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Updated March 20, 2015

Joyjason is a full-Korean (not half or 1/4 or of that sort), who is currently 22 years old. His real name is “Jason“, if it wasn’t so obvious to other readers.

Born in Korea on a cold winter of February 24th, 1993, he grew up in a rather protected environment until age 8, when he moved with his family to America. He was a rather spoiled brat in the past, and sincerely regrets many of his actions.  He currently studies Pharmacy, but wants to study psychology and a bit of acupuncture as well.

Joyjason enjoys eroge, and checks VNDB as well as Getchu (JP site) for the weekly releases every week. He has been told that he has “no life” or he’s “crazy”, and he would often readily agree with that comment.

Other than eroge, Joyjason knows how to play the piano, and enjoys music regularly. While he has no distinct tastes in music, he prefers J-pop, electronic, or fast-paced music.

Joyjason is fluent in Korean and English, while less fluent in Japanese, he still has enough knowledge to regularly enjoy eroge. He also argues that he is “tetralingual” by stubbornly insisting Latin is also a language.

In addition, Joyjason enjoys MMORPGs. He has played Maplestory since Beta, but migrated to Private Servers as he realized how messed up the game is. Mabinogi is also a title he played, but recently, he’s taken a break from it, despite being one of the oldest players on the server. He has played and quit both Elsword and Dragon Nest, and recently migrated to playing on an Elsword Private Server.

Want to contact Joyjason? Do send him love letters at “itsjoyjason@gmail.com”. He is not active in any IRC channel, so don’t ask

Skype ID: itsjoyjason
Currently in School Studying, but sneaking a few hours of eroge here and there


Comments on: "About the author" (26)

  1. Wow , Last comment was in 2016 in this page :0. Hello Joyjayson, Im Eden, I stumbled on your blog after I finished Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki cause I wanted to see how others felt about it , Im not sure how active you are now adays but I look forward to your

  2. Synth Mint said:

    Finally took the time to look through the blog, Read a few of the reviews fully and placed others for when I get around to reading the VNs. Altogether very good! Though some I wont be able to read for a long time, a few I have gone through and seeing the Eden* review finally made me decide to go into it.

    Also, the perpetual torture from Lump of Sugar with the latest release has gotta be the biggest kick in the shin I’ve seen ever.

    • Welcome to the website and apologies for the late reply!

      I’m glad the reviews are to your liking. I’ve evolved quite a bit since when my reviews were quite shit omgplsdon’tlookatmyoldestreviews, but I’m finding myself with more things I can improve on every day!

      eden* is a very good title! I HIGHLY suggest playing it since it’s available on Steam for non-Japanese players. On the other hand, Lump of Sugar really has been kicking me in the balls (not my shins) quite a bit with their crappy titles!

  3. Glad I found your blog. The reviews you give for crappy games is hilarious, always give me a good laugh!

    • Wow, thank you!
      I’m still learning of how to be funny while giving a critical review, in addition to not offending players when I write these reviews. Any feedback is appreciated! :)

    • Don’t worry, you’re really good at it! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews :)

  4. I have two bonus questions I have to ask you. Hopefully this will be my last ones on the subject lol.

    1. It all traces back to the guilt feels for Kyousuke, but what about the upperclassman that confessed to her? What gave him the idea that she was playing with a guy’s feelings? Was it the fact that she was constantly rejecting confessions?

    2. Romance-wise, was Rina always a loner prior to hooking with Kyousuke?

    • Yep, you’re pretty much right about the first one. If you get rejected twice by someone you really like, then you either get really sad or really upset. The fact that Rina was rejecting the upperclassman without a good reason upsets the upperclassman to say the things he says, which is when Kyousuke steps in.

      Second point, yep, Rina is pretty much alone before Kyousuke. Remember that even her parents neglect her to a large extent, so most of her lifestyle was “anime and games” like any other guys around (which is why Genki only saw her as one of his guy friends, unlike Kyousuke)

      Ack, you reminded me of Hello Lady XD
      I have until the 29th (5 days) to get as much of my backlog finished. Ugh, I wonder if I can do it ._.;;

    • 5 days, huh. A great challenge arises… Well, assuming your backlog is as large as Appare! Tenka Gomen’s cast lol. Still, take your time. No rush (maybe a little lol).

      Since I brought it up, you can start with Hello Lady lol. It’s a pretty good game from I’ve seen, but opinions are purely subjective, amirite?

    • Hiya! Late reply lawls, but better than nothing, right?

      I started classes this Monday (so the 25th) and am pretty busy right now. I just finished a relatively crappy game, and also started Hello Lady in hopes of getting quite a bit into it before I tackle the new releases.

      So far, Hello Lady is pretty interesting. Its language is, admittedly, relatively difficult (sorry for the players who can’t read Japanese).
      I might be too lazy to make a spoiler page, so I might simply send you these “spoilers” as I see fit.

      I estimate I’ll be done with this game by next week, though, so look forward to it! :)

    • *but opinions may vary, amirite?

      I presume the five days you have are your remaining vacation days till you return to uni. If so, best of luck lol

  5. Senpai, I need your help! I suck at reading comprehension ._.

    This is from your Fureraba review ( https://vnerogereview.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/the-story-of-eternal-love-review-of-130628fureraba/ ) when you were talking about Rina.

    “as Kyousuke asks her for a date, Rina is conflicted with an emergency call from her part-time job, which makes her regretfully cancel the date she was so looking forward to. (Note that this event is a foreshadow from what the “upperclassman” may have hinted, how Rina “plays around” with male’s emotions).”

    What did you mean by how Rina “plays around” with a male’s feelings, exactly?

    I probably should’ve posted this on the FAQ, but what’s done is done :p

    • I’ll be completely honest, but I admit that I was pretty much high on something when I wrote that. (No not really XD)

      The true meaning of what I wanted to put there was that while the protagonist does not believe that Rina has such a trait, her own actions of prioritizing work over Kyousuke may be understood as “playing with his emotions”, or being relatively less serious about Kyousuke as she claims to.

      Sorry if this caused any confusion, haha

    • No worries lawl. We all have those moments. Oh, and if I may, one last question: What did this event foreshadow?

      Btw, thanks for the help!

    • No problemo! The Event that I analyzed it to foreshadow is the emotion of “guilt” that Rina constantly feels for Kyousuke even after they start dating. Many scenes involve Kyousuke doing something for Rina, but all of that ties back to her own indecisiveness (aka, her own fault)

      It’s rather hard to explain in English, lol. Maybe it will be easier to understand if you went and played the game?

      (Oh, and the Mini-Fandisk for it was released today! Can’t wait til I can get a copy! \o/)

    • Hm, that makes more sense. Thanks!

      I want to play it along with Dies Irae and Senshinkan so badly. But alas, I can’t decipher moon runes .-. Kanji is a monster not to be trifled with so easily.

      Yeah, I saw it on VNDB yesterday. If you do write a review on it, know that my body will be ready with great anticipation

  6. Hey, keep up the good work!
    Im happy i found this blog, very helpful ^^
    Ive recently started looking into VNs after finishing alot of animes and am pretty new at this xD. I think i’m starting abit early(I’m 18)
    Do you have any tips on how to torrent old VNs? All the links seem to be dead :\, more specifically im looking for Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou since Luna interests me :D
    Anyway thanks for the helpful blog!

    • Hi, torrents are only good for relatively recently released (<1 year) VNs. After that, your best bet is trying to find DDLs.

      Glad to know this site is helping you! Take your time to look through my posts and send me any suggestions to my email! Thanks!

    • I have finally successfully downloaded and installed the game
      Thanks for your tip, im so pumped to play the game :D

  7. I also used to play myself back when it was in G3, but don’t have time for it any more or play it like a slew of other MMORPG’s. Anyway, glad to stumble across your blog ^^

    • Even for me, Mabinogi’s become rather casual, playing around 10-30 minutes a day.

      Nowadays, I’ve been working on the weekends and busy with school, so I’m making very little progress with VNs in general :(

      Summer break is right around the corner though!

  8. How could I get you to review a newly released VN by 3-AR studios? As always, free copies are issued to any reviewer.

    • Hello Will Deonne,

      I thank you sincerely for the offer of a free copy to a splendid looking indie game, but my review site is strictly for non-translated eroge.

      It may not be sufficient as a compromise, but I would like to offer to make a private review for the respective game, “Otchi Kocchi”, if I am allowed access to a free copy. This private review, in return, you may use to your hearts extent in any location pleases you.

      Please do feel free to contact me with more information regarding this at “itsjoyjason@gmail.com”. Thanks! ^^

  9. Stumbled upon your visual novel blog, loving it so far^^ If you’re interested, do you want to join my visual novel interview? http://otakuinterview.tumblr.com/post/54912040631/visual-novel-interview-on-distinguishing-visual-novels

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