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Foreword: Sorry for not being active on this site for a while! Sakusaku (which is this game) completely caught my attention, so I was pouring the last 3-4 days into completing this title instead.

In reminiscence, sakusaku was actually a pretty good title, but it’s far from a kamige. It also falls short of my expectations, so I’m unfortunately glad (?) that I didn’t pre-order the game (although I did miss out on Izumi Tsubasu’s signature *screaming in agony*)

I’ll probably include my personal analysis of the mysterious scenario writer: “Minase Mirai” as well, and as always, include boatloads of CGs because you know…

Izumi Tsubasu is a goddess.

P.S. Oh, I actually found this “manga” while on the web. It’s already translated and leads up to the pool scene of An’s route, so if you guys want to get a quick glimpse of the story without actually playing it, here you go

P.P.S. Starting with this 99th post (holy crap, the next one is my 100th! O_O), I’ve decided to also include in a “Protagonist Rating”. Hopefully, this doesn’t make anything more confusing…

Title: 恋がさくころ桜どき (Koi ga sakukoro sakura doki) [Lit. Trans: The cherry blossoms when love blossoms]
Producers: Palette
Release Date: June 27, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v10304
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=742762
Game Type: “Pure-love” Romance Novel with fantasy themes

Summary: Yuma is a student who is extremely popular in school. This is because as he works in the infirmary, he consults various girls with their love problems. In return, his looks and cool attitude also attract girls to hold affection for him.

Despite this, Yuma is not interested in love. In the various consultations he did, he slowly became desensitized and finally came to a point where he says “Love is stupid”.

However, this will change when a “bounty” is placed on him, and whoever finds him a girlfriend will receive 21000 en (~210 USD). While Yuma originally ignores this prank, his “bounty” rises again and again, and even involves his younger sister.

This is the start of Yuma and various characters including a self-proclaimed love fairy who lives with Yuuma and his family, and invites him to “fall in love”.

Story Length: Moderate (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Choice-wise, there’s really nothing too big. It’s nothing you need a walkthrough for. Tina’s route opens after clearing one of the main routes, and I highly suggest to go through with An’s route first as it will help you understand the scenario a bit better.

Character Design Rating: 9/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Protagonist Rating: 6/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 7/10
Rating Comments: Okay, so we have nearly perfect character design in terms of CG and background story, but the story rating really sucked. Even that 5/10 is the highest I can give for a story like this, which varied extremely across routes in terms of quality. In summary, my favor for the routes is probably something like this:

Tina >> Jinpo An = Konami > Mio > Yuri

So simply put, you have your typical eroge with a very good character design, but in that sense, this was another charage.

Protagonist Rating gets a score of 6/10 which loses most of its points due to inconsistency: an oblivious protagonist falling in love for the smallest reasons? Really?
Despite this, it still shows why the characters are falling in love with him, and even tries to explain why the protagonist is attracted to the heroines in return (this is actually rarely done in eroge).

Character Summary:

First is our energetic and friendly upperclassman/student council president An!

Her name directly translates into “apricots” (the fruit) and while I don’t know what the reasoning for this is, it’s true that this character is probably the second most important heroine after Tina.

Even as the student council president, it only consists of two members: her and Yuma’s friend Sou. This is why when she sees the poster of Yuma in the halls, she decides to recruit him into the student council.

An does everything she can to “legally” convince Yuma to join, but seeing how her approaches do not seem to have any effect, she finally decides follow the ancient advice that “in order to capture the general, you must aim for the horse”. Who is the horse to Yuma? Well, the people around him, of course!

As the game presents, An is the character given the description “a girl who cannot love”. This might bring out some questions, but rest assured that the game goes through the tiniest details to why she is like that. This also happens to connect with the reason why Yuma falls in love with her.

(If you watch the Grand Opening Movie, you’ll probably figure it out though…)

Next up is our childhood friend Mio.

Frankly, I’ve had enough “childhood friend” stereotypes to last me a lifetime, and Mio really isn’t an exception.
Nonetheless, we learn of various things about this character from the beginning, about how she has a unique case of androphobia (fear of men) which causes her to break out in tears if she comes into direct contact with them. This is why she does a daily “rehab” with Yuma, where they walk hand-in-hand for a short distance to get Mio to get used to males.

Mio also seems to be a fujoshi, meaning that she is very fond of BL, and possesses lots of them, as ironic as it is to her previous trait.

There’s really not much to her character otherwise… Oh, she also has a large bust size compared to her stature. Can’t forget that (…loli-kyonyuu?)

Third we have Yuri, whose character design was pretty nice (yay~ blue hair!) but her route kinda sucked.

In addition to this, I actually noticed a strange coincidence, that her character design as a twin with Hanako matches up perfectly with the twins from Clover Day’s, and their CVs are also kept intact along with the personalities relatively similar (introverted younger twin and extroverted older twin).

Nonetheless, the game presents this girl to be a very responsible and hard-headed girl who is in charge of the Disciplinary Committee, and Yuri acts as expected from a committee leader. She is the one to confront the suspects when the “bounty prank” occurs, along with when An makes announcements of “club merging” in the middle of the story.

Regardless of how responsible girl this is, she also has a unique past as a model. Even with a smaller stature, Yuri’s looks were able to make her popular in the entertainment industry.

As with Mio, Yuri’s route is also largely uninteresting, but is “worse” in the sense that it leaves one of the more critical scenes brazenly incomplete.

Next is the protagonist’s blood-related younger sister, Konami.

Again very cliche, Konami’s route strictly follows the typical imouto heroine common in eroge, but takes the “incest taboo” to the next level: it becomes the main theme throughout her route. I guess that’s what makes me put her route in similar quality with An’s route…

Konami is very skilled with Shogi, an “Asian” form of Chess. Her love makes her want to form a “Shogi Club”, but unable to do so because of the lack of members. This is where An comes into play and makes an offer that Konami simply cannot resist.

Frankly, Konami’s route is also largely uninteresting–with only the incest taboo consisting of literally everything. It displays the most about the “Asaba-family”, however, as well as Tina being more active in the story outside of her own route.

Last but certainly not the least, we have an adorable Love Fairy, Tina!

Arguably the central heroine (while some may argue that An is the central heroine), Tina is actually a “shinigami”, or a Death God. It is shown very early that she escaped to Yuma’s house because she didn’t want to be a shinigami, but it’s not explained why it was Yuma she ran away to, at least until her route.

It’s actually pretty surprising that even with such a design (being  relatively child-like), Tina also has some good parts of her own, which the story reveals early in her route and suggests that is the reason why Yuma falls in love with her.

Tina’s route seems to concentrate the most on the theme of “Love”, and how Tina believed “Love is a wonderful thing”, but soon doubts her own words as she sees someone who was crying because of the very thing Tina thought to be “wonderful”. Tina’s route is very climactic in my opinion, and along with her design, was a great treat for a lolicon like me.

Tina’s route is where you get a clear cut view of Yuma’s past and how his “duty” came along to be. A great wrap-up for the entire title if you ask me.

Mysterious character?! OwO

Sexual Content: Low-ish…? It’s concentrated in the end of each route so ._.;

Comments: So the biggest thing about this game was the jokes: they were absolutely hilarious. From the very first hour of playing this game, I was laughing so much because of some of the most intricate but high-quality jokes that I thoroughly enjoyed. This comedy element was able to make the game have a very light-hearted atmosphere from the first scenes (which contrasted with our oh-so-serious protagonist).

This isn’t the kanji for “river”! (川 )

One of the comical scenes involve Konami losing a Shogi match. Note that the “king” is often referred to as “tama”, and how Konami says “My tama was taken” (or I lost a shogi match) makes a double entendre to “My testicles (balls) were taken”.

But as you probably heard me complaining, much of the design presented in this game was pretty cliche. The same old same old that we’re used to by now, and this lack of originality wasn’t really that great. Yes, there were many dramatic scenes included to “spice up” each route, but it wasn’t enough at least for me.

Konami’s route which involves the characters being faced with the incest taboo: especially against their own foster mother.

And with that, let’s try to analyze Minase Mirai! I don’t know if the writer is a male or female (probably a male because I rarely see female eroge writers), but he seems to specialize in humor, especially the ones involving double entendre (aka, words or phrases that have two or more meanings).

Despite this, I saw a great lack of originality, as well as a flawed transition throughout the entire story. Aka, the game will pretty much skip through days or even years without a “transition”.

Speaking of which, the child care center that An works in has some strange children…

Finally, one negative trait I noticed was that the “fantasy” theme was introduced rather abruptly. Here we are expecting a romance game, and the game suddenly introduces a shinigami calling herself a love fairy? Everything seems to connect and match in the end, but this abrupt introduction is something our new scenario writer may have to work on.

On the other hand, our scenario writer also has some good traits. Included is his proficient ability to utilize subcharacters. The game has several subcharacters, but he is able to manage them into each and every scene pretty much flawlessly, and even have some play roles that become the theme of the heroine route! This was definitely a plus, and one of the talents I saw while reading the story.

In addition, the heroines are still there! Just because I went into An’s route, the other characters do not suddenly disappear. It’s such a simple matter, but it’s really big for me.

This is one of those scenes where the subcharacters are used as a theme for a heroine route.

Affection for the Characters: High

CG Score: 10/10 (without my ridiculous bias for Izumi Tsubasu’s artwork, 8/10)
Well, the main complaint with CGs was that there weren’t enough of them. Other than that though, I loved the visual design and how various small animations made the game much more interesting and enjoyable.

The SDCGs are also pretty adorable

Music Score: 8/10. I love Palette’s music design, which often consists of synthetic strings that have a touch of “pop” in it. I also include the game’s “Grand Opening” movie below, which is titled “Distance”.

Addictiveness: Moderate

Conclusion: A decent game from Palette, which isn’t something to hype about, but it’s certainly not a kusoge like some other games are nowadays. At first glance, it’s pretty much another charage (much to my disappointment), but there’s enough “filling” in the shell to make this a competent “eroge”.

And I really wish I had a pet like this…

What? No! I was referring to Tina, not the fearsome looking wolf that’ll probably eat me alive

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  1. Zapata028 said:

    I know I’m late to the party but I might as well:
    I didn’t read your review. I finished reading this vn years ago…And honestly I loved it,even now. But of course like any other visual novel in this world,none of it is pure complete and perfect. I’m not a reviewer for what it’s worth, but for me the only route I couldn’t quite fathom was Yuuri’s (or maybe I will if I play her route again idk) .Other than that I enjoyed this game, definitely had good memories with it.

  2. Thxs for your review. Never played games like this but I am interested. Maybe I should give it a try

  3. […] speaking, this game from Palette Qualia was almost on par with the more recent Palette release, Sakusaku, but was lacking in some areas as well. However, it was also good in other areas, and I’m […]

  4. […] we at least know it’s not destined to be shitty, dread because it can turn out like how Sakusaku had a new writer (Mirai Minase) and didn’t exactly turn out well at least compared to […]

  5. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) said:

    I really wanted to know in yuri routes how did they break up and how did they dating each other again ( I can listen a bit of jap only so I really want to know what happen and I dun understand tis part -.- )( can’t really concentrate when study 0.0)

    • Generally, it’s not a good idea to do two things at once, lol.

      At least for me, I can’t understand or analyze stories when I’m doing something else. Maybe that’s the problem in this scenario as well?

      Either that, or you can take it easy and read slowly–that seems to help a lot of people

  6. Just finished this yesterday and I gotta say it is a pretty decent game on its own but not without flaws. Havent really played Mashiro so not really sure of how good that game is but I can say that this game must not be compared with others with good “Story” (especially kamige) or it will pale in comparison.

    IMO, the story is better off without the “Shinigami” setting, which felt off at times and really is not explored much upon, not even in the routes where they are supposed to feature a role. The game is pretty good when it is on the standard “slice-of-life school romance” theme but the supernatural aspect of it is pretty weak.

    Yuuri’s route is the most normal and portrays the relationship between them most realistically, which is the good point of her route, unfortunately that forced “drama” at the end kinda kills the mood. Mio is normal as well, except well, cliche as you say. I actually like Konami’s route as I have rarely come across a game where it portrays incest taboo so seriously since Sinsemilla. No comments about An’s route, while Tina’s is best in terms of “story-related” stuff you can speak of. Ironically, Sou’s scene pulls my heart strings a lot but the ending on the other hand is like…just another Deus Ex Machina. There are too many instances at the attempts at “Forced drama” with no proper build-up and poor closure (slaps you in the face all of a sudden that get resolved too quickly, not to mention not much “explanation” is given, ever)

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed alot (hey, the heroines are cute and that’s all that matters in a charage) and don’t really think the game is bad. I initially jumped into this game after I found the setting to be a little bit similar to Irosekai (the theme with love, supernatural stuff, a “supernatural” main heroine which wants to grant the protagonist “love”, both protagonists named Yuuma) and for the fact it has a fully blood-related imouto as a heroine (which is really rare nowadays with all those half-sisters, foster sisters, sister-like distant cousins or osananajimis). Of course, this is a much more inferior version of that kamige, but still deserve my praise for successfully made me shed tears (which almost never happens). I also like the fact they include those tiny details of characters doing stuff (rather than just describing them with text) such as opening/closing doors/standing up behind tables and stuff, background scenery with “people” rather than just empty backgrounds.

    P.S. Aoi-san is the current most adorable mother I’ve seen in a long time.(only in her late-20s no less)
    P.S.2 Kotarou (doll form) is probably voiced by Gotou Mai if I’m not mistaken, for some reason it just reminds me of Pucky from KuruKuru.
    P.S.3 Ok, I havent seen anyone mention this yet, but I spotted Suenaga Mirai as one of the background characters in the game, you can spot it if you know her trademark attire.

    • LOL at the postscripts, because I agree or noticed those very things as well.

      You pretty much have the entirety of the game summarized similar to at least 60% of the players who experienced this game: decent, but definitely not a kamige. Nice characters, and even the intro is superb, but the endings suck balls.

      At least, as it seems… I know of several people who would beg to differ for their own reasons, and let them have their whining answered :P

    • Well…Kamige is not something you will likely stumble upon as it is pretty much has to be perfect in every aspect and has to satisfy pretty much everyone (including people with different preferences), which is hellishly difficult due to people’s expectations are going higher and (as years pass) costly. Some of the factors I look for in a kamige is :
      1) Shock value (taking the form of unpredictable, but properly foreshadowed twists that actually make sense with adequate explanation)
      2) A complete story and all plot points resolved, this is very important. A true “Grand” ending is pretty much compulsory for this purpose. After all, you cannot expect every route to be “Perfect”.
      3) Good pacing and flow, crucial as well as it is difficult to write a complete story without it.
      4) Can leave significant impact on the player during play and/or after completion (Makes you depressing, wants to punch the monitor, watery eyes, etc)
      5) Has the ability to drive you reading all the way and don’t care about lack of sleep, being a shut-in or delaying meals.
      6) Affection for characters must be decent to high.
      7) Last but not least, I must be able to see the “efforts” of the developers in contributing the overall quality that makes them stand out and worthy of such a title and not slacking for the sake of “saving cost” (I HATE this word).

      I don’t really care about how the game is going to handle love relationships, if the writing is good, it usually won’t have this problem.

      That is also one of the reasons I don’t usually play charage (where they are basically everything the game can depend on, excluding H), stories with depth (with elements like mystery, chuuni, supernatural) usually don’t have “out-of-no-where” drama that doesn’t make sense. YMMV though.

      Do you plan on playing AstralAir this month? You can have faith on it much more compared to other games IMHO.

    • For some reason, most “kamige” usually only has one route, or has a “true route” that is superior than the others. Would you say this element is required or at least expected in any kamige out there? (Just asking because Mashiroiro Symphony is considered a kamige by many people, but it doesn’t follow this trait)

      In addition, your requirements of a “kamige” makes it sound as if well-written suspense or horror genres would be considered a kamige without question. While we all know suspense/horror genre in eroge are pretty rare, I’m interested in hearing your reaction to games like SINCLIENT.

      AstralAir is definitely on my list. Favorite is actually a company that many people find favorable or at least better than other producers out there, and it would be such a waste to pass on their games just because I’m busy as hell.

    • “True routes” are not “required” but they stand out the most and generally easier to wrap up a story. (rather than having the player having to piece together information from different routes) It is very difficult for every route to be “equally good”, so final routes tend to leave a greater impact on the player. Otherwise, you may end up playing the superior routes first and ends up get disappointed if the last route played is weaker than previous, any disappointment means failure as kamige, after all. Eg. Kimikishi and Magical Charming are also close-to-kamige (but falls slightly short) to me because of how the final routes just blow all others out of the water. I am re-considering Mashiroiro now as I am more eager to play the PSP version.

      I agree that suspense/horror genre are rare, and no, well-written of those genre doesnt mean kamige without question, in fact, genre don’t really matter. My requirements are just “must-haves” for me to judge a game to be worthy as kamige after all. Unpredictable (or occasional genre shift) plot just adds alot of points to the overall score, some examples like Akatsuki Works titles and Majikoi (the original, havent played FD and appends) where you can’t just easily guess what’s gonna happen as you can’t depend on some cliche formula a “normal” game tend to follow.

      Ah. Hating the busy lives, it normally take me 2 weeks to clear a game of medium-length.(I am not a fast reader and I don’t play at every free time I have, excluding time at work) AstralAir is definitely going to Favorite’s longest game yet (with the exception of Hoshimemo FD all of Favorite’s games have considerable length and longer than 70% of the games out there just fyi) Compared to myself I don’t think you are “busy as hell” lols.

      P.S. I kinda spoiled myself of SINCLIENT’s plot without playing it sometime ago while I am looking for some review, a fact I deeply regretted. I have since learned to avoid game discussions, better be safe than sorry (some people likes to post spoilers out of the blue without warning after all)

  7. thanks for the manga~ <3
    wha'ca think of aoi-san?

    • She is stunningly similar in appearance to Mizuki, the girl who is currently my avatar.

      Aoi is also pretty adorable in my opinion, and I was pretty surprised myself when the game noted that she was the sibling’s mother XD

  8. Well, I think it’s time for my payback here.
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re wasting your valuale time on this decent eroge. Moreover I’m really sorry to say that I just finished Majo Koi Nikki and I think it’s great eroge and really worth my valuable time.

    I don’t hate this eroge, but I’m sure my friend (Nagi) that really hate this eroge will be very happy for sure when see Koi ga Saku reception (especially on EGS).

  9. kivandel said:

    Imho protagonist is something unique here. Instead of another schoolboy without a picture we get quite an original occupation and character. It’s not that often to see protag to get used to consulting girls and working out hatred towards love. I absolutely like it when protag is over 20 years old or so, because he starts to possess reasoning and it’s easier to associate with him.

    I believe it’s exactly that case when i’ll like the game with 7 rating.

    • As much as I praise the design of the protagonist in that aspect, please note that he does have flaws of his own which I tried to cover up in my review in fear of spoilers.

      My ratings are a representative of its category as a whole, and even when something looks really appealing, it might not be so much when you get into the depths of it (aka, once you get into character routes or something)

  10. That’s…an impressive playing speed there since I just started Sunday and have yet to clear even one route (which is longer than expected), this game have every indicator to be a charage so I don’t expect much from the actual story section, just like I found that they handle the relationship part pretty well (the pacing is not too rushed to be unnatural nor drags too long to be boring) compared to many story-oriented games out there where it is pretty much getting to protagonist to like a heroine in like a scene or two, then H scene immediately. Can’t say much yet as I guess it’s gonna take me at least a week to finish..I shall see.

    • Admittedly, the story does have a good pace, but not a good flow. (You’ll see what I mean when you get through it)

      The real slap in the face is the lack of depth in some parts of the story: Mio’s route is cliche and Yuri’s route is too normal. Other routes are decent, but also has flaws of their own…

      Again, the reason for people like me or Aero to not like this game is because of our minds connecting Izumi Tsubasu’s art to Mashiroiro Symphony and comparing that kamige to this relatively normal one

  11. Okay, first of thank you for reviewing this joyjason. This was helpful. Unfortunately this game will be removed from my list, as my top priority in visual novels lies in the Story and Protagonist, without either of them being high i will certainly get bored.

    This was actually a bit sad, i did look forward to this game for a while. The game and protagonist description did look promising.. It’s sad that the upcoming top listed games usually turns out disappointing.

    • Ah, so your standards in games are very similar to mine! I’m very thrilled to hear that.

      As with this game, I have to agree with you; it’s really sad how it turned out… It has the potential to be good, but I guess the writer this time around was way too inexperienced.

      On that thought though, you should take a look at Aero’s “rant”. While it does have heavy spoilers, it pretty much sums up why this game is bad: something you’d may like to take a look since you decided to skip this game.

      As always, I’m glad to be of help, and thanks for your comment!

  12. Is this game really worthy of the “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” status?

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I really need to change that.

      I think I was half asleep or half-shocked of how this game turned out.

  13. Well, I guess it’s partly because I’m severly biased towards sakusaku *cough* but I’m somewhat more gracious than you’re regarding a couple of points.

    For instance, I can’t bring myself to score the protag with 6/10. There is indeed inconsistency, but I found it to be more of an inconsistency when comparing different routes to each other, which didn’t really bug me. That “falling in love for the simplest reasons” is also something that greatly varied from route to route (e.g. I found Ann or also Tina’s route pointed it out quite well, explicitly and implicitly)

    The point we disagree the most is probably the story thou. I’ve read a lot eroge, like really a lot and I can easily claim that 90% of the plots I’ve come across are so much worse than this. That, of course, doesn’t make sakusaku’s story better, but it’s no where near the level that it makes me want to slam my face into my desk like so many other eroge do. It’s overall pretty decent, with quality varying from route to route, even having some really great/outstanding ones.

    I also tend to overlook/forget the more “boring” / “standard” routes in general. If the best route gets a 9, the game usually gets at least ~8 – 8.5. E.g. Tsukiyori or Otome Riron, most of the routes sucked (in otome riron every route except risonas was obv complete bullshit… why did they even bother putting them in…?) while luna’s route is one of my favourites overall, thus I easily rate both games 9+
    That again ofc, is only a subjective peculiarity~

    In the end, no matter how harsh I look at my subjective points of criticisms regarding sakusaku, I just can’t bring myself to rate this lower than 8.5 overall, anything less wouldn’t let me sleep peacefully~

    Anyways, I’ll spare you with the details until I’ve done my second read-pass on it. Maybe we can have another elaborate discussion on this one then~

    • I completely understand your reasoning, but would like to point out that none of the routes presented in this game was of great quality in the first place (even with Tina’s route in my case, was of deserving 8/10 at best). Just because I give a 5/10 doesn’t mean that the game is bad: in my system, 5/10 is “average”. Same with a 7/10, which is considered “good”.

      Furthermore, please pardon my rudeness as I mention that you may have a much lower standard than I do, considering that I have played eroge for over 5 years now and have come across titles which this game resembles too much.

      In addition, I would also like to blame my previous experience with Mashiroiro Symphony, a previous Palette title which may have also increased my hopes for this game.

      Regardless, thank you for sharing your opinion, and I sincerely appreciate your comment.

    • I wouldn’t really say my standards are “lower” than yours, it’s only a matter of “different” standards. I can easily claim to have played over 150 eroge (and that’s most likely quite an underestimation) and I’m actually pretty harsh with my ratings.
      There has only been a single eroge I ever rated with 10/10 and that’s mashiro. E.g. one of the elements I really valued in SakuSaku is the fact that decisions and actions actually showed us the relationship between characters and for a major party also portrayed their characters.

      This may sound trivial, but it’s definitely not. There are basically three kinds of ways to do this:
      1) You don’t do it at all. It’s not possible to comprehend why character X does Y, he simply does it and from the readers point of view it doesn’t really make sense.

      2) Exposition dialog. And here I have to state it, I hate exposition dialogs so much it can’t be put into words. There’re instance of it that just make me want to rip out my hairs and slam my head into a well, making it even worse than 1) from my personal view point.

      In case it isn’t clear, I’ll shortly explain what I mean by “exposition dialog”. It means the relationships, feelings, actions’re simply being “stated” in dialogs. Like
      “Now we will go and beat up the evil guy because he’s evil and I don’t like evil and I have strong sense of justice.”

      Same goes with feelings. You read a route and suddenly the protagonist states oh my god I guess I’m in love with X because she always works so hard and what not.

      That’s just really, really bad writing.

      3) Successfully establish characters/relationships etc. by letting actions/decisions speak for themselves.

      In most routes, sakusaku actually manages to successfully pull off the third approach and instances of 1) and 2) are pretty much scarce.

      And I don’t need to explain to you that this is RARE and it’s awesome.

      Apart from that what confuses me about you giving the story such a “bad” rating is that they’re so many eroge with a better story rating on your blog which didn’t even deserve a 5/10 from my point of view… it’s that feeling of dissonance that bugs me.

      This is getting rather long so I’ll just leave you with a review from a reviewer that more or less closely resembles my pattern of thinking in lots of areas (in case of sakusaku I’m pretty much on the same page with him except Tina’s route plus a couple of minor stuff that explain the discrepancy of 7 points between my rating (85) and his 78.

    • So I took a look at the review that you provided for me, and would like to reply to your comment.

      I apologize if I am incorrect with analyzing your statement, but your “#3” seemed to suggest that the following story that I type up in 20 seconds:

      “The dog ate meat. The meat was delicious.The dog was happy so it got along with other neighborhood dogs”

      …is a “good story”. That’s not true.
      The above story makes the statement that the “meat is delicious” which stands as the “reasoning” for why the dog was happy when he ate it.
      The story doesn’t have a flow–it doesn’t have any form of the dog’s thoughts or an intricate description of the dog’s emotions except for how it was happy. It’s like those crappy fairytale shows that bring the prince over at the very last minute, marries the princess, and lived happily ever after.

      That’s probably what’s missing in sakusaku; which is (at least in my eyes) why the characters fall in love with each other. As far as I’m concerned, the heroine seem to be attracted to Yuuma just because he seems to “act” nice to all the girls (aka, womanizer). Yes, we are shown why he acts like this, but it’s not corresponding to why he doesn’t show that kindness to guys, or receives love consultation from them instead. In all the routes presented with MAYBE the exception of Konami’s, the above seems to be the case.

      Finally, let me point out that in order to “establish relationships”, you always need a background story, a story of the past that is a standalone rhetoric to the character or relationships. I saw several within the game (such as Mio’s androphobia), but they’re introduced WAY too late to be considered a “background story”.

      Please be assured that I do not mind long comments: I, in return, appreciate constructive criticisms because they help me shape my own grading styles and form my own ideals.

      If you feel as if you’d like to discuss this in more detail and more thoroughly, please email me at “itsjoyjason@gmail.com”. Thanks for your time!

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