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Foreword: And finished! Whirlpool games are obviously going to be on the highest priority for me, and for this title, even higher because of the fact that it was Mamizu who was the character designer. I’ve been captivated by her art since I first read 77-Sevens a LOOOOOONG time ago, and this wouldn’t be the last. Unfortunately, there are some things that I’d like to comment on her artwork when I get to the respective section.

Overall, this is your typical charage, except Whirlpool again make that last ditch effort to make this game hold a “story” by adding in a true route at the very end. Did they succeed? Well, head right down into the review to find out!

Warning! This review contains intentional mild spoilers! Read at your own Risk!

Title: 鯨神のティアスティラ (Kujiragami no Tear Stilla) [Lit. Trans: After a bit of digging around, it seems that the literal translation is “The Gentle Tears of the Whale God“]
Producers: Whirlpool
Release Date: February 27th, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16103
Getchu Link: www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=832478
Game Type: Fantasy romance novel with theme of “history”

Summary: Yuuma woke up to find himself sandwiched and crunched up against something hard, and soon find out that he can’t move his arms. With the sound of the ocean around him and suddenly with water flowing into whatever he’s stuffed in, he starts to panic and screams for help.

It is then a beautiful girl opens up the container that he was imprisoned in and frees him. In Yuuma’s eyes, this girl, Mitsuki, is an angel.
Now finding himself on an unknown island that Yuuma has no idea where or what this place is, Mitsuki takes it upon herself to show him around, including the “Energy Water” which seems to work as a source of power on the island.

Through a series of events, Yuuma falls into a river and gets swept all the way up the mountain (and how the hell is this possible?). In a forest after finally raising himself ashore, he finds a small shrine where a small girl suddenly pops up and calls herself a “Whale God”. This “Whale God” and Yuuma cooperate to return to the city, and apparently, the Whale God takes a liking to the poor boy and makes him her “servant”. Because of this, Yuuma now cannot leave the island, and it’ll only be when the Whale God’s powers return that he’ll be able to!

Attempt to leave the island

Story Length: Moderate
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: The beginning choices make little to no effect, and it seems that the routes split with the event where the group heads to the lake to “work” on cleaning the shrine. You can choose to “play first”, which opens up the routes for Marine and Ena, while “work first” opens up the routes for Mitsuki and Riru. Not too hard, yes?

Character Design Rating: 7/10
Story Rating: 4/10
Protagonist Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Moderately Low
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: So we have a charage that’s actually made to be what it was meant to be, yet the game kinda ruins that effort by neglecting the characters somewhat and focusing on the story instead. So wait, was this SUPPOSED to be a charage, or a full-blown game? Either way, it’s really ambiguous and confusing what the intention was, so I’ll just keep my expectations low.

Character design raised due to its design of being a charage, along with Mamizu’s loli-artwork adding to the score. This score actually has two extremes, though, since there were good designs and bad designs for the heroines. Obviously, I’ll discuss them in the character summaries, so be patient for just a little longer.

As stated previously, there is a true route that opens up after you clear the four routes. Long story short, it’s better than the other routes, but severely flawed in its reasoning at the very end. It does make an effort to explain what the hell happened within the 3-or-so-hours spent reading the true route, but the reader might be confused instead of having things explained. I guess it’s still a relief that there’s a “glossary” in case you don’t understand some of the terms they use.
As obvious as it is, outside the true route is just your typical Whirlpool game filled with unnecessary ichaicha and H-scenes once you get into the heroine route.

Protagonist Rating is also quite low, but not as low as it may be otherwise, since Yuuma himself is relatively more colorful, and even comical in many senses. He does have his “protagonist” moments within each and every route, which is something I appreciated. Despite this, his design was way too generic, which kinda loses some points in the field.

Attempt #2

Character Summary:

Let’s start with Mitsuki, who is the first character to be introduced and is someone who saves Yuuma from the suitcase that he was trapped in. Even though she finds this weird, she still lends him support by telling him about the “Energy Water” that exists on this island, and uses some to dry his soaking clothes, much to the amazement of the protagonist.

In retrospect and irony, Mitsuki doesn’t seem to be that significant for the overall game. The game shows that her family was the traditional servants to the Whale God, and so Mitsuki is head-strong with this tradition, but Yuuma comes right along and unintentionally “takes” that place from her, which causes her to stay around Yuuma and the Whale Goddess. This element isn’t really discussed until her own route (that’s weird, since something like this should be placed in the common route) and her general reaction toward this is rather strange as well.

Mitsuki’s route involves mostly about her being all “serious and strict” personality being shaved away by Yuuma, as the two find out that the key to restoring Riru’s powers is not through transition, but with enjoyment (wanted to use the word “pleasure”, but I know you guys would take it the wrong way so…)

Next up is Marine, who plays the “younger sister” role of this story. Unlike Mitsuki, Marine has a better design of being more colorful and interactive with the protagonist, often making sexual approaches to her non-blood related brother. Bright and cheerful, it’s quite a surprise to see that Marine herself is quite the genius, as she is involved in research regarding “Energy Water” and developed various strategies to creating and purifying this mysterious substance.

All of this and more is actually her efforts to get closer to her older brother, and I found this to be a great trait. This affection is shown through a past “event”, and is actually quite heartwarming too.

The bullcrap is her route: it’s literally your typical “imouto” route with the protagonist finding his younger sister insanely attractive for some reason. I guess the small and non-significant love-triangle at the end was okay, but Marine’s route just brings down her overall character since it contains the most amount of nonsense and random events.

In addition, Marine is that “mediator” for Yuuma and Ena in her respective route, but it felt very unnatural–her personality doesn’t match up well with being a mediator like she was in Ena’s route, especially because readers already realize that Marine herself is infatuated with her older brother.

And we have our childhood friend heroine Ena. I swear, so many of Whirlpool games have that “childhood friend” and “imouto” heroines that it’s not even funny… Oh well…

Being very intelligent, Ena’s introduction is slightly delayed in the sense she is also from outside the island. She immediately finds out Yuuma has been transferred to this school since the records are left in their old school, and due to her excellent grades in various subjects, Ena is immediately welcomed as a “Special” transfer student. If that wasn’t enough, Ena is very skilled with housework, effectively making her a “Yamato Nadeshiko” character.

Even more generic than Marine’s route, Ena’s route is indeed the typical “osananajimi” route where the two characters hesitate on creating a deeper relationship with each other because of “being too close already”. It is shown that Ena had a crush on Yuuma from a long time ago, but the game does not explain this nor make an effort to show any “reminiscence” of the two when they are younger.

Ena’s route briefly involves the couple’s and Riru’s efforts to increase the number of “believers” of the Whale God by offering various help throughout the island, but loses that focus entirely with a Deus ex Machina ending. Between these two events lie additional pointless ichaicha.

I guess the fact that the CV is Tono Soyogi saves this craptastic route a bit…

And last but not least is our Whale God(dess) Riru. Her full name is “Riru Whale” which is freaking hilarious.

Despite having the appearance of a child, Riru is the reincarnation of the Whale God protecting the island from harm and granting wishes. When Yuuma first meets up with her, she has very little powers for some reason, and can’t let Yuuma leave the island as he would like to.

Arguably, Riru is the central heroine as well as the heroine who is most colorful in terms of personality. Most of the scenes involving this character relates to trying to grow larger breasts (since she’s the only one with a small bust size) or becoming infatuated with canned mackerel or any other type of fish (Oh the irony as we know she’s supposed to be a whale).

In the end, this “Whale” wasn’t even that significant. There’s no reason for her to be a whale; she could have been a shark, or even a mackerel herself. I was half expecting her to transform into something like the following
 photo OceanKing.jpg
But I guess I expected too much. No explanation of her as a character as a whole makes this character relatively poorly designed.

Despite this, she is the heroine for the true route, which contains no H-scenes and involves the other three heroines to an extent greater than that of their own routes! It’s here where most of the non-HCG can be found, and most of the “mysteries” of the island solved, including the background of Riru herself.

In that sense, the game seemed complete, but highly anticlimactic in the sense just like Ena’s route, the game makes up its own logic and solves the problem too easily. I would’ve really liked it if this final route was much longer and involved much more than just the protagonist and the four heroines.

Although the relationship between heroines is quite clearly defined (this is a good trait)

Sexual Content: High

Comments: So I expected a charage, and had my box of tissues ready knowing that I’m in for some Mamizu’s artwork, so I guess I got what I expected and I’m happy (?). I see that extra effort by Whirlpool to try to make this into a serious game, which fell short quite a bit and was unfortunate in my eyes.

I really wish Whirlpool start creating quality games like Ryuuyoku or even Suzukaze. It’s quite unfortunate that both games were drawn by Tenmaso (different artist) and I would love to have a “good game” from Whirlpool featuring Mamizu’s artwork for once. She did draw nekomimi which I enjoyed, JustyxNasty was hilarious, while Magicalic Sky High was meh, and there’s none of Whirlpool’s games that feature Mamizu as the primary designer that really creates an impression for me.

… Sorry for ranting. I just had nothing else to say.

Riru’s “Bad End”… Doesn’t seem too bad o-o;

Affection for the Characters: Moderate

CG Score: 5/10. Okay, so artwork. I mentioned that I was extremely biased for Mamizu’s art, but this is just ridiculous. Obviously, I can’t show 18+ rated images on this site, so I’ll be descriptive. This time Mamizu decided to make a maniac decision and make the characters with a large breast size (Mitsuki, Marine, and Ena) have ridiculously large nipples as well. Yes, I know what’s going on in your mind right now. “What The Fuck”. It’s what went through mine too. I don’t know why the hell this “change” was made within the months between this title and Magicalic Sky High, but just had to throw it out there because it was actually kinda disturbing for me. It’s also quite obvious that Whirlpool is also kinda jumping on that “large breasts hype-train”. Et tu, Whirlpool? I want my lolis too, you know.

Oh, and this game SEVERELY lacks non-HCGs. I mean seriously. There’s like 3-5 for each character within the entire game. For your reference, there’s 4+1 full H-scenes for each character, with Marine having 6. That really says something.

But holy shit, Mamizu knows how to draw!

Music Score: 3/10. Music isn’t that great. It greatly lacks in genre, sounds very generic, has no impact, and even the OP/ED/TrueED doesn’t seem to be of any good quality.

Addictiveness: Low. Not that great of a game and IS considered a charage. I like the artwork, but it’s not like I have much to even “save” even if I wanted to.

Conclusion: An inferior charage from Whirlpool, which was generally a disappointment although I expected it. Don’t play it unless you’re like me and have a ridiculous fetish for Mamizu’s artwork, but otherwise, blitz through the beginning of the game and enjoy your H-scenes.

Comments on: "The Whale God of Wishes: Review of [150227]Kujiragami no Tear Stilla" (10)

  1. […] True Route for Kururu opens after her own which is considered a “bad route”, just like how they did for Kujiragami. […]

  2. What I notice froM Whirlpool’s art and characters is that they don’t have the black outline for the designs. I haven’t seen many visual novel companies who don’t include dark outlines which made them very unique to me when I first saw 77 ~and, two stars meet again~ a few years ago. Overall, I like both Tenmaso and Mamizu’s art styles. But what’s been really common recently is the fact many artists include the dots for the pupil; as for Whirlpool, I remember it started with JustyxNasty as I recall from their previous works.

  3. lol at whale from Zelda! Couldn’t remember what title it came from though. But I swear I played it before…
    Still playing Sanoba Witch now. (The name is kinda… you know) Pretty normal without anything worth mentioning. (for now, may it be good or bad) But it got very high score. Is it a hype or is it really that good? For me it’s not as funny as Dracu-Riot though. My taste is kinda twisted compare to many too.

    • Sanoba is next on my list: I just finished a game that’s really REALLY weird, and will be writing up a review for it very soon.

      Yeah, the “Whale” thing really threw me off. I’m not sure why Whirlpool decided to use a Whale, but I reckon that’s where they got it from… For the reference, the screenshot is from “Phantom Hourglass”.

  4. I notice you’re a fan of Zelda (At least, it’s the only console game I know you have played). Did you play the new game for the 3DS? And will you get a WiiU to play the newer one?

    • Quite unfortunately, even as a hardcore Zelda fan, my wallet won’t allow me to spend money for various consoles needed to play these games. Most of the older titles I’ve played came from the generosity of friends who owned the console and maybe the game, so I’m afraid unless one of my friends get the 3DS/WiiU, the newer games will be out of my reach.

    • That’s so unfortunate! I wish I could do something to help you with that! For now, the most I can do is to write a review for those games, which I will do for sure!
      Anyway, let’s keep wishing that our Galge stuff can be at least half as good as Zelda! Maybe, someday, or wishes will be granted. Who knows?

  5. I dropped this as I wanted to make time for Hanasaki. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to finish this by 27 march. But I agree that Mamizu’s artwork is pretty. I only went through the demo, so I’m don’t think I have anything to say about this game. But generally my experience from magicalic skyhigh wasn’t good either, so I already had a biased mindset when I started this game.

    • Good choice. Although I share the praise for Mamizu’s art, I’m sure there will be better games available for you to play.

      If you get the chance, let me know how Hanasaki turns out. The two SP games I’ve played so far–Hatsuyuki and Kisaragi, turned out pretty horribly, effectively making me avoid that company for a while.

    • To me Hatsuyuki actually meets my standards as a kamige. Kisaragi probably sucked since it had different scenario writers for each route. I tried the hanasaki trail and it seems like a good one. Though it doesn’t really give a feel of how the story will go it did keep me entertained for the whole trail, and that is enough for me to know that it might be a good read.

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