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Foreword: So here we have what’s really a overhaul of the Shin Koihime title that was released a long time ago (more specifically in 2008). Seeing how this series is still pretty popular for the original Koihime title to receive official translations and have extra games made (such as Heroes and now this remake), I was obviously going to give this title a go and see how great this “overhaul” would be, especially considering how it’ll likely be performed for other nations as well. The main reason I was unable to properly review the main game (e.g. the one from 2008) was that it was ridiculously long and was essentially three stories. Now that there’s actually separate games for each I feel that it’s necessary to place what I think about each title within the form of a review.

Generally, you shouldn’t really expect TOO many things different from the original. I’ll be comparing the two very frequently, so many apologies if you haven’t played the original…. Though to be honest you’d probably like this game if you DIDN’T play the original, because if you did you’ll be seeing the same scenes again for some portions of the game.

Title: 真・恋姫†夢想-革命- 蒼天の覇王
Producers: BaseSon
Release Date: July 28, 2017
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v18649
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=948930
Game Type: Remake of the renowned game from 2008 with additional characters and stories.

Description: This game is a remake of the 2008 game’s Gi portion, retouching pretty much all of the characters, switching some CVs around, creating new characters and scenarios, and altering the main scenario a bit as well. The substories for characters remains the same, but the gameplay has been revamped greatly so it’s not a rock-paper-scissors anymore.

But on the other hand some of the “harder” battles involve bullshit tactics like enemies being able to use special attacks/heals/buffs without restrictions and such, similar to the 2008 game.

Story Length: Very long (>30 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: I honestly thought the minigame would be harder because of the fact it’s not a simple rock-paper-scissors anymore, but turns out it’s really easy. Even when it comes to the final battles where enemies have bullshit moves like dealing extra damage (like it did in the 2008 game), random buffs, or healing, the game’s difficulty remained low which was something I found to be slightly more disappointing because there’s more factors to the battles which only made the game more complex; not challenging.

One thing is that I hate how you’re limited to 5 “choices” when reading substories. It’s just a stupid excuse to make you play through the game twice and shouldn’t have been a feature. It should have been something like Sengoku Koihime instead. Just use Cheat Engine to bypass this limit and read all the stories in your first playthrough.

mrw Cheat Engine lets me avoid reading the same damned scenes twice

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 6/10
Protagonist Rating: 4/10
Game Quality: High
Overall Rating: 7/10
Rating Comments: Really a game that should have been created and kept as a charage, the character design reflects this potential with a superior rating which is boasted by its extremely large cast of unique and colorful characters who have stories of their own. Obviously, however, they’re not without flaws of their own and I’ll discuss them in great detail in the comments.

Story is more or less kept the same as the original scenario from 2008, with minor changes here and there to accommodate the new characters. Frankly, I think this was a good thing because I actually liked the main storyline. It’s just that the lack of interaction of characters outside of their respective substories make this main story really bland. Seriously; try to go through the entire main story without touching a single substory. It’ll be really monotone. There are other flaws for the story which obviously will be discussed later, in addition to how I really think this game should have started from scratch and made a charage instead.

And honestly spend more time creating interactions between the main heroine and the protagonist. Please.

Protagonist is really the least of what this game has to offer, since we’ve had some better examples of protagonists from Baseson from games like Sengoku Koihime. To give the writers some credit though, Kazuto this time around was a bit more active and involved with the heroines and the story so there’s something good among the bad.

How he was more involved in some scenarios but not in others was something inconsistent…

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: Okay, here’s where I’ll be doing much of the discussing so let’s get started.

Characters. Really appreciate how the game created new characters and even switched around CVs (some were awkward) in addition to bringing in some major CVs who didn’t voice the main game. I say with relative confidence that you’re more than likely to find your favorite CV among this game, which makes it quite fun to play and see if you can find her.

Kiritani Hana (though she used a different name for this title) voicing a mature, well-behaved character? My body is ready

The writers also placed more focus on certain characters which I enjoyed. Characters like Sia (Chouryou) were more or less absent in the 2008 game but was one of the more prominent characters this time around. New characters also received a lot of spotlight as well so that was nice.

Characters like Sia get a more significant makeover

It worked in that sense, but NOT in the line of the story. Basically, the remake brings in a LOT of characters who were already dead or insignificant in the original Three Kingdoms story, despite saying that it was Kazuto who made changes to alter the world’s fate… when the setting was already quite different than what it should have been. Basically, the writers brought in all these new characters to have additional selling points in the game but didn’t bother to change the context of the scenario at all to the point it created this HUGE contradiction which pretty much annoyed me throughout the title. This is the major reason why I say that they should have just made a new game from scratch something like Moeshouden (fandisc) instead of trying to bring the original Shin Koihime story.

I can see this game working out much better as a charage

Which brings me to my second point that they’re going all over the place with the story. Sure they’re trying to stick to the original Three Kingdoms story while putting their own twist on it but the mere fact literally none of the commanders (Kashin and her sibling, for example) die in major brawls or how literally even the puppet emperors are taken in by the Shoku nation without being killed… I mean it’s supposed to be an excuse for introducing more characters but for god’s sake; couldn’t you come up with better reasoning? As it stands, the game had almost no accuracy to the original Three Kingdoms story and might as well have been some fanfiction made for children instead.

I mean to be fair the emperors in the original Three Kingdoms were also children

That does without saying the original scenario was good either; the 2008 game was already annoying in itself for being unable to “antagonize” any of the characters or nations for obvious reasons–they’re also heroines. There’s all these battles and in the end it’s really all for nothing which was something I really hated about the 2008 game and am also really disappointed that this remake didn’t do anything about it either. I guess people would be flaming about how their waifu was disrespected or something. Yuk.

Not only that the writers got lazy and literally copy-pasted some of the character substories RIGHT from the 2008 game. The main storyline isn’t vastly different either and there are 1 or 2 extra scenarios for each existing heroine that you didn’t see in the 2008 game but ehh… Considering the effort the producers placed into remaking the game in the first place, most of that effort went into the wrong place, me thinks.

Such as how Karon shouldn’t be climbing roofs like that

That being said, the Gi episode from the 2008 game is indeed my favorite part of the game, primarily because of how it involves Kazuto being something much more than just an extra character within the story and he directly changes the fate of the nation with his knowledge from the future. How the ending is relatively heartbreaking but hopeful was something this remake did a good job visualizing this time around and I always end up sympathizing with Karin in the last scenes. Then I go watch her H-scenes in the fandisc and feel happy for her. It’s just that I’m slightly worried as someone who’s played the 2008 game three times. Don’t judge me that the other Kakumei titles would essentially be the same story + extra characters; the other stories weren’t exactly too great at least compared to the Gi storyline.

Though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the what new things they have in store.

But to be fair to the game, it did have pretty climactic battle scenes (just wish that again there were fatalities in such battles just to show how serious/grim this setting was), in addition to the minigame actually being a bit more challenging (having rock-paper-scissors tactics in addition to what they had right now with a turn-based system). Having moving sprites was an acceptable substitute for describing the battle scenes (though that wasn’t its main focus) and really Kakumei is doing what it’s supposed to be doing; selling its characters, so I can’t really criticize the game too much.

Eika: This game is shit

On a sidenote, it really does seem like the producers are going to do some serious revamps with this one. Seeing how they reintroduce Chosun (the creepy muscle guy) in addition to characters who are dead/supposed to be dead for the main context of the Three Kingdoms


Affection for the Characters: High. Due to the fact the game spent more time displaying the characters in the first place

CG Score: 8/10. Beautiful CGs as expected of a remake, but again not enough of it. Most of the CGs are HCGs anyways

Though there are a lot of CGs/artwork worthy of being your next wallpaper

Such as this one

Music Score: 8/10. Superior tracks, though I would’ve appreciated some new tracks even as a remake; not copy pasting old ones from the original game

Addictiveness: Low. I myself have played the series quite a bit and this is my 4th time around…



  • Great visual remake. Sure beats having literally 2-3 artists with 14 around now with decent background for each of them
  • Kept the original Gi episode storyline consistent. It was my favorite episode from the original 2008 game so this was something I really enjoyed
  • Humor in this game is great and gave me quite the enjoyment in reading it
  • Characters are unique, colorful, and the new ones aren’t boring, though that does make the game much more shallow than it should have been


  • In-your-face contradictions which is unresolved.
  • Too much copy-pasting even as a remake
  • The lack of antagonists in the game plus the lack of depth of the seriousness of the game made it more fitting as a charage instead
  • Minigame is simply made more complex and still pretty easy
  • Lack of proper fight scenes. Most of them are just moving sprites + voices/sfx, though that’s acceptable enough.

Overall, I would really recommend this remake to anyone except if you’ve played the Gi episode previously and didn’t really like it that much/don’t want to play it again. Otherwise, this title might give you some well-needed laughs or additional waifus or simply another lighthearted read because you’re tired from all the crap titles.

Comments on: "Revisiting of the Three Kingdoms: Episode Gi [170728] Review of Kakumei, Gi Episode" (10)

  1. […] safe to say much of my opinions are consistent with what I’ve said about the Souten no Haou release, so here’s just a brief list of my opinions, which is unique to this […]

  2. Does anyone have a perfect saves for Kakumei Gi episodes. I finish the game, but I dont wanna go back and do all combat section just for the cg. Thank you very much

  3. Joyjason how would you use cheat engine to go through all substories and main plot? aka how do you get more visiting points in home base phase

    • Insanely late reply: Sorry!
      Use the cheat engine to find the address that has the “remaining visiting points”. You can do this by putting in whatever number of points you have left (e.g. 5 if you have 5 points left), then reading a scenario. This should decrease your points to 4, so you try to find the address where the 5 changed to 4. Once you find that address, change that number to 99 or something. You’ll need to do this every chapter though, so it might be best to just grab a savedata instead.

  4. Good to see that you are back. I missed your reviews. :)

    • Thank you for the welcome back and the encouragement. I took enough time off so hopefully my reviews from now on are of good quality :)

  5. I feel like giving this series a try as I keep hearing good things about it, but the harem thing keeps putting me off. Could you elaborate a bit on how it’s handled? Is it some silly convoluted thing like in the Eushully games, in which the characters barely even make the effort to notice the protagonist is cheating left and right, and don’t seem to care?

    I’ve always had a hard time feeling anything for the characters when the romance involve more than two people. Not talking about triangle relationships or anything, but actual people accepting or even welcoming a harem situation. Maybe it’s just me, but love without 独占欲 feels fake and incomplete on one side, and 優柔不断 on the other.

    • Absolutely. I kinda agree that the harem thing is pretty stupid, but they’re trying to go for a full-on charage for this series so nothing can be done about it I suppose.

      In terms of how the characters handle it, most of the reasoning/explanation is waived off with a simple “Kazuto belongs to everyone and not just one person” within the Heroes/Moeshouden games (this is where he is supposedly the one who conquered all three kingdoms). Even if main heroines find out he’s been sleeping with other subheroines and such, they’re more or less apathetic about it for the reasoning above and instead try to get his attention more.

      Within the Shin Koihime Musou timeline (so NOT the hypothetical Kazuto-conquered-the-three-countries), most of this “harem” atmosphere is made vague instead. To clarify, if he had intercourse with “A”, that would only be discussed in A’s substories and never in other substories or the main storyline, if that makes sense.

      Almost makes the substories seem like a standalone story by itself, which can be both a good and a bad thing

    • Then it’s very much like Eushully, what a shame. I have yet to find a game that makes enough sense of this harem thing to convince me it’s not a lazy trick the writers are using to make the protagonist have sex with many different heroines, while not having to bother with the consequences in the story around it. Is it too much to ask for a separate route for each character…? Considering the amount this game has, I guess it is.

      Thanks for the clarification. I guess the Musou style of “vague harem” could be something I tolerate, so I may give the latest release a try. I hope it’s possible to do sub-stories completely one at a time. If it’s anything like Eushully, it’s pretty much mandatory to advance characters stories in parallel, and that’s a sure way to kill my interest in the protagonist at least. You start to doubt the sincerity of the gigolo when he pledges his eternal love for the nth time to the nth girl, especially if they happen in short succession as far as events go.

    • Considering Ikusa Megami series was the only series I’ve played from Eushully (was really put off with most of them due to gameplay + lack of time), I’ll just take your word for it that harem atmosphere in those games are quite similar to this one.

      Unfortunately, as you’ve mentioned, it will definitely be hard to describe each “route” if you will; there are 13-15 (?) parallel substories available so going through all of them would probably take a while. They focus greatly on the character though, and contribute very little to the main storyline.

      Another bad news is that you do need to advance said substories as a parallel fashion with main scenario + the minigame between them. Not sure if this’ll turn you away from the game, but I’d still advocate giving it a try, especially if you know the story of the Three Kingdoms already. (Just remember to use Cheat Engine or a cleared savedata so you can go through all 13-15 substories at once)

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