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Foreword: First…

Dear me from a few years ago who refused to play this game for whatever reason. With all due respect,


I say this with good reason. eden* is a very nice game that doesn’t even take too much of your time, but the scenes, music, and the words all captivate your very soul.

Despite being only about 5 hours long total, this game has quality and scores that surpass even the more “serious” games, and I’m very glad that I took the time to play this.

Title: eden* ~ they were only two, on the planet ~
Producers: minori
Release Date: September 18, 2009
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v1286
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=600545
Game Type: Kinetic Novel with philosophical themes

Summary: Ryou recently got assigned to the Research Facility 703, a location not even marked on a map in an ocean in the middle of nowhere. He was assigned with a girl named Lavinia with the same age and rank as him, and they started to work together in protecting the genius “Felix” named Sion.

Work seemed boring, really, since this was a location that wasn’t even on a map, and there was very little threat… But something was going to definitely change. Ryou’s first encounter with Sion will be its trigger, and through a series of events, he will finally find what he wants to use the rest of his life for.

A “Maid” that serves this research facility, Elica.

Story Length: Very Short (<10 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: N/A (kinetic novel)
Comments: I actually have a bias: that kinetic novels are much more higher in quality than not when it comes to story flow and consistency. Obviously, this is because there’s only one flow and one “route”, but it’s really sad when “single route” games are much better than your typical “eroge”.

That actually says something, you stupid Japanese eroge companies =_=;

Character Design Rating: 9/10
Story Rating: 7/10
Game Quality: Moderately High
Overall Rating: 8/10

Subcharacter and Ryou’s superior, Inaba. The story presents him to be an antagonist, but he might become of help to Ryou…

Rating Comments: We have a “superior” (8/10) game, which is very surprising. There’s only a few characters that interact over a period of 5-10 hours, but the relationships are so clearly defined, and there’s so many conflicts within those short hours that story rating is still considered “good”. (I’ll be honest. I took off a few points because it was TOO short)

Similar with Character Design, except this time, the backgrounds of characters are so clearly defined, it almost seems as if the game is challenging the reader to predict what will happen at each and every scene. “Hey, here’s how the character is: see if you can guess what’ll happen next.”

Oh shit. What happens next? O_O;

This is definitely a plus.

Plus+Mosaic Patch (PM Patch): this is an extra feature available for this game, where the game adds four H-scenes for the characters: Sion, Elica, Lavi, and Maya. It also adds some bloody and “ecchi” CG. Without this patch, you get an “all-ages” version of the game safe for everyone.

Sexual Content: None (without the PM patch), Low (with the PM patch)

Comments: I’ll be honest. I saw the ending coming. It was pretty much in your face about it, and it even hints it in the beginning scenes.

I still cried.

I don’t know. I just felt so much affection for Sion which is really strange because I can’t understand what’s so unique about Sion to hundreds or thousands of other characters I’ve encountered in my eroge career so far.

Loli きったぁぁぁぁ!!

Well, her CV was kinda awkward, but it was Chikotam that worked on her visual design. This actually kinda threw me off a bit. If you remember Chikotam, that’s the artist who’s famous for the “loli-design” prevalent in Parasol games, which is known to be rather crappy.

Plenty of foreshadowing in this game, and small bits of humor to keep things interesting while it introduces one conflict after another, minori did a splendid job with presenting the story, character, and even the morals that it might have tried to convey.

The one thing I do complain about, however, is that it becomes very ambiguous. Here you have two characters and their story together, but what does it mean? It seems that if there was even a slight bit of “morals” that the game tried to convey, it was ambiguous: to the point the game was asking the readers for the analysis instead of making one itself.

Affection for the Characters: Very High

CG Score: 9/10. Not much to say in this department, except for the fact the CGs are numerous in number and is absolutely gorgeous. Remember that this game is called “eden*” for a reason.

Simple, but bold and beautiful. That’s how I like my CGs.

Wow, this is one nice place that I’d like to go to

Music Score: 10/10. Again, the same thing with the CG except I absolutely fell in love with the music. I dug several hours on the internet to find the lossless OST, finally found it, and now I’m crying in joy that all the beautiful melody is on my hard drive.

Calm Talking:


Yearning to the Sky:


Addictiveness: Moderately High. Despite being a 5 hour story which you know what will happen, this seems like a game that I’ll be willing to replay just to see if there’s any “small bits” I may have missed: it is entirely possible, after all…

Conclusion: A very good game from minori for which I kick myself for not starting earlier. I’m still waiting for the release on Friday (as with everyone else), and hopefully, that turns out good… This is a game, hands down, worth trying. It’s only 5-10 hours of your time, right?

This is my favorite CG in the entire game.

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  1. […] game is just absolutely retarded unless you’ve developed them thoroughly beforehand, like eden* from minori which was infinitely shorter but had much more impact and value… ESPECIALLY when […]

  2. Just buy this game from steam It’s awesome!!!
    That story really touch my heart and made me cried . Very beautiful story.

  3. […] this, don’t let it scare you away! Similar to eden*, the game may be short, but it’s filled with heartwarming and colorful characters. The […]

  4. REMEMBER…REMEMBER this GAME… THIS GAME… MADE ME SHINN… OH WAIT… RORIKON :X yeah Sion… and then after this… Supipara… then… the rest we know was history it JUST COMPLETELY WENT DOWN FROM THERE :X

  5. I played the translated trial version way back in 2010 when NNL first released it. I was so disappointed when the trial ended T.T

    Today, ~4 years later, I finally managed to “read” it. Well “crawl” more than “read” as I was heavily relying on Jparser with Translation Aggregator (I started learning Japanese using Tae Kim’s guide ~4months ago and used Koikishi to practice reading after that). It took me maybe ~25 hours to finish. I was reading at a snail’s pace, but I still loved it. The story, CG, music, camera perspectives, everything. eden* and ef are simply amazing.

    One day I hope to read this again when I’m at a more proficient level.

    PS. Tenmon is amazing. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent listening to ef and eden’s soundtrack since I discovered them 4 years ago.

  6. I heard about the title being the talk of town since it’s release, but since I don’t play untranslated visual novels, I won’t be able to pick this up unless it’s translated or something D: Speaking of which, isn’t there some controversy surrounding it’s translation scene? o.O

    • On VNDB, it says that NNL was translating it to a certain stage, but I guess it was never released or dropped after minori got the “Western Ban”

      Personally, I don’t like translated novels at all because they lose the flavor and meaning… Well, I guess this piece of diamond will only be available for a very few people, which is a pity, really…

  7. Man, you finally played it! I couldn’t agree more on your review. It was just mind blowing really, the huge amount of beautiful CG’s and the music was damn awesome. I love TENMON’s music. Specially some of the tracks he made for Ef a tale. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZqe39C172E and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6EGe-2k6cY Eden*’s music was pretty awesome too.

    And of course, i cried. The ending really got me, as you said, you knew it coming, so did i. We all did. I thought i could manage to hold my tears through the end, what a useless effort.

    Sion is such a freaking awesome character, definitely my top of 2014. It’s a shame minori still have the western ban, the English bunch should really play this. It’s really a gem.

    • Darn you for reminding me of the love I have for the “ef” series! Now I have to go and find the lossless OST for that as well D:

      But yeah, Tenmon’s name translates into “Heaven’s Door”, and that sounds so fitting for the masterpiece he creates!

      I’m also really glad that I wasn’t the only one who made a futile effort against crying. It’s just a stubborn pride that guys have I guess XD

      I do believe the all-ages version is translated in English by NNL (branch of minori). Have you heard anything about this?

    • I think NNL only translated the trial patch and never got to translate the whole game because minori announced the western ban. thb, i have never read an translation by them, but i will probably read Ef a tale in English, which mangagamer used their patch for.

      By the way, are you going to play 恋がさくころ桜どき? Saw it coming this month, (actually released yesterday) it might be a candidate for my list, seeing you have Mashiro Iro Symphony background theme, i am assuming you might follow Palette’s VNs?

    • Yep! It’s been released, and it’s currently my #1 priority. I’ll be writing up a review for it as fast as I can, so please look forward to it! :)

  8. Sample music added! It’s taken directly from the lossless files (unfortunately, for me to upload it in the first place, it needs to be a lossy format =3=) so it should be of great quality! I hope you guys enjoy it :)

    Note: It’s uploaded to puush, so you should be able to download it if you want. It DOES, however, take a while to load so please be patient!

  9. Rosestahl said:

    I’ve never been very conscious of it, but I’m really interested in this work of Minori. Your review has convinced me to read it, so I hope I could find some time for it this holidays (I have a large list of title to read). Well, it’s short, I think that isn’t a problem then.
    CGs are really nice and I don’t mind if the ending is sad or bittersweet, sometimes it’s better like that.

    • Yes! Exactly!

      Even if it’s bittersweet or sad, it’s the flow and story that leads to that conclusion! Even with the ending finished, the Plus Mosaic gives a more humorous “touch” to the game, similar to how Aiyoku no Eustia from August was.

      I’m glad you’ll be going through with this game! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

  10. kivandel said:

    Well, i’ve been looking forward this game since reading in Cyberpunk 2077 developers interview that their game would hold links with W.Gibson works, naturally, and some games with eden from Minori among them. I just could not believe that such game could have built up legacy of international masterpiece in such short time. Have not played it yet unfortunately but for me it’s already genious quality beyond time like Forest from Liar-Soft.

    • I’m not sure how a different game could hold any references to this short, short game o-o;;

      In essence, its international popularity probably came from minori’s fame with the “ef” series, along with even this title being translated by NNL as well…

      You should really give it a try, though! :)

    • kivandel said:

      Oups, that turned out to be about “Eden: It’s an Endless World!” graphic novel and by graphic novel some people mean manga :O
      Anyway, i liked “Wind: a Breath of Heart – Re-gratitude” by minori long time ago and the CG of its other titles just make me gaze in awe. It’s quite rare that CG of one company stand out so much that are hard to confuse it with others.

  11. Looking good until now, but I fail to see the over 85 bust sizes, so I can’t say for sure if this is really a minori game…
    This is one title people have been recommending to me for a while, and it certainly feels interesting! I think I will play it next month, since there isn’t many games I want to try among the next releases.

    • Yep, the ridiculous bust sizes aren’t there (since it’s a really old game) and it’s by a different artist so………..

      But it’s really short. I’m sure you’ll clear it in one sitting or get most of the story done, so go through with it! :D

      On that thought though, I finally reinstalled Skype. “itsjoyjason” is the name, so add me whenever you get the chance! I also have a mic, so you can hear my smexy voice if you’d like

  12. christfall said:

    I gotta say the CGs are really beautiful and capable of pulling your heart strings. Unfortunately this kind of game has gotten really rare (with many hot-blooded, pointless Moe stuff out there) and I missed the kind of atmosphere present in this game, not to mention it managed to press my loli-button there. :3 Man, I really hope I can get over my weakness to be unable to stomach depressing ends..

    • Even if you can’t handle depressing ends, I really suggest you go ahead and try this title out.

      I mean, the more depressing ones are the ones that are higher quality, more memorable, and MUCH more worth your time.

      Even as I say this, it might not be as sad to you as it was for me. (Although I wouldn’t want you to take my word for it xD)

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