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Foreword: What do you get when you take staff in an eroge team and shuffle them around?
Something like this game.

Flat out, no.
Horrible design on Hibiki Work’s part, and despite some of the better ratings by other players, I will have to rate this game as pretty much one of the worst games I’ve ever come across.

Yes, I know a certain person warned me not to finish it, but I just didn’t feel like dropping a game midway, and I was almost finished with it anyways. Albeit, I didn’t get all the available CG (because I didn’t use a walkthrough), but I still want to argue that I finished this game (while cringing from how bad it was)

If you haven’t noticed. I have a strange masochistic side of me when it comes to eroge.

Oh, and because this game was so bad, I’m not even going to add CGs or tags to this one. Just plain text because that’s what it deserves. 

Title: Pretty x Cation
Producers: Hibiki Works
Release Date: April 25, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v14005

Summary: Our protagonist is a countryboy who moves to the city, aka Tokyo. He’s going to live in his in the apartment run by his aunt, and it’s his first time living alone.

From day one after his arrival, he spies various girls who he finds very attractive, and as his aunt pushes him to make a girlfriend, perhaps that might be what he will do.

Story Length: Moderate (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Relatively difficult
Comments: The difficulty only stems from the fact that you need specific items (or specific stats) within each route. Use a walkthrough and you should be fine

Character Design Rating: 2/10
Story Rating: 0/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 1/10
Rating Comments: A complete waste of time, the story receives absolute lowest score for not containing ANY of the “good factors” I would look for in an eroge. Character design is a little better (still crap), and the only worthwhile mention of this game is the unique “stat” system that really doesn’t make too much difference in the end.

Sexual Content: High

Comments: So I’m going to actually spend several minutes listing out some of the horrible things about this game. Ready for it?

1) They got so lazy, to the point subcharacters don’t even have a damn sprite. You voice them but not give them even a static sprite? Wow.
2) Story is horribly incomplete and ends abruptly after a series of H-scenes.
3) No Transitions. Story flow is very slow and choppy, almost as if you can see the scenes as “blocks” placed right next to each other with a gap in the middle. Protip: fade out and fade in is NOT a good transition.
4) “Convenient” coincidence. You literally have to stalk the girls, yet the story makes it seem as if it was coincidence
5) No quality humor. Yeah, pretty straightforward. I wasn’t even laughing at most of the comical scenes.
6) Sorry Leiche. Your accent is annoying.  Trust me on this. I’ve seen Russians speaking Japanese, and Leiche’s accent is HEAVILY exaggerated. Considering how she knows various words that normal foreigners will not, it’s bullcrap that her accent is so exaggerated. Obviously, I didn’t “grow into” this.
7) Heroines very bland and boring. I’m sure others will agree with me.
8) Dating Sim? More like a spend-a-week-or-two-with-a-random-girl-who-falls-in-love-with-you-for-no-reason-and-you-get-into-her-skirt storyline (No joke: all four routes are like that)

Some might even argue that the protagonist and heroine had something in common (Sakura-movies; Nozomi-games; Leiche-Japanese History; Komachi-previous background), but that gets thrown out the window even before the characters become lovers.

Affection for the Characters: None

CG Score: 4/10. CG isn’t too bad, but considering how over 60% of the CG is HCG, I’m really tempted to label this as a “nukige” instead. (Which I did, lel)
Music Score: 3/10. No variation with the music drops the score significantly.

Conclusion: Oh-so-horrible game from Hibiki Works, which doesn’t do well to improve my impression on LxC2, which has been recommended by the same person who warned me about this title.

Yeah, this is a game you should really just play like a nukige.

Well, time to trash this game and move onto the next

Comments on: "Short Review of [140425]Pretty x Cation" (16)

  1. Wow man, just wow. Such a harsh review (that completely make sense) Again if I want to play eroge with gameplay… Eushully and nuff said.

  2. EDIT: Removed for the same reason as before. I appreciate the thoughtfulness, but I’d like to keep this site untargetable by DMCA XD

  3. […] https://vnerogereview.wordpress.com/2…etty-x-cation/ Nhìn mấy dòng cảm nhận của anh này, không biết có nên chơi hay không nữa Trả lời với trích dẫn […]

  4. Thank you once again for the review! I was thinking about playing this game but…guess I should trash this and move onto something else.
    A little off topic, but have you ever played Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni by Lump of Sugar? I really want to play, but I’m afraid my Japanese level isn’t quite up to par ;-;

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment :)

      I’m really sorry, but I’ve not even heard of that game! A bit of searching shows that it’s a 2007 release, and I haven’t even gotten to eroge at that time, haha

      It looks really interesting though, so if you can find a copy for me in the interwebs, I’ll definitely write up a review for the title as well.

    • EDIT: A bit late, but please refrain from posting “illegal” material on this site. Thanks!
      — joyjason

  5. Oh..this is why sometimes EGS is not very reliable on detecting landmines. Thankfully I normally avoid this kind of game if the art and synopsis does not catch my attention. Only exceptions are certain companies that are known for good-quality games with good writers. I am glad that my landmine detector never failed once on me so far.

    • Haha, a landmine detector is what I really need! Honestly, I think the people in EGS was just trolling the rest of the eroge community in that sense, so I just tell myself that and just laugh it off this time.

  6. Xx1tach1xX said:

    Thanks for the review, I’ve saved a lot of time and will proceed to delete the game from my hard drive.

  7. Great rant there, Jason. Btw, for me, at least I won’t give PxC overall score 1/10, especially it’s like SLG eroge type. But I agree that at least the story should at decent level, not at bad level. I also agree that heroines looks bland.

  8. “spend-a-week-or-two-with-a-random-girl-who-falls-in-love-with-you-for-no-reason-and-you-get-into-her-skirt”? That sounds pretty much like a Eroge for me! HaHaHaHa! Now I am sad :(
    Maybe I should stop playing Galges for a while and start playing other games more often…
    From this series, I only played LxC2, which felt a lot like the Eroges from the 90’s that I hated so much but my creepy friend was always playing them…in my room! Damn! That would make a funny manga! ANYWAY! Those games always felt more like a chore than fun. If I wanted to spend many hours just clicking on pretty boxes with words, I would be playing…WAIT! There’s nothing like that I would like to play! It was boring before and it still boring now. Everything is the same, even the stalker aspect! The difference is that this series does not have the stray cat becoming a cute girl because you didn’t stalk anyone, or the goddess of lazyness giving her blessing by raising all your stats because you only choose to sleep all the time…Yeah, it was crazy, but at least it was not boring.
    Ok, I must admit the art in this game is MUCH BETTER than those old games! That’s right! Even the art for this one, that many said it was horrible! You guys don’t know the true horror!

    • Haha, that first bit of your comment was one of the prime reasons why gave this story score a 0 (the second because routes were incomplete). I admit that the art was pretty decent, but if you think of it like that, it’s nothing more than a nukige right?

      Heck, even for pure nukige nowadays, stories are complete and even has a distinct theme most of the time (see the following link: http://vndb.org/v8520)

      I just find it pathetic that a game designed to hold a solid story would be inferior in the story than a game designed to be eyecandy for guys to fap to

  9. Can’t say I’m all that surprised that you decided to finish this game =D. Don’t know how much of my review you read, but you probably know that I agree with your thoughts on the game in general. Of course, you’re probably a lot more harsh on the game, but that’s just a different in opinion. However, I think it’s a little unreasonable to include a story rating for a game like this. Slice of life games in general are weak in the story department. I think judging these types of games based on flow, character development, and the quality of the events is a more accurate measure of the enjoyment level these games have. Well it’s not like PxC HAD any of those either, but I’m just saying =D.

    I can assure you that LxC2 does WAY better in those categories that I listed above. However, there are some things that I you should in mind if you do go on to play LxC2:

    -None of the side characters in any of the cation series have character sprites.

    -LxC2 also has a large number of H-scenes. However, the scenes are a lot higher quality and feel a lot less random. Not sure if this will mean much to you, because it seems like you aren’t all that interested in H-content in these games.

    -The dating system is pretty much the same, and the games use similar time frames (i think >___>).

    Let me know if you DO play LxC2, because I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on it. Do you use twitter?

    • Yeah! Second that! Do you use twitter?

    • Thanks for your comment! I MAY have rated this game a bit low, but as you said, that is all based on my own standards (which is different from person to person)

      Also, thank you for the info on LxC2! I’m actually looking forward to it since your words seem a bit more favorable, and believe it or not: dating sims are probably my favorite genre of eroge.
      Hey, why do you think I liked “Fureraba” so much? (If I recall correctly, you’ve also played this game as well, and had similar thoughts as me).

      Story doesn’t have to be perfect: even if you just had “fixed” heroine events throughout the heroine route (like Fureraba did), that would’ve been enough to replenish the score to a great extent.

      LxC2 will definitely have a full-blown review for it, and I’ll make sure to annoy you to read it once it’s finished. For now, back to 12TsukiEve!

      (and no. I don’t have a twitter. Sorry! D:)

    • you should make a twitter. Talk about 12TsukiEve, Aefes said that it’s really good and he liked it.

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