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Foreword: Alright, one more review and I’ll be going back to waiting for the next releases… or may play another game I have been ignoring for months.

Jesus 13th was one of those titles, and it really caught my attention after I finished Seirei Tenshou, which I thought was pretty good. Unfortunately, this title didn’t live up to that standard–actually, it sucked. With two sucky games in a row, I’m just laughing dryly about how games can change so much despite coming from the same producer.

Title: ジーザス13th ~喪失われた学園~ (Jesus 13th moushinawareta gakuen) [Lit. Trans: Unfortunate Lost School]
Producers: Xuse
Release Date: May 31, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v10935
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=748893
Game Type: Mystery Novel with fantasy themes of dystopia

Summary: Makina is a transfer student to the prestigious school of Wadatsumi Academy. However, he’s not JUST a transfer student–he’s the grandchild of its headmaster, David Almatar, who is a very famous person known for his goodwill and kindness.

Unfortunately, Makina’s story starts with his grandfather murdered, and transferred to this school with a letter urgently requesting his presence from someone named “Kosaki”. He arrives only to be stopped by guards preventing his entrance, but with the help of a Sorority member named “Sango” (who also starts to take care of him), Makina learns of his situation–a candidate for the legendary “Pearl Princess” who is the absolute authority in this island.

His life, which now revolves around many characters, will be far from “normal”. He is required to actively work towards the trials that soon lead to him becoming the Pearl Princess, but also solve the truth behind his grandfather’s murder and the mysteries of the island.

Story Length: Slightly Short (12 hours?)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Difficult
Comments: A fairly difficult game which required me to use a walkthrough, even a single deviation seems to kick you into the bad end, which I went through 3 times before finally giving up. It should also be noted that one of the “bad ends” also double up as a “true end”, which is extremely strange and unwanted.

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 1/10
Game Quality: Moderately High
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: Take a look at the Story Rating. No, that’s not a typo.
So despite having an above average rating for character design, the story sucked even more than a nukige. This is actually because the game is full of holes that it doesn’t answer, and utilizes the literary element “Deus ex Machina”, which according players in general, is a very bad element.

The Quality is considered “moderately high” due to custom animated H-scenes and special effects, but that’s probably all there’s to this game…

Character Summary: As low of a score that the story got, the characters weren’t too bad.

Chris seems to be the main “heroine” for this game, despite how Sophie is depicted on the package. Originally “Christina”, she is ironically the “Prince” that the Pearl Princess chooses as her personal guardian, and corresponding to such a title, Chris is very skilled with close combat.

Chris saves Makina in various situations, and even admits to him that she fell in love with him. She explains that this is likely because of his powers being overwhelming for her, and how an individual can become attracted to someone more powerful than the self. Chris agrees to accompany Makina during his quest to search for clues regarding the Witch, and despite having a rival candidate for the Pearl Princess position, Chris seems to favor Makina over the opponent.

Next is Sango, the girl that Makina first meets when he arrives. Using her authority as a sorority member, she drags Makina into the school premises and introduces herself as Makina’s guide all over the school. With her support, Makina develops relationships with all kinds of people.

Perhaps because of how much time they spend together (When exploring for the Witch’s clues, you may choose either Sango or Chris to accompany you), Sango becomes very protective of Makina, exposing hatred for anyone who dares to oppose him in any way. Like Chris, Sango shows large amounts of affection for the protagonist, and admits in her route that she had a “love-at-first-sight” moment with Makina when they first met.

Sango is skilled with the usage of water, being able to perform almost anything with it.

Next we come to our loli heroine, Sophie. As my favorite heroine of this game, Sophie’s past is revealed to the protagonist rather early–as a summoner of demons. This is actually contradictory because of her outfit. Props if you realize what I’m talking about.

Despite how she seems to be the main heroine, her route is highly uninteresting, where she loses control of herself and releases a mass number of demons that is targeted by the students of the school, who then seek to get rid of her in any way possible.

Sophie picks up a cat and names it “Kuu” midgame. Despite seemingly being intelligent and haughty, she is shy, quiet, and kind.

Last we come to Sumire, who seems to have no story whatsoever except for the fact that her best friend is one of the antagonists of the story. Ironically, she’s also the “rival” of Makina for the title of Pearl Princess, and it is also quickly revealed that she failed once at acquiring it. Despite being the rival to Makina, Sumire admits or at least hints in all of the routes that she is not interested in actually being the Pearl Princess.

Sumire’s route starts with her seeming to follow Makina all over the place, who finds the accompaniment pleasing. This kind of relationship finally leads the two “rivals” to the last clue, where Makina becomes seriously injured trying to protect Sumire, who falls in love with the protagonist.

Sexual Content: Moderate and unnecessary

Comments: So the most unfortunate thing about this game was that it had potential to be good, but the producers completely ruined it with the element “deus ex machina”. For those who are not familiar with the term, here’s the definition taken from Wikipedia:

Deus Ex Machina (means “god from the machine”) is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object.

So simply put, it’s when a protagonist or a character gains a superpower spontaneously and randomly, and solves the problem. Happily Ever After.

What. The. Fuck.

No. No. NO! No matter how wimpy the protagonist is, and how worse he can be, you NEVER EVER make him into a god at the climax of the scene without any form of reasoning. No foreshadowing, no explanation, and no logic behind this kind of scenario makes it deserving a 0/10 for the story rating, but I still gave a single point for deviating from the cute-and-sugary theme that some other titles had.

Affection for the Characters: Moderately Low

CG Score: 4/10
Music Score: 8/10. Despite how bad this game is, I actually enjoyed the music. Here’s one of the songs: “Dear My Jesus”


Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A crappy game from Xuse which surprised me since I’ve enjoyed their previous games. Only the music is worth anything in this title, so don’t bother yourself unless you have time to waste.

Comments on: "Deus ex Machina: Review of [130531] Jesus 13th" (21)

  1. I had a peek at your last 3 reviews, and the overall scores you gave them were “4/10”, “3/10”, and “3/10”. I don’t want to criticize you or anything, but wouldn’t slowly playing one good game be a lot more worthwhile than picking up 3 pieces of trash?

    • You are completely correct. Unfortunately, I’m not psychic, and there’s no telling what games I’ll like and what I won’t.

      In addition to the fact that I’m pretty picky (especially with the charage genre), it’s a bit harder for me to come across “good” games.

      Although I expect that to change with the March releases that’s coming up :)

    • Not sure what your views are on this matter, but you could always just drop a game if you feel it’s crappy halfway through.

      I’m not TOO picky when it comes to games, but I refuse to play games that have an avg score less than 70/100 on EGS. So far I’ve only dropped like 2-3 games out of like 160, so I would say I’m pretty good at picking what games I like. FYI the three games you recently released would never make the cut, despite having average scores over 70.

      I’m guessing Clover Days is the game you’re referring to in March’s releases. No surprises there; the game looks awesome XD.

    • Again you speak the truth that I cannot argue against. The only excuse I can give is that I’m a type of individual who cannot simply “drop” games just because I like them. As long as I started it, I tend to have this stubborn attitude to finish AND write up a review for it for the community to see.

      Why I have that mindset, I have no idea.

    • I can somewhat relate to you because I also had a similar mindset back in the day. I eventually grew out of it after realizing that I would NEVER be able to play all the games I have stored on my HDD (around 3tbs and growing). It’s not like I’ll be an “ero-gamer” forever, so while I AM one I might as well play games that I enjoy ^^.

      However this is just my mindset, and again I’m not trying criticizing you or anything. The fact that you’re willing to play through these crappy games AND write a review for it is something that I would never be able to do. So I tip my hat to you.

    • In that sense, I respect you in return for that very trait: You are able to actually pick out games that you believe you’ll enjoy, and at least more often than me, you actually get your “good game”.

      Perhaps it’s because you’ve been playing for longer than I have, but I definitely hope to acquire this skill myself (mostly for my own good x_x;;) in the future.

    • Not really sure if it’s a question of time, because I think we’re about the same in that regard. It’s probably more about our general approach to things. Again, I am very easily pleased ^^. Take the game “Melty Moment” for example. You commented that the game looked very typical, and to be frank, it was. However that didn’t stop me from enjoying it XD.

    • Even if the scores from EGS are reliable as you said, there’s the possibility of some characters or elements not fiting to some people preferences. For example: I hate games with Hetare protagonists or violent girls with “poisonous tongue”, but there are a lot of games with high scores that have those. I believe a detailed review can help people who hate specific elements like those to avoid games they might dislike.

    • Well obviously EGS’s scores aren’t the ONLY factor I take into account when I play games, but I admit that they contribute quite a bit to my decision. As for the game elements and characters, I generally judge that by reading character descriptions and by the character’s general appearance. However admittedly, I am quite easy to please ^^. Based on your preferences. I bet you would HATE Hapymaher (LOL).

      I’ve never relied on reviews to play games tbh; at least not for the last 2-3years. If I’m stuck on the fence about a game, I’ll just ask around on twitter =D.

    • Me hating Hapymaher? But why? It’s not that type or level of weak/hetare I am talking about. Since I actually needed to read what hapymaher protagonist is saying to know what is going on (I usually just need to know the context to guess what most silent protagonist will say), this already make his personality much stronger and more complex than others. When I say hetare, I think more around the likes of Moteyaba protagonist…
      I also go by the belief of “always playing the game yourself to give your own opinion about it”, just like you.

    • Erogamescape is also a great resource for “short reviews that won’t take you 30 minutes to read”.

      Unfortunately, the people over there are greatly biased as well to skew the numbers favorable to the game anyways, so they’re pretty unreliable at times, lol

      I haven’t played Hapymaher, so please refrain from spoilers for my sake xD

    • You’re saying that as if “you” aren’t bias =D

    • Yes, I’m saying I don’t have bias, or at least less than your average player.

      Go to any VNDB user’s page with at least 30 votes. If the mean isn’t 5 (+ or – 0.5) with a relatively normal distribution, then statistically, the person is biased for or against eroge in general.

      From the various players I’ve observed, their mean is either 7 or 8. One can argue that they simply don’t vote for the eroge they don’t like, but considering the number of “fake votes” on VNDB, I would doubt it as well.

      Why did I say 5? Because it’s roughly the middle between 1 to 10.

    • LOL, my votes also don’t really form much of a typical normal distribution…does that mean I’m bias?



      I’m the one who played the game, so I would think that it would be natural that my scores will be bias based off my own preferences. It’s not like I’m playing games of every type and genre from a huge sample; I pick games that I think I’ll like. So my score distribution that’s shaped as a bell curve skewed to the right is just an indication that I’ve been pretty lucky in my picks ^^.

      Now do I think you’re bias? Hard to say really since I haven’t fully read ANY of your reviews (sorry >___>). I don’t want to get into some long discussion about objectivity and what not, but odds are that you’re bias in some way or another given that you clearly have your own preferences. For example you gave this game a 4/10, and the avg on EGS is something like 62/100. Given that the range of scores on EGS generally take the form of a normal distribution, at face value I would say it’s hard to believe that your view is objective. However at a personal level I would probably high five you because this game looks very very bad.

    • In a realistic perspective, you are completely correct: Everyone has their own preferences, and it’s actually hypocritical to even call someone “biased” since that “name-calling” is based on your own thought! (lol Inception)

      That’s why I speak in a statistical point of view. If a person rates 100 games with only scores of 5-10, those ratings might have an average of 7 ish. In such a person, 5/10 is a “bad game”, 7/10 is an “okay game”, and a 10/10 is a “great game”.

      So what’s the point of ratings 0-4?

      Likewise, a player who utilizes the entire range of numbers (0-10) for his ratings is less likely to be biased.

      Like gangrelion says, I use the word “biased” in a neutral perspective–it’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s something that distorts the “true parameter” (Sorry, too much statistics…) displayed to anyone who reads the review.

      But I DO acknowledge the other hand–how someone who may be “biased” is someone who simply drops the title if it’s not “good enough”, and not rates the game at all. In our “example” person, he might have simply not finished games that he didn’t think was worth getting a “5/10” or higher. I’m not like this, though, since I’m too stubborn, lol.

    • Well statistically speaking, of course you’re correct ^^. But as you said, things play out different when looking at things realistically. I’m pretty much exactly like that last category you listed there, and any games that would normally fall between 0-4 would most likely get dropped before I finished them. So taking that 100 games example, games that don’t fit my tastes would just never get played, or would get dropped pretty much instantly. However if I HAD played them, they would get scored accordingly. These would be games that I generally find boring, and/or disturbing (tentacle rape, NTR, etc). Playing these types of games doesn’t bring me any enjoyment, and would be a huge waste of time in my view. I’m an ero-gramer now, but in a year I might not be. So during my time as an ero-gamer, I might as well play games that I enjoy ^^.

      I should have probably addressed this earlier, but I totally agree with your comment on some of the voters on VNDB. I often see people having votes only between somewhere between 8-10, which does seem very unlikely. However I have found that this is less the case on EGS. And sure, EGS is probably not free of this type of bias either. Fortunately I don’t pay much attention to reviews or anything there, and only look at the avg and score distribution. So given that, I would like to think that EGS is a fairly reliable source to get info for my gaming decisions.

    • Yeah, I agree with you about everyone being bias in a way or another. I think it’s pretty hard (if not impossible) for someone to be completely impartial about anything. But when a person accuses someone for being bias, I believe most people will take that as a insult, and think about a much more “aggressive” form of bias. For example: Like those people who give a score of 10 out of 10 for kusoges just because there’s this seiyuu they love or this artist who is very Ero or even just because it is from a brand they like, while ignoring all other elements from the games. But, of course we are all bias, but on a “healthy level”:)

  2. P.S. By the time I am writing this, there was still no title on this post. Don’t know if it’s intentional.

  3. I laughed my socks off while reading this review. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not your fault! But this Princess stuff is just…I simply can’t avoid picturing “princess Kenny” clip in my head all the time I read about the “Pearl Princess” thingy!
    About Sophie’s outfit: Well, the game is called “Jesus” after all. They had to put that title for a reason. Not a good one, definitely! But it’s better than nothing. Or, is there a better reason for this funny name?
    I still can’t stop thinking “Oh Jesus” while reading this, specially after you add this “Dear My Jesus” BGM (which is pretty good, BTW. The only problem was the “Dear my Jesus” at the end…Yeah, I know! I am a preachy!)
    This game seems like the polar opposite of most nowadays titles where the protagonist is a good-for-something and everyone seems to hate him. Here, everything comes easy for Makina, girls, position, status, even his god-like powers. I don’t feel good when playing games like this either. It’s just putting a Gary Stu in the place of a Mary Sue…
    And how can you say there wasn’t any building up or explanation for the protagonist’s Deus-Ex-Machina powers? Didn’t you noticed his name? Want more foreshadowing than that?

    • Yep, the lack of title was accidental. I fixed it.

      You also nailed some of the more important things, how Sophie was supposed to be the “symbolism” of Jesus, despite how she’s a demon summoner.

      Simply put, the name “Makina” is not good enough of a foreshadow, since most of his past has something to do with him being a “curse” to the people around him, and not many people know the term “Deus ex Machina” (like me)

      But yeah, hilariously crappy game that I’m glad I’m done with. Music is great though, so it wasn’t totally a waste of time

    • Bah! Don’t take the foreshadow thing seriously! I was joking! It would be stupid if this was actually the developers intention. It would be even worse if his name was something like “Kamina Kurosu Makina”…

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