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Slowly Getting There

Man so little games worth playing nowadays… Having two jobs doesn’t even matter at this point because there’s too little options that nukige is on my spectrum purely for how NOT different it is from mainstream titles. Sites like Omochikaeri have done this pretty early on and I can definitely see why.

Ah well. Still, just as a reminder, all of these short reviews were written in advance so wording may seem a bit awkward, but I do post them in chronological order of when I played it.


Tojita Sekai no Toricolony [Dropped]

Backlog time! I haven’t even finished the prologue and I’m already getting really bad vibes from this title because…

1) Eroge Trinity
2) Heroine Archetypes
3) School-life Harem

the Time Rewind being the only gimmick in this entire game makes for a very boring game outside of it, and that’s how the prologue feels. Based on its summary you pretty much have to read through one month’s worth of story that’s already filled with tropes JUST to get to that gimmick (which is the only thing that’s worthwhile in this game so far) and even that’s pretty weak because it sounds like random fantasy bullshit randomly plastered onto the game to make it have SOME story.

No foreshadows regarding this gimmick nor any basis to why it might occur, and the fact that the writers absolutely suck at selling its characters (primarily because two of them have the “I bully and act mean to the protagonist because I like him” kind of designs + designing the protagonist as a generic, donkan, and average protagonist makes everything just become worse.

The game should at the minimum involve multiple time loops, aka have more than one occasion of Minato going back in time. If this is already present in the game in the form of route mechanics, this should be done in the prologue almost at the beginning to have that impact + shock factor to push us into want to read more. Nia as a character might be interesting, but what’s pushing me to actually go through her route if the rest of the game is just flat out bad?

As it is, this is a failed game. The only thing I can say it does even decently is the art and maybe the fact that we have parent subcharacters? Good God I’m trying to compliment this game however I can here :/ and if I wanted more of this artist I might as well play nukige/charage she drew instead–I actually have one of them on my backlog so yay me?

I guess there’s a reason why this 2013 debut game was this game company’s last.

Character Design Rating: 2/10
Story Rating: 1/10
Protagonist Rating: 1/10
Overall Rating: 1/10


Nukitashi 2 [Finished]

As the sequel to the first game released in July 2018, Nukitashi 2 actually answered to a couple of complaints about this series that I’ve had so that was nice

Introduction of new subcharacters to literally support the storyline was good, along with the SS members who were originally antagonists in the previous games becoming the main heroines was definitely a nice twist.

Main heroines from the first game also get after-stories, in addition to Asami also getting a route as well which was definitely a plus point.

Additionally the humor in this game is highly elaborate. They use the protagonist’s perversion adequately and focus on humor created by multiple characters at once which adds to the complexity which is similar to running gag and jokes from a comedy show. The humor also includes a LOT. I mean A LOT of parodies which was definitely a large plus and I would even go as far as to recommending this game purely for its humor elements.

It’s even better that the game actually takes things a bit slowly for these main heroines. I’ll admit that their interactions seem a bit artificial but at least it’s there and there’s visible effort to sell them unlike other games.

One thing I really am impressed with are the CVs and their abilities. This game has some highly NSFW quotes and lines that are almost cringeworthy and it’s at a point that it’s quite an accomplishment for CVs to successfully record some of these lines which even I felt embarrassed to read/hear. I can swear I heard Fujisaki Usa in there too which is super ironic because she’s a CV who had admitted to crying when she first voiced eroge (though she does say it’s not as bad now)

Many pros, but there’s cons as well, which includes Junnosuke’s general and overall design of being contradictory most of the time plus the main antagonist of this sequel which simply exceeds logic. Masturbation making it possible to destroy meteors or fly in the sky is just retarded and while I understand this is more of a joke title that’s obviously not going to do well for its story score.

This game does require a bit of experience with the previous game which I guess can be a downside. I personally prefer the sequel because of the lighter atmosphere overall, and can appreciate this series for designing some good characters but also being retardedly stupid enough to give me some good laughs and have a memorable experience.

Character Design Rating: 9/10
Story Rating: 5/10 (+2 points for humor)
Protagonist Rating: 3/10
Overall Rating: 6/10


Kotonatsu — Natsu no Koe [Dropped]

So as the 2nd title from the company who debut’ed with the Apeiria title, you might know that I don’t have a particularly good impression with the company or its scenario writer.

The big problem is that the game fails to find that balance. When creating a game you must both sell its characters and tell a story (though many “charage” knocks off the latter portion greatly), and finding the right balance is the key to making a great game.

Silkys Plus Dolce is unique in the sense they focus so exclusively on the story (at least in the prologue) that not only are the characters neglected to a large extent (so the prologue gives you very little about the traits of each heroine), much of the story feels like fillers, or just text squeezed in to fill a quota and never contribute to the overall story. This includes cheap humor, pointless scenario, or just intermissions with unimportant interactions. There are plenty of games that do this and all it does is make the story tedious to read and boring as fuck.

Characters being neglected means that the reader gets bored of them quickly, but also it allows for writers to be lazy and design the character ROUTES however they want because a vague design is very much like a clean slate that you can use conveniently to avoid contradictions or plot holes. A similar game that I saw doing this recently was Spiral (from Navel), but at least that game gives focus on the heroines sufficiently (though poorly executed). I would say this is a pretty scummy way to go about writing a story because not only is it disengaging for the readers, it pretty much shows incompetence.

This game is a pretty big failure. Being focused on voice acting yet misrepresenting the actual growth and improvement of real life people who become CVs (you can tell by reading the biography of some of the CVs available on wikis), even the casting of CVs was done incorrectly because why are you putting Kusuhara Yui to play a senpai-type otori character with a super high-pitched voice Ohgodmyears?

If at all the game should’ve taken the meta route of actually designing the heroine routes with actual stories of the CVs who voiced them and maybe their struggles in the process. That would get some big cookie points even if the story itself was shit.

I’m guessing this story would have a twist like it did for Apeiria, but considering how mad I got after realizing what the twist was in that game I’ll go ahead and pass on this game. I’m getting the same red flags as I did in Apeiria, though unlike the previous title I now know fortunately how badly the scenario writer can end the game so I’m not holding my breath.

Character Design Rating: 2/10
Story Rating: 4/10
Protagonist Rating: 2/10
Overall Rating: 2/10


Vampire Crusaders [Dropped]

Another super old title that I had on my backlog when I was apparently into vampires and shit (oh god the cringe), turns out that this game has a darker and serious atmosphere which I generally like to see.

The problem is that the game went excessively overboard with the fantasy elements, using it to develop pretty much everything–the setting, prologue, characters, and the story (oh boy). There’s very few “human” elements about this game which is dumb because you have pure fantasy books like Harry Potter dealing with stuff like friendships and family love as opposed to this game which was just fantasy shit front and back.

Regardless, having a relatively douchey protagonist and his obviously infatuated younger sister becoming vampires by a strange earthquake then turning the younger sister back into human to antagonize the protagonist isn’t that great of a story. I mean heroines and protagonists antagonizing each other is good, but there needs to be a good story/reasoning behind it–not this crap that this game spits out.

How the protagonist can turn into a girl was also a ridiculously stupid and frankly annoyed me a bit because it was so obvious that it was just a convenient excuse to include interactions with the heroines and the writers were too incompetent to figure out any other way to do so–it added nothing else to his design (it was more of a minus actually) or the story. Literally just having him wearing a mask and/or hood would’ve worked just as well.

So yeah, too much fantasy. I know it’s an old title and all but a lot of old titles that I sometimes go back to are good so there’s no reason to give this one slack

Character Design Rating: 2/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Protagonist Rating: 1/10
Overall Rating: 2/10


Amazing Grace [Dropped]

Sooooo uhhhhhhh

What the actual fuck.

Alright. I admit that I only played like 1 hour ish? into this game and already there are massive red-flags that point to this being a shit game. It’s not like Toricolony that I dropped previously for being boring–this game flat out brings out the shitty characteristic right from the getgo.

First. The obvious contradictions in setting is glaring to the point of disgust. “High-tech” not being a word while “Auto Lock” is in this world where somehow Japanese is the common language along with the information that the world ended in 1917 (presumably due to WWI) yet various features from Europe such as English is commonplace, plus the contradiction that Smartphones exist outside of this “Aurora” that people take for granted just because their ancestors told them about it.

Like why. The writers literally just blended together a shit-ton of traits that don’t work together and decided it would become the setting. How the fuck do you have years of writing commercial titles and suck so much at writing as much as this?
Oh right. The filthy otaku paying for these shit games

It’s not even just the story–the characters are not likeable, feels artificial and fake, plus their CVs are just flat out bad with some of them voicing for the first time. Like what the fuck are the writers thinking of making one of them wish revenge on her friends because her secret was busted? How does this contribute at all or appeal that heroine?

Heck with this I looked up the who these shitty writers were and sure enough Lump of Shit Sugar writers who wrote Unmei Senjou no Phi, a game where shit hits the fan and the player has no fucking clue what’s going on the entire game from front to finish. Of course this writer wrote other LoS games like Tayutama 2 too.

There’s literally nothing that this game does good even in the beginning. Protagonist amnesia is generic as fuck, heroines traits are kept vague on top of most of them seeming fake and doesn’t appeal to me, and even the summary posted on Getchu about the time-travel shares the EXACT same fucking problem as Toricolony


…this (Time Loops) should be done in the prologue almost at the beginning to have that impact + shock factor to push us into want to read more.

When does this game have it? on December 25th in-game and you start out in November. Fucking Brilliant. It means that you have to read through a month’s worth of boring filler scenario that doesn’t even make the story interesting just to get to the gimmick that they’re charging nearly 100 bucks for.

It’s bad enough as it is and there are people on VNDB legitimately being confused about higher ratings when even THEY thought it was bad (and then delve into discussing the purpose of this game–Hint: It’s to earn money from idiots who actually buy this shit)

Hell no I’m done with this game. Lump of Sugar completely betrayed my trust over the years and bringing the same idiots who did exactly that to write this game was the worst thing you can do, CabbageSoft. You would have had better results just grabbing a random person off the streets and paying him to write a charage scenario instead.

Character Design Rating: 0/10
Story Rating: 0/10
Protagonist Rating: 2/10
Overall Rating: 0/10


Hinekuremono no Gakuen Seishun Monogatari [Dropped]

Good concepts, bad execution.

There is nothing wrong with school-life comedy because using it only as a setting allows for easy interactions between characters; it’s only bad when it becomes the main theme like GIGA does so often and other “romance” title generic copy pastes.

On the other hand, not only does this game refrain from that, but also offers an interesting idea of “adolescence” (seishun) which is definitely something a lot of people lacked in their early years, myself included Wait why am I sweating from my eyes?. In this sense the game actually started out interesting and strong, making implications regarding cynical individuals and how they might have simply been someone who were neglected or oppressed.

The irony is pretty much everything after that. You have a really good setting, concept, and the character designs are very well done but you trash all that to dive straight into heroine routes without a good common route developing this group of friends or even between the heroine and the protagonist. You spend all this time designing heroines to be original and likeable yet throw all that away only to be replaced with generic charage features such as shallow interactions and quick H-scenes which really degrade the quality of the entire game, plus the small conflict in their routes no more than a shitty excuse to elongate the story unnecessarily.

It really sucks because this game legitimately could have been good with a protagonist who starts out being a douchebag but is a dynamic character as he slowly has a change of heart about the people around him. You have heroines well designed to be these “outsiders” but these traits that make them outsiders is the very ones that can be considered attractive about them. You have a solid story with good concepts that with a bit of tweaking here and there and literary elements can hold a strong moral lesson and sociology aspects.

The game’s usage of subcharacters was quite frankly superb, considering they existed to literally support the story and main characters or play some important role. I wish other game companies just copy-pasted this kind of subcharacter designs from this game because this alone definitely raised the quality of this game for me.

As it stands, this game is pretty solid in a lot of things–it just needed to focus MUCH more on the heroine/protagonist interaction and taken things much more slowly so there’s at least some validity in the romantic relationship between them (which is obviously something that this game revolves around so it’s necessary). There are very little things wrong with this game character-wise, but how they’re used in the storytelling is what brings the entire game down.

Character Design Rating: 9/10
Story Rating: 1/10
Protagonist Rating: 7/10
Overall Rating: 5/10


Love Clear [Dropped]

Ever just open up a game and start it, only to realize in the first 3 minutes you just get this really strong pang that you’re not going to enjoy it?


It’s strange, because GIGA has definitely created some really good games in the past involving love triangles and dramatic scenarios (Chocolat series; and I hear Baldr series is good but I never played it), but I guess in accordance with how standards are falling for the people who enjoy this medium they’ve also followed suit (and therefore will get trashed by actual story-fags like myself)

Like literally the first scene is the protagonist stumbling upon a girl who he “forgot” but turns out it’s a childhood friend who’s in love with him. Wow, this game is literally the 500th one that has this godforsaken trope and I had to close the game and look out my window for a few moments. It’s also right then when I had some strong twisting in my gut that this was going to be a bad game because heck, I’ve played Giga titles (unfortunately), and if there’s anything I can authoritatively hypothesize (is that even a word?), it’s that bad games start off like this.

Music is okay I guess, but I might as well listen to game soundtracks if I wanted good music

Character Design Rating: 3/10
Story Rating: 0/10
Protagonist Rating: 1/10
Overall Rating: 1/10


Suzukuri Karin-chan [Finished]

So I was pretty surprised by this game because obviously this game features literally the same designs/CVs as the original game despite seemingly created by a doujin circle. Turns out it’s a subsidiary of Nexton who also owns BaseSon so it’s the same people.

This game requires you to go through multiple new-game plus not only for the endings, but also to grow your units. In that sense, along with how the controls were simple, gave me the impression that this may have been designed to be more of a mobile game more than anything else.

Story is okay, and Kazuto is definitely more “resourceful”, but obviously character interactions are more on the weaker side due to the game focusing more on the gameplay and grinding than the story counterpart. It’s interesting to see these characters having similar traits as their counterparts in the main game.

It’s also pretty cool to see two completely new characters (Midari/Shippo) who are also added to this game for variety. Art is improved somewhat, making this game seem pretty valuable if you actually liked the characters from the main game.

Besides that though, the gameplay was moreorless boring and grinding excessive. Cheat Engine allows you to skip a lot of it so I guess that’s nice if you’re thinking of playing this one.

Character Design Rating: 7/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Protagonist Rating: 6/10
Overall Rating: 4/10


Sen no Hatou – Hana Akari [Finished]

Fandisc for the main game, which I’ve praised HIGHLY for being super fun and one of the better games from August (other being Aiyoku). Despite having forgotten 90% of the scenario from the main game, not much of that knowledge is necessary since terminology is pretty simple and via context clues you get the general jist of stuff (at least that was the case for me) that happens so that was nice.

Additional routes for various subcharacters were pretty cool, and a few of them really do have better designs than main heroines at times.

Storywise, it’s kinda iffy. Since it IS a fandisc I didn’t really expect much but there are a lot of convenient factors here that still annoyed me regardless because I’m such a storyfag.

Art and execution is something I gotta give credit where it’s due–It’s basically a trademark of August at this point, but how they use character sprites in combination with backgrounds and other images to develop their own “CGs” is something I really wish other companies would start to do because it adds so much immersion. It’s actually easier for the artist to do this instead of creating a set of CGs from scratch because all you need is the correct placement of these character sprites with the proper editing (which is just cropping at the most), and such efforts are easily 2-3 times better than a set of CGs, which a lot of games lack nowadays.

Humor’s still there and character designs are great for the most part, so no worries there.

Basically if you’ve enjoyed the main game, it’s highly recommended to play the fandisc. If you haven’t, play the main game since without it you won’t have any idea what’s going on with the setting or the environment (I can’t get into details because it’s a spoiler, but think of it as the post-Sengoku era in Japan where culture from the West merges with the old culture they have and the conflicts that arise with it)

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 2/10
Protagonist Rating: 8/10
Overall Rating: 6/10

I also have two other titles I wanted to talk about (Stella Cafe from Yuzusoft and Kimagure Temptation from Silky’s Plus), but I think I should probably keep the former for the next post while the latter might get its own post inb4 I just get lazy and mash them all into one keklmao 

Also me trying to work, play MMOs, keep up with mobile games, and find good games to play

Wake Me Up Inside (Can't Wake Up) | Know Your Meme

Comments on: "Slowly Getting There" (5)

  1. Yancha said:

    I came to say hi to the owner

  2. Hey, more reviews, thanks! Quick comments on the games I have played:

    言の葉舞い散る-夏の風鈴: dropped too, or did I play one route? I can’t remember. I do remember one particularly shocking ecchi scene in the redhead’s route, I mean it’s fine to get into a role but taking it that far..? Anyway, I found the game boring because it mostly consists of unfunny jokes and practice sessions repeating the sames lines over and over. The romance and general character interactions are otherwise kept to a minimum. I like seiyuus, and the cast is very good with Kusuhara Yui, Akino Hana and Haruka Sora among my favorites, but that wasn’t enough to keep my interest. I don’t think this game has a big twist like in Apeiria, maybe in brunette’s route?

    アメイジング・グレイス: I’m surprised you had such a strong rejection reaction to this game. I liked it, no thanks to its slow beginning but because it manages to create a well-enough crafted mystery that kept me guessing until the finale, and managed to lead me on the completely wrong track a couple times. I always appreciate being proven wrong on my predictions, even more so when the reveals make perfect sense in retrospect. I can’t fault you for stopping the read before the mystery is even introduced : I noticed that there are some serious pacing problems all the way through, and the characters are somewhat put second to the actual mystery story so it can be difficult to stay hooked. The setting is confusing and hard to believe but I do think it’s intentional, you are supposed to question it and find it unnatural, I think you were a little quick to dismiss its oddness as writer incompetence.

    Love Clear : I think I played a route of this one, maybe the left girl? I can’t remember much of anything else, it’s probably just an average generic game like Giga likes to pump out in quantity.

    Sen no Hatou – Hana Akari : haven’t read yet but I’ll have to at some point, I liked the original despite its flaws, especially in the way it treated sub-heroines routes.

    That’s it, looking forward to your words on Cafe Stella that I found to be generic Yuzusoft. I’m surprised you played Kimagure Temptation since the main and only heroine is voiced by Ayumi Sarah that I thought you hated. I had serious issues with the game, especially the way the investigating section is handled (auto-fail because I didn’t fuck the girl enough, what!?), I’m curious what you could possible have to write about it to fill and entire post.

    • Once again we do seem to hold some pretty similar opinions for the most part

      Amazing Grace: Definitely opposite viewpoints here, since while I questioned the oddity of the entire scenario, the fact that the writers couldn’t even keep language consistent (e.g. Auto-Lock vs High-Tech) is pretty definitive of incompetence. Pacing being bad is another, while there was no “mystery” in the prologue if you will–all of this was in the main game which you had to grind through the month’s worth of boring story to get to in the first place.

      Writers also wrote Unmei Senjou no Phi and Tayutama 2 so those should be good indicators for their lack of skill.

      Cafe Stella was actually a lot more disappointing than I thought while Kimagure was a title I liked. Guess I better finish up some additional titles so I can post up the review!

    • Amazing Grace : the mismatch between perceived and actual historical period is an integral part of the mystery, that includes language mixing old and new words, and concepts mixed from early and late 20th century… It is pretty heavy -handed, but finding out the truth behind the world was a hook for me, while it apparently just pissed you off. The game’s pacing is slow but it’s not as bad as you make it, the prologue if I remember right has a pretty significant time-skip once the introductions and the basic art classes are done with, straight to “X day”. Oh well, the game is not amazing (ah-ah… sorry), more so if you don’t care about the mystery and expect good romance, although one character’s dedication particularly shines in it (but I still hate her anyway!).

      I actually have good memories of Unmei Senjou no Phi, most notably as the game that made me discover Kotorii Yuuka (unrelated to scenario and plot much?), and I still remember that gimmick with the letter at the beginning. I don’t think Fuyuakane Tom, who is these games’ main writer, had anything to do with Tayutama 2 but the latter is not a mystery as far as I can tell, and from what I’ve read romance is not really his strong suit anyway.

      I’ll eagerly wait for your reviews of Cafe Stella and Kimagure, I think these will be two games we will heavily disagree on (especially Kimagure) once again but who knows?

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