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Foreword: I’m actually quite glad that I’m poor and generally pretty lazy. Otherwise, I can see myself losing a lot of money buying these crappy games then raging over it LOL

Right onto the review. Extremely generic is what you should label this game, along with the entirety having god-awful transition. The most primary outcome of said awful transition was that you literally can’t tell whose PoV you’re looking at, at least until some information on said viewpoint is obtained. Point of View switches literally happen within a single black screen and this was extremely confusing and quite disruptive to the overall scenario.

In fact, nothing really makes this game stand out… Other than the fact that it was bad. It’s already a bad thing that its design annoys me, so I’ll definitely criticize this game for having nothing to offer for its readers.

Title: 1分の2恋ゴコロ (Note: “1bun no 2” means two portions of one part, basically saying “2/1”)
Producers: Amanoha
Release Date: August 26, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16220
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=832618
Game Type: Inferior Romance Novel

Summary: Aoi would be your normal teenager, except for the fact that his parents died leaving behind him and his two younger sisters. Since he wanted to support them all he can, Aoi quit his school and started to work part-time jobs to earn their living expenses.

This story is about him, his sisters, and the timid underclassman who was once in the same club as Aoi when he was attending school, as well as the hikkikomori neighbor who often provides them with various meals.

Story Length: Moderately Long (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: Quite strange how a game that’s not that great having a decent mix of choices or the length. If you noticed that my summary is shit, just keep in mind that’s because there’s really nothing to “summarize” for this game XD

Character Design Rating: 2/10
Story Rating: 3/10
Protagonist Rating: 4/10
Game Quality: Low
Overall Rating: 3/10
Rating Comments: So overall a very inferior game, this is comprised mostly from a very lackluster character line-up complimented by one of the more generic storylines and a protagonist who doesn’t really make too much of an impact.

Character design really needs improvement as none of them feel impactful or have that meaningful interaction with the protagonist. Their charm was also poorly displayed as the reader may be confused about why he would (or should) feel affection for these heroines. With designs just as generic as a charage, this game fared even worse because it failed to sell its characters to readers.

Kouhai heroine who’s helplessly in love with the protagonist is cute and all, but that’s it?!

Similarly, the protagonist is simply too normal to create an engaging atmosphere. A normal teenager who quit school to work in order to support his “imoutos” doesn’t work well. Along with how he only works one job (I don’t know about you, but I would probably perform more work than one “part time job” if I was in Aoi’s situation), I don’t see how this scenario would also open up to giving time for interaction with other heroines, or work to benefit the protagonist in the eyes of the readers. Aoi does have some action within heroine routes, although quite abysmal.

The entire game more-or-less seems like a boring diary of I-did-this and I-did-that instead of feeling alive, and was worsened with what I mentioned in the Foreword–the poor physical transition between scenes. The writer of this story obviously didn’t have the audience in mind when writing the story because it would be normal for some readers to go “Whose narratives are these?” when reading the story. The intro is shit in terms of actually having meaningful story, but the heroine routes do try to go for that serious conflict which re-earns points. The problem with these conflicts, however, are that they’re waaaaaay too underdeveloped. Like literally, one moment you have a sunshine-and-lollipops scene and the next you have heroines crying and I’m just like “Well shit that escalated quickly”

Senpai won’t notice me

In short, I would have really appreciated some backstory from all of this. “Everything happens and that’s it” is what this story gives us, and I’m thinking “give me that spice”! Give me that garlic salt and pepper for my unseasoned steak! It’s good that Aoi has this noble and sacrificial mindset and generally working very hard, but give me those scenes in the past where he would reach out but no one would help him. Define why the manager at the cafe decided to hire him and why Aoi won’t work more jobs (because he needs to take care of his sisters, as an example). These are just a few of many holes I’ve found while going through the introduction, and of course it’s not explained well. Go figure.


Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: So all in all, a very boring and lack luster game that really had nothing to offer. I like how the protagonist’s mindset was set on taking care of the two heroines (so that was a nice trait) and was pretty much why I picked this game up in the first place, but then I realize this is related to something kinda retarded (as shown in the routes of said characters) made it more of a turn-off for me, and as always, the romantic transitioning was quite shit.

I’m really tired of games that have that change of heart from “I love my sister as a family” to “I love my sister as the opposite gender” way too rapidly.
And there’s no harem route

Protip for the Japanese developers of galge, because I’m pretty sure you’re not aware of this fact: romantic transitioning isn’t done with a snap of a finger. You need to take the time to have the two characters interact much more than other heroines. You need to insert a conflict that involves both the protagonist and the target heroine to the greatest extent, and this needs to be resolved well. The fact that this game doesn’t have any of that makes the romance seem fake and the successive H-scenes worthless. This game is literally your typical, underdeveloped galge which failed to even sell its characters.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 3/10. Too plain. Color gradients are used here and there, but there’s just no “luster” in these artwork

Like look at that tree. Does it kill to have put more effort?

Music Score: 5/10. The same: the entire game is just so plain and the Opening follows the same pattern


How everything was so boring makes me wonder if this company was originally a doujin circle who used RPGVX or something to make games in the past. Both artwork and music was very plain and simply can’t compare to other high quality games like Giniro Haruka of the same month. Characters are highly lackluster and lacks interaction with the protagonist, who is revealed to have quite a retarded reason for being so supportive of his imoutos. Considering how this game was delayed roughly 6 months (see the first image of this review and the release date), I expected better than this.

Ueda Akane is voicing a lot of characters nowadays. Not that I mind, but I think she’s NOT fit to voice Kansai-dialect characters.

Eat a piece of meat, but don’t season it at all. It might make you full, but damn you’re going to hate yourself for doing so because it’s going to be weird and perhaps even taste nasty. That’s pretty much what this game was.

Comments on: "Double the Love, Double the Heart: Short Review of [160826]1 bun no 2 Koigokoro" (8)


    Oh sure I won’t touch this game

    And again, false advertisement about “love” story :( maybe developer nowadays thinks “love story = confession -> H immediately, then ichaicha” :(

    Btw, do you have a plan to play Akabeisoft 3’s new game next month? It seems promising, but… I prefer if they make it all-ages version… you know, because they’re still loli and shota… :/

  2. I was interested in this one for the premise of a hard working onii-chan doing his best to support his little sisters, but the long series of delays left me wary : if I’m not mistaken the game was originally planned for release on 2015-03-27, which totals to about a year-and-a-half of delays. For a studio comprised of mostly new staff, that was not a very good sign, and not helping things were the utter lack of details as to why the game got delayed each time (just a word of apology and that’s it). I guess the miracle did not occur, which is fine since my current schedule is already filled with two very lengthy games anyway (Giniro, Haruka and Rewrite+).

    Could you go into a bit more details as to the reason why the protagonist takes care of his sisters? I’d imagine it was to avoid having the three of them spread out in different relatives or institutions, but your review seems to imply something else. If you want to avoid spoilers in the comments section I can give you an email in case you can’t access the one I used to post this comment.

    • I meant to reply to this earlier, but some MMOs had updates and (insert more excuses here)

      Regarding said reason, that’s essentially the entirety of Hina’s route, which explains (spoiler alert) that Aoi and the twins are actually cousins and the girls were adopted by Aoi’s parents who unfortunately were in a car accident and passed away. In a bit of chaos, Aoi blames his parents’ death on the twins and apparently caused another event to happen (regarding Hina; that’s even more of a spoiler lel) and him dedicating himself to taking care of his imoutos was his “repetence”.

      I like how this was explained in the end, but as mentioned it was quite retarded, since in relation to said “event”, Aoi was pretty much exaggerating and the game implies this “guilt” somehow evolved into romance for the twins later on.

  3. I wonder if you played Sengoku Rance 7 ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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