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Foreword: So when you have a Parasol game, you’re pretty much thinking: “Oh, a loli charage? My body (and tissues) are ready!”

… Okay fine, that’s how I thought.

and Oh shit was I wrong. I did NOT expect a game like this. From the first hour, I was slapped with the game’s great flow and gentle pacing that was literally shouting, “WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?!”

But in all seriousness, this was a great game. Yes, you do have your loli in here, but the story is something I really have to commend this one for, and even when there’s one critically negative factor that’s prevalent in all of Parasol’s games, you’ll see how this “negative” element was completely missing in one of the routes.

Despite all these positives, the game is STILL considered incomplete due to both the protagonist being really insignificant (or at least really shallow) in most of the story, as well as the story not making a full conclusion (it makes one to a certain extent, but it was done unsatisfactory)

But don’t let that scare you away. Some players will comment how Parasol is like a last-resort game for when they have too much free time (you know who you are), but this game should be on the top of your list!

P.S. Sorry that due to exam week (on the 3rd week of school!) and work has pushed me to be relatively slow with finishing games. I try to finish games as fast as possible, so please be patient! I promise to make at least two reviews a month… hopefully!

Title: 晴のちきっと菜の花びより (Harenochi kitto nanohana biyori) [Lit. Trans: The clear “skies” is certainly nanohana weather]
Producers: Parasol
Release Date: August 29, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v14886
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=805379
Game Type: Slice of life romance novel with fantasy themes

Summary: Haruma recently got discharged from the hospital. As he comes to school a month late and unable to make friends, a girl named Amane reaches out to him and offers to be his friend. Finding this strange but grateful, he accepts her friendship. Back home, his childhood friend Konomi awaits him at the flower shop, and soon, an upperclassman named Karin will join in the group of friends.

However, everything changes with the introduction of a small girl named Nanoka, who sits close to Haruma. He originally mistakes her for a classmate’s younger sister, but it turns out that this girl barely half his height is the same age as him! (ロリきったぁぁぁ!)

With another friend, Haruma soon finds out that this strange girl wants to reform the Gardening Club. Already having knowledge of flowers already, Haruma offers his help and advice, and with the various friends around him, the two will try to revive the club that once died down.

At the beginning of the story, Jun (the guy on the left) makes some really nice jokes that’ll make you laugh.
He’s acts both the comical and the “reliable oni-san” character.

Story Length: Moderate (~16 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate
Comments: So I cleared the three heroines first, but couldn’t realize why I’m not getting into Konomi’s route even after that. I found this strange and just used a walkthrough.

So yes, you’ll have to go through Nanoka, Karin, and Amane’s routes first before actually getting to Konomi’s route.
In essence, Konomi’s route is the “true route”, and probably well-deserving of that title, too.

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 8/10
Protagonist Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 8/10
Rating Comments: You should be surprised at this score, since a producer whose games usually average around 4 has suddenly skyrocketed in quality with this game. This is, hands down, a great slice of life game that took me completely off-guard, and while it wasn’t the best fappable material such as their previous games, this game is something I offer my greatest praises for containing most of what I consider “ideal” in a romance novel.

Quite unfortunately, though, the protagonist was really weak, to the point he wasn’t really a protagonist at all, but just some random dude that was plastered on and had the entire story revolving around him. Honestly, it would’ve been much better if there was a true route where he reaches “enlightenment” *hinthint* by himself and somehow brings up a happy ending with his own powers.

In this game, he’s actually seemed like a character you’d capture instead, and the entirety had this atmosphere: the heroine would confess to him first instead of the other way around.

Just like how Konomi has to be the one getting in the bath with hi– WAIT WHAT?!

Character Summary: I’ll probably go in the order I captured them, but just keep in mind that you must clear Karin, Amane, and Nanoka before having access to Konomi’s route.

Nanoka is first, and as I rejoiced previously, ロリきったぁぁぁ!

With all jokes aside, this mysterious character really seems to appear out of the blue and begins to join the crew. Being the worrywort that Haruma is, Nanoka immediately becomes the target of his attention as this frail girl is trying to do things he finds unfit for her small body, and this is one of the reasons why he offers his help with her trying to create the Gardening Club.

As the character I found to be the most favorable, it’s definitely true that her route is better than Konomi’s route, despite her route being very “convenient”. This was because her route was absolutely FILLED with foreshadows which I didn’t catch until the very end, when I was simply beating myself up for not noticing it.

Her name, her design, and the relationships she holds with various subcharacters and even some of the other heroines makes her route worthy of being called “godly”, and in reality, she becomes an extremely important character even outside of her routes.
If I had to actually rate the routes in the order of quality, importance, and impact combined, it would look something like this:

Amane < Karin << Konomi < Nanoka

For once, I actually felt “affection” for a loli instead of my usual pedophilia. (<– that’s a joke. Don’t take it seriously)

Right, the next character is Amane, and as I stated above, this character unfortunately had the crappiest route due to several (of which some are biased) reasons.

The first is her voice. I love Iria’s voice and all that (Not really. I still have a grudge of when she voiced Sakuya from Hatsusaku), but it actually rings in your ear; I seriously had to lower her volume to 50 (while the others were at 100) so my eardrums wouldn’t break. What the hell went wrong with the recording? It was as if she was literally voicing with her mouth on the mic.

As obvious as it is, I was forced to skip her H-scenes for the same reason.

With my bias aside, Amane’s route is where the “convenience” factor is used to the greatest extent, using a past story and a subcharacter named Shigure. In addition to how this route had the greatest amount of “convenience”, it also had the most random sex scenes, where the first H-scene was simply because Amane wanted comfort (and what better way to be comforted than to have sex?!)

Despite this, Amane’s route wasn’t so bad either (or else the game score would have suffered more), for reasons that I won’t include since it’s a huge spoiler o3o;

Next is Karin, the one peeling apples on the righ— HOLY SHIT ANOTHER LOLI AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

*ahem* As the “upperclassman” character who is introduced with Yuuki, the first scenes with Karin involve her jumping on Haruma’s back (who has no idea who she is) and giving him “fanservice”. A strange character indeed, along with her design to be a relatively less intelligent character who becomes the main target of Yuuki’s teasing.

As Getchu describes, this character is very lively and energetic, and skilled with sports. Her route involves just that, actually–her love for softball and her reason for suddenly quitting. It involves the very loli presented above who has a relationship to Karin, and it all connects back to Haruma, which was definitely a plus.

There’s nothing too special about her, though, since her route doesn’t really involve any of the other heroines (in depth, corresponding to her theme), and the ending was actually quite anticlimactic.

Still better than Amane’s route, though…

Last is Konomi!

This adorable osananajimi voiced by Ono Ryouko is the first heroine to be introduced, but ironically cannot be captured until you finish the other heroine routes.

In addition to this, the reader can see that Haruma and Konomi possesses a rather… strange relationship where the two will often perform actions or behave as if the two are lovers, but in reality, they don’t really feel romantic relationship with each other. Even when inquired by Jun (Konomi’s older brother), Haruma gets stuck for words after he is asked “Well, do you want to have sex with her (Konomi)?”

Of course, Konomi’s route is mostly about that paradigm becoming overturned, but what I really appreciated was that the route also details the past of the two childhood friends, as well as the “aftermath” of the tragedy that’s been shrouded in mystery until this point.

Konomi’s route is actually on the stronger side when it comes to drama; there’s a lot more than other routes, and involves Nanoka to the fullest extent. With the two characters forming the love triangle for Haruma, this kind of stories are what usually receives a 10/10 in the story department….

… only if it didn’t involve the craptastic protagonist ruining everything =__=

I lied. One last character to introduce, and that’s Reona.

With the CV as Soyogi Tono, I actually love her voice which was matched up nicely with Reona’s shy personality.


The worse part? Besides when the scenes where she actually appears and the one time she’s assaulted by delinquents, she never plays a role in the story, seriously. Remember how I was raging about how some subheroines play such an important role that you really have to give them a voice and a sprite? Reona was pretty much the exact opposite: she played too little of a role to be getting both a sprite and a CV. She was just added to the Gardening Club with a background story and affection for the protagonist, and all that effort put into having Reona play a part of the entire story is thrown right out the window.

Well, I guess it was a good excuse to use one of the CVs I like, so I’m not really complaining, but let us have a moment of silence for a poor girl who is also completely infatuated with the protagonist but gets pretty much rejected in every route.

… (respectful music plays for 5 seconds)

Okay, that’s enough. Back to reviewing.

…and stalking my lolis (huehuehuehuehue)
(jokes aside, it’s actually heavily implied why Amane becomes so close to Nanoka in her own route)

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: So overall, a great game that DOES have some poor transitioning in the beginning (not to mention it was really slow), but the speed does pick up. The “poor transition” thing is actually prevalent throughout the entire game EXCEPT Nanoka and Konomi’s route, and that probably leads to those two routes being higher in quality, at least in terms of the story.

But the greatest factor that prevents this game from being a kamige is actually due to Amane’s and Nanoka’s route, where the  “convenient element” is used with the fantasy crap. Yes, Nanoka’s route had a relatively satisfying ending, but oh boy was it extremely convenient. It’s used even more in Amane’s route to the point it was actually kinda annoying. Really, these kinds of “convenience” is never going to make a kamige, so please stop using it, Parasol.

On the other hand, let’s talk about the goods. The stuff they present is actually pretty cliche, but the storywriters did a very good job avoiding the cliche plot and having the characters solve out each problem, not have the problem just disappear on its own. This pertains especially in Konomi’s route, where a certain heroine becomes “the Buddha”, but even after that, the same heroine’s harsh fate is shown in clear detail.

Harsh fate indeed…

(If you have no idea in hell about what I just said, just take my word for it that Konomi’s route was good)

DEFINITELY not some cheap game to draw in character goods production, it’s quite ironic since these kinds of “serious” games would instead bring in more attention and overall sales due to the affection created for the characters and the impact the story will have on readers. So sad how the Japanese industry didn’t realize that until now.

(I’m seriously considering buying the game off of Getchu JUST FOR the bonus Tapestry, which has Nanoka on it. If you want to see it, click on the Getchu link at the top)

Loli + Wedding Dress? My two favorite fetis–err… preferences! Yes! preferences!

Affection for the Characters: Moderate

CG Score: 6/10. Pretty average artwork, except I added a point due to Chikotam’s loli artwork.

What a calm and relaxing CG!

Music Score: 8/10. Great music, and as with previous Parasol games, I love the opening as well as the character songs that accompany each ending. They definitely made an effort in this department by producing four different ending songs for each heroine, but made a douchebag move where they added a FIFTH one, inaccessible to players.

Lucky for you, I just happened to come across programs that can extract game files. *coff* Otaku’s Toolbox *coff*
Here’s the final song, infinity, which is unknown where it is used as of this moment.

Addictiveness: Moderately Low. Even as the game itself is splendid, I can’t really see myself coming back to it, since most of the routes didn’t really stand out. Even for Nanoka’s route, which was superbly designed, was missing a few important things I would’ve liked to see.

Conclusion: An unexpectantly good game from Parasol, which honestly caught me off guard. A what-would-normally-be-a-cliche slice of life is excellently designed with several “variations” throughout the entire game, and while it starts out slow, the game will certainly not disappoint if you finish til the end.

This CG seriously almost made me cry. There’s just SO MUCH symbolism here.
Seriously, go and look up the Flower Meaning for “Nanohana”. Props to you if you don’t shed a tear after realizing what it means


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  1. […] this. Seriously, fucking don’t. I know we’ve all had good impressions on Parasol from this game but this game ruins everything. I’m laughing my ass off here at pure disgust at how different […]

  2. there’s a new patch which adds a new route~

    • Oh wow, about 50 days after the release of the main game?

      Thanks for the reminder, but I’m not sure if I’ll be playing it. Let me know how you thought of it though

    • Finally got chance to play and finish it. It’s quite… something. I cried again ;_;

    • though I guess it also made the other stories a bit… inconsistent? Fortunately I don’t really care :D

    • Ah, thank you for your short-and-sweet comment. Since you brought up the taboo “i” word which is one of the things that make me hate the game, I think I’ll keep myself on the safe side and not play the game. This’ll keep my mind always thinking that Harenochi is a good game XD

    • Sorry, forget about the inconsistent part (I worded it badly and additionally forgot few relevant parts). With that said, everything do actually fall into place. Or at least mostly.

  3. Just finished the game. I still prefer Nanoka’s route in the end though. I especially liked Ayana’s overall character ;_;

    Thankfully I have no problem with the jokes.

    Also, the last song (it’s eternity, not infinity btw) is mentioned as Ayana Ending Song in character songs album’s track listing. I guess it’s still quite rushed despite all the delay? :(

    • Yeeeeah, the last song was something like that. I was pretty sure it WAS Ayana’s ending song OR Reona’s (the latter, I was less confident about)

      Obviously, it couldn’t be accessed normally in the game, and I didn’t have the Track, so I just extracted it from the game. I’m guessing they’ll just add it in later just so they have an excuse to publicize this game again lol.

      P.S. Please refrain from using keywords that lead to spoilers even in the comments (e.g. Ayana). I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal in this case, but there’s nothing wrong with taking precautions against people who would rage to no end for getting the story spoiled.

      P.P.S Love the picture you’ve uploaded (the Reservation Bonus) and while I’m really jealous, it’s a picture considered NSFW (darn you Amane!) so I’m afraid I’ll have to remove it. Sorry!

    • lol np. Also, other side of the clear file is even worse :P

      I liked the story and more of it is welcome \o/

  4. woah i loved the art but i did not think this game would be great. thanks for the heads up =D

  5. Aria Kanzaki said:

    Nanoka reminds me of Anzu from Clover Day’s! Both blond lolis

  6. Hm if you claim it to be that good, maybe it’s worth a try after all. I had no interest in the game after reading through the trial, primarily because, as you said, it felt like the protagonist was like a lifeless shell as a character, which made certain parts seriously boring to read. Not only that, the way he acted and thought ran completely opposite to my own way of thinking, rendering me unable to relate to him at all.

    I liked the cgs, but the bgi’s look pretty cheap imho.

    And same as gangrelion, I have no taste für Jun’s jokes. Instead, I had the indescribable urge to put my hands around his neck and choke him to death. Seriously, that guy is obnoxious.

    • I’ve been told that my sense of humor is slightly unusual since I find puns to be extremely hilarious, and laugh at the more immature jokes. I can see how Jun can be seen as annoying with his over-protectiveness, but in reality, he does become the main “counselor” for Haruma.

      Oh, and you’re actually right on the fact that the protagonist is just a derp character added just to categorize this as a “galge”. He never really does anything within the entire route, so if you come looking for a protagonist in action, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

      Really, this seems like a charage in that sense, but just the story of how the heroines interact with each other and the symbolism that the game holds is what I find value in this title.

    • I think calling him empty shell is kind of accurate considering his condition. And his past character is quite good.

  7. Hello, I haven’t finished the game (3rd route, Nanoka, last route) but here’s a photo for you 8D

    The story is quite good indeed (as far as I’m at right now, at least) which is quite unexpected. Now if only my Japanese is better and can play this faster ;_;

    [Removed the Picture due to my strict PG-13 Rating. Sorry! -Joyjason]

  8. Same here, no luck with nanohana meaning.
    And like gangrelion, I hardly cried at all when come to things like this. So I’m a heartless!? That’s why I’m not popular with girls!? It’s not about my natural perm, messy black hair!? Gin-san you lied!!!
    Okay enough joke. I think convenient plots always come with fantasy theme. So it’s come to “how to execute it” Do it right, it’s good. Do it wrong, WTF. At least this game do it right, right?
    And Joyjason, you can admit you are pedobear. Pedo is Joy, Joy is Pedo! So can I call you Joypedo instead?

    • (See my reply to Tandris for the meaning of Nanohana. It’s also linked in the title)

      Also, rejected on that name. I’m not a pedophile >:| (Well, not in public at least …8D)

      Really, everyone else has their own heart strings, and mine just happened to be pulled with this game with its characters (more specifically, Nanoka). As embarrassing it is to admit, I’m generally more emotional or at least sensitive when it comes to this stuff, so there’s that too.

  9. Cant find the meaning of nanohana for the life of me

    • “Nanohana” has three meanings:

      1) Brilliant (energetic) Love
      2) Competition (I’ll leave you to figure out what this means)
      3) Small Happiness.

      The mere fact that these three themes are used in Nanoka’s route was just so awesome for me.

  10. Damn title! Always traps me into thinking it’s Hare Nochi Guu!
    Anyway, it’s pretty curious how I rate the routes differently from you, being like this: Karin<Konomi<<Amane<Nanoka. Karin's route was just boring and useless to the main plot. By the point where I unlocked Konomi's route, I already knew every mystery about the plot, and I was never interested in her to care for her route. It felt like a waste of time for me. I actually like Amane quite A LOT! Naturally, I didn't have the same problem with her voice as you did (and I usually skip through most H-scenes, anyway), and her route (although filled with magic covenience) was pretty interesting. But I agree Nanoka has definitely the best route! (I also love her seiyuu).

    "Jun makes some really nice jokes that’ll make you laugh"
    Sorry for that, but: FUCK THAT GUY! "Laugh"? Really? I couldn't imagine this was even possible! This dude is such a douchebag! I rather cry at any of his attempts!

    "Props to you if you don’t shed a tear after realizing what it means"
    Why you Galge reviewers have to be so cruel with me! It's always like this: "you have to cry, or else, you have no soul! Die monster! You don't belong in this world!"
    Man, those are the things that can really make me cry!

    "they added a FIFTH one, inaccessible to players"
    Hey! Maybe this music is Reona's ending for her route that will be added with a patch in the future…Or maybe not…

    • Yeah, it’s probably not going to be her route, but they DO have this weird “birthday bonus voice” they added on their website.

      The symbolism is really what I appreciate about Nanoka’s route. It’s actually quite strange how you found it to be the best route yet did not understand some of these symbolism, and while I wouldn’t call you “heartless”, I’m sure you at least thought to yourself “dawww”

      Hey, remember that we already have different tastes! It’s no doubt that we’ll view routes differently from each other. (Such as Jun’s jokes)

    • Hey! Maybe they were initially planning to have a Reona route, but they cancelled because they were out of time. You need to include this in The Cutting Room Floor! (http://tcrf.net)
      I think I did understand the symbolism behind the nanohana, if it’s about the “crop rotation” thing. Even so, I was too angry at Jun’s out-of-place jokes to care about anything…
      I think I could have taken this event more seriously if it wasn’t for that, but I don’t think it would make me cry.
      It’s usually kinda difficult for someone to cry at something like that, but most reviewers keep saying things like that all the time in their reviews. Not just for this game, but for every Galge review out there. Well, at least me and my “irl” friends rarely shed a tear, but I think this is normal…

    • Generally speaking, I don’t cry that much either. (SPOILER ALERT) It’s generally when a character that was presented really well, dies within the story when I actually shed a tear or two. This is why I didn’t really cry in titles like Angel Beats (where the relationship revealed was rather sudden), or Planetarian (due to lack of character presentation).

      Now, I do understand that some douchebags add on their own “sob story” just so they can earn sympathy from readers or overexaggerate the game.

      Yeah, don’t assume I’m the same as those guys

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