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So go back to roughly 4 years ago, when I had started to become more fluent with Japanese, had developed my love for the Visual Novel genre and came across this game called “Tayutama” which was one of the recommendations from a good friend I knew from an MMO. He mentioned that this was “one of the best games” ever, and I took it mostly with a grain of salt. I mean, how good can a game be? I’ve already played games like Shuffle and thought it was amazing (LOL I NEED TO KEEL MYSELF FROM BACK THEN), and somehow got into playing the game.


I was completely caught off-guard. From a very impressive beginning scenes that left a great impact on said “co-existence” between Tayutai and humans, you’re presented with an absolutely adorable heroine whose design was so flawless that according to outside sources, was pretty much the “Number 1 most-wanted as a waifu character” in Japan. Even I found myself finding this heroine, Mashiro, to be the pinnacle of heroine design, of playing not only a support role for the protagonist, but also displaying such unconditional affection that mesmerized even the most cold-hearted and cynical players.

In reality, Tayutama ~Kiss on my Deity~ is easily on my top 5 “All-time Favorite Games” due to its extensive story which symbolizes harmony across “races” along with exciting scenes throughout the game that had me on the edge of my seat. Add in both heroines and subcharacters that are very colorful in personality forming a very tight connection through those bonds and you have essentially a “Visual Novel” that’s perfect in all aspects.

Fast forward to 2016 May, and we have the sequel that we thought we would never receive.

Homepage: http://www.lumpofsugar.co.jp/product/tayutama2/index.html

Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=883685

VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v17388

Summary of the Game (Translated from the Homepage):

The existence of Tayutai has been revealed and it has been 50 years since then. Humans have taken more measures to co-exist with these creatures, leading to a revolution of change for the human society.

The protagonist Kusakabe Sora lives in a town called Yakotami, where the spiritual powers are relatively stronger than any other areas. He’s been working towards this co-existance for as long as he can remember.

One day, Sora witnesses a fight between a human child and a Tayutai, and rushes towards them to mediate the conflict. It’s really not rare to see resistances to this kind of “co-existence”, but what happens next will most definitely surprise Sora.

“I’ve found him… He’s definitely my…”

A girl with strange ears, perhaps an incarnation of a human from a Tayutai, or someone like Mashiro, one who received the blessings from Tayutayu, she comes to our protagonist with a request:

“Please become my husband!”

Such a request bewilders our protagonist, who was completely unexpecting such a request. However, with the explanation of Mito Mashiro, Kohaku’s mother, Sora learns that Kohaku has been searching for a partner to further solidify the co-existence between humans and Tayutai.

“Well, I’m not sure about marriage…” is what Sora admits, but he allows this young girl to live with him and agrees to cooperate in her quest.

Thoughts on the Game so Far:

Honestly, I’m really worried. Games haven’t exactly been quite up to par with Tayutama’s original quality since Hello, Good-bye, and considering how games were plain retarded recently, this was mostly what’s been preventing me from buying the Pre-Order. It is Fumitake again with the art, and we’re also looking at Mashiro as well as Yuuri returning as “immortal beings”, so there’s that going for us. The game also states that the characters from the previous game, including Ameri, Yumina, and Mifuyu are all returning as the same “Immortals”, so that’s going to become interesting.

The scenario writer is someone Getchu do not have on their records: someone named “沖田露集” (Okita…?). This both fills me with hope and dread. Hope because we at least know it’s not destined to be shitty, dread because it can turn out like how Sakusaku had a new writer (Mirai Minase) and didn’t exactly turn out well at least compared to Mashiroiro Symphony. Based on how crappy Kodomo no Asobi is right now (almost done with it), I’d have to make a hypothesis that I need to keep my expectations low or else I’ll be extremely disappointed.

On to the characters themselves though:

Mito Kohaku:

Honestly, my first impression was “Holy Shit” because of that last name being corresponding to Yuuri and Mashiro’s last names. However, it doesn’t seem like she’s actually their “biological daughter” (though that’d be pretty DAMN interesting), but rather someone raised by them instead. Similar to Mashiro, Kohaku is given the role of encouraging the coexistence between Tayutai and humans, and quite different from Mashiro in the previous title in the sense her loli-like appearance correspond to her personality as well.

Very straightforward and honest describes this character, because she focuses on one thing too much, Kohaku often loses her surroundings. Like Mashiro, however, it seems that Kohaku is athletic and smart, although the website also describes her being unable to stay awake past midnight (characteristics of a child)

Character Quote: [Please become my husband!]

Saijyo Hifumi

She’s the daughter of a well-known family, but after her father’s death, was adopted into the Saijyo family. She’s overall well-behaved in front of everyone except Sora, who seems to be a good friend of hers. To him exclusively, Hifumi’s shown to be playful instead. As expected from her environment, Hifumi seems to be intelligent as well. The game describes her being more introverted, however.

Character Quote: [Be careful; Girls are liars]

Yunohana Nano

A girl who has been in contact with Tayutai since a young age. Because of this, she is often able to see things from a Tayutai’s point of view, and even acquired the skill to treat injured Tayutai or help them who suffered through corrupted transformations. Very calm and introverted, and has the tendency to keep problems to herself and push herself a bit too much. She’s overall average in other abilities and loves sweet things

Character Quote: [Tayutai are like humans. I think it’s best if they live as they are]

Mito Mashiro

Do I need to explain? LOL

Yep, she’s the Mashiro that you know from the previous title, the strongest Tayutai infused with the Goddess “Kikuramikaminohime” (try saying that 5 times fast! :D). She lives with Kohaku while Yuuri seems to be somewhere else (not sure what happened over here). While generally mature and easy to approach, Mashiro does have the other side of being childish or being stubborn about her opinions. She acts as the “Mother-Figure” to Kohaku, and actually has a spiritual connection to Yuuri so that she can still talk to him, but often becomes very jealous of Kohaku and Sora’s relationship.

The game mentions that she’s been reading Romance Novels recently, and obviously still loves marshmellows. It also seems that she’s not actually a heroine (because she’s already married, you derpheads)

Character Quote: [You’re becoming the husband, so let’s make you strong and powerful!]

Protagonist: Kusakabe Sora

A normal human, except for the fact that his Spiritual Powers are much more powerful than an average person. Due to this, he can feel the flow of energy through a sixth sense.

As gentle and logical person, Sora has even been shown to be the center of the attention in class, but also has traits of being proactive and resourceful.

Raised in an orphanage, he strongly believes that through cooperation, both  despair and misfortune can be overcome.

Character Quote: [I’ll do all I can to think of what we should do]

Thoughts on characters:




Fuck all the perverted and cardboard protagonists that galge (and Lump of Sugar) has been releasing recently. FINALLY we have a protagonist (albeit much like a copy-paste from the first title) who is actually useful and relevant to the story and its elements presented. I really hope that LoS follows through with all these traits, though, since it’s just as easy to screw Sora’s design up as it is to simply SAY that he has all these traits.

Heroines themselves seem a bit plain, although you can definitely see some traits similar to the heroines from the previous title (Hifumi vs. Ameri; Yumina vs. Nano). If at all, by what’s presented so far, I can only see a full-blown galge coming through, although at least it’ll contain a couple of Tayutai counterparts just like what the first-title did.

Worst case scenario, the characters themselves are cute, and I’ll get my full dose of Mashiro. Not sure if that’s going to be worth the 9800¥ that I’m thinking of spending like, right now.

Final thoughts of the preview: 

In one word: Hype. It’s interesting how the game will present not only the new characters, but also the characters from the first game as subcharacters. It’s assumed that Yuuri will appear as well (as according to how he appears in the CGs), and it’s also confirmed that heroines will also have Tayutai counterparts like they did for the first-game.

It is, however, worrying that LoS wasn’t exactly making story-oriented games recently, and based on how the heroines themselves seem really bland, it’s not a far-fetched estimate to expect a charage for Tayutama 2. We can only hope. We have an old artist and a new scenario writer. Let’s see how far that gets us with this sequel.

Comments on: "[The Most Hyped Sequel for Joyjason] Preview of [160527]Tayutama 2" (12)

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  2. Bifrost said:

    I will really hate them if this turn out some sort of NTR. I really disliked using old characters as heroine.

  3. Wow, thank you for preview! And thank you for translation.
    It helps to learn Japanese for me (even if I only start).

    Do you play the demo version? I read that LoS has Techgian and Web demo. Don’t know the differents, but Techgian demo crashes on my computer :(
    It’s awful. If you played a demo, can you express your opinion?

    Sorry for my English, btw.

    • Don’t worry about your English; it’s fine!
      Oh wow, they had a trial version? Didn’t know that xD
      Well, even if I knew, I don’t think I would have played the trial. Trials are usually for players who want to decide whether or not they want to go through with this game in the first place, and I’m pretty set on completing the game and writing a full review for it.

      Thanks for the info though, and glad this preview helped!

  4. Aurura09 said:

    Glad to see Tayutama 2 is coming, but some charaters do look like a lolis(Ameri and Mifuyu for example), even if they didn’t seemd like that in 2008. Seriously, what the fuck, Lump of Shugar?
    At least Mashiro is still lovely and quality of art overall better than the most of recent LoS games (C’mon, Kodomo no Asobi and Sekachu was re-e-eally bad compare to Tayutama or Hello,good-bye). Also, Kohaku seems to be an interesting character in some ways. I kinda loved “family” part of DC2~Dearest Marriage~, so I’d like to see something similar here.
    p.s. Sorry for my poor English, I’m not really a native speaker.

    • No worries! If it helps at all, I’m more than happy to speak in either Japanese or Korean if those are your native languages.

      Yep, that’s pretty much the biggest concern I have right now, that all the characters are “loli style”, which raises some questions regarding the audience LoS is targeting. Considering the newer games that you’ve mentioned involves a full blown charage with very little focus on story, everyone’s expecting a charage for this one, although it wouldn’t really be fair to make that assumption since we also have a new writer with almost no history.

      As disappointing as it might be, “family” might not exactly be the plot that we can expect for Tayutama 2. If at all, we should expect similar scenario as Tayutama 1 where the story focuses more on the co-existence than anything else.

  5. I’m feeling with you. It’s just that I’m apparently a whole lot more pessimistic than you are. After all, LoS has put years of painstaking effort into decomposing my entire trust in them.

    And as you said, there are already quite some bad omen. The most conspicuous one being that each new heroine is basically a loli, but I can more or less live with that.

    However, there is one tiny detail that is reminding me not to let my guard down for even a moment. Namely that Koharu isn’t their “real” daughter. Take a moment and think about why they made that decision. It’s painfully obvious that they simply didn’t have the balls to make her their daughter, because that may have led to NTR-esque vibes (which is probably also the reason why Yuri will be absent most of the game lol). I mean, it’s easy to imagine that the daughter of the MC you know and love getting on with some other guy is in fact somewhat disturbing. And I guarantee you, they simply didn’t want to take that risk, since it would take some really good writing to make the reader accept that “new guy”.

    What does that tell us? It tells us that LoS isn’t willing to take risks in general, which is why they will “play it safe” (from their perspective) and put in as many generic, fool-proven elements as rationality allows.

    I’d love to get pleasantly surprised, but I’ll keep my expectations very, very low. In fact, I’ll consider myself satisfied even if the game turns out to be only decent.

    • In fact, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for all of LoS games so far; they’re not willing to take adventurous measures for their games. I’ve started writing up my review for Kodomo no Asobi and I repeat the same words AGAIN on that review. Most of their recent games are now almost a copy-paste of each other and it’s frankly quite annoying.

      Your theory of purposely making Kohaku NOT related to Mashiro/Yuuri = lack of originality makes sense. Another is how the character descriptions involve “academic intelligence or physical capabilities”, and that’s a very general heroine trait, not a unique personality or “something special” as we’re really hoping for in a heroine introduction.

      If that wasn’t enough, how Mashiro is put out there as a “heroine” but would likely not be one adds to this lack of originality and how they’re really using her as bait, quite literally. Now THAT, my friend, is quite fucking sad; how a company is using a CHARACTER as the attention-grabber/main dish of the game.

      I don’t blame you for losing your faith in LoS. I personally would have done the same if it wasn’t for Tayutama pretty much being the Top games for me. Look at Navel on the other hand; none of their games were extraordinary, so I’m pretty much through with the autistic shit they’re (Well okay, it’s by “Navel Honeybell”– Close enough) producing.

      On the other hand, we can hope.


    • I don’t love Tayutama as adamantly as you do, I’d say it has something to do with the time I read it (don’t get me wrong, still easily in my top10).

      I’m still a-okay with Navel stuff. Admittedly, I never bothered reading Navel Honeybell titles. Tsukiyori 2 is obviously their worst recent title and even that one is a kamige compared to LoS titles. Looking forward to the Otome Riron FD too. I don’t expect anything amazing out of it, getting some more Risona is all I need.

      And if we’re talking about copy-pasting, we should mention the undisputed king and master of that art: ensemble. Both their cross-dressing franchises and the normal romance ones are LITERALLY the same games over and over again. It’s ridiculous.

      Have you read tone work’s titles? Surprisingly, their upcoming title is probably my most anticipated one this year lol. When it comes to pure love stories, I believe Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai is quite high up there (no random falling in love, there’s actually build-up! And at the point where you see almost all charage routes end, you get a part 2 equal in length that shows you everything up to marriage and all that).

    • You’ve made the right choice in avoiding Honeybell (in fact, I’m pretty sure I helped you avoid them in the first place. Be gracious bucko!)

      Jokes aside, you do have a point that ensemble is also one of these companies that I’ve stopped following for the same reason.

      I remember tone work from Hatsukoi 1/1, where I actually decided not to play it because it seemed really long at the time and at least back in 2012, my Japanese wasn’t proficient enough. Based on what I read on Getchu though, it seems that it’s at least more than some random cheap charage, so I’ll be putting those titles on my backlog; thanks for the suggestions!

    • Well it’s true that their games are long, each route is about double as long as your average route because each part has the length of a full route.

      Also, I’m still waiting for you to actually read IroSeka! Once my team’s new website is up, I plan on writing up a detailed composite review for IroSeka/IroHikari, maybe that’ll finally get you to read those games lol.

      And yeah, I entertained the idea of playing a Honeybell title at some point, but your review that came up just with the right timing made me reconsider. Much thanks!

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