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Foreword: If you followed me and my eroge career so far, you’d know that I’ve played every single Whirlpool game with the exception of a game called “Ina Koi” which is their very first game and probably not that great (I say this based on 3rd-party reviews). I planned on keeping this “streak of completion” throughout, so it’s only natural that World Election, their 10th anniversary game, is next on my list. Honestly, I actually planned on writing this review MUCH sooner, but stuff happens and I’m currently in Orlando, Florida, so there’s that.

Oh well, right into the game. Long story short, World Election was unexpectedly good at least compared with the relatively lower expectations I had for the game. While obviously not up to par with older titles like Suzukaze no Melt, this game did have a colorful character design which I hope to discuss. As expected from a “10th anniversary game”, World Election did have more effort placed into creating a serious charage, which includes the presence of a “True Route”

I’ll try to go through with what I thought about the game overall!

Title: ワールド・エレクション (World Election)
Producers: Whirlpool
Release Date: February 26, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v18141
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=875507
Game Type: Fantasy Charage Novel

Summary: One day, five different worlds all with very different paradigms and thoughts, as well as the population all collapsed into one. This resulted in utter chaos as each world’s leaders struggled to find a good balance of each of their cultures as to not clash with others. As things settled down, a school was created for the bright youngsters of each of these five worlds to participate and learn about each other’s differences.

Kei is said student who actually has very little friends. His scary looks and his abilities as a a “Dummy Maker” placed fear in the hearts of all the students in the very first day of his school, and while he doesn’t like the school per se, he also doesn’t want to be dragged back home to his strict father.

This is why when his father does call and finds out that Kei wasn’t really getting anything from attending school, he enforces Kei’s return. Upon desperation, Kei promises his dad that he’ll become the next Student Council President to show him his passion!

Go ahead. Kururu is watching

Story Length: Moderately Long (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Moderate
Comments: Not so obvious choices, the game does present the common route, then “arcs” of each heroine which foreshadows her route. While I did appreciate that each heroine seemed thoroughly explained in the common route, I also thought that there was a serious lack in transition between them. To clarify, it’s OBVIOUS to where Pafu’s arc in the common route ends and the next heroine’s “arc” starts.

Route splits when all the heroines gather in Kei’s room the day before the “Election”, and clearing the heroine’s route will also open up a “Mini Route” (With H-scenes) for the subcharacter associated with that heroine as well.

True Route for Kururu opens after her own which is considered a “bad route”, just like how they did for Kujiragami.

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Protagonist Rating: 7/10
Game Quality: High
Overall Rating: 7/10
Rating Comments: Now if I had to make a complaint and a confession, the romance in this game absolutely fucking sucks. No transition in any of the characters including Kei himself, and while it’s painfully obvious that each of the five heroines are affectionate towards the protagonist in the common route, said affection magically disappears once you get into one of the heroine routes. In reality, this took off major points for both Story and Character, evenmoreso because Kururu, who was supposed to be the central heroine and most relevant to the story had the least amount of this “building up of affection”.

Despite this, expect a very colorful design of heroines in this game to be considered “superior”. Subcharacters who really needed a route of their own (e.g. Ponko) gets one and each heroine is considered very unique and colorful unlike this game which was the same 10th anniversary game but resorted to cliche and generic settings which really gives the atmosphere of this game to be a “charage” from the beginning scenes.

Subcharacters get a mini-route of their own, so that was nice

In addition to this, despite how the story receives a “5/10”, I really urge readers to NOT overlook the story. The writer for this game is apparently the same one who wrote this game from Sugar Pot that I enjoyed quite a bit. Rest assured that aside from the horrible lack in romance that took off admittedly a whopping 2 points from this score, the setting is well explained, and some foreshadows are present (better than none, me thinks). In addition to this, each heroine route does contain one last bit of story in her route pertaining to the heroine which made the romantic interactions a bit more valuable than other charage where heroine routes are all about H-scenes.

Protagonist is shares the common traits as heroines, as a very colorful boy who is actually super powerful and misunderstood to be scary, but in reality has the heart of pure gold who always tries to work for the benefit of others. This kindness is presented with heroine flashbacks and observation even from subcharacters, and how he becomes a fucking badass in the true route complimented his design all the better. I just wish that Kei did have that “romantic transition” that he pretty much missed in every single route, like literally–all he thinks of each heroine and subheroines are “friends” (family for Iori), during the common route, but this paradigm gets flipped quickly once you get into a heroine route and that’s usually a “no-no”.

Generally, I really liked Kei’s design as a protagonist. I mean, look at dem abs!

Character Summary:

Alright, so let’s get on with it

The strange character who literally crashes into Kei’s room one random night, Kururu introduces herself as a “破壊神” or the “God of Destruction”. Despite also seeming cuckoo in the head, it seems that she’s actually quite obedient as opposed to said background since she lost her memories when she crashed into Kei. This loss of memory does make her seem a bit more childish and allows her love for ramen to develop when Kei takes her to the ramen store. In addition to this, Kururu participates greatly in the humor within the beginning portions of the game with the same ignorance that she displays throughout the game.

she dead.jpg

In all honesty, the game makes very little effort to actually describe anything about this character until her own route where she is actually shown to be a “God of Destruction”. Her “arc” (NOT her route) within the common route does hint at her own abilities, however, so I found this a plus. On the other hand, Kururu, while she did have an extra “True Route”, didn’t actually seem like a main heroine since she was one of the characters that simply disappeared within other (Pafu, Faura, etc…) heroine routes and aside from very few character traits, she didn’t really seem like a central heroine.

As the daughter of the Demon Lord, Sophia is essentially a princess fully equipped with a massive magical ability. Because of this, most of her personality is that of an ojousama, except the fact she also has a large side of her that’s playful as well, resulting in a “childish princess”.

The game goes to show that Sophia’s and Kei’s first meeting is where Kei’s sister was arguing with the haughty demons, and how Kei was able to block off attacks of Chiko, one of the most powerful demons. At this point, Sophia takes a liking to Kei and his abilities, and continuously makes approaches to this oblivious protagonist who has no idea why a princess like Sophia would be interested in him.

Sophia’s route mostly involves the fact that Kei won’t “become her’s” even after all her efforts. This pretty much causes the poor girl to go on a rampage which Kei has to stop. While I would actually be quite favorable with this kind of storyline, I just wish there was more interaction between the two characters and as described above, more transition for Kei to look at Sophia from an annoying classmate to an attractive individual.

The younger sister to our protagonist, the game doesn’t really go into much detail regarding their relationship, but it’s assumed they’re blood-related (but also look nothing like each other). Much more hard-headed and serious about the whole election for student council president, it’s also shown that it’s none other than Iori who “ratted” Kei out to their father about him not enjoying the school life and made multiple attempts to have him come back home, where she would be able to take care of him exclusively. She actually does this because she observed her brother being isolated and feared instead of having friends, so it’s with good intent. It’s also shown that she does have romantic affection for her brother, which is made explicit by the courtesy of Pafu during one of her “counseling sessions”, adding to Iori’s charm.

I often complain about “tsundere imouto” characters, but Iori didn’t really seem to fit this category that much.

The bad thing about Iori in my opinion is that her ability was literally hidden until the very end of her route and never hinted throughout the game. The game shows that she felt responsible for said ability, but it was really hard to sympathize with her when said element really came out of nowhere.

“Chibi Tenshi” (Petite Angel) or “Loli Tenshi” is what this character is called, one of the Sky Citizens capable of flight. Unlike the loli-like personality that we’re probably used to, however, Pafil (which is her actual name) has more of an “ojou-sama personality” than even Sophia. I personally thought this was a pretty nice contrast.

Nonetheless, Pafu is also one of the candidates for the race, and she makes her appeals using counseling sessions as she is able to read minds of others. It’s her who displays more of the “romantic attractions” that the heroines have for Kei, while also holding a bit of that same affection herself.

I actually thought her route was one of the better ones, as her design as a “Love Angel” (quite literally) teaches the super-haughty girl a lot of things, including how it turns her paradigm that even she has things that she cannot control. Players may also see a slight but definite change in her personality throughout the game, plus a “flashback” to when Kei became more of a romantic interest to her which were both positive traits. Add on how she was voiced by Akita Hana (who has a pretty cute voice), I found this Loli Tenshi to be quite memorable.

I really think Akita Hana is going to be added to my list of “favorite CVs”

Though again, the romance transition at least for Kei was rather abrupt.

Half-beasts is what Faura and their race can be described as, a humanoid race with animal-like qualities. In exchange for lower intelligence, they all have heightened senses and much greater physical abilities, in addition to the bird-species being able to fly as well. They all seem to center around Faura, a wolf-like girl who is pretty much the most influential of them all.

Kei’s relationship to Faura is similar to that of “best friends”, as both of them are pretty much “feared” by others and often alone. It’s also shown that Faura’s cooking has already captivated Kei’s tastes, who appreciates the strong spices and meat-centered diet that the race consumes (as corresponding to their background).

Faura is actually one of the characters I found favorable, as she first opposes Kei as one of the candidates for the election, but soon turn around and join his side after she confirms with her own eyes that he is best suited to become the Student Council President. Her route I also found to be pretty adorable as this character really starts to become more “animal-like” as corresponding to her design and how she becomes “addicted to Kei’s smell” was an overall cute and well-accepted design for a heroine. I just wish that like all other heroines, she maintain that same affection even outside of her own route and has to suppress it just as much as she does in hers.

Faura essentially comes to “love” Kei’s scent in her own route… I kinda wish this was kept intact across routes

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: So in general, the game does somewhat live up to its expectations of being a “10th anniversary game” by having at least a better, more acceptable storyline, more characters and CGs, and presumably more effort put into creating the game overall. While it’s definitely a “better Whirlpool game”, I also would appreciate if readers can take my words with a grain of salt since this might only be because I was hitting shitty games quite recently. Though on the other hand, I never really found the “ichaicha” within the game to be as annoying as with other charage (e.g. LoS games… I find it so funny how I use their games so frequently as an example of a bad game), and it’s nice to have “mini-routes” for each of the subcharacters as well.

Mamizu ALWAYS has at LEAST one of these amazingly drawn CGs in all her games. I freaking love it when she does that.

Whirlpool games also tend to stick in one extra H-scene for each character once you clear their route, but this game actually adds in two instead. In this aspect, I actually found both quality AND quantity of the CGs to be quite satisfactory (as you’ll see represented with scores below).

Some bad sides, as I’ve explained are that the romance was greatly non-existent, and in all honesty, it really seems to be the standard in galge at the moment (i.e. the only games that actually do well with character romance are ones that focus explicitly on it), and the entire game otherwise has the atmosphere of being a charage full of jokes and senseless humor.

Except for this annoying demon, Soros.

The story was another thing that took a big hit, as a game that was probably best left as a charage does try to make that one last ditch effort to produce a serious story within Kururu’s route that actually made it quite choppy and unwanted instead. Even as the true route with all the characters playing SOME role in one way or another AND the protagonist actually shining as someone super powerful, it was also very short and ended too soon. In addition, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Whirlpool does use “their own logic” in this true route as well,  making it awkward as well.

To be honest, some of this “own logic” is present in all the routes…

On my personal observation, the writing is indeed very similar Koidoll, which I remember explicitly for its cute and memorable characters. The tendency to rush the ending can also be seen here, though, so it’s not all nice and neat (…)

Affection for the Characters: High

CG Score: 8/10. I’m a big fan of Mamizu and Tenmaso’s CGs in general, and As mentioned previously, there were other artists who contributed to this game. The biggest complaint I have here is that characters drawn by Mamizu had nipples that were ridiculously big (wtf, right?)

Otherwise, SDCGs were pretty cute

Music Score: 6/10. Pretty average this time, and the same characteristic carries onto the Opening and Ending songs

Addictiveness: Moderate

Conclusion: A quite decent Whirlpool game with only one major flaw with the romance transitioning, but otherwise worth your time for the laughs. I highly recommend readers to NOT expect a story for this title, but to sit back and relax and enjoy the colorful characters that World Election has to offer

Though to be fair, each heroine route seemed “complete”, even if rushed

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  3. I got kind of stuck in this game somewhere in the middle of Iori’s route and instead read pulltop’s Miagete goran (surprisingly good!) the other week lol. I guess it’s like you say, it’s pretty decent but it can really quickly wear you out if there is just one character that gets onto your nerves. Mainly because it’s one “I’ve seen this somewhere before…” moment after the other.

    I don’t know who did the sprites and backgrounds, but other than the CGs (which are pretty decent with some of them being exceptionally good like you say), the art is pretty meh. Seriously, just look at some of the sprites and especially the side character sprites. Whoever did those is completely incapable of drawing limbs; feet and legs in particular. And while the background art is not as bad as for instance the background art circus uses (that d.s. dal segno bg art is horrific holy shit) it’s veeery bland and sterile. Honestly, I expect more of a company like whirlpool.

    Oh well, guess I’ll finish the game nonetheless some time soon. I can’t stand it to leave games unfinished.

    Btw, feel free to check out my iroseka review if you like.

    • Oh damn, you have an Irosekai review? I’ll probably need to use it IF you can promise me no spoilers.

      On the topic of art, that score wasn’t really for quality; it was for quantity. Unlike LoS who didn’t even have enough CGs while having four artists, at least Whirlpool has normal CGs for even subcharacters during their mini-routes…

      …Was why I add onto that score a bit more

      But yeah, a lot of artists have trouble drawing fingers or arms, which is strange since I see a lot of doujin artists fully capable of this in contrast

    • As long as you don’t open the spoiler sections, there should be no spoilers. With our new website up now, I’ll be regularly writing reviews. After a discussion about IroHika, next up is either Miagete Goran or a rant on Sorairo innocent (don’t play this game, ever!)

      Anyway, yeah I can see what you mean. I absolutely hate it when there’s like more h-cgs than normal ones and this happens even with high-budget developers. Whirlpools CG art is pretty decent overall anyway, it’s just that I don’t get why they can’t get an artist who can draw decent sprites (and backgrounds).

    • Since you also brought it up, I’d really appreciate it if you can tell me why I shouldn’t go through with Sorairo. Will check out your review later today

    • Sorairo *is* to a okay-ish if you look at it as a kinetic novel and only read mashiro’s route and even then it’s not good. there is like zero character development and meaningful background, no drama, nothing.

      And all the other routes are essentially just an incoherent copy-paste. you have all the build-up with mashiro, everything is the same, except that in the scene where you get a confession in-between, the confession is simply cut out and you get a random confession like 10 minutes later which doesn’t even make sense. other than that, you still get almost the exact same story in each route. if you read pulltop’s kono oozora, you probably know that it’s greatest weakness is repetitiveness throughout routes. however, that game has its redeeming values. sorairo has much, much more repetitiveness and basically no redeeming values at that.

      the feeling of having wasted my precious time for basically nothing was extremely intense.

    • Repetitiveness is my worst enemy! I’m fully aware of other games that have done this and how annoying as hell it can be. The lack of variety across routes makes the entire game boring, and I thank you for warning me about this since I was about to go through with Sorairo very soon.

      I took the time to Google search your review (since I didn’t see any links provided), and posted a reply there.

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