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Hey guys, this isn’t a review post. More rather, it’s an apology post for being so slow with reviews recently.

I’ll say it right off the bat; no I am not planning on “quitting” writing reviews. I just wanted to let you all know a couple of things that’s been going on in my life which I HOPE would become an excuse a valid reason and an explanation for me being rather slow with reading newest titles or making reviews.

First things first. I have been recently diagnosed with “Atypical Depression“, and it’s been hitting me quite severely. It’s been leeching at my mentality and a lot into my hobbies and studies, to the point I am being delayed a year in my PharmD degree (basically the “master’s degree” for pharmacists). While this does give me about 4-6 months of rest in exchange, I don’t plan on actively reviewing even during this time and will instead make all efforts to overcome my current condition. I’m likely not going to take medications even with the severity, and will definitely have a harder time living a normal, independent life than I would hope to.

Second is that in addition to all of this, I’ve opted to start MMORPGs again. Obviously, my computer is still a crappy potato that can’t run more of the higher-end games, but it’s enough to pull off even more time that would otherwise be used for review writing. I’ll definitely admit that my “relapse” of MMOs is also because of my third reason

Which is that recent titles are pretty shitty. Yes yes, it’s the same old complaint that I’ve been blabbing for months to years, and honestly, it’s getting really tiring. Sure, there are better games out there. Sure, some of the games I’ve already finished are possible candidates to play, but as a reviewer and a veteran of the genre, I feel as if things are slowing down as it felt like it did when I used to watch anime intensively (~4-5 years ago) and decided the titles were crap. Frankly, it seems that the tides have turned and now the anime industry is putting more effort into its titles.

tl;dr below

So basically, for a variety of reasons, I’m going to be very slow or at least much less frequent with my review posts. While I understand I don’t really have that large of an audience in the first place, I still believed that you guys were in deserving of some apologies from me and an update on my current physical and mental conditions.

I’m still online on Skype as “itsjoyjason”, if you want to chat about anything or ask questions. I even have a mic if voice chats are your thing.

I’m also open to MMO suggestions. I’ve played most of the popular ones, but it might be good for me to perhaps enjoy some grinding with someone, rather than playing by myself.

Thanks for your support as always, and please do take your time and relax on this review site, a blog that’s not much of a blog!

— joyjason


Comments on: "The Cynical Philosopher’s Regression" (10)

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  2. hamoun76 said:

    Hope you get better soon!

  3. Hope you get well soon. I can only understand the lack of good games, and I can only hope you find something entertaining.

  4. […] I hope to have done all the apologies and notifications on the previous post that I’ve made, and bring you the most recent title I finished, Koikake. At this point, I’d like to […]

  5. I hope you get better!
    I’ve just recently found your blog, but I really like your reviews. :)

  6. I hope you get better.

    I agree — recent releases haven’t been that great.

    • It’ll definitely take me a while to get back up, but I’ll definitely come back since that’s what I did when I fell previously with other problems.

      On that thought though, any future releases interesting for you? :)

    • Baldr Heart, Gin’Iro Haruka, and the next August work are pretty hype for me.

  7. starlessn1ght said:

    I hope you get well soon… 頑張って !

    • Thank you for your encouragements! I’ll be back with more hilarious (?) and quality reviews! ありがとうございます!

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