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Foreword: Okay I’m not going to even try to lie here, but this was more of a “wtf” game for me. Despite being produced by Akabeisoft 3 (a company who I have good impressions on from previous games), I failed to see any form of moral, symbolism, or foreshadows in this strange ass game which was super generic and extremely disorienting. Strangely enough, it wasn’t annoying as I would find archetypical games so I guess the game did well in that sense, but…

Let’s just get into the review. I’m not going to get anything accomplished here.

Title: Gusha no Kyouben ~imashika dekinaikotoga takusan arunda!~ (Lecture of the Amateurs ~There’s so much that can be done only now!~)
Producers: Akabeisoft 3
Release Date: October 28, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v19792
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=920705
Game Type: Slice of life (?) shota/lolicon novel

Summary: Kazuki and his six friends were together for a long time, and each of them had a special relationship with everyone else that was irreplaceable by anything else. However, like the kids around his age, Kazuki and his crew does have some complaints regarding adults whether it be parents or teachers who seems to suppress them with unreasonable things. Because of this, him and his group of friends decide it’s time to rebel. If their pleas for help is ignored, they’ll broadcast it loud and clear until they’re heard.

And piss off the adults in the process (kek)

Story Length: Moderate (~20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Very Easy
Comments: A couple of choices here and there, the names of heroines are prevalent in each choice so there shouldn’t be much problems.

Character Design Rating: 5/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Protagonist Rating: 7/10
Game Quality: High
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: This was quite the strange game. While not absolutely terrible, it lacked “something” to make it good.

Protagonist is obviously the better of the group, as that relatively childish boy who is ironically super mature when it comes to the serious business. He also seems to act on impulse but in the correct manner, allowing heroines to actually differentiate him over the other male subcharacters within the game. The major flaw with him is that his age was simply not matched to said mentality and lost that sense of reality. While fully voiced and competent, his design just seemed fake for the story, and if at all, the game should have presented him a bit more ignorant, hard-headed, or rash.

Heroines are quite the generic, who suffer problems with adults of their own. It’s at least good that each of them create good impressions though again they’re pretty much archetype derivatives. Frankly, that’s all I can really say about them; they’re not bad, but they’re not good either. Oh god I’m going to suffer in the character summary section aren’t I?

Story is the thing that really kills this game. Starting off with the unique design of childhood and rebellion, this trait is unfortunately not developed deeper and instead tries to resolve much of the conflict with “romance” which is also not well transitioned. Obviously, this is going to be something I’ll need to explain further below so I’ll just note here for this section that if you came to this game hoping for a deep and meaningful story from some of the previous Akabeisoft 3 games, expect to be disappointed

Character Summary:

First off is Orino, the wealthy “ojousama” heroine (?) who doesn’t actually seem as such. Originally from a very strict family focusing on how she needs to represent their family, Orino meets Kazuki very early on when he breaks her paradigms and teaches her how fun childhood can be.

Obviously infatuated with the protagonist, it comes to her as a great disappointment that both her mother and father do not approve of Kazuki, and even rips apart the dress she buys when she heads shopping with Sen and Reina.

Orino’s route mostly deals with the parent-child conflict quite typical in many Asian countries of the parent demanding academic success and good behavior. It extends to how the parents “give in” to let Orino do what she wants, but do not approve of her relationship with Kazuki, which has some events in the past which relates to it.

Next is Sen, the more quiet character who seems to be characterized by an early onset of puberty which allowed her body to mature faster. This mostly becomes a running gag in game, though on the other hand it leads to her problem with adults when she is almost raped by a certain teacher in school.

This incident is immediately reported, but as the word of the principal of the school states, he cannot take action against someone without evidence, even if it’s the victim herself who can be the witness. Outraged, this is the prime reason why the 7 children decide to “rebel” and close themselves in the desolate hotel in the mountains, for which Sen always feels responsible for. This directly relates to her own route, where she feels disdainful about her current self who is frail and weak and makes attempts to change.

Sen’s route seems to be more on the “complete” side as it does present an antagonist behind all this mess. It’s also unique in the sense it didn’t really involve a parent-child conflict like the other two heroines, and thus could be rated slightly better.

Last and personally what I thought the least of the heroines is Reina, who has an archetypical tsundere design of twin-tails, blonde hair, and a flat chest to the point I was wondering if the producers were aiming for this.

Regardless, the readers can quickly see that this girl fits said tsundere archetype quite well, as she is very intelligent and diligent even, though on the outside, she acts tough, uses slangs and delinquent’s language, and acts violently. It was supposed to be that “gap-moe” that this character was supposed to present, but it didn’t particularly work well.

Reina’s route mostly involves her mother, who is actually not her biological mother. This then relates to Reina’s assumption that she is not loved, and her actions up until this point is a “test” to see how far she can push the limits to have her mother scold her like a real daughter.

The main problem with Reina’s route was purely the fact that Reina jumped the gun on that her mother doesn’t love her when there were no events suggesting this. In fact, Ichika (Reina’s “foster” mother) loves her dearly which Reina misunderstands completely to be indifference, and that was just contradictory to the girl who is very intelligent and observative.

Sexual Content: High

Comments: So for comments.

First, I’m not sure what the reason for designing a game such as this would be. Unlike games which show the characters in their early years maturing into adults, this game simply displays all the events during their childhood as it is and focuses on the group of kids’ rebellion against the adults more than anything else. It’s just that as it stands, the “adults” in the game are so antagonized I was almost thinking if this game was entirely a satire halfway through.

On the other hand, I’m thinking this “sympathy towards children” is something the producers also aimed for, as the entirety of the game had that cute, heartwarming, and affable atmosphere. It worked to really amplify the negatives of the antagonists and glorify the children’s rebellion. On the other hand, the same design of the entire character list being “young children” made the entire game lose that seriousness even when it comes to rape and made all of the romance, conflict, and supposed “rebellion” look shallow (though to be fair, some of the parts were already shallow even without the characters being “children”)

Such as their relationships, as an example

Readers will very likely be UNable to relate to these characters, purely because everyone playing this game should be at least the age of 18 and passed the age of puberty or when they might have been rebellious to their parents. Instead, the game seemed to be geared more towards the young adults soon to become parents to suggest listening to them more often and avoid enforcing their own ideals onto them, which is the common pattern within the Asian countries. I just thought that this kind of morals could be delivered in a different standpoint, such as having a longer game where the characters would mature and have kids of their own, which would give the readers both viewpoints of dealing with parents, and dealing with kids.

All-in-all, I would consider this game a failure despite its very heartwarming scenes and cute humor; the romance is absolutely terrible and is the basis of heroines resolving their conflict, the climax of the game is decent but doesn’t have a good buildup up to that point, and readers who take story with a grain of salt might wonder additional questions such as how the kids barely the age of 10-12 are able to fight against adults, have mindsets/ideals of their own, or even have sex as seen within the game. All of this just seemed too unnatural for me, and that was the biggest flaw this game had.

Like the game would have these characters “grown up” by the end and they all sound/act the same

In fact, despite how the entire game revolves around “rebelling against adults and society”, there are no challenges made to sociology or life philosophy as it does in this game. This added to how the entire game lost that “serious” atmosphere and simply ended up as a group of children just being stubborn… though that might be just me being an asshole.

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Score: 3/10. Way too much focus on H-scenes to the point this game seemed almost like a nukige
Music Score: 6/10.

Addictiveness: Low



  • The game does have very heartwarming scenes, cute characters, and even some strong morals which give it its value
  • It even makes suggestions for its audience regarding parenting in the near future


  • The entire game is highly archetypical, generic, and otherwise boring
  • The setting feels very unnatural and unreal despite being set in reality. This is due to many factors including how characters aren’t even the age of 15 yet engage in arguments, battles, and even sexual activity.

Apologies that this review seems to be extremely vague, but that’s really all I can talk about it at this point. Overall, I would not recommend this game to anyone except for those who are into loli/shota since that’s pretty much what this game offers to the readers. There’s no moral to be learned or anything out of the ordinary; if at all, the heroines are extremely generic and the protagonist too unnatural to become immersed.

I JUST realized that Karenai Sekai was released, and had a delayed head-start with the title, so I’m pretty pissed at myself for that. Gotta go ahead and finish that game first! Toodles!

And remember. Elephants = Electric Phantoms

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  3. Akabeisoft

    Nukige with an idol
    Nukige with mature people
    Nukige with children


      It’s so weird how they have good games and really bad games in the mix.

    • Agreed, I really don’t know what to make of Akabei Soft 3. They can make great games (Dekinai Watashi ga, kurikaesu), but lately they seem to focus more and more on nukiges.

      Seems their strategy is to release about a game per month (they have one this month, and another one for December), so I’m not surprised that the quality can vary greatly between titles. I can’t even try to guess how story-oriented the games would be by looking at the staff, as Dekinai and Inochi no Spare’s writer can also write awful stories like the one in Hataraku Otona no Ren’ai Jijou…

      Anyway, time to start Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana for me as well.

    • But it’s not even a nukige, the H scenes are placed in the heroine route after the common route. But still, those 5 H scenes for each heroine’s route (2 unique CGs for each H scenes, so total 10 unique CGs for each heroine) could be trimmed to 3 or 4 max so CG quota could be used for route event related scenes. The first and second H scenes of each heroines are adorable, just kids boldly trying to please their partner in sex despite know nothing or very little of it, but after that… the scenes become too fetishistic and too many for the route length in my opinion. It could use more non-super-deformed CGs in the story. Or important adults sprites with faces, especially parents.

      But still,


      I wish the rebellion doesn’t start because of Sen’s attempted rape. It’s out of place and way too dark with the other 2 heroine routes and the general atmosphere of the VN. With Orino or Reina, the ‘antagonist’ are their parents, whose just too strict or too lenient, and have each heroines finally come to an understanding with their parents, (like how Kazuki understand that Orino’s parents actually cares about her well-being after she went looking for her all night in the mountain while raining, which reminds him of himself back when Orino got lost in the mountain forest) and in the end, becoming adults themselves in the ending. Bam, coming-of-age stories with a light-hearted plot to boot.

      With Sen, the antagonists are rapist teacher, and principal who try to hide the truth to save his own skin. Her route is odd-one-out. Made even more obvious that out of the endings, she’s the only heroine that doesn’t become an adult in her ending route. This would be okay if her route is done more seriously to follow the serious theme, but nope; The scenes are still generally light-hearted, which makes the mood whiplash really bad when the heavier plot starts after the slice-of-life scenes.

      I really like the VN despite its flaws: the 4-guys-3-girls group of friends instead of 1 or 2 guys with 4+ girls (the guys could REALLY use more screentime, they are likeable and really acts as friends to Kazuki. Why they are not appearing in the non-heroine ending? Why the ending only shows 3 adult heroines and not 7 adult friends? The VN starts with 7 friends and should end with 7 friends too, at least make their adult-self appearing in the non-heroine ending), and the heart-warming scenes between the loli heroines and shota protagonist (which is extremely rare because most loli VN has older protagonist, and loli/shota VN typically don’t have romance in it. Sad.)

      The plot doesn’t have to be overly philosophical or taken too seriously, the VN is not meant to be such with the general light-hearted atmosphere of the VN that dominates the scenes before the third and fourth h-scene in each heroine’s routes kick in, (I mean, the characters are children, they act on whim without knowing the consequences is pretty much suitable for them, they just believe that the adults are ‘foolish’ without knowing what the adults has in their mind, and even can fight the invading adults with Home Alone style traps), a simple message like ‘parents must remember that their children have their own will’, or ‘be honest to your parents’ fits with the general atmosphere of the game, and has their own charm. I just wish the start of the rebellion is not because Sen’s attempted rape, it doesn’t fit with the other two heroine routes or the VN’s general atmosphere.

    • I think the problem with us calling this more of a “nukige” is purely how the game attempted to display said sexual interaction with CHILDREN and aforementioned fetishy scenes, in addition to how a larger number of CGs are HCGs. I mean if the game was more in-depth with heroine conflicts then I could play the Devil’s Advocate, but as it stands, this game is more of a nukige no matter how lenient I tried to see it. I agree even sprites for adult characters would have been very nice.

      On the other hand, I CAN play the Devil’s Advocate with your second comment. The kids starting the rebellion with Sen’s attempted rape is actually required since most of them have already dealt with their “annoying parents” up until now and unless an event like said attempted rape appeared, they would have not likely initiated the rebellion in the first place. Considering all of the parents are generally more concerned about their children, I don’t think anything else would have “forced” the kids to rebel against the adults, so the game displayed antagonists (Principal and Terai) to do that for them.

      I also agree that the male characters should have had an “ending” of their own, which is why I genuinely thought there would be a “True route (bad route kek)” where the game shows the kids maturing into adults normally and end there. Personally thought this was bad design on their part…

      While I can also agree to a small extent that the game can’t be taken seriously for the most part, it contradicts how the game “wanted” to present children being just and fully competent as individuals. In that sense, the game needed to take itself seriously and show the readers that these children are just as human, responsible, and worthy as said adults, so of course the game is going to have a more serious atmosphere when it comes to presenting the characters. If the reader ended up taking these characters lightly as you said, that in itself creates a paradox.

    • For the first part, a nukige won’t waste their time giving hours of backstory, or giving a neutral parth with its own unique non-h scenes and ending. Most VN won’t even try and boot the player to bad end if they don’t choose any girls. Of course, if the route was longer or if there was more normal CG. then the amount of HCG can be more justifiable, which is why I said they could trim those H scenes down (or making the route longer, but that require more effort on their part, and I doubt they want to put more effort into a middle-price 7000 yen title). I blame the director for this. (Gamma’s earlier game, Purely X Cation, also has huge amount of H-scenes compared to normal scenes, despite being a dating sim.)

      For the second part, yeah, it’s a nice mess that the writer got himself into. Without the big trigger, which is Sen’s attempted rape, the rebellion won’t start(and that’s why the teacher and the principal always got what they deserve regardless if the player entered Sen’s route or not, to remind the reader that the rebellion starts because of her), but at the same time, her theme is darker than other heroines or the VN’s general atmosphere, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe they could fix this swapping the trigger to something less-serious and make Sen’s route theme is about accepting adults and their rule (because she’s the only heroine that initially don’t have any problems with her parents, before the rape. On the male side there is also the fat kid that only tag along because he wants to accompany his friends, not because he has problem with his parents), but I don’t know what to replace the trigger with.

      For the last part, they did shows how the heroines are finally grow up when


      the plot kicks back in after the fourth H scene, which is when the atmosphere is different and serious, (and why they are caught at this point of the story, to show that when the adults are serious to caught the kids, they can’t be fought no matter how hard they tried, as opposed to the first assault by the teachers which still has Home Alone vibe in the scene. Even in Orino route, she and Kazuki can only run away at best at the cost of all their friends caught.), with Orino refuses to abandon her mother when she collapsed (and Kazuki too, which how he gains her mother’s trust), Reina being honest to her mother (Although the awkward pacing that makes the climax feels unnecessary because she already committed to be honest before the final assault from the adults come, but one can argue that the last part comes because of her mother’s encouragement to do what Reina think was right. I like the Ugly Duckling allegory though), and Sen’s bravery to speak up to the media. It’s still nothing philosophical, the kids only doing what they’re think was right, but it does deliver the resolution that each route has. Just saying that there are parts where things should not be taken seriously and where should, just like Home Alone has their not-so-serious part when the bulgars are breaking into the house, even when one think about the scene, bulgars breaking into someone house with an 8 year old in it is a serious situation, but the thieves are bumbling fools that keep falling to the traps make the whole scene not serious, just like the teachers in the first assault to the hotel. Instead, the serious part comes from other parts that are less-serious, like the eight year old’s interaction with his neighborhood that he thinks was scary but learn that he’s a nice guy and later help him taking down a bulgar in last scene, like Reina, learn how her mother really loved her despite not being blood-related and later tell to the adults that caught her to unhand her daughter and believes that she’s a good girl, after she’s being mocked by said adults that she’s a delinquent and other insults to her and her mother.


      Oh, and while we’re talking about AkabeiSoft’s colorful titles, their newest title Ryakudatsusha no Inen is also significantly different than their other titles, check it out. Or don’t, unless you like crucifixion, girl getting their private parts eaten by carnivore fish, blood all over the place, and other guro stuff. Their other incoming title for December is a normal fantasy themed VN, and early next year, a modern day VN. This is one company that going with their theme all over the place, which is good on their own, their employers won’t be chained to just doing one theme over and over again, like ClockUp doing Eroge! then doing Maggot Baits. Just make sure that you do some research before getting any of their title.

    • I guess I seriously offended you in some way, because that’s quite a reply you’ve given me. Let’s take this one by one.

      I disagree on that nukige cannot have “hours of backstory”. I’ve played plenty of doujin titles and commercial titles alike which were sexual content oriented but allowed for backstories so said sexual content had more validity. On that thought, this game didn’t have “hours of backstories”. If at all, it was merely a flashback of each heroine with the exception of Orino (who MAYBE had 10 minutes total?) just to represent how much interaction she had with Kazuki in the past. Might I suggest you play some of the better nukige to see what you’re missing out?

      Neutral route was indeed good and something I wanted to see, but also came at the cost of rushing key events such as conflicts between Orino/Reina with their parents and the fight with the adults. As you’ve stated this would have been better if it was longer, but then that would pretty much remove any need to play through the other routes anyways (except if H-scenes are your thing).

      Can’t say I’ve actually tried Purely Cation, but hibiki works disgusted me after Pretty Cation so I just assumed it would be similar. It’s weird because Lovely Cation was also directed by Gamma and that was pretty good. I’d disagree that the director’s at fault for EVERYTHING that happens, especially for this game because the scenario writer also do not have any other experience with a different game (HINT HINT)

      As I’ve stated earlier, you can’t really have something mild as said “trigger” because that would just contradict with the parameters of the story, and it’s not like these kids would be exposed to workplace bullying or corruption in society. If at all, I would compliment the attempted rape being the trigger purely because of how much impact it has and how much it appeals to the readers that the kids are serious about this rebellion. I should ask your opinion at this point because you seem like you have an idea of what it should have been.

      Reading your “Last Part” literally 5 times because I didn’t understand what you were trying to convey, I’m unsure of how you’re arguing for what scenes are serious and what scenes are light-hearted, because most of what you’re talking about is extremely subjective. I mentioned that the game needed to take itself seriously because the “rebellion” itself was more of a desperate attempt by the kids to be heard, and their last resort at expressing themselves. It’s also puzzling what made you think the kids THOUGHT they can take on the adults with their traps, since they all explicitly stated in the beginning before the rebellion they were all prepared to be caught; it’s just that this “rebellion” was a clear sign to express their distaste for adults in the society and that’s what mattered most.

      What I was trying to say is the game didn’t have the RELATEABILITY. Basically, the 18~30 year olds playing this game have nothing to learn directly from the character’s actions, because obviously we’re not in our early ages with strong beliefs of our own. If at all, the game was trying to convey that said adults need to listen to kids more often, but how frequently have you seen a child barely the age of 10 acting maturely or willing to hold a conversation with you? They would rather kick you in the legs, cry, or do some idiotic shit that frustrates adults instead. This is why I thought this game was a satirical one at first.

      It’s nice to see the kids in this story taking action for what they believe in, and those supposed heart-warming scenes. On the other hand, my criticisms for the flaws for this game still stands that this game couldn’t relate to any of the readers at all. How can you take a game seriously when it was literally girls and boys barely 10 years old saying things based on their last few years of experience and the adults pretty much going “okay you’re right” because the story made them like that? That’s just not how it works. I don’t see how I came off that you felt obligated to remind me of the entirety of the game that I’ve experienced myself literally last week.

      I’ve seen Home Alone and know how comical it is when theives get caught in traps, but that’s obviously an act and in real situations, that won’t happen. Again Relateability. Mere holes or “barricades” that kids set up can’t repel fully grown adults and you comparing this game to Home Alone to prove whatever your point was is essentially trying to prove a theory with another unproven one.

      Why do I advocate so much on this “relateability”? Because Gusha no Kyouben was a strictly reality based game with the characters fighting against a greater force. If there was no relateability in a game like this, it’s worse than a nukige; at least the latter offers readers something.

      If I completely missed your point, please do feel free to elaborate once more. I’m still rather shocked someone thought this game was “good” in any way, shape, or form, but I’m quite interested in hearing what you thought was good about it. Enlighten me at your convenience.

      P.S. Generally, I tend to be a bit more conservative when it comes to eroge choices. Guro obviously doesn’t tickle my fancy, and to be fair, the veterans always have more backlog to finish if said newer titles seem a bit too extreme. If Akabeisoft wants to shit themselves with weird titles, that’s none of our business and I’m pretty sure the people who are into such things will take their sweet time savoring every moment of said “research”. It’s not for me though, so I’ll pass

    • No, of course you’re not offending me, people having different opinion on internet is natural after all. And its not like this discussion will increase sales of the VN. If anything, I just find it weird that you compare this game to Re:LieF which the VN is a high price 10000 yen title and marketed to different people, which obviously has different amount of effort pumped to it. I do wish this was a higher price loli VN title like Monobeno so they could put more effort to the VN, because what they did now is not enough.

      Maybe we have different definition of Nukige, I refer Nukige to VNs that has the sexual content so important to the VN, that VN can’t exist without it(like, for the new SQUEEZ eroge, the protagonist received an erotic mobile app that let him have his way with girls. Remove the sexual content, and the VN won’t be able exist, because the whole content is about sex) In Gusha, as the neutral route demonstrate, the story can still go on without the sex. Remove the sex in the heroines route and the central theme of the heroines will still be there; Orino will still have problems with her parents, Reina will still be dishonest to her mother, Sen will still have problems with males, and in turn Orino and Kazuki can still gained her parents trust without the sex, Reina can still be honest to her mother and prove Kazuki she’s girlish by some other mean, and Sen still have her other activity to increase her confidence. But if you want to suggest some title, go ahead, always nice to have some titles to add on my backlog.

      Oh, I like H content, but I like it more if those H content are properly paced, which is Gusha fails in their 3rd to 4th H scenes, they are close to each other that there it breaks the Plot->H scene->Plot dynamic, as if they ran out of story to properly pace the H scene and just dump the 3rd and 4th H scene before the final climax starts, because the 5th H scene is reserved for the ending.

      For the writer, yeah. I wish the company adds a senior writer to the project to help him out. Maybe that’s why this was a middle price title, the VN acts as a proving ground to the writer before he works for higher price title. Not that he fails completely, there are adorable and cute scenes for the kids, but he needs help for his first work.

      Well, my take is that Sen’s route is odd one out for this generally lighthearted VN, and the VN can’t follow such a heavy theme with its current attempt at the route. I mean, you can’t have one scene in one route that discuss child abuse theme and how twisted it is when on the next scene, the child in question begging her boyfriend to cum inside her. It’s way too jarring. Made worse by the amount of fetishistic H scenes in her route, like with her last H scene with handcuff and vibrators. Either make her route extra-serious to compensate the heavy theme, and if possible reduce the H content to something more ‘normal’, or remake her route so she has lighter, less heavy drama route to match with the entire VN so the fetishistic H scenes won’t feel out of place and weird.

      About relateability, I think it depends on the people. I who come from a quite strict family where the numbers are more important than the effort certainly can relate to Kazuki, and have my dream of being an artist thrown away to learn finance because my family wants something more ‘stable and can have more profitable job’ can relate to Orino who has to follow the path that her family sets for her, minus the rich family part. Of course, as time comes I learn to appreciate my parents decision, that the world that we lives in accept result and not effort, (and I can convince them to have me learn computer engineering instead in college, so things doesn’t turn out that bad for me after all), but when I remember what I was as a kid (or at least part of me that I can remember). I can relate to the kids. When the kids decided that they would rebel, I cheered because they could do something my kid self wish I could do, but too afraid to do so. I don’t know about current parents still has old style parenting, but people that do have strict parents (Especially in Japan, I think?) definitely can relate to the kids, but they act what the ‘ideal’ kids would act with the flaws that exists in real kids removed and have the events happened to the game favored to them as wish fulfillment.

      Because if the real thing happened, the kids would be sent to their home without any media picking it up and then the molester teacher will have his way with Sen.

      No, If the real thing happened, the teacher would be placed on watch list and be swiftly dealt with way before the VN start because Sen is not his first victim.

      To be honest, when I get this VN I expect is innocent vanilla loli/shota romance. What I got is loli/shota romance(especially Orino route) with mostly likeable (not necessary original) characters. And that’s good enough in my book despite numerous other glaring flaws that’s exist in the game. Are there many other good loli VN that beat this? Sure, Himawari is better, Monobeno is better, or for loli H scene, even Chicchakunai Mon that released on the same day as Gusha No Kyouben is better (although some people probably will find the artstyle lacking), but the VN the only one where the loli heroines has romantic relationship with someone that’s equal to her, not someone that’s significantly older, and I can’t find any other VN that fulfills such expectation for me. Except maybe Giniro Haruka, but having the middle school part reserved for common route and the real romance only starts at high school disappointments me. Still definitely better VN than Gusha by a mile, because the VN shows how the couple grows up until their adulthood and extremely long (but it should be expected because it’s a high price title), but the vanilla loli/shota romance expectation left unfulfilled.

      P.S. ‘Shit’ is probably too harsh of a word to use. The market for those kind of VN exist after all, and we’re not to judge what kind of people that enjoy that kind of VN. When I say ‘research’ I meant checking erogamescape or the CGs on the net to see what kind of game it is for company that do their themes all over the place. But reviewers would have already know that, so it’s unnecessary for me to say that on my earlier post, I’m sorry.

    • It’s great to see individiuals like yourself able to give me another point of view that I’m unable to have otherwise! I sincerely appreciate it!

      The only reason I even THOUGHT about comparing this title to Re:Lief was the flimsy reason that both games have rather vague morals and were pretty much the two games I’ve played in succession. That’s it! Yep, no good reasoning behind that, and I’m not even ashamed to admit it LOL

      Some of the “nukige” titles I’ve enjoyed and can quote-unquote “stand alone” by themselves without the sexual content might be the following.
      Innocent Girl
      Many of the softhouse-seal games
      Nyan Cafe Macchiato
      Imouto Senbatsu series

      Granted these can arguably be seen more of as a charage as we’ve noted. These focus on characters greatly so it’s not like they need sexual content to have value.

      I think what you described with Sen makes some of us call this game a nukige in the first place. While not heavy or standalone on sexual content, this game does have that fetishy sexual content which is relatively great in number (5 scenes for a single heroine within a game is pretty significant… I actually expected maybe one H-scene involving non-penetration sex when the kids are younger and the rest when they grow up) which is quite different from what we’d see in a typical charage. On the other hand, I’m sure you also agree that without Sen’s route having this “darker atmosphere”, this game itself wouldn’t have existed either.

      Quick look at VNDB suggests there was only one scenario writer, and that’s not really a good thing especially if he’s an amateur at writing. I can agree there were some cute and heartwarming scenes, but they were way too short-lived for my liking. I agree that the game would have been better off being that light-hearted charage, and really enjoyed the male characters’ interactions especially with the adult videos they find in a closet.

      It’s at least a relief that you agree that in terms of said “relateability”, you are also in agreement this game provides none. Though I should mention that trying to have readers relate in the manner you described is quite farfetched (i.e. you’re essentially asking readers to remember things that happened years ago). As an East Asian (more specifically Korean) myself, I know for a fact that strict parents and society based on results is quite the commonplace. This is why I made the suggestion “MAYBE the game contains morals or sociology theories” as stated in the main body of my review. On the other hand, I will add in that said “ideal” conditions, environment, and events are not desirable for a supposed-realistic Visual Novel, because let’s be honest; even previous Akabeisoft3’s games which were fantasy oriented (time-travel or unknown illnesses) had “realistic” theories of life and death.

      I can definitely see where you place the line between games with “loli characters” and this game, but to be fair, Gusha no Kyouben is probably the only title which really fits that “loli+shota” romance. It’s just that a medium so geared towards adults rarely have “child” protagonists, and if you enjoy this kind of romance, it may be a good idea to look around to see if there are other works that fit this description as I myself am having a hard time at the moment. Out of pure curiosity, if you happen to find such a title with a sweet, vanilla loli+shota romance, I’m interested in checking it out, so please let me know as well!

      My most sincere apologies for being prejudiced for a genre. It’s just that while I can understand and tolerate a certain amount of abnormal mindsets, when it becomes excessive like guro it makes me sick to my stomach. Early in my galge career I remember being disgusted that companies like Palette (known for their romance-oriented titles) have released darker, rape theme games in the past, but soon learned that it’s best to just avoid those kinds of titles entirely (as I did with Akabeisoft3’s idol nukige) since they’re generally produced by a different set of staff.

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