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Foreword: It’s been one freaking month since I even posted anything on this blog, and I actually have no great excuse  for it. MMORPG hobbies have been revived (although that’s fluctuating quite a bit), and I was also in the process of playing some older titles I’ve finished in the past. This is why you’ll see this review, as well as TWO more reviews very soon about older titles that I’ve replayed recently.

As for this title, Rensou Relation, long story short it sucks. It sucks so much, that I deserve a freaking trophy for even finishing this. I wanted to drop it soooo badly, but couldn’t because it was a LoS title, and with tears of mental pain rolling down my cheeks at the moment, I frantically type this review in hopes of eliminating this nightmare of a game from my synapse and moving on to HOPEFULLY some better games. Fortunately, I have new nukige ready to go as well as another Favorite game that I’m touching with extreme caution.

Please excuse me even if my review is very short and crappy. Here it is!

Please be warned that this review DOES contain minor spoilers

Title: 恋想リレーション (Rensou Relation) [Lit. Trans: Relation of the Love-feelings]
Producers: Lump of Sugar
Release Date: May 29, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16458
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=840913
Game Type: School-life romance comedy novel (FYI, I HATE this genre with a burning passion)

Summary: Shinnosuke is actually quite unintelligent. After failing so many entrance exams and pretty much losing out even on his last-line options, it seems that he will be the only one literally a “ronin” even as one in high-school. With family and friends worrying about him, his teacher from the old school calls him for a Last Chance: the school of Amami (What the Fuck; this name is used so often) is offering a Special Entrance Interview to selected individuals, and if he can pass this interview, he’ll be admitted.

With his last ditch effort, he makes his preparations for this interview. However, this isn’t until in the school itself, he meets a mysterious girl who just came out of the bathroom. From this point, Shinnosuke’s story and “Relation” begins.
Story Length: Moderate (20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Extremely Annoying
Comments: So LoS always has some kind of an “interactive” system within all their games, and for this game, it was a full flow-chat with up to 8 freaking possible choices within a path split. However, these paths are only available with a certain “Keyword” that you can acquire, but the trick is you can only “Hold” 3 keywords, effectively making this game redundant, stupid, and annoying. A patch that LoS distributed later removed this feature, and that just goes to show how LoS are literally idiots when designing games nowadays. Get this Koosle patch and save yourself the hair-pulling. I’m serious.

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 1/10
Protagonist Rating: 0/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 1/10
Rating Comments: I’m not even going to try to be generous here; this game is absolute shit. Starting from the protagonist design which is shown in the beginning of the game, he is literally worthless. Nothing that makes him unique apart from other guys within the story, and if at all, his liberal perversion should be at least cringeworthy enough to repel females from even becoming attracted to him in the first place. His frequent and repetitive mentioning of boobs all throughout the beginning of the story knocked off even more points, and even within the heroine route, he never does anything to bring about a grand conclusion.

Look at him! He looks like he literally just shit himself!

Speaking of conclusions, there aren’t any. All four stories end abruptly after the ending of the “School Festival” consisting of different events depending on the heroine route, and you have a couple of H-scenes here and there to please your average otaku who has nothing better to do than read shit like this.

Oh wait, that’s me.

As expected, the story is literally

Characters Meet -> Characters play with each other -> (Literally no freaking transitions) -> I love you and you love me -> Sex -> School Festival -> The End.

Heroines are very bland, with an obvious effort to exaggerate their “sex features” and absolutely none in adding any kind of “charm” that would otherwise add to the score. Some heroine traits like Himari’s Kansai accent wasn’t even important to the overall story, and even after all’s said and done, the greatest “Key Item” within the game, the “Imagination Note” does NOT become a main theme.

Lastly, a word to Lump of Sugar; this game was a freaking insult to players like me. In Ichika’s route, considered to be the central route, you discuss the mysterious and strong bonds of “human relationships” and you don’t even SHOW them being created in the first place between the heroine and the protagonist. This is the greatest “slap-in-the-face” that I received that shot the scores down to the lowest possible.

Character Summary:

Himari’s gonna be first, and as a character excessively made “ideal”, with her ridiculously large breast size, shy personality, good looks, and supportive attitudes, Lump of Sugar definitely did not spare any efforts to make this character seem fake and bland, with nothing exciting about her except her bouncing breasts according to Shinnosuke.

As pretty much your “transfer student” type story line, Himari’s route screams “convenience” in your face as the two characters meet, start to get along, and become lovers within a period of time that doesn’t even span a couple of months.

Most of Himari’s events involve the setting “Rupan”, a old candystore famous among the kids for its cheap snacks and toys that’s affordable even to them. As Himari finds herself enjoying this environment, she decides to work here sometimes.

Remember how I said my “loli-fetish” came from LoS games? Well, this character almost killed that fetish.

Almost as fake as Himari herself, Yuuko is supposedly Shinnosuke’s cousin who has absolutely no romantic interest in him, yet diligently come to his house to cook and clean for him just because her aunt (Shinnosuke’s mother) asked her to. In addition to this unrealistic personality, her childish and “pure” mindset causes her to act obliviously to Shinnosuke’s porno as she cleans his room, while looking like a freaking grade-schooler more capable than Shinnosuke himself.

Then within a month, she becomes this slutty loli-character who actively seeks sex from Shinnosuke with absolutely no “romance” transition in between the two characters and as obvious as it is, no incest taboos.

Her route does involve the “Onii-chan Cafe” during the school festival which is actually nothing but an excuse to insert an H-scene with her wearing a maid-uniform.

Alisa is next, and is actually a bit more tolerable than other routes. Evenso, just keep in mind that the story rating is “1/10” for a reason.

It’s actually quite weird since their first meeting involves Shinnosuke somehow pulling down her underwear when they first crash into each other. This physical impossibility is quickly disregarded as “coincidence” as the two characters somehow become closer to each other because of this incident. So you’re telling me that if I go outside, run into a girl, and somehow manage to pull down her panties, I can get close to her? Okay.

Even after this incident, Alisa’s attitude of “wanting friends” manifests as Alisa wanting to know about Shinnosuke’s past, which is quite strange since she’s not the type to poke into people’s businesses like this; her story strictly states that she has trouble making friends, yet has a fanclub fully dedicated to her while she herself follows Ichika around like a puppy. Man, there are contradictions all over the place.

Regardless, what differentiated Alisa’s route from the other routes is that Alisa is actually someone who was not a part of Ichika’s grand scheme. As Alisa is added to the story and becomes Shinnosuke’s girlfriend after finding out about his past, the calm Ichika essentially flips shit and screams at her.

While this “conflict”-like atmosphere was appreciated, it was not followed through; the emotions of Ichika at that point are hidden at least until her own route as a love triangle half-forms…? The ending was again very abrupt and ambiguous.

And this would be Ichika, the calm character who Shinnosuke meets during his ‘interview’ session as he was going to the bathroom. She was wearing her school uniform, and this led Shinnosuke to believe that she was another interviewee who was lost. This then incites the boy to try to lead her when it’s his first time at the school himself and as anyone would be able to recognize, this is his own misunderstanding.

Arguably the “central heroine”, her involvement with the group is minimal, until the group puts on a play as written in Shinnosuke’s “Imagination Note” about a boy who met a “Magical Boy” and changed his life.

Now this is where the route splits, but there’s a common theme within the entire game; this is the only time when the calm Ichika sheds tears. The heroine who notices this is essentially the heroine whose route was opened, and also becomes the person who becomes curious to the meaning of these tears and starts to dig deeper into what really happened between Ichika and Shinnosuke.

At this point, it’s so freaking obvious that the “Imagination Note” is actually a story about the younger Shinnosuke and Ichika, whom Shinnosuke thought was a boy in the past. If you didn’t catch this well into the story, you’ve been living under a rock.

It’s then that the story goes into pointless detail about how Ichika doesn’t really see Shinnosuke as a romantic interest, yet “loves” him to a great extent to express small amounts of jealousy when he’s in company of another girl. You know the drill after that.

Ichika’s tears might be quite climactic at first, but pretty stupid in the sense even her own route never delves deep into her own emotions and experience regarding her relationship with Shinnosuke

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: Do you still need my comments even after I ranted for several minutes? I really don’t want to waste my time writing for this shitty title and I want to strongly recommend you to not continue any more hopes on this title either. But in case you still want it, here it is:

So another typical “rabu-kome” title involving a run-down normal guy with absolutely no skills who is suddenly surrounded by beautiful girls of various traits, and the game actually implies that this is part of this supernatural “luck” that Shinnosuke has, then disproves that theory with Ichika revealing everything. It’s already bad how a normal guy has a freaking harem, and now you have trashy elements thrown around in hopes they somehow stick to each other and create a plot. G-fucking-G, LoS.

Characters as “fake” as Himari tend to annoy the hell out of me the most

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 4/10
Music Score: 3/10

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: A trashy game from LoS that’s even worse than Prism Rhythm. At least that game had some unique element of fantasy with pitiful (but existent) effort at creating a genuine story. This game is dangerous even to the point it may as well be a copy-paste from a different game, effectively violating copyright laws. It’s already boring as hell too…

Comments on: "What “Romance” is made of; Review of [150529]Rensou Relation" (14)

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  4. for what it’s worth, you have my respect for actually finishing this game. After diamic days and gaku I swore myself not to touch any LoS game (probably the best decision of my entire life) until they make a serious game again. judging from their most recent decisions, I harbor the rather legit fear that tayutama 2 might get forced into the lunatic frame of misconceptions that composes the anchor for their recent games.

    zero interest in any of the upcoming august titles, so I guess I’ll give sorcery jokers a shot since everyone is going on about how good it supposedly is. currently, I’m still taking the praise with a grain of salt since I wasn’t exactly impressed with 3rd eye’s past titles to say the least.

    and should you really get around to giving iroseka a shot some time soon, I really recommend reading it back to back with the sequel since you simply won’t get the full picture of it without.

    • Don’t jinx it! I have huge expectations for Tayutama 2 and if it turns out shitty, I’m genuinely going to cry.

      As stated in the review, one of the next games that I’ll be getting to is IroSekai as my “last chance Favorite game”. Let’s see how that turns out for me.

  5. Man Lump of Sugar gets worse with every game they produce lol…ItsuSora was one of my favorite games yet it’s highly unlikely we’ll get something of that quality from them again.
    You should try Sorcery Jokers, which came out last month btw. I knew you gave a bad review to 3rd Eye’s first game (which I agree sucked), but they’re a company that gets better with every game they produce.

    • Yeah, Bloody Rondo sucked, but as my general plan when it comes to games is that I play at least two games before I throw the company aside.

      For Favorite, it’ll be IroSekai, for 3rd Eye, I guess it’ll be Sorcery Jokers. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Maybe LOS should start making nukiges since they might be better off with it :P
    I stroke this off my list after the demo. A lot of ecchi here and there, more than I would like. They are trying too hard, really. I had the notion that LOS is well respected because of Tayutama, but it certainly seems the other way ever since I read through the demo. What has LOS become of? Why must they resort to this kind of cheap stories and characters that belong to a nukige? I wouldn’t mind if they took more time to create quality VNs rather than releasing one every half a year. If I remembered correctly from unmei senjou they try to stand out through some form of “gameplay” or “user interaction” which is ultimately just pointless clicks here and there. I just hope that tayutama 2 doesn’t dissapoint…

    • I agree. Tayutama is easily my top 5 favorite titles, and this is quite significant since it’s coming from someone who already played 300+ games, highly critical, a dick (huh?) , and pretty damn hard to please. I heard that when it was released, every otaku in Japan and their mothers went nuts over the characters, granting LoS the extreme fame they hold even until now when they’re creating trashy games like this.

      At this point, I’m thinking I should do away with titles who (as you’ve stated) try too hard especially to incorporate the theme “romance” within their games. The problem for me is that after that, my options for eroge become severely limited…

  7. I wonder what is FAVORITE game that you have now? Irotoridori no Sekai? :D

    • Yep, that’s it. Now granted, this seems to be considered the best game from them, but considering how much I hated the previous game from Favorite, I just can’t let my guard down.

  8. I noticed a lot eroge quality a lot, have you try angel beats first beat?

    • The more I read Angel Beats the weirder it gets. I think I prefer the anime… but for the sake of completion I will finish angel beats.

    • I’m actually thinking of waiting until everything is released. At least if I do this, it’ll be easier to write a review for the entire series.

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