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Foreword: Wow! It feels like I haven’t posted in literally forever! I guess I was playing too much MMORPGs recently, but I also had a period when I went to Tennessee for a family vacation too… Well, I’m back now with another review! Titled “Girls in Black”, or GIB for short, this was the most recent Whirlpool game that well… Kinda… okay fine. Pretty crappy. This is weird though, since Whirlpool was able to produce really great titles… I guess they’re also being exposed to the “degradation of quality” as time passes D: In short, the game didn’t really live up to its title “girls in black”, because there was only one heroine who fits that description… out of the 3 available. Despite this, you should read this review fully, because you’ll never guess what this game was meant to be until you do…

Title: ガールズインブラック (Girls in Black)
Producers: Whirlpool
Release Date: July 25, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v14889
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=808111
Game Type: Sci-Fi Comedy Novel with themes of Alien Coexistence

Some of the outrageous paradigms that our alien heroine possesses

Summary: Subaru is your normal, average student who doesn’t really have too many friends. He would rather play games in his room instead of hanging out with others, and occasionally watch his younger sister Sorami pretend getting abducted by aliens. One day, when returning home from teaching a strange person with bunny ears directions, he suddenly can’t move, and finds himself slowly rising! Looking above, he sees that there’s a UFO that’s raining light directly at him! He screams for help, and just in time, a girl shoots the UFO and saves him. As he and the unknown girl fight off the UFO, he realizes this girl who was holding a futuristic gun was none other than his classmate! She, on the other hand, is now forced to erase Subaru’s memory. As fate would have it, Subaru is instead recruited into the organization that is called MIB (Men in Black), which is an organization to support the aliens who currently coexist with humans on Earth. The other options was to get his memory erased, and… Subaru didn’t really want that. Joining MIB, he’ll realize that his life has become a lot more exciting.

Subaru, run!

Story Length: Moderately Short (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Easy to clear, consisting of a few relatively obvious options. Two H-scenes for subcharacters appear after clearing the heroines, and an absolute joke episode also appears after you clear the 3 heroines.

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 3/10
Protagonist Rating: 3/10. “Normal” Protagonist always receives a low score. It doesn’t explain why Subaru was admitted to the MIB while other applicants (who consisted of very intelligent individuals) were rejected.
Game Quality: Moderately Low
Overall Rating: 4/10
Rating Comments: So while it may seem like a relatively low score, you’ll understand why after reading the entire review. Continue down to especially the comments!

Character Summary: Let’s get to the character summaries. There’s only three heroines though, so let’s get right to it!

Yukano is our pink haired MIB member who saves Subaru when he was about to get abducted by the UFO in the beginning of the scenes. Always straightforward and hard-working, this girl also ironically plays the “tsundere” role, and believe it or not, the “dojikko” as well. In addition to this “charm”, she also has a tendency to become extremely depressed for the smallest reasons, to the point characters (including Subaru) around her panics when she’s in such a mood.Yukano’s personality changes so much between this and her real, diligent self that I found this pretty funny.

Seemingly the main heroine, Yukano doesn’t really have much screen time in my opinion. Her route involves a subcharacter who is Yukano’s superior, and her past when she “made a big mistake”. While most readers won’t be able to predict what happens in Yukano’s route, players like me who follow Whirlpool’s games will realize the most innocent-looking subcharacters in the game are actually the villain. /spoiler

In the end, Yukano’s route was very uninteresting due to the common reasons that I’ll post below, in the comments section.

(Clearing Yukano’s route opens up the H-scene for Mio, Yukano’s superior)

Sorami is next, an adorable imouto of our protagonist, it’s not until within her route, JUST before they start dating that it is revealed that they’re not blood-related. Sorami is actually considered an “uza-chara” (annoying character) in the sense that most of her lines involve something with “Space Food” (ground up meat and vegetables seasoned and preserved for consumption even in outer space), and being abducted by aliens.

By “pure coincidence” (I put those two words in quotations for obvious reasons) Sorami learns of Yukano and Subaru’s secret of being MIB agents and joins the group, half-threatening Yukano that if her memory was erased, all the information about aliens and MIB would be spread across the internet. Despite not actually being a member of MIB, however, Sorami is rather diligent with hiding its secrets from the people around her.

Sorami is your extreme cliche imouto-type heroine in a galge UNTIL the climax, where it reveals her true identity which causes problems for both Subaru and her. While this was a nice element they incorporated (because it is foreshadowed), the climax itself sucked balls and uses “convenient plot”, making her route also pretty crappy.

(Clearing Sorami’s route opens up the H-scene for Yuu, the Alien Research Club president)

Last but not the least is our actual alien Ellie. With bunny ears obviously being visible to everyone at all times, no one seems to notice it except Subaru (it is later revealed that Subaru is very skilled at detecting aliens) and some of the MIB members.

The first encounter with this “bunny girl” is when she asks Subaru for directions on the street, but instead hands him a map of Japan instead. Fortunately, after a bit of discussion, it is revealed that she was looking for Subaru’s school, which Subaru directs without problems. It is later revealed that Ellie is a transfer student to the class that Subaru and Yukano is in, in addition to the fact that Subaru and Yukano will now become bodyguards for this oujo-sama, who is a daughter of a very wealthy weapon-producing company.

Despite being an ojou-sama, Ellie has an astounding love for Japan, and is effectively categorized as a “weeaboo” in my dictionary. Her paradigms for Japan are also severely twisted to the point she uses sayings and idioms incorrectly, and even mistakes various subculture for what is actually true.

Ellie’s route involves Subaru being “tested” by Daniel, who is Ellie’s father and the Chief Executive Officer of the company that specializes in alien technology and weapons. Daniel himself despises Subaru, but seeing how Ellie is happy with him, decides to give Subaru “trials” to pass. Ellie’s route in this sense, was the most interesting of the three routes, except the climax was again, ruined and made the route a lot more crappy than it would be.


Sexual Content: Moderate Comments: Frankly, I thought this was a serious game until I saw that Joke Episode at the very end, then I realized that Whirlpool was trolling me the whole time: this was a game meant NOT to be taken seriously, and was just a joke on their part. The entire game really points to that: silly characters, nonsense plot, strange setting… I really should’ve seen that coming. Simply put, this game is a parody of the Alien Apocalypse and Whirlpool’s “moemoe” analysis of what would happen if such events occurred.

Here’s a screenshot from one of the scenes in the Joke Episode.

Despite this though, there IS effort put into making this seem like a full-fledged game, more specifically, in the heroine routes. The game introduces a new conflict at this point and resolves it, but this process is done in such a short duration that it loses any form of seriousness/enjoyment/meaning and would be better left out instead. Through all of this, I categorize this game as such, a Parody. Yes, you heard me right. A company who usually creates relatively serious games went on a whole new route and created a joke game, just for the lawls. Needless is it to say that players like me will have gotten HEAVILY trolled during the ~15 hours they may have spent on this game, and that was only because we were expecting a serious game.

These kinds of CGs are what makes this game a parody

So as a parody, you might be laughing a lot because there’s a lot of jokes and tsukkomi and all that good stuff, but that’s pretty much it. All three routes are abnormally low quality when it comes to actual plot, and over 80% of each heroine route consists of pure ichaicha that gets quite repetitive. Whirlpool then slaps on a randomly-appearing climax at the end so they can somehow end the ichaicha and try to give the route a conclusion, but the climax is extremely short (mere 30 minutes or less), and very unorganized.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 3/10. CG gets a huge cut from the awkward and creepy SDCG this time around. I guess they tried to do something new…? It could definitely be a “joke” on their part as well.

…and Tenmaso really needs to work on something called “vanishing point”

Music Score: 6/10. Strangely enough, the music wasn’t too bad.

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A very low quality game from Whirlpool, but mostly because this was a parody, not actually a serious game as we all expected. Did everyone understand that? Probably not, but did Whirlpool’s trolling work? Hell yes it did.

Oh, and Chocola (from Suzukaze no Melt) makes an appearance!

Comments on: "Aliens Everywhere! Review of [140725]Girls in Black" (17)

  1. […] that were emphasized more explicitly than the heroines themselves, and if you remember Girls in Black from Whirlpool, it’s safe to say that this game is resembling […]

  2. Whirlpool has made a really great title before? That’s news to me >____>

    I’ve played two games by whirlpool, Magus Tale and 77(Sevens). Both of them weren’t bad, but neither of them were great. However, Magus Tale probably had the best set of twin heroines that I’ve ever come across =D

    • The only “good” game me and several other players discuss is “Suzukaze no Melt”. The others, as you said, are decent, but nothing too great. (Oh, Ryuuyoku was also pretty nice, but not nearly as good as the former)

      But on that thought, the only reason why I follow Whirlpool is Mamizou’s artwork XD

    • I do like Whirlpool’s art, but since it’s pretty consistent over all their titles, I can’t help but feel that lots of the characters look pretty much the same >____>.

      Was Suzukaze no Melt really that good? The EGS avg is 74/100. I understand this score doesn’t reflect how much I would like the game, but it certainly acts as a reference.

      Btw, did you check out the witch’s house? ^^

    • Yeah, Whirlpool has the same old artists Tenmaso and Mamizou, but they brought in another one for Sorami for this game. But really, how do you expect companies to be able to afford multiple artists? :x

      On that thought, Suzukaze was really that good. Honestly, it’s one of the few games I label a kamige, and that’s pretty damn rare.

      I’m sorry to be saying this, but even for EGS, most of the people who put ratings on that site are idiots. Considering how most of them just write up a simple sentence to justify their scores, I don’t trust them at all. As for that 74, it’s probably due to the number of people who didn’t even understand the story (since it’s relatively complex)

      I didn’t get to Witch’s House yet. I’m still going through backlog and MMOs, on top of getting ready for school. Ugh… Life, y u no give me more time D:
      I hope to get to it soon though. I always like a bone-chilling story!

  3. I warned you based on the trial that it would suck and you didn’t believe me ;p

    To begin with, Suzukaze no Melt (+ fandisc) is just about the only “really” good whirlpool game. What goes for the rest, well, iit’s either average or it sucks and this one turned out to be the latter. thats not really surprising imho.

    • I just hate how accurate you are, even if it means you already played through the games before me D:

      As you state, Suzukaze is definitely the “best” Whirlpool game. I’ve went through every game from them (excluding Ina Koi, which just sounded dumb), and ya know… I have this thing? Like, I want to play their games because of their name…? (insert more excuses here)

      I still have SOME small hope that Whirlpool will somehow create a good game in the future. Of course, knowing how games are being made nowadays, I shouldn’t keep my hopes up ._.;

      Which reminds me… I still need to get to AstralAir and I’m going through my backlog. BAD JASON

    • I know that you don’t like to read trials, but as you said, looking at the games we get nowadays, it makes “filtering” really easy. When a trial is awesome, chances are very high that the game will at least turn out to be decent.

      And on the contrary, if a trial sucks, in 99.9% of the cases the game sucks. Personally, I’ve not even once encountered an exception to it because every bad trait that catches your eye will persist (protagonist sucks, inconsistency, bad writing, non sense… etc. none of that will change throughout the game if it’s already in the trial).

      Also, while it may sound weird first, you may notice that bgi is in over 90% of the cases a proportional indicator for the game quality and the effort behind it. Half-assed bgi often implies the whole game is made half-assed, just another title pushed out to make money using the brand name.

      From all the trials that are currently available, only Aokana has truly piqued my interest, let’s hope for the best x.x

    • (points to my reply to christfall because I don’t feel like repeating myself twice o3o;)

      On that thought though, thanks for your input that Aokana was only the one that looked interesting. I’ll move it up on my priority list (because I’m just so busy going through my backlog now, on top of MMOs)

  4. It’s been a long time since I see a game with only 3 heroines (not-counting the subs) and yet being a short game. For it being parody instead of a serious game, well I can guess it alone from the title and the main picture that this is going to be your average charage/moege, if it isn’t obvious enough already. Can’t blame anyone though because some are loyal followers of the company.

    • While it’s definitely true that the cover box screams charage, it’s not like it’s guaranteed to turn out bad.

      Okay fine, maybe it has like a 98% chance of turning out bad.

      But all I wanted was a “decent” game, which is like, so rare nowadays q3q;

    • While I very rarely play trials (even if I do, I usually Ctrl-ed through most of it), I must say it is a very effective method for me to judge whether or not it is worth my time. Assuming 20 games were released per month, I can safely assume that there is usually only 1 or 2 games that are decent to good (usually only 1, sometimes none), 40% of them are average to below-average landmines, and the rest should be treated as non-existent. Perhaps it is just me, but I rarely step on landmines using this method of elimination for monthly releases.

      I would rather rely on games that have a good chance to turn out good/decent. (>70%) I am not giving chances to games that even have a slight chance to turn out bad (unless future reviews prove otherwise) because chances are that if it “looks” bad, it will very likely to be bad. This is one primary reason I usually drop most moeges/charages if their cover and premise triggered my “Excuse Plot” alarm. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate moege/charage in general, they just don’t interest me enough to play them at the time of release.

      I don’t care about brand names in general unless they produce an absolute masterpiece or several excellent games in a row. As far as I know, great companies almost never make more than 1 game per year. I wouldn’t want to play a game that only take 6 months to develop after all, no matter how convincing it may look.

      You should play AstralAir next so you won’t get disappointed any further. It is the best game I played this year. YMMV though.

    • The main reason why I don’t want to play trials is that I’m essentially going through the same thing twice. In other words, though, I’m also saying “Oh, since they’re the same thing, it’s more efficient to play the trial”.

      Despite this, not playing the full game doesn’t settle well with me when actually writing up a full-fledged review. While the trial may be sufficient for players like you or akerou who may play relatively casually, it’s not appropriate for players like me who dedicate to writing critical reviews for it.

      (Similar to how a degree requires a certain pattern of accreditation and there’s really no “shortcuts”)

      So while it would be easier for me to simply blitz through trials instead of waiting for the game and becoming disappointed, I have somewhat of an obligation to play the full game if I wanted to make humorous posts/rants.

      The second reason is a personal one, in the sense that I absolutely hate leaving things unfinished. If I start a game, I finish it no matter how horrible it is (Yes, even for the games I give a “0”, I finished every detail of it). Call me a masochist (because I am to a certain extent), but this is another trait of mine that I can’t simply ignore.

  5. Nah, who cares about a little parody and copy-right issue!? Japan isn’t very serious when it come to this anyway. Look at Gintama, 56+ volumes of manga and 265 ep. of anime and they still alive and kicking without any problem!
    Well I guess it’s for the lol after all. Clear your mind and just play! Stop thinking and keep clicking! (and reading)
    PS: I won’t play though…

    • Oh how happy I would be if I can do just that… XD

      Since I write up a review for most of the games I play, I tend to have an analytic viewpoint… which doesn’t correspond well with parodies. That’s why all the parodies I’ve played, I didn’t really like.

      Same for this one

  6. This whole thing is so unbelievable! This plot, the usa-mimi alien, Whirlpool’s attempts at comedy, that SDCG with the alien from “Mac and Me”, the fact you thought this was a serious game…I just don’t know what to do about this…We need someone who can help us cleaning this mess! Where’s Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?

    • No one can clean THIS mess up! Hahaha

      I didn’t know why I thought this would be a serious game though… I must be losing my mind from all these bad games XD

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