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Foreword: When I think of the word “princess” in eroge, I think of haughty characters that use the pronoun “watakushi” and has some weird trait that doesn’t make them princess-like.

Well, that’s spot on what this game featured: the main heroine is a princess who fits the above description perfectly.

Another pretty cliche game, this title had the strange tag “Student Council President Protagonist” on VNDB, which was totally wrong, and my paradigms for the protagonist being a “lone-wolf” type of personality was crushed as I went on through the story.

Well, we have another very inferior game, but perhaps that’s because the story was too predictable… My first game from Meteor: Princess Style.

Title: Princess Style
Producers: Meteor
Release Date: March 30, 2012
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v8032

Summary: Madoka is the son of a father who suddenly became very rich after a successful investment. Hoping for the best of his son, his father sent him to a prestigious school that recently became a co-ed from a girls school, and still has a ratio of 9:1 for females to males.

His first day consists of him wandering around until he meets a beautiful girl sleeping. Her beauty mesmerizes the protagonist to stare at her until she wakes up and cries out, causing Madoka to become startled and run away.

Turns out, this very girl is someone who sneaks into his room and conquers it contrary to his wishes, and with this girl (who’s supposedly a princess) named Orphina, Madoka will soon encounter a group in school that he wants to go against.

The girl who sneaks into his room

Story Length: Moderate (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: A single choice during the pool scene, with Kanon’s (the maid) route  splitting off from Orphina’s route.

Character Design Rating: 4/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: An inferior game from Meteor, both the character design and story was below average if not very poor. Detailed explanations are available below.

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: Okay so… You basically put a rags-to-riches protagonist in a school where he’s surrounded by “oujosama”, and then raise weird flags all over the place to the point it becomes ridiculous, including an androphobic bishoujo who happens to sneak into a random guy’s room because of her personal reasons.

Most of the story revolves around trying to outclass an absolute authority in the school called “Reijinkai” (Beautiful People Meeting?), and Madoka does so by creating the “Social Club”, but this theme of “rebelling against a higher authority” doesn’t seem to have any conflicts: aka, they go pick a fight, then win as if it was nothing, and they’re like “uh… What do we do now…?” afterward.

Obviously, the next type of plot is the one where the characters start to fall in love with each other, except this is also done very poorly–when a heroine does fall in love, she opts to quit the Social Club because she loves Madoka so much that she doesn’t want to be around him.


Then you also have that stupid plot with the flags being already raised all over the place instead of having the protagonist be the one to raise them. (Madoka’s childhood friend Sachi is a prime example of this).

Furthermore, you can’t really see it in the CGs, but the sprites had awkward clothing… As if their double mountains were wrapped tightly around with a piece of fabric. This is really weird and probably going to be really uncomfortable, but that’s just an observation I had

CV was okay, but not distributed well. By this, I mean that it would’ve been better if the CVs were switched around a bit: the CVs didn’t really match the character.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 6/10
Music Score: 3/10

Conclusion: A rather crappy game from Meteor, even many players agree that this is a “kusoge”.

Don’t ask me why I still played it. I was just… uh… crazy.

And don’t forget your protagonist-being-suffocated-by-giant-marshmallows plot

Comments on: "Short Review of [120330] Princess Style" (6)

  1. Jiong999 said:

    It seems like you tend to run into “miss” titles nowadays. I am also extremely picky (I think) as I can judge a game almost completely on the cover page and the sypnosis..and only looking at EGS ratings if I even “consider” playing a title, with minimum score at least 75. Good thing is there are still at least 1 game per month that will catch my interests, and chances are it will be good if not just above average.

    Apart from the new releases, I would suggest you to play (in case you haven’t) and review “Irotoridori no Sekai/Hikari” the duology from FAVORITE, it is one of the hidden gems (kami-ge level to me) I played since 2011 (again personal preference material, hope you dont mind lol) but so far there have not been a single (detailed) English review on those 2 games. It is one of my favorite games since I started eroge, as well as containing my favorite/most lovable heroine in my history of eroge as well. I can’t wait for the release of Astraea no Shiroki Towa in June. >v>

    • Thanks for your comment and suggestion! Irotori is one of the titles I’ve been lazing back on just because I’ve been prioritizing newer releases over anything else recently.

      While I understand the above excuse is rather pitiful, I heartily agree that the title looks amazing, both from its summaries around the net and from peers.

      June is so far away! Right now, the eroge community is already hyped about the April release, which looks to be fair. I do believe Sakutoki was delayed to June, so you’re not the only one eager for the releases then.

      Again, thank you for your views and I appreciate your comment!

    • I don’t think Irotoridori is a hidden gem, since I see it everywhere on the net all the time. Actually, it is quite popular. But it doesn’t change the fact it is really good! I totally recommend it as well!

    • Jiong999 said:

      Maybe it’s just me, but games like HatsuSaku, Grisaia, Majikoi tend to get much more attention (and abit overrated IMO), discussed and reviewed compared to certain titles like Iroseka and Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo so sometimes I do wonder whether there isn’t much people that play them in the first place (though they proved to be very big hits in Japan for good reason).

      It’s a sad thing most hyped titles in April are almost all delayed, so I guess it is time to clean up Akatsuki Works titles (and there’s Hello Lady last month) in my backlog. :D

  2. Being suffocated by diganourmous gazongas is not cool, man! It hurts! Not the guy! The girl! There’s not enough space between those to add a human head!
    Anyway: Madoka is a pretty sissy name for a guy, which reminds me of that whole “Pearl Princess” you were talking last time…and he is no seitokaicho! What was that about on vndb anyway?
    This ex-co-ed school plot is really tiring! It’s just an excuse to have lot’s of cute girls with almost no guys, and a simulated plot about discrimination between genders and all that BS. It never gets different…well, there is this manga/anime, but it’s not a Galge, so it doesn’t matter now!
    I don’t like this art style! It’s too simple with weird proportions! I remember to have avoided this game just because of it, but I am so glad to be a superficial person right now!
    Things don’t look too happy for you recently! How many kusoges have you played in a row? I hope your next target is better than this one, at least!

    • Yep, very cliche plot makes this game receive low scores. His “Seitokaicho” tag is from his “leadership” in the Social Club, where he doesn’t really do much either, so it’s completely incorrect.

      Well, I’ve been thinking that kusoge is actually what I need to solidify my standar–(choking back tears)

      No, these aren’t tears from playing multiple kusoge in a row. I mean it!

      Nonetheless, Clover Days is coming out to be quite decent, so it’s not too bad. Hello Lady is on top priority as well (thanks to your review), so that’ll be started as soon as I finish and write up a review for Clover Days.

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