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Foreword: Aaaand I’m back! Well, I was here the entire time, just not as active as I am right now.

Finished this game as well in only a couple of days! I’ll say this right off the bat: this game is WEIRD AS FUCK. It’s so weird, that I can’t even say it’s either good or bad, and my mind’s just in utter confusion about how to rate this game! It’s not like it was good, and it was so bad, but I can’t simply call it bad! I’ve had years of writing, but that’s the only way I can express this game in words!

Holy shit, I’m not even going to get anything accomplished in this section, so let’s move along!

WARNING: This review contains INTENTIONAL MAJOR SPOILERS to the game!  
Please note the game WILL be spoiled from reading this review!
Please also note that this review will have an elevated frequency of Swearing and Rage.

Title: ぼくの一人戦争 (Boku no Hitori Sensou) [Lit. Trans: My one-man War]
Producers: Akabeisoft 2
Release Date: February 27, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v15797
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=830413
Game Type: Fantasy (?) Crude-themed novel

Great CG with lots of detail.

Summary: Eiji drives from Tokyo to the countryside to “start over again”. The girl named Rumi in the passenger seat encourages him and assures him that his older brother, Renji, will also help out in this quest. With their help, Eiji quickly becomes adjusted to the school and even make some good friends.

But… That won’t last long…

Since this is a War.

Rumi’s personality also changes in this “Council”. The game never mentions why

Story Length: Moderately Short (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: N/A
Comments: Kinetic Novel. No Choices.

Character Design Rating: 7/10
Story Rating: 1/10
Protagonist Rating: 2/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: So what we have here is a HUUUUUGE combination of factors which gave this game neither a “bad” nor a “good” score. However, let me just say right now that this game is FUCKED up, even more so than Favorite games (and you know how much I hated those titles). I KNOW. THIS IS SO WEIRD. This will probably be the only time I don’t specifically talk about the characters and just leave every little piece of detail in the “Story Synopsis” below.

Story Synopsis (aka, Spoilers):

So we have our prologue with Eiji being the protagonist of the story and enjoying his days. However, with the introduction of a character named “Nagato Daichi”, something starts to go wrong, and this “peace” won’t last forever. Reiji takes it into himself to figure out what’s wrong, and soon finds out what really happened.

…And we find out that it’s not actually Eiji who is the protagonist, it’s Reiji. In addition to this, the game makes it clear at this point that Rumi is REIJI’S fiance, NOT Eiji’s. This was a huge troll on Akabeisoft 2’s part, where they make HEAVY implications that Eiji and Rumi was going to marry in the prologue, but that’s simply not the case–they never specifically said it was those two who are engaged. This obviously creates a very sour NTR moments for the reader, as well as making the story start with a very bad rap. As if to make things worse, Reiji is partially voiced in the prologue, while Eiji is completely unvoiced, as if he WAS the protagonist.

aaand they fight.

If that’s not all, it seems that Eiji himself is insane, and actually hurts his friends and even attempts to rape Rumi herself. The prologue briefly explains his past as someone who “went over his boundaries and killed people”, but it seems that his “insanity” takes control over him and some points and this is what caused him to harm Tooru.

Reiji at this point pops up and fights Tooru. Reiji is actually disabled with having only a right leg, but he somehow overpowers Tooru and shuts him up in an old cottage, firmly deciding to finally cut his bonds with his only blood-relative and send him back to Tokyo. In essence, he chooses his “loved one” over his own brother.

Now listen here, you fucktards from Akabeisoft 2. I don’t know how much experience you have with writing a story, but this was just BULLSHIT. I can understand that you want to create some shock factors, but this was NOT a good way to do it. There’s literally no transition from having the protagonist being shifted from Eiji -> Reiji. In fact, you SPECIFICALLY say on your goddamned website that Eiji is the protagonist and he only plays a role in the beginning and end of the game, with absolutely no “protagonist” moments. In short, he’s a GODDAMN subcharacter and you have the guts to name him the protagonist just so you can trick the readers? Yeah, Fuck you too. Seriously. Fuck you.

Then the game actually introduces a new concept, about the “Council”, which is actually a battle between the one who initiates the Council and invisible monsters that are only out to attack the “King” (the initiator) except in this game, the King is completely immobile and unable to move, which pretty much leaves the other “soldiers” to fight. Oh, these soldiers? The “King” summons.

Like this

and this is the crazy old man who tells Reiji of this “Council” bullshit.


This battle called “Council” has absolutely no meaning and according to Nagato, only appears when the “initiator” tries to oppose someone. Simply put, if I was trying to oppose you as we were arguing about what the “best color” was, I would be swept into this time-less area called “Council” where I have to summon my closest people to fight for me or I get killed.

What’s even worse is the outcomes, where soldiers who are “killed” in this battle slowly forget their “King” and cut all relationships with him/her. PLUS, the soldier in real life would feel unimaginable anger towards the “King”, and attempt to kill him. In reverse, if the “King” is killed, he goes crazy for a while.

Kinda like this…? (No, it’s even worse)


Oh man, that’s not all. The entire game is filled to the BRIM with deus ex machina and suddenly revealed elements such as the relationships between heroines which HAPPENED to appear in the last moments, such as how Rumi and Sayo were pretty much best buds (despite the fact that they create a love triangle between Reiji) or how Reiji forces Nagato into the “Council” to kill him. Oh, don’t forget how Reiji magically revives his comrades who are supposed to be dead and forgets him TWICE, AND manage to “survive” all those resurrections he performed which puts him into a coma and when he regains consciousness he’s getting married to Rumi and THIS GAME IS SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP! SOMEONE GO BURN THIS SHIT

Although they DO remove the white sprites from the title screens of the characters as they die and revive.

That’s it, Akabeisoft 2. I’m so done with you. Fuck you and your crap titles that I’ve been hitting recently. Some like the Okiba ga Nai! titles were decent, but you pushed your limits WAY too far with this one. I’m taking off all your games from my backlog just because of how horrible this game was.


There’s yuri (No, I was joking)

This game, unlike other charage and school-life bullshit being produced from other companies, have a definite moral lesson which suggests the inseparable bond between family and friends, and even heartwarming moments. It has a complete (while having such a horrible transition from start to finish) story, and you can see some highly dynamic characters along the way. The protagonist himself is resourceful and dynamic as well, but in the end, the story simply predominated over all of the good points of this game and gave this title a very low score.

I want to be fair to the game: I have to point out that despite Reiji originally “cutting his bonds” with his blood-related brother, he comes to accept Eiji, although it would have been better if the scene depicting this was much more intricate. This was probably the “best” moment in the entire game in my eyes, not all those bullshit fight scenes with invisible enemies.

Eiji: Hey bro, how many fingers am I holding up?
Reiji: Five, you damned bastard! WAHHH!

AND EVEN AMONG ALL THIS MESS, the characters are very well designed. Each character had their own story which may help the reader sympathize with them, and it really creates an ambiguous review for me since I find it hard to “hate” some of these characters just because the story is bad.

Sexual Content: Low. Boner was killed from all the bullcrap. I need more nukige

Comments: So as soon as I opened the game, I thought I would be in for a treat: music is mesmerizingly beautiful, and the beginning Sunset with the two characters talking about marriage and a new life, my reaction was exactly like this kid right here:

After I started reading and got to the middle portions of the game with people dying and wanting to kill Reiji and him being kinda insane himself, I LITERALLY wanted to stab the people who wrote this story, grind the carcass with a mixer, heat them up to 9001 degrees Celsius, and shove the roasted meat into Satan’s asshole so hard that both He and the now-dead-and-roasted Writers can feel how much pain I felt as I was reading this. AND SATAN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

Of course, there’s definitely the possibility that like many other games, I simply did not understand the subtle themes that this game was trying to convey. However, just make sure that all these deus-ex-machinas and “Council” shit is OBJECTIVELY bad.

Affection for the Characters: High

CG Score: 5/10. Nothing too special. I usually love Akabeisoft’s artwork since it’s simple, but my hatred for this game is getting the better of me.
Music Score: 7/10. The unfortunate thing about this game is that it does have decent music. It’s just that its story doesn’t follow up to this quality.

MRW good music but the game sucks

Addictiveness: Must you ask?

Conclusion: Fuck this game. I’d take a poorly made charage over this anyday. At least it’ll be fappable.

Good character design though…

Comments on: "Am I… Alone? Review of [150227]Boku no Hitori Sensou" (15)

  1. ClockMaker said:

    Wow man I’m so glad that I wasn’t the only one that got fucked up by the prologue, like really I never could go into the new protagonist and feel like a blow to me to like having the role “supplanted” by a side character, idk how to explain it but you explained it perfectly.
    And because that misinformation I thought that the Eiji will take the role back so I continued reading but at the council part I just started to skip all of this to realize that Akabeisoft2 just lied to me and Eiji was a character that only appeared at the start and the end.
    And I felt bad for skipping at I was having high expectations of a work of Looseboy and I thought that I lose to read a great work because of the protagonist change but reading your review put me at ease that I didn’t lost to read anything outstanding, thanks!

  2. So after reading everyone’s comment, it seems like the main beef you people really have is Reiji/Eiji switch, cuz it makes it harder for you put yourself in the shoes of the protagonist? Cuz it makes Reiji looks like an imposter since you’ve already chosen to sympathize with Eiji?

    Hmmm, as someone who just see the MC as another character and don’t really form much of a personal connection (which might be why I don’t really like harem), this point of dissatisfaction you guys have don’t really tell me much about the game itself.

    • I’m not sure about others, but that’s not the only problem I had about this game. That switch was completely unnecessary and is considered intentional misinformation (feel free to check out the website where they specifically state that Eiji is the protagonist)

      The other problem (which was the main one) I have with this title was the entire setting of the “wars”, as well as Ruri’s other personality to be lacking a good followup. Basically, the story introduces all these fancy, extraordinary elements and it literally seems like a clusterfuck of scenarios just jammed together to the point it’s chaotic. You basically have one scene, have questions about said scene, but the game moves onto the next scene without answering those questions from the first.

      Frankly, I wouldn’t have minded the character switch if Reiji was much more resourceful than Eiji, because I love seeing protagonists in action regardless of who that becomes to be. It’s just that as it is, Reiji isn’t any better than Eiji when it comes to being a protagonist, especially dealing with other people’s problems (e.g. Love triangles). Eiji might be insane, but at least he has that impact.

      I actually would HIGHLY recommend playing this game if you’re skeptical of our comments. It’s that kind of design that you won’t know how bad it is until you play it yourself (i.e. words are insufficient to describe it), and it’s not like the game itself is long anyways.

  3. It actually sounds interesting, especially the whole Reiji/Eiji switch. No, I’m not trying to troll you, it really does sound interesting. Though I do find it amusing whenever virgin hunters NTR nerd rage at the smallest little thing despite the fact that their beloved harem genre has a much greater tinge of betrayal than most of the things they NTR rage about.

  4. […] Most Memorable Game from 2015 is Boku no Hitory Sensou from Akabeisoft […]

  5. VNDB에서 보고 놀러왔습니다 그쪽 반응은 별로더군요
    리뷰는 TL;DR

    주인공 사기를 쳤나본데 뭐 아카베소프트는 전문분야네요. 참고: https://vndb.org/t5324

    • 올! 한국분이시닼ㅋㅋ 방가요!
      답장늦어저서 죄송요! 키보드에다가 콜라흘려서 나참… ㄷㄷ;;;;

      이번엔 “주인공 사기” 말이 맞는것같아요. 근데 Cutie Bullet에선 별로 “사기”가 아닐것같군요… 주인공이 악당이라는 이야기는 다른 메이커가 (Saga Planets) 썼던것도 있고… 그쪽은 완전 개밥퀄리티지만요…. 사기Planets… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      얼마나 힘써서 리뷰 썼는데 tl;dr이라뇨! 너무해요 ㅠㅠ;;;

  6. Isn’t this pretty much scenario writer’s fault? Well Akabe2 is at fault too for INTENTIONALLY misinform readers. (And to think they released a pretty good game such as Sharin no kuni before, well it was not perfect though)
    At least I have to give it to you for completing the game. I wouldn’t be able to get past MC shifts part since it really gives me NTR feeling just like you said.
    PS: Speaking of scenario writer… Can I call Yataka-san back for Rhapsody of god title? Or maybe his specialty is tragedy so it’s out this time… Not to mention that some usual VAs are absent too. No Konami-san means no Anastasia, and Kawashima-san also absents this time.

    • With my head cooled a little, both you and mdz have a point that I should be hating the writer and not the company. I guess we’ll have to see what happens in the future at least with Akabeisoft 2.

  7. when first i saw this, and read some of the synopsys, my instinct tells me that it’s not worth to play, and i was waiting for someone to review this game, and voila, my prediction come true…………

    when we get a really fucked up prologue, most of them will also end up bad, for most case. And thanks for the review, cause i finally found my reason not to play this game

    • Glad that my review helped to a certain extent! It’s even worse because the beginning of the prologue leaves that much more impression of a good game and the story goes waaaaay downhill from there.

  8. I think you put your disappointment with the series better than I could have.

    The prologue twist was really dumb — it was disorientating. It’s incredible just how ‘off’ it feels once the player’s forced to cheer on a different protagonist.

    The pacing of the game was ‘bad’ in the sense that at after a point, I didn’t really care about the characters (or really, what happened to them). I wouldn’t necessarily discredit Akabeisoft2 on this though; it’s basically just LooseBoy being Looseboy. He’ll write twists — if everything else in the story is otherwise good, you’ll look past it. If you’re in a bad mood, then his twists just make it worse.

    • In my case, I think it’s also appropriate for me to state that the prologue pissed me off to a certain extent as well. However, as I do mention in the review, the company DOES lie in your face and call Eiji the protagonist: this is not a plot-twist; this is intentional misinformation.

      In reality, I had a really good impression of the game before all this bullcrap, and if you’d allow me to share my opinion, this “Council”
      thing was unnecessary since it was only trying to convey the weight of “relationships”, and there are a LOT of better ways to show this than how this game decided to show it.

    • I agree. The ‘lying’ threw me off — I had to go back to a few scenes, to make sure that it just wasn’t my poor Japanese understanding.

      This needless twist wasn’t made much better by Eiji’s rather minimal presence in the storyline itself (despite it being developed as being somewhat meaningful). The council wasn’t the best. Invisible enemies sound cool in theory — but the execution was lackluster. It was less a ‘fighting’ novel, and more of a character relation one; they likely, could’ve developed it better without the game (more so opting for just conventional development).

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