru to have “lucky encounters” with a girl.

Story Length: Relatively Short (13 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: 6 Heroines divided up into choices that only matter when Susumu “talks” to the player to choose who Tooru will encounter the next day. Saki and Nagisa are excluded from the four choices originally, but they’re also included in the list. Harem route opens when you clear all 6 heroine routes.

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: Well now! We have a really crappy game that seemed to have plastered everything on randomly–plot, scenario, background… There’s no other way I can possibly explain the mess I encountered. High amounts of cliche characters and settings, it’s almost screaming in your face that they didn’t put too much effort into this game.

The game does have some special effects that make it seem more realistic and add humor, but that doesn’t really help if the character design and story sucks in the first place. I’ll try to get to more of this in the comments section.

Character Summary: I’m going to blitz through with the character summaries…

First up is Ayana. As the childhood friend of Tooru, she is the sole person who liberally trusts that what happened last year is a mistake. She sincerely believes that Tooru isn’t someone to act like that, and instead is shown to have large amounts of affection for this protagonist.

Regardless of this cliche setting, what really made me dislike this character was that she’s selfish. Her route involved her being a basketball team (3 member) with Tooru and Yoshihiro, but ultimately catching the cold 2 days before the big game. Instead of truthfully admitting it to Tooru, she decides to suppress it and ultimately cause Tooru’s team to lose. How Ayana just kept her condition to herself suggests that she doesn’t trust Tooru as a heroine should, and this created an unclimactic ending that I found pretty stupid

Next is Maho, who is a blonde girl that Tooru “crashes” into at the work of Susumu. The reader is immediately shown that this girl has a bad mouth, and this causes the two to fight on the very first encounter.

Then she comes up as the transfer student who then is assigned to sit right next to Tooru. This awkward relationship intensifies, where Maho will show her true side to Tooru while faking her personality to everyone else.

The twist comes when Maho rejects another male student who confesses to her. Irritated, the male student then spreads rumors about Maho and starts to trash her shoebox or bully her in whatever way possible. This “bullying” is soon known by everyone in the school, and they all start to avoid Maho.

One person doesn’t do that. Yep, it’s our protagonist Tooru. He shares a  bit of his past when he was bullied, and offers to be her friend.

Third is Asuka, an energetic kouhai who Tooru saves from delinquent upperclassmen who were about to beat her up. Asuka is shown to be a friendly girl who has close friends, but the game also shows quickly that this adorable girl is also an otaku, as well as the Manga Research Club’s leader.

The twist with Asuka is that despite having such a personality, she is actually very shy, being unable to speak in front of a large crowd and even having androphobia (fear of men) as admitted by her friends. There’s a reason why she is able to talk to Tooru, despite his fierce appearance, even with her fear.

Asuka’s route is enjoyable due to her relationship with Yoshihiro, who is Tooru’s friend.

Next is Shino! This strange character is shown infrequently in the game, where she continuously runs away when she sees Tooru. This is probably because of his fierce looks scaring the poor girl, and Tooru accepts this kind of attitude towards him. Shino is Tooru’s next-door neighbor, and she lives there with her parents, who are very poor.

However, one day, Shino is locked out of her room soaking wet with the rain (see CG). Her parents won’t be back until night, and staying like this until then wouldn’t be good for her health. Considering all of this, Tooru pushes her into his room and serves her an instant-soup, which Shino accepts hesitantly. From this point on, however, Shino is less cautious about the protagonist, and sometimes comes over to make him food in return.

The two become closer, as Tooru soon finds out that Shino wants to attend the school he is attending currently (So she’s 2 years younger than him). While her motive for this decision comes from the cute school uniform, Tooru soon finds out that Shino is actually really dumb as he teaches her to study. Despite this lack, Shino is very skilled with housework, being able to cook, clean, and repair clothes with ease.

Shino’s route involves a sudden change in Shino’s environment that makes Tooru want to break up with her.

Nagisa is a supposedly 3rd year student who was actually held back one year. The reader only gets a glimpse of her in the beginning scenes, and seem more fitting for a subheroine.

Probably based off of “Touka” from Akabeisoft 2’s previous game Himawari no Shoujo, Nagisa even has the same CV and her famous quote “ぶっ殺すぞ!” (I’ll freaking murder you!) kept intact.

Probably the least interesting heroine, most of her route involves Tooru assisting her with the athletic festival, where the two soon fall in love despite their words that suggest otherwise.

And last is Saki, a strange heroine who originally seems like the antagonist of the game due to her cold attitude towards Tooru unconditionally. Despite this, readers can quickly see that this character is related in some way to Tooru, since they have the same surname. Tooru refuses to be called “Shimoyanagi” for some reason, which is Saki’s surname.

The game then reveals that the two are actually step-siblings who were actually very close until the incident last year, where Saki’s attitude towards him took a 180 degree turn. People who are aware of their relationship always wonder why they suddenly became so distant.

Arguably the “true route” of the game, Saki’s route reveals the entire events of “the Last Year”, what really happened, and even a continuation of that conflict for Tooru.

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: So again, we have your typical “tsundere” protagonist who simply has a rough past that made him a “delinquent” that suddenly makes him popular with the girls. The game clearly states that his “encounters” were the work of a cat-like god, so in a sense this protagonist didn’t do anything–it’s as if the flags were already raised from the beginning. 

If that wasn’t enough, both the heroines and the protagonist fall in love suddenly–there’s no hints to the emotions ANYWHERE. It’s as if a “friend” relationship suddenly switched to “lover” relationship within a time frame of hours or even minutes in certain situations, and this killed the story rating even more.

Heroine design doesn’t help: they’re all bland, and the only thing that earned the three points is the usage of my favorite CVs.

The game also had a strange flow. All the choices came BEFORE the Opening Movie, and everything immediately following the opening movie was the heroine route that depended on your choices before that.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 5/10
Music Score: 2/10

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A very inferior game from Akabeisoft 2, which makes me wonder why it did so bad compared to an even older title, Himawari Shoujo. It’s not like Akabeisoft 2 is bad at creating games either–Look at their most recent release “Okiba ga nai” series which is easily considered a great game in not only my eyes, but in other players’ as well.

Comments on: "Lucky Love Life? Review of [060929]Konboku" (9)

  1. I recommend you try WLO Sekai Ren’ai Kikou, another moege from Akabeisoft2 which is way way way better than this one.
    But it’s long as HELL–In fact, it has the longest line count for any video game. Yeah. http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_longest_video_game_scripts
    Still, if you’re up to it…!
    Also, thanks for providing us with these reviews!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I actually gave up on WLO quite a while ago, for some reason I can’t remember…. OTL

      But hearing your encouragement makes me want to pick it up again.

  2. Gustave154 said:

    Wut this game is from akabeisoft2?? I love this studio lol. Well this just shows now all studious are infallible =] I am currently looking to play a “kamige”. Any recommendations?

    • Hi Gustave154!

      Yep, Akabeisoft 2 is a great producer. It’s just strange how this title didn’t fulfill my expectations…

      While not a kamige, Akabeisoft2’s latest titles “Okiba ga Nai” series are very good–probably the best that they have.

      On the other hand, if you wish to look for kamige, feel free to browse the “Highly Recommended by Joyjason” category available by selecting it on the right side of the page.

      Good luck!

    • gustave154 said:

      Thx for the reply!! I’m gonna try playing Okiba ga Nai and White Album 2 next since you recommended them. Love reading your reviews so keep up the good work =)

  3. Gede Prama said:

    I am happy to read it. Have a beautiful day :)

  4. Ha! Do you think Tooru didn’t do anything to deserve his relationships with the heroines? He just had a encounter “fixed” for him. He didn’t even used the forbidden arts of darkness to control their emotions and make them fall in love with him (like on “Moteyaba”)…At least, I think so…That part about how he seems to “switch” the feelings of friendship to that of lovers was very suspicious…

    I think the ideal design for a Galge is to have all heroines properly introduced BEFORE the first route-deciding choice appears. That way you can judge who you want to capture first.

    So, what is your next review? It is already one of the new releases for this month?

    • Haha, I haven’t seen Moteyaba, but I know I’ll hate it from just its title. I guess it followed a similar pattern on this game as well, except it was the work of a “cat-like god” instead of just being presented to you (Still the same thing though…)

      As for my next review, it’ll be a title called “Jesus 13th” by Xuse. I’ve already started on writing it… it’s just that I have an exam tomorrow and got a little lazy in finishing it.

      I’ll definitely get to Clover Days for you, my good sir.

    • Jesus 13th! I remember that one! It was second place on my top 10 “worst galge names of 2013” (I should actually write and post this damn thing) losing only to “love&piss”. Not because of how retarded it sounds, but because of how difficult it is to take it seriously. Everytime I read this title I think “Oh Jesus!”…

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