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Foreword: Here’s the second review in a while! As my first Eushully game, I’m wondering why the hell I didn’t get to this game any sooner. Remember Eternal’s eroge with gameplay elements? Think of those except a lot better with more H-scenes (which is primarily because of the greater number of characters).

There were a lot of similarities between the two companies, but I’ll obviously focus on this title as much as possible. While I’d hate to give away spoilers, it’s actually pretty hard to do, so I’ll just go with the flow (irresponsible)

Overall, this game was pretty much perfect in character design: much to my surprise. That’s why it does receive a 10/10 for the respective category. As expected however, story design will fall inevitably because it’s really hard to implement a good and solid story into such a long game.

Frankly, I got lazy with the leveling of the characters after I hit level 65 on Serika. I’ll make sure to explain this portion as well.

Title: 天秤のLa DEA。 ~戦女神MEMORIA~(Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami Memoria) [Lit. Trans: Divine Judgment of La Dea (the God). Battle Goddess Memoria]
Producers: Eushully
Release Date: April 25, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v13999
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=792202
Game Type: Turn-Rotation Advanced Strategy Fighting Game (Final Fantasy Style)
Game Walkthrough Wiki: http://www60.atwiki.jp/ladea_memoria/

Summary: Serika is an individual known as the “God Murderer” and hunted by everyone. This is why he must hide his identity from as many people as possible as he strives to reach a normal life. Regardless of his efforts, there will be someone who finds out about him, and try to hunt him down as well.

This was when the Water Miko advised him to head west, to a town called Lerun, where he would assist the Knights of Lewinia with their missing Princess. While it was unknown why he was advised to do so, Serika agrees and heads out with his loyal maid(?), Shuri.

Tenbin no La Dea is about Serika’s story as he meets various individuals during his stay at this small town, and how these people will affect his daily (and immortal) life.

This game is the remake of an older Eushully title back in 1997. Graphics, system, and story are greatly improved.

This is Alicia, a girl who became a victim of the thieves in the beginning of the scenes.

Story Length: Short (10 hours, story only). Extremely tedious (>50 hours, gameplay included)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Extremely Difficult
Comments: Despite what it says, clearing the game once isn’t so hard: it’s just that in order to unlock all the CG, events, and even the BGM, you need to complete the game AT LEAST twice and possibly even more since there are plenty of chances you can screw up and miss a “flag” that you needed to raise AT THAT moment. There’s a wiki for this game, and one should use it to the fullest extent.

In addition, leveling of the characters is such a grind. In order to make leveling faster, you can use the Append Disc’s Powerlevel feature, but if you do, you get a new interface that says “Hetare (noob, or coward) Setting” on the side, as well as the interface’s goddess statue facepalming.



I don’t know. I just found that so freaking hilarious.

Character Design Rating: 10/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: High
Overall Rating: 8/10
Rating Comments: Perfect character design, of where the protagonist scores so many girls, not because he’s a coward or just randomly attracts them, but he actually does stuff for the heroines. Story obviously gets a drop because some parts of the story do not make sense and there’s less focus on it, but overall, a great game (8/10) that should receive more attention.

Character Summary: Due to the high number of characters in this game, I’ll just focus on the ones who seem to have the greatest influence.

Let’s start with the main character: Serika! Despite how you can see boobs on this character (huehueheuhuehue), this character is actually a guy. Now, I know what’s going through your heads: he’s not a hermaphrodite. According to the story, as he becomes closer to a goddess by becoming fatigued (this is actually shown with a “Goddess Gauge” in game), he grows out a pair of melons. Even in the later portions of the game, it explains that when the Goddess Gauge reaches “0”, Serika’s soul will dissipate and the Goddess will be reborn again. This is because the body is actually that of the Goddess that Serika killed and took over. His real looks are unknown.

Well, now you’re asking what does it take to remove these melons? Good question! It turns out, Serika is extremely skilled with…

No. I’m not joking.

From using magic to turn on a girl or giving her an orgasm, Serika uses his “sex magic” to replenish his own energy. This is why when you see a H-scene where he replenishes his energy, you’ll see the “Goddess Gauge” filled up. If that’s not enough, he can use sex magic to lift or lay curses on the girls as well.

Hey, what did you expect? It’s an eroge.

Well, this is why Serika uses Shuri’s body to replenish his energy. As it turns out, Shuri is also completely okay with this, and even enjoys it to a certain extent. In game, you can replenish your Goddess Gauge through having a “good night” (meaningful grin) with Shuri.

Gameplay-wise, this character is extremely weak in the beginning. Getting KO’ed in a single hit by bosses, you can’t help but wonder if Eushully is trolling you. However, obtaining a certain set of equipment, Serika becomes the most powerful character. Dealing 9999 (max damage without special conditions) damage consistently with astonishing speeds, it’s possible to simply have this character blitz through the entire game at later levels. It’s truly enough to help you realize that this guy is called the “God Murderer” for a reason.

Next is Shuri, an adorable character with a CV that I haven’t even heard of during my years of gameplay (according to the staff credits, it’s someone called “Dynamite Ami(?)”. It is revealed that she’s one of the maids in Serika’s household back in Lewinia, and followed him all the way to Lerun.

As shown immediately, this character is completely infatuated with Serika. The reason for this is shown in Saria’s story, where Shuri’s past (for the reference, it’s also hinted in the Opening Movie) is revealed to the greatest extent.

Shuri is very skilled with any form of cooking or cleaning, but soon joins Serika using dual guns protesting that she wants to fight by Serika’s side.

She’s often mistaken for Serika’s lover, but she often rejects the idea with a blushed face, even once explaining that they’re “too close” to each other. I wonder if there’s a reason why Shuri can’t see herself as Serika’s lover?

Next is Loka, a mysterious priest that doesn’t really join the crew until later. Her appearance triggers the opening movie, along with a script that makes the reader think she’s a “central heroine”.

In fact, a lot of players will agree on this aspect. The cool and stoic Serika loses his words after meeting this woman, because of a reason he doesn’t remember until later into the game. In return, Loka admits to him at one point that Serika was a “love at first sight”.

The point with Loka’s background is that she is a priest to Mazteria, who is a goddess. As a God-Murderer, the two are supposed to be sworn enemies, but you can soon see the series of conflicts unfold as you go through the story.

This is Levia, who is also shown early in the game to be the “Knight of White Rose”. She is the captain of the search party for the Princess of Lewinia, and actually plays the role of “tsundere” in this game.

Obviously infatuated with Serika, this is due to her constant sneaking into the mansion where Serika lived in the past. The two became very good friends, and Levia’s affection likely stems from the past.

With the same CV as Serika (Kawashimarino), my complaint as I realized this was that I wanted Serika to be voiced: I mean… If you’re going to voice a protagonist in the battle scenes, and even have a separate heroine voiced by the same CV, why not the protagonist’s normal voice? >:|

Saria is probably the last character I’ll probably introduce. Likely from my bias, Saria is originally shown to be a slave girl working for Crock, the merchant. Instead of helping him, however, Saria is a “dojikko”, which means that she makes mistakes unusually frequently.

Despite this, Saria is very hardworking. In addition, some characters also realize that Saria has a special power (hinted on this CG), which makes merchants like Ludon want to pay outrageous amounts to obtain custody of this girl.

Saria is unplayable, but she does have a couple of H-scenes and is the only way to unlock a special route that introduces additional characters. In addition, if you know of the title “Wanko to Kurasou“, she has the very same CV that Mikan is voiced by. Imagine my surprise when I realized how Saria calls Serika “goshujin-sama” (Master; Serika does become her master in the later portions) is nearly identical to how Mikan would say the same word!

Valforu is a wandering bandit that gets attracted to Shuri’s “smell”.
Despite this, she becomes the main character in the game’s “EX” Chapter

Sexual Content: High

Comments: Well, with a relatively high sexual content (I exclude the length of gameplay for obvious reasons), this game even has some rape scenes which was a surprise to me. As with games of similar genre, there’s an H-scene for pretty much every female character and even an NTR scene.

The sheer fact that such emphasis was placed into sexual content (the quantity as well as Serika’s design to be skilled at “sex magic”) makes this game feel more like a nukige instead.

Don’t lie: I know some of you guys have a thing for “neko-succubus”

Regardless, I actually like this kind of protagonist: stoic and extremely donkan, he ironically becomes the “boke” character throughout the comical scenes in the game. He gets desensitized to sexual intercourse so much that he doesn’t really “feel the pleasure”, and only engages in it to replenish his magic… yet the girls fall in love with him left and right because he repeatedly saves their behind.

Even more ironically, Eushully is CLEARLY explicit to why the heroines fall in love with Serika. Yes, it might not even be a good reason (aka, several characters comes to like him because sex feels good with Serika), but it’s a definite reason that’s clearly stated in game for the heroine to come to like him, and even betray their former masters (in the case of Ririem).

It’s also amazing how the gameplay is designed. There’s special conditions you can perform to avoid heroine rape or NTR scenes, and even “Social Points” that determine an ending for the player. This is excluding a whole “EX” chapter that focuses on Valforu, as well as several other side stories that you can unlock.

Affection for the Characters: Moderate

CG Score: 8/10. Above average CG score that gets a major drop for not having enough of them, along with the fact that it should’ve had more normal CGs (non-HCG) and perhaps a few SDCG as well.

This is Eu-ko, or “Eushully-ko” (White), the mascot character of Eushully. She’s also a playable character.

Music Score: 9/10. The battle music is great, while even the comical/normal/carefree music is very well designed. Here’s the Opening Movie as well as one of the boss-fight soundtracks (coming soon) I found pretty cool:

Addictiveness: Relatively High. Right now, I’m on my third playthrough of this game, just so I can unlock the special scenes and such, haha

Conclusion: A great game from Eushully, which was completely unexpected. I’ll definitely follow this company from now on, and will have to go back to some of their previous titles to experience some that I may have missed. (Includes Kamidori)

Bonuses (Includes a mild spoiler):

So yeah… 9999 damage…

lel this boss looks pretty ugly. (for the reference, it (?) has a ridiculously large HP)

Last but not least! The cool soundtrack I promised. I couldn’t extract the game files, so I just recorded it (wow much lazy) o3o

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  2. If I remember well in Verita (I might be wrong) Celica did knock up Luna=Clear it’s just that the kid never got to see the daylight :/

    • Old post, but why not.
      That’s why among the present god, Celica hates Masteria the most. Not only one but two times Masteria apostles took his lover’s life away. (Okay just once, the second time is a failure) Just when Celica slowly regain his emotions as human in God Graveyard… That bastard just has to come and ruin everything… I seriously pissed the first time I played.

    • Yeap +1 with type03xx’s anger when they ruin the tiny happiness that Celica was about to obtain. Some of those Masteria guys are seriously wrong in so many ways. Hope they get owned at some point like the storm god that Celica once worshipped…

      Ps. Only played genrin2 s.e., verita, himegari, kamidori, madou kogaku and read on enshully wiki — Can’t say I’m expert in the series so I might be wrong

    • @Vincent
      Try Zero too. a very good game. Maybe the best storyline of the series. That is, if you are a fan of tragedy.

  3. Bonus screenshots and a cool battle music added!
    Enjoy~ ^^

    • Hey nice choice, I love this remix version too.
      The original version is IM2 op

      It’s good op for 2001 game I think.

    • @Game @jason
      Uweeee, now i have another question, if you guys are still around the post, do you mind answering one?

      Did Serika ever mate with Ekria? Or have he made any girls pregnant? Seeing this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/jEMk81D.jpg

    • Sorry Mevantiana! To be perfectly honest, this was my first Eushully game, so I don’t know if there was any “descendant” of Serika at all.

      This IS, considering, that he does “mate” with over 100 girls in a year, so maybe his sexual activity never really results in fertilization…? (aka, impotent?) I don’t think the game would delve too deep into this matter, lol

    • Ah, i guess i should stop asking questions before the whole game gets spoiled for you.

      But thanks for all the answers. :) I guess it’s very unlikely that we will see any offspring of Serika :P

  4. By the way guys, is this Erika and her two sisters? http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7137/7731459794_5f6868fda1_o.jpg does both appear in any game?

    • All appear in Genrin1,2 Ekria is the main heroine in IM verita. (Or maybe not, but for me she is, I can’t resist her cute tsundere charm at all ^ ^) Irina (The girl on the left) is Louie’s wife.

    • Wait, hold on. Didn’t Louie’s wife die? so both Ekria’s sisters is dead then? Can’t Ekria kill herself without any worries about the curse falling on someone else on the bloodline now?…there is no CG’s of Ekria in Tenbin no La DEA..she met her end in VERITA?

      Also thanks for the reply

    • Yep she died, but the other is kept POW in her homeland and she also sick. And why no Ekria in Tenbin? well because Celica don’t bring her along that’s why. He want Shuri to experince the world beside the manor and Revinia. And if he bring Ekria along, this journey will not be even a challenge, considered that Ekria with full power easily rival Celica’s power.
      Last question, why Ekria doesn’t simply kill herself? Her curse that pass along her bloodline, Femirinse goddess power will not allow her to do that. This curse when activate, will make power soar to goddess scale power, but she will lose control over herself. No one can kill her because of her goddess power, so only one can do that… Godslayer. But Celica decided to be a troll and keep her as his harem instead. (Well not really, the real reason is very serious)

    • Thanks for your answer on that one. I got a few more questions if you don’t mind.

      No matter what Serika does, isn’t it his fate to disappear? As sooner or later Astraea will take back her body? Is there a possibility to split them?

      Was Serika ever voiced? Or is in any game? Any idea who the voice actor is? he is tagged as Protagonist with Partial Voice Acting on VNDB after all.

      Does Serika ever regain any of his memories of the time when he was a human?

      If Haishera had Astraea/his body for 50 years, how, then did he get it back?

      Man, sorry for the bunch of questions. By the way Joyjason, have we broken the comment record on this post now?

    • About Astraea question, It’s not his fate. I don’t want to spoil the fun, play IM zero for an answer. And it’s not possible to split them anymore. This is Astraea final “curse” and “gift” to him after all.
      Celica is voiced by Kawashima-san… well for battle only though… It’s Eushully style to never voice male (which is a shame. Most, if not all of their MC is real badass after all) That is until Madou Koukaku where both male and female are all fully voiced except MC who has voice in battle only.
      Celica regain all of his memory in IM 2 when he merge with… (Again, one of the biggest spoiler) But he regain a partial of his memory if he meet anyone who imprint themselves into his soul. His brain may not be able to remember, but his body and soul never forget. When he meet Naberius and Rita again after several hundreds years, he can somehow remember them while he can forget anyone insignificant to him in less than a day.
      Haishera… This is hard since I’m not really understand that part in the game. So sorry about this question.
      And don’t worry about the question, if I know I will answer. It’s kinda hard to find people play this series since there’s no translation. In Japan, this series is quite well-known H game though.

    • Thanks for the info man, looks like a game with real plot. Ikusa Megami Zero will definitely be on my list for read candidates. Might see to it after i am done with Evolimit.

    • Jebus, such a long discussion full of information that my brain can’t handle it! xD

      For the record, I think this DID break the “comment record”, so congrats to both of you!

      I also thank you for the information on the series: it’s really making me want to play the other titles (lel screw Kamidori), so you’ll probably hear from me reeeeal soon!

    • Talk about Kamidori, I should mention about one obvious thing.
      Most Eushully games set on their world, Dir Lifyna. So you may noticed some names appeared in various titles as well like Masteria, 72 pillars of Solomon, Eiryun etc. So you may want to read this so you will understand some conflict in games more, such as old world god, present god, and mechanical god.
      Deity article also enhance your gameplay experience. If your Japanese skill good enough, the officail website is very educational too.
      Eushully put a lot to create the stage for their games, I give them that.

    • Dunno if it’s still relevant at this time, but the whole thing with Haishela was (possible minor spoiler ? ) because of Celica getting mentally tired after events with Astraea and he just “went to sleep” as he put it. He slept for 50 years during which Haishela had her fun with Astraea’s body. If I remember correctly Haishela was forced back to her old body after Celica woke up . :)

  5. About Roka matter as central heroine… You have to played Zero and Verita to understand why Celica (Yep, it’s his official name in English) seems attract to her, why he become extremely pissed when he thought Roka was killed by Iruzabu. Why Celica said he will never forgive Masteria’s follower who take her “and her” life.
    Shuri… she is his his apostle no.3 (and his maid) That’s why she can’t consider herself as his lover. In terms of closeness, Ekria and Marinia (The first and second apostle) are much more closer to Celica. It’s no doubt that Shuri really love and respect Celica though. That’s why she always do sex ritual with him saying that it’s apostle’s duty. And in return, Celica always look after his apostles’s safety, state that it’s master’s duty to take care of his apostle as well.
    PS: His title is Godslayer, not God Murderer though…

    • Great to see that someone has experience with all the series!

      The mere fact that the previous games mention other characters make me want to go through with them (as I did state, this is my first Eushully game)

      Despite this, I spent a good ~100 hours on this game. That’s time I could’ve finished at least 3 other games, and I’m not sure if I want to get into another RPG-eroge anytime soon. (gotta finish up other titles, right?)

      Do you think you can link me to where the official names are written? I’ll be honest and say that I’ve originally confused “Celica” with “Cecilia”, and I don’t think I can be blamed for the two names being stunningly similar. This is why I choose to spell his name “Serika”, which is also easier to read.

      In addition, I chose the term “God Murderer” because the word “kamigoroshi” is literally translated into god killer. “Godslayer” would be more of the “localized” term that the western area uses, and something I refrain from following.

      Thanks for the information, though!

    • About name, you can use Eushully Wikia as reference. They have a nice sense of changing romanized name into more localized name and most people seems okay with it.
      Celica, Ekria, and Louie (another MC in Verita) however, official have their name written in English in Verita when you change the side story in the game.
      Yes I understand that you have to write the blog so you can’t just spend all time playing Eushully games. However I will list the name of the games you need to play in order to fully understand the Ikusa Megami series.
      By Chronological timeline: IM zero> Genrin no Kishougun> Genrin 2> IM verita> Tenbin no La Dea> IM 2 (wish it will got remake too someday)
      By Release date: Tenbin (since it’s remake of IM 1)> Genrin>IM 2> Genrin 2> IM zero> IM verita
      Genrin series is optional however, since it is the story of Louie. But playing it make you understand his motive in Verita much better.
      That’s why Eushully games are not really popular with blog writer. It required some dedicate to play their games. But for me, the casual player, each of their release make me wait with anticipation.

    • Thanks for the picture upload and information! I’ll be using it as reference when I get into Eushully Games! :)

  6. I guess my question was a bit stupid. I meant it like this, since Serika is a deity, isn’t removing new life a sin? moreover since he got the body of goddess of justice?

    • Don’t sweat it!

      In game, it never really explains if the goddess was a representative of something: it just says it was THE goddess, and that was pretty much it.

      Remember that Serika himself is a human–he just has the looks of the goddess

    • That’s why he is considered as enemy to the whole world. He doesn’t care one bit about sin or not when come to himself (his ultimate title in verita is “One who bear all pain and sin” after all) He even offer to kill Alicia when she said she want to die. At this time he think of Astreae as his enemy since the goddess body always try to get rid of his spirit, that’s why he always has to do sex ritual to replenish the lost energy and keep his spirit intact.
      As the stand alone title. the story is weak, but if you play entire series and chain everything together, it’s one of the most epic H-game I ever played.
      And gameplay difficulty is toned-down a lot. Verita is much harder. (Think of enemy without limited level and status is 5 times higher than normal.)

    • I know i am late, but thanks for all the info game. I saw the reply and meant to say thanks for it, but i went back to my own blog and forgot about it. Great info, really helpful :)

  7. I was thinking of trying Ikusa Megami Zero(that’s the start game right?), that game have had my interest for a while, i guess the only thing that stops me is all the Sequels and i am not too big a fan of RPG games. Can i ask you what way you recommend playing all the sequels?

    Also, that Alicia girl, she’s holding her stomach, should i expect the worst?

    • Hiya Mevantiana!

      Ikusa Megami Zero is definitely the “start” game, which one might want to start if he hasn’t played any of the megami series yet.

      However, I don’t think there’s too many spoilers (if any is even present) in the Tenbin La Dea in the first place.
      Remember that this is a remake of an older 1997 game, and this 1997 game was released before Megami Zero.

      EDIT: The CG from above is a picture from when she becomes pregnant from the rape. One of the scenes involve her asking Serika to get rid of it, because she’s “not ready to become a mother yet”.

    • Thanks for your answer, this game do look a bit promising after all.

    • Scratch that. One of the H-scenes suggests that she’s pregnant (from the rape), and Serika confirms it.
      Alicia then asks him to eliminate the fetus, and you know what’s next 8)

    • So did he remove it? Consider that he is a Deity he don’t need to stick a sword in her stomach?

    • He does remove it xP

  8. Interesting! A Eroge-RPG, don’t see many of those. Don’t know why I don’t play more of this type, even though my first “galge” experience was actually a tactics SimRPG. It must be because of my shitty luck to only get awful games whenever I try this Eroge sub-genre.
    Is this a tactics style? I wish you could talk more about the gameplay aspects and show more screenshots of battles, or is it so standard that it’s not worth to mention more about it?
    Well, Whatever! What is important is that we have MAGICAL SEX! I feel happy to know galges are yet to fail me! I LOVE this sillyness!
    Talking about sillyness: Is Loka holding a giant cotton bud?
    Not a big fan of the art, there’s something about those giant hands and face formats that give me the creeps!
    Also, Eu-ko reminds me an awful lot of Mizunashi Akari!

    • LOL you point out some interesting things.
      Yeah, the CG kinda sucks. Ironically, I think the sprites are more well done in this game than the CGs, and believe it or not, the HCGs aren’t so distorted either, so don’t get the wrong idea that this game has weird CG (the HCG has a lot of effort put into it)

      Regarding Loka, that’s actually considered a Halberd. I guess the tip is to prevent her from slamming the other end into her allies? I don’t know o3o;;

      Sorry about the lack of description of the gameplay. Frankly, it’s your normal “final fantasy” style game, where you have characters, enemy, and you attack depending on how “quick” your character is compared to the enemy. Some attacks take a long time (full screen attacks) and some take a very short time (normal weapon attacks), so if you have any experience with Final Fantasy, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

      I actually heard rumors in the past that Akari is a ripoff from Eushully-chan (shiro). Whether or not the rumors are true, I have no idea… I just know that Eushully has a thing or two for winged girls and such, lel.

    • While sex magic seems funny, it’s use as a heavy drama one or two times in Zero, while it’s sound silly. I can’t even laugh and… heck my crouch didn’t even respond to the scene, it’s that mush depress.

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