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Foreword: A review in one month, huh! Quite a disappointment I am, playing my MMOs like some loser, right? (Time is so limited for me! Q_Q) Rest assured that I’m still playing the newer releases, and actually quite hyped for the May releases, and just trying to fill my time between now and then with my newly growing backlog.

Right into the review! Tiny Dungeon is actually a series that was recommended to me by someone from a LONG time ago, when I was still on blogspot for my reviews (so it’s maybe 3-4 years ago?). I completely forgot who it was that recommended this title to me, but I thought I’d give it a try.

I’ll be short with this one; it was quite a disappointment. Despite being a recommendation, I personally thought this game had way too little to offer to its players and will definitely get into the details within the review.

Note: Screenshots are not included for this review

Title: Tiny Dungeon ~Black and White~
Producers: Rosebleu
Release Date: June 25, 2010
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v3767

Summary: Hime is a student at the Trinity Academy, a prestigious school of magic which houses many different races, from the gods, demons, and even dragons. However, the unfortunate thing is that as part of the human race who was known for starting wars and causing chaos, Hime is not welcomed in this school and always bullied or ridiculed. His lack of magic abilities doesn’t add much to his characteristics as the only ally seemed to be Kou, the other student in the school who was also human.

However, Hime seems to have something that Ururu and Kou recognize. This feature is soon recognized by other superpowers like Veru or Noute, and everyone works together to help Hime improve more and more.
Story Length: Moderately Short (15 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy.
Comments: The only choices in this game seems to determine “dead-ends”, or pretty much the abrupt stopping of the story with the implication that the protagonist dies due to a poor choice during a climactic scene. Each of the main heroines engage in sexual intercourse with the protagonist, and really, there was no meaning within any of the choices.

Character Design Rating: 1/10
Story Rating: 4/10
Protagonist Rating: 3/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: Quite the disappointing game, the highest score ironically is the story, which actually gets a little better once you get into the game with all the conflicts that pop up and make the game at least more exciting. The beginning, however, sucks in the sense it’s used mostly to show how worthless Hime and Kou are against the other races who are ironically portrayed as the more evil ones. A huge minus which further contributed to the story score was the complete lack of battle descriptions despite the fact most of the story involved some form of battle scenes. Instead, the game opts on using “powerpoint transitions” or flashes to portray this instead, which obviously isn’t a good trait.

Character designs are very poor and generic, and worsened by the strange fact the “dragon race” as displayed in the game look like cats. At this point, I was laughing to myself and thinking that this was such a weeaboo game, and cringing at the next negative trait…

Which was that heroines, even as a superpower, finds Hime to be attractive with almost no transition or reasoning. This pattern even continues to Veru or Kou, who were arguably “more closer” with the protagonist, and this really knocked scores below what it could have been. Furthermore, each heroine is very bland and unexplained, with unnecessary fanservice scenes filling the entire game

Protagonist is just as bad, as someone who is completely powerless and insignificant. The only thing that added points to his score was his trait of “never giving up” which was more of a positive thing about him, but was also the ONLY good thing about him. In fact, he always seems to require some form of assistance from each heroine.

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: So the entire game seems like an intro to the series, but was more “weeaboo” than anything, how it utilized fanservice scenes like no tomorrow and cheap jokes relating to the protagonist which got pretty repetitive in my opinion. The game does make that effort to make this into a full game by including various conflicts with other subcharacters and such, but these do not last very long and usually resolved indirectly by a heroine, not the protagonist.

It is less surprising, however, since my first Rosebleu game was “Ichibanjya dame desuka”, a harem-themed school life novel which is ridiculously similar to this title minus all the combat and such, and

Affection for the Characters: Very Low

CG Score: 2/10. The art is absolute wank. No depth to give it a 3D feeling, weird body and face proportions, and boring backgrounds.
Music Score: 2/10. I’m being absolutely serious when I say I turned off the BGM in the game and opted to listen to video game soundtracks just so I don’t go nuts.

Conclusion: A very disappointing game that was recommended to me a while back. It’s strange to see how this series continues to be a trilogy with a relatively decent playerbase so there’s obviously something the producers did right that I didn’t catch. In addition to how the first game I played from Rosebleu never really created a good impression for me, I don’t think I would recommend or continue with this title any further, at least from a veteran player’s perspective.

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