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Foreword: If you’ve followed my blog for a relatively longer period of time, you’d know that I always complain and bitch about the protagonist being worthless or being crappy. I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing me talk about one worthless protagonist after another, so I thought, “Why don’t I bring back a game I know where I won’t be so nit-picky?”

And this thought brings us to this game, a relatively old Eternal title which has been a great joy in various ways for which I describe in the review below.

While I understand that I do have a relatively older review available here, I thought I’d play this game for a couple of reasons. One is that I was waiting for the very few April releases, while a major incentive was that unlike me from the past, I can actually read Japanese enough to understand the game’s mechanics.

Then there’s the fact that Tono Soyogi voices Corona (and Aka in the FD). I’m a sad idiot who would replay games just for the CV, okay?

Title: 輝光翼戦記 銀の刻のコロナ (Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona) [Lit. Trans: Warrior of Light Wings, Corona the Silver Time]
Producers: Eternal
Release Date: December 16, 2011
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v6668
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=705617
Game Type: Turn-based Fighting Game

Summary: Touka is not a normal student. After wishing for years to become a hero, he somehow finally gained an ability to detect strange distortion of space caused by demons. Because he believes these demons are bad, Touka takes it upon himself to eliminate these demons to “bring peace to this city”. He enjoys his “secret job”, but is often tired since the distorted space occurs at night.

One day, the same space distortion occurs again, and as Touka approaches it, he feels that his opponent is very powerful. Entering anyways, he is easily overwhelmed by the “master” of this distortion and forced into a corner. Just as he was about to be killed, a girl appears and saves him. Her name is Amakasu Tokino, a 3rd year who is also extremely popular at the school that he goes to! Touka begs to join Tokino after getting his behind saved after seeing her strength, but Tokino firmly warns Touka to stay away from this distorted space called “Shinya” (True Night).

However, Tokino seems to have a change of heart, and allows Touka to join in their group. Little do they know that their small task of eliminating “Shinya” will not be an easy task, and with evil approaching their back, the group realizes that they are all destined to die…

Or are they…?

Carefree walk to school!

Story Length: Very Long (>50 hours, including gameplay)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate
Comments: A turn-based fighting game that’s sure to provide hours of fun, the system is very simple and explained on the manual. However, if you were like me two years ago with very limited Japanese, you may have a hard time with this game such as being able to read skill information correctly

Game Mechanics:

So within this turn-based fighting game, all characters and enemies have two forms of “HP”; one being a magical barrier with something I like to call “Affinities” with the other one being Life Points, which are actually the HP.

The cool thing about this game is that attacks characters receive deduct from this “barrier”, but at a varying rate to what that attack’s affinity was. For example, Green is weak against Red, so if you have a Green barrier, you’re likely to receive 150% or even 200% damage from attacks with a “red” affinity. On the flip side, if you have a strong resistance, it’s possible to get by with damage reductions up to 75%!

After a barrier is broken, all attacks now deduct from “Life Points”, but the strange thing about this is that when deducting life points, the damage of the attack doesn’t matter; it all takes off 1 life point per attack. The exception are multi-hit attacks that take off as much LP as it says it will hit, so it’s better to use a weak-multi-hit attack than a powerful one when your enemy has no barrier. Many monsters and bosses especially have MULTIPLE barriers of varying affinities, so you need to choose your team wisely in these scenarios.

MRW bosses with multiple barriers can heal

If you’re not already knowledgeable about Eternal’s “Order” and “Reaction” skills, it’s quite simple. Order skills in red are usually attacks or buffs that are activated on your turn, while “Reaction” skills are moves that are activated if a certain condition is fulfilled. Many of these skills cost “Mesia Points (MP)” to use, and that becomes very important during bosses.

Keep these terminology in mind, since they’ll be used to describe the main characters’ “Ultimate Moves”, which are ridiculously powerful moves that if used correctly, make any of these bosses seem lolwtfezmode.

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Protagonist Rating: 9/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 7/10
Rating Comments: Oh man, that protagonist rating. I swear, this game seriously had one of THE best protagonist designs I’ve seen so far. I’ll be getting more to this in the appropriate sections below, but it’s not an exaggeration that I went through this game a SECOND time just to see him in action. He’s definitely very colorful, resourceful, hilarious, and best of all, ridiculously powerful.

Characters are also very colorful, and Eternal does utilize the subheroines to a certain extent to support the main scenes, but also have different “time-lines” where you can capture said subheroine. Additional characters from Tenkuu no Yumina comes in at the later portions of the game and add to the fun, and if you have the First-time Limited Addition, you can get three additional characters from other company’s games completely unrelated to this one fighting with you.

These guys. For the reference, they don’t participate in the story at all

Story unfortunately falls as almost of a set pattern. However, it’s not as bad as other games in the past I’ve played, and despite the game having the “turning back time” element, the game actually tries to resolve the paradox of the game, in addition to why the team became stronger “over timelines”.

Character Summary: So after a bit of contemplation, I decided to be lazy and go with the three main heroines and of course, the protagonist himself. There are many other subheroines and even other characters as well, but it’s just going to take too long to go through all of them ._.;;

First is Corona, the adorable “Silver Dragon” who appears with Muriel in the beginning portions of the story. Her first impression of Touka is similar to that of a baby animal “imprinting”, where upon birth, it sees the first moving object as its mother. It’s very similar as Corona would recognize Touka as her “papa” and Tokino as her “mama”.

As a Dragon of Destruction, Muriel warns Touka and Tokino that Corona has both the power to save the world or to destroy it. This actually becomes a foreshadow.

On the other hand, Corona herself is highly infatuated with Touka, often seeing him as a sexual partner instead of someone close to her. Her innocence captivates everyone in the Ryuugoji and even becomes its mascot to a certain extent.

Corona is cute, but scary when angry

Voiced by Tono Soyogi, a lot of us will definitely enjoy this character’s stories to a certain extent. In the FD, an additional character named “Aka” (Red) joins the crew with Tono Soyogi voicing her as well, so two characters. My body is ready.

Corona’s “ultimate skill” is Dragon Spirit Release, where she literally pulverizes ALL barriers that the targeted enemy has. Combine this with Touka’s direct LP attack and all bosses tear like wet tissue. The con is that this skill isn’t really available until the end of the game and obviously costs MP to use.

Next we have Tokino, the girl who saves Touka in the beginning and is actually the head of the Amatsu family who are very well known to be special individuals with various powers. She has cousin who are also living in Ryuugoji, and soon invites Touka after she realizes that he has something no one else possesses.

Corresponding to her name, Tokino is able to turn back time by stabbing her heart with a special blade. However, the catch is that only Tokino is aware of this even after the turn-back, and in addition to how unreal this skill is, Tokino is shown to endure memories of multiple attempts of failure with comrades being killed. In her own route, this pain soon causes her to despair, when Touka comes into save the day with his bright and sympathetic words that captivate the girl into falling in love with him.

In that sense, Tokino seems highly resembles other characters who “despair after trying to many times”, like Homura from Madoka

Tokino is generally portrayed as a firm and solemn character, but the game goes through lots of detail to show that she is a girl who normally falls in love and has “maternal instinct” as portrayed when Corona is added into the Story.

Tokino’s ultimate skill is the canceling of the opponent’s Order and Reaction skills for one turn. This is completely uninterruptable, but unfortunately relatively useless since other skills are much more useful.

Muriel is next, and is actually one of my least favorite characters in my entire eroge career.

Despite being voiced by Gogyou Nazuna, this character is displayed very quickly as a very… unique character. She is extremely apathetic for many things, but the game tries to portray this girl being caring for Corona and for her other “dragon children” whom she failed in the past. Despite the meticulous efforts into portraying her past, Muriel’s design to be a lustful and gluttonous character wasn’t exactly pleasing to me.

It’s even worse that she is incapable of combat… Although the fandisk makes some references to her true identity o3o. Muriel does not participate in battles for this reason, and seems to be very insignificant throughout the entire story. In fact, she seems to play even less of a role than even one of the subheroines.

Last but certainly not the least is Touka, the seemingly low-self esteem, chuunibyou, lone-wolf, tsukkomi protagonist who is actually very weak in the beginning portions of the game. The game displays this character to actually be a rather embarrassing one, with his wild fantasies causing him to have no friends and for classmates to avoid him. However, with the arrival of Corona and being assigned as her “older brother”, Touka becomes very caring and protective of the heroine that everyone starts to look at him with different eyes.

As a highly dynamic character, Touka has some very comical scenes involving his low self-esteem or how he was always avoided by his peers. On the other hand, this is a character full of justice and morals to even smile when insults are thrown at his face by Kumi, and as the reader will soon see in the later portions of the game, Touka becomes the most powerful character within the entire game.

Touka actually has no “barrier” inherently according to his background story and design, but has several useful skills instead, one of them being “Sharing” which allows him to temporarily have a weak barrier and the affinity as the character he performs the “Sharing” with, as well as the target’s Field Skill already charged and ready to go.

Another one of his skills is a reaction skill called “見切”, which literally protects him from ALL damage. You heard that right. A cheap reaction skill pretty much makes this character freaking INVULNERABLE and the only way to stop this is through a “Blast” skill.

lol that tickles bro

If that wasn’t enough, his attack power is often double that of other characters, and since he doesn’t have an affinity if he doesn’t perform sharing, the bosses receive full 100% damage from him no matter what resistances they have.

Did I mention that his ultimate skill DAMAGES LP DIRECTLY?! Just by spamming this skill and 見切 on bosses, this guy makes the entire boss fight easy mode. For the reference, don’t try fighting bosses at later stages with other characters; the bosses often have ridiculously high attack and barrier HP that it’s almost as if Eternal wants you to have Touka fighting all the bosses.

The even more OP thing about this ultimate skill is that while it normally does 3 LP damage, if the opponent does NOT have a barrier active, it does double the LP damage, so 6 LP damage. Considering how many bosses only have 20-ish LP…

Red Dragon vs. Touka

Corona’s Dragon Spirit Release -> Touka’s LP damage attack x4 -> lolgg

But both of these attacks cost a crapton of MP, so you’ll just have to gather it meticulously before the boss battle.

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: So I chose this game mainly due to the protagonist being very favorable in my eyes, and you rarely see that nowadays. It’s mostly about being compared to some idiot friend with the protagonist really nothing more than an excuse to add H-scenes and call a game “romance adventure” (恋愛アドヴェンチャー).

I praise this game for having a decent and fun gameplay, great character design, decent story, and an absolutely very well designed protagonist. In fact, if you’re sick and tired of seeing the generic protagonist design, you should consider playing this game with a savedata just so you can see Touka and his story.

and maybe these guys as well (Ayumu and Touka get along quite well)

As for the FD (fortune dragon) fandisk, I have mixed feelings for it. It does introduce three new characters, but the story absolutely sucks and has no flow (or it’s completely nonexistent). It’s mostly several short stories and H-scenes, although it does have a “battle arena”.

Affection for the Characters: High

CG Score: 6/10. The one thing I really appreciate about Eternal’s CGs are that when you open them up in their respective “CG” section, there are actually voice comments by characters themselves. These are completely for laughs even in the most dramatic scenes, and is really designed to give the reader that “one last laugh” and make this game quite the memorable one.

As an example, this scene where everyone except Touka is killed is voiced by Touka himself screaming at the top of his lungs “WHO ATE MY PUDDING?!!?!”

SDCGs are adorable too.

Music Score: 5/10. Music is decent, but should have had more fast-paced, adrenaline-rushing music to accompany the more intense fight scenes.

Addictiveness: Moderate

Conclusion: A very competent game from Eternal which I would say is better than Tenkuu no Yumina for the sole reason this game had a solid theme and focus around a few characters, unlike the former which starts out from a school festival to saving the universe within a few hours. This game is unique in the sense that the protagonist is very colorful and powerful, and the game makes sure that the reader sees AND experiences it (through battles).

Comments on: "Saving the World, one Timeline at a time: Review of [111216]Gin no Toki no Corona" (9)

  1. […] in the Foreword, I played this game to see the protagonists in action (and the previous series, Gin no Toki no Corona, featured a pretty good protagonist). To make a long review short, I describe the two protagonists […]

  2. Sorry for super late opinion, just finished the game recently.

    In terms of story, it’s it like a part of small world in a larger setting? This is pretty much Eushully style. Almost everything is happen in Dir Lifiana. But each events happen separately, time and place. It’s not bad though. But nothing too special as well. (When they all failed in the first loop, it doesn’t hit me as hard as I thought)

    But seriously, I know Muriel is special to bigger picture. But in this game she’s pretty much… just there. While the group risk their life fighting against Majin. She just sit there and watch… Seriously man… That’s not nice. Tokino and Corona are both okay though.

  3. Never thought I will be seeing a game of this review again. Unfortunately, while not bad on its own (the gameplay was nice too and is challenging early on, because you can’t grind), this game is inferior in every single aspect compared to its predecessor outside of gameplay. I was literally complaining when I finished this years ago because of how bad it is and failed to understand the reason you said this game is better than Yumina in terms of story (unless you never played Yumina).

    Hopefully Alpharide will do a better job after all that delays and actually deliver something that is not half-assed.

    • While I can agree that Yumina did have not-too-bad of a story, I’d say that this game is still better in terms of “story”. We can definitely debate for hours with this topic, but I’m sure that will be fruitless in itself.

      The general thing I see with Eternal’s games are that the story is HIGHLY neglected. It’s definitely significant when compared to companies like Eushully, who are arguably superior.

      In short, you shouldn’t hope for Eternal to “get better” at least in terms of story, because they’re pretty much fixated at their design right now; a protagonist and a group of characters who goes from almost nothing to saving the world, with not much transition in between.

  4. type03xx said:

    lol, look at gameplay portion and now I know where I played this kind of game somewhere before… (look at Yumina)
    Well any eroge with good gameplay is always good… To have time to play it or not is different story.

    • It’s similar in terms of wording, but the system is much MUCH different. Due to this game having “unit movement” and “field skills” (usually buffs), as well as unbalanced bosses (bosses in this game have a larger advantage unlike previous games), this game is more sophisticated and probably harder to understand. Then again, the previous one did have dungeon crawling too…

  5. yo, senpai, awesome review as always.


    • My apologies; my thing with Skype is that I would use it once then forget about it, to be deleted on my next round of hardware clean up, then have someone ask to get on it again. After this loop occurred a couple of times, I’m just not using Skype anymore, lol

    • ow, then how i’m supposed to chat with you senpai

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