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Due to a request made by a very loyal audience member, I could not help but create this post in regards to him.

You’ve probably wanted it. I know you’re hyped up for it, but now we have an official Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no sahou sequel!

Project Homepage (Navel): http://www.project-navel.com/tsukiniyorisou_2nd/index.html

Summary: (Taken and directly translated from the homepage)

A boy returns from his home country…
The protagonist Sakurakouji Saika had a burning passion in his heart: to receive the highest scores in the world-famous designer school: Filia Academy.

Aka, earn the Highest Award at the “Academy Show” at the end of the school year. His parents did the same, and they are his role model. This was his dream… Well, was to be his dream at least

Saika hears of a bad news from his uncle (Ion), however, that…
“Filia Academy Designer School will restrict males from next year”

With such a shocking news in mind, Saika considers his options.
However, he understands his status now, and decides to throw away his history as a male and attend this school.

This is because if he attends under a master, he will be able to hide his true identity and attend as a simple “servant”.
Therefore Saika borrows the name “Kokura Asahi” (spelled different in Japanese) and becomes the maid of “Est”.

Getting into the school is the easy part: the real difficulty is from now. Even with the best outfit, walking down the runway alone isn’t sufficient.

Fashion, Acting, and Music all need to be considered when getting on stage.
So Saika (aka, Asahi) will become closer with the girls from the 66-story apartment he prepared named “Sakura no En” (Paradise of Cherry Blossoms)

Will Saika be able to find a perfect partner while hiding his identity and receive the highest prize at the Academy Show?




Sakurakouji Saika: Our main protagonist, he is indeed, shown to be the biological son of our favorite couple back in Tsukiyori. He inherited his father’s girly looks and his mother’s white hair/red eyes, so he acts similar to Luna as you’ve seen her.

It seems that he was born in Japan, but the entire family went to New York because his family needed to be in that area as a supervisor.

Saika seems to display slightly “mother-con” features, while not having that great of a relationship with his father. This is actually pretty interesting if you ask me


Now we get to Est, and yes, that’s how you spell her name (look at the upper right corner).

She has a stunningly similar background to Luna, of how she “rebelled against her family” due to a certain event and insisted on living by herself in Japan. One might find to compare her to Luna because she seems to be more sympathetic and moral.

It seems that because of her background from a different country, she’ll be saying swear words or slangs in her language (which I’m not sure of at the moment), but still receives utmost respect from her loyal “maid”.


A strange character who seems to have a talent in acting, but takes it too far for others to say “Are you making up that personality?” which isn’t a good thing (because it’s generally not favorable for a person to be two-faced)

Sakuri actually confesses to Saika on the first day even though she thinks Saika is a girl….
and gets rejected (Oooooh~).

She’s not homosexual, but actually bisexual as she claims on the homepage.
She also seems to exaggerate herself and her experience, which is always disproven by her manager.

On the other hand she seems to admire white hair, which Saika has, and even bleached her hair + spends boatloads of money for maintaining it like that…

Personality-wise, she is comparable to Mizuho (well, maybe)


Loli kita~~~!!

Haruko is a student who normally passed the entrance exams unlike the other characters, and is shown to be very energetic and cheerful, often expressing her energy with her entire body.
Often called “Paruko” instead, she seems to match the loli design with various speech patterns that suggest her amateur mindset

Haruko also has a very split educational level where she’s stunningly skilled at her “good” subjects, while being hopelessly terrible in others. Despite this, she is knowledgeable in various “subculture”, and has many friends of various backgrounds.

Highly comparable to “Minato” from the previous title.


Contrary to her looks and name, it doesn’t seem like Lumine is actually the daughter of Resona, but the daughter of someone named “Nichigin” (Sorry, I can’t remember who this was).

Her theme is “music” and wants to become a world-famous Pianist. She has the skills to do so, even without borrowing the name of her family.

With a background very similar to Resona, it seems that she hurt Saika in the past somehow, and can’t refuse anything he asks for. Like the previous title, she becomes one of Saika’s supporters in his “genderbending” plan, despite how this will affect her in the society. (hint hint on Lumine’s route)


Sample CG:



My thoughts on this game:

Well, you brought in the same scenario writer, and the same artists. Not too much of a surprise because it’s a sequel. You even gave some characters stunningly similar roles and characteristics as last time, so I’m actually kinda skeptical that this game will just become like the previous game ._.;

Nonetheless, I know I’ve been wanting a sequel (if at all possible), and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s really interesting to see how Luna and Yuusei will appear in this game (if at all. YOU BETTER MAKE THEM SHOW UP RAWWRRRR), and really curious to see the story unfold. At least this time, there seems to be only one scenario writer, so that’s a relief.

Also, I really hope you voice the protagonist.


P.S. I hope I did my job properly. Don’t get mad if I missed something, please ._.;

Comments on: "Basic Information on [141031] Tsukiyori 2!" (26)

  1. Almost forgot; the official Navel youtube channel has some videos about the sequel as well, though you’ll have to tell us what they are and what they’re for:


  2. Quite a lot of new info has surfaced about this game recently. I hope you’ll be translating both that and making a full review for this title.

    • Will do! Last final exam tomorrow, which explains why I’ve been slacking and haven’t even touched the two November releases QQ

      Would you be so kind to link me to places you saw the new information? I’m sure I can just translate those in a jiffy, and you’ll definitely get a full review from me when the game itself is released :)

      Thanks for the reminder!

    • Okay, here goes. First up, the Navelsoft website has what appear to be limited edition goodies for the second game, including a few Drama CDs. Some of them appear to involve Luna and Asahi from the first game. You can hear information and promo clips at the following link:


      There’s also a promotional stunt Navel is doing with some sort of cafe:


      A playable demo was recently released as of this comment, and you can check out some gameplay videos while they last here:


      Please see what you can do to fill the rest of us in on all this.

    • Oh man, that’s a lot! I’ll see what I can do, and probably make a separate post about it in the future. For now, I must write up a review for a game I’ve recently finished!

    • According to current info, the game itself releases on Dec. 19, 2014, so see what you can do before then.

      You might think that’s a lot, but it’s just the information I was able to scrounge up as someone who doesn’t know Japanese. I’m sure that the Japanese websites dedicated to VNs could give you a lot more.

      According to the demo gameplay vids I’ve seen, it seems that Est seems to use English words as profanities, though the first time she does so it sounds something like “Chicken! Loser! Disgraceful!”. Maybe you can fill us in on that as well.

  3. Gustave154 said:

    I personally loved the previous games so keep them coming navel. Don’t care what the haters say because people are still gonna love it.

    • Technically, they’re a different brand from Navel, but okay.

      Hey, I’m waiting for Tsukiyori 2, you know, so it’s not like I’m hating without reason

  4. Boliever said:

    This game seems like quite the cop out cash grab. Seemly reusing character personalities and/or looks to capitalize on the the popular ones like Luna and Resona and then reusing the same story and setting.
    And since this confirms that Luna’s route is the true end and canon one I would like the to know what the heck happened to Mizuho or even Resona.

    • Well, Resona gets her own route in Otome Riron, right…?

      I think her route was pretty thorough about “Yuusei x Resona” story…

      Mizuho’s route wasn’t really that great from Tsukiyori so meh…. o3o

  5. well, can only hope that this is going to be more than our expected sequel, even if this series is navel’s dairy cow, they better get this one even more good than the prequel

  6. Mazryonh said:

    I too hope that Yuusei and Luna will appear in this game (maybe Yuusei has lost his girly looks by now and more resembles his brother Ion). It’d be nice if we got to see a grown-up Luna too, maybe in an “extra story” showing how they got along after getting married and perhaps on the verge of starting their own family. From what I’ve read of the English reviews for the first game, Luna and Yuusei had an interesting dynamic. I just hope that Ayuru Oohashi (Luna’s seiyuu) returns for this game as well.

    Are Sakuri and Haruko illustrated by Aoi Nishimata? This new artstyle doesn’t look anything like her “classic” character designs, which have been the case ever since Shuffle! and later games like OreTsuba.

    So Lumine knows about Saika’s crossdressing masquerade, like one of the heroines knew about Yuusei’s attempt to blend in amongst an all-girls in the first games? I just hope that they make this game unique enough so that players don’t end up seeing it as “TsukiYori 1.5”. How about having the “Shiny Moon” theme from the first game return as well?

  7. “Saika seems to display slightly “mother-con” features, while not having that great of a relationship with his father. This is actually pretty interesting if you ask me” – If he doesn’t think his father is his mother that is. xD

    • LOL.
      I genuinely giggled at this comment.

    • FUCK IT MAKES SENSE seeing that there’s an option where Yuusei becomes the uke to Lune’s seme in the append story and the main game BUT I’M SO WISHING THAT BOTH OF THEM MAKE A CAMEO SERIOUSLY thats COMEDY GOLD

  8. This is a very special occasion! This must be your first non-review post! (technically) Congratulations! I am not very interested in this game, though. Too much traps on ojou-sama schools for me. Please Japan, this is enough! Let this concept die already!

  9. so far, I think it’s a kinda disappointment for TsukiYori 2 because looks like we will have another “Da Capo” series here. First, they’re using kinda same plot like TsukiYori again (yes, AGAIN) and I don’t see much improvement of its story if I compare it with TsukiYori’s plot.
    Next is its characters. its characters are kinda like characters in TsukiYori too. Why? read Jason’s comment about its characters and I’m surer you will understand the reason.
    Last, from the rumor that I heard, TsukiYoru 2 isn’t the end of TsukiYoru series. That means there will be more TsukiYoru in the future (Like TsukiYoru 3 and TsukiYoru 4. yeah, like that ).

    Most likely, I will come to hate this eroge.

    • Hey! Don’t say mean things about this series originality! Just wait until TsukiYoru 4, where Saika’s descendent will dress-up like a maid so he can enroll on a NOT girls-only school. He just like to crossdress! Because THAT would be different…Not really!

    • It’s good to do reuse, but not for story.
      Also I can only say that TsukiYoru officially become Navel’s dairy cow.

    • That’s probably because Tsukiyori (the first one) simply attracted so much attention. While that was really because of Luna at first, rest assured that the “popularity” won’t last long.

      Heck, I’m pretty sure all the “Luna-fans” would likely rage if she doesn’t even appear in this sequel, which is entirely possible.

      Considering how Navel wasn’t really that good with producing games recently, I was pretty surprised with Tsukiyori and its “spin-off”. I guess those two are the only things that’s giving me hopes for this title.

      But hey, it’s a general rule of thumb that as you said, repeated storylines lose its quality, and we can definitely expect a game with a lower quality this time around.

      But if it’s good…. Then it’s a treat for all of us

    • Hey! Can you imagine the fans’ reaction if Luna appeared as an old woman, instead of being inexplicably forever-young? I don’t plan to play this sequel, but I would buy the game just out of respect for Navel is this were to happen! I don’t even care if she isn’t cute anymore, since I was never a Luna fan to beginning with…

    • Yeah, while there are a lot of Luna fans, I assume there will be some that are not.

      That’s why sequels never really do well: because the audience holds affection for a character in the predecessor, and the successor doesn’t really compare with that affection.

      We’ll see how it goes. Who knows? Maybe we’ll fan-boy over Est this time lol

      On that thought though, has anyone else noticed a significant change in Aoi Nishimata’s artwork style? Hiro Suzumiya hasn’t really changed on that aspect though…

    • Shiro Tsurugi said:

      the scenario writter (or who i forgot) saying that tsukiyoru will be trilogy so there’ll be tsukiyoru 3 .-.

    • great, now we have another “Da Capo” and TsukiYoru officially become Navel’s dairy ciw. I just hope in the future Navel and that scenario writer learns how to end a series in right time

  10. Est seems to be some sort of Luna X Ursule character, but since I never really liked Ursule (the only thing awesome about her was how she got massively trolled by Luna) my thoughts are kind of split regarding her.

    I guess we can expect Saika to act quite differently than Yuusei, seeing that he’s supposed to be similiar to Luna. Maybe he’ll even be in charge of the trolling ;p

    So far the heroine most intriguing to me is certainly Lumine~

    • Yeah, Lumine seems to be the “Resona” alternative, but the website is also most discreet with her; seemingly not explaining her previous relationship with Saika despite the fact that they’re cousins.

      I’m actually really looking forward to Saika’s design: I’ve always liked how Navel designs their protagonists, so as you said, maybe he’ll be the “troll” this time around.

      Despite this, it doesn’t seem like this will be the case: as suggested by the CGs above, he seems to be a little more on the quiet/polite/reserved side.

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