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Joyjason = Japanese Omnipotent?

When playing Visual Novels, many people have the assumption that I can read every single kanji there is.

In fact, I do not. Get this assumption out of your mind, since even the most proficient Japanese players will not be able to easily read the more difficult kanji. Just as we all have words in the English Language that we do not know, there are Japanese words (or kanji) that even native Japanese will not be able to read properly. 

This is where hookers and translators come into play. Put in simple terms, these hookers and translators allow a user to access the text code of each letter shown on the game screen, so it can be copied, modified, or in our case, translated as we please.

How this works is very simple: A “hooker” is a program designed to “read” the letters or words displayed in a game. While I will explain how “hookers” work later on, one can think of hookers to be programs that “read” the text of the game for you.

Next comes the translators, usually in a form of an engine. The most popular would be Google Translate itself (so the next time when you admire how Google Translates your phrases or words as long as you have the page open, even without internet, it’s because when you opened the page, you also downloaded Google Translator’s engine). ATLAS and other translators also use this “engine” to translate Japanese into respective languages, and in the cases of Koreans, we use the engine for “EzTrans”.

Please note that the engine for “EzTrans” is Japanese -> Korean EXCLUSIVELY. Please don’t ask me for it since it’s a shareware, not a freeware. HOWEVER, a free version of AralTrans will have one of these engines included (but you cannot modify it as you would be able to in the paid version)


Now, with all things aside, what the hell is this “AralTrans” that occasionally pops up in the posts I make, and how is it different from ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) or AGTH (Anime Games Text Hooker)?

AralTrans is a specific program modified by Team Polaris for the exclusive use of Visual Novels, for Koreans. Its extreme benefit stems from the fact that it’s a hooker+translator in one program, so a player would not need the hassle to open up both translator and hooker when trying to play a game.

Here is the website for the Project: http://lab.aralgood.com/

Before we get into any details, let’s look at the benefits of AralTrans.

1) No need for other programs. AralTrans itself takes up about 100 MB of hard disk space, which includes all the filters, engines, and commands needed to properly hook each and every game out there. In addition, when first hooking the game, AralTrans will give you an option to create a shortcut that launches every single program necessary for you to play the game in the future. So no more hassle with AralCodes or anything like that after you put it in once. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, you should look to the other benefits I’ll list below.

2) Instant implementation INSIDE the game.

So basically, it seems as if you are playing a translated version of the game, instead of having a translation box outside the window. This means that sometimes, you will be able to enjoy the game in full screen mode.



Obviously, the text displayed above is Korean.

3) Perfect translation of everything, including choices and other factors outside the dialogue box.

One of the extremely common cons of ITH and AGTH is that it sometimes cannot extract texts from outside the dialogue box. Not only would it have a different string that users would need to switch back and forth between, but often would not show up at all. With AralTrans, no problemo.

Huh, sounds like a good program, right? Actually, it does have some cons as well.

1) Faulty and Crashes often.

Usually when one thing crashes (such as the integrated hooker), the entire program (including the game) crashes as well, so this actually causes some OMGWTFBBQ moments (especially in games that have a interactive gameplay element, and you forgot to save).

2) Usually requires an AralCode

Not really a con, but thought I’d mention it. ITH can automatically detect the VN’s engine with a high accuracy, but AralTrans requires an AralCode at about a 90% rate. Despite this, if you visit the link I provided above (with an account), there’s a full database of player-generated AralCodes that is readily available.

AralTrans is the only option for players wishing to play games such as the title above: “Kimi to boku to Eden no Ringo“, since AGTH and ITH will not hook properly on the game. 

How to Use Aral Trans!

UPDATE: AralTrans v0.2 will work with most games, including the newly releases. Team Polaris recently released an AralTrans v0.3 which is still in BETA phase and very unstable; they will be stabilizing this version as time goes along. 

Aral Trans 001

Aral Trans 002

If the second picture doesn’t show up too well, right click and open it in a new window/tab.

Aral Trans 003

Aral Trans 004

AralTrans FAQ

Q: Where can I download it?

A: The link I provided above.

Q: It’s Korean!

A: In the “AralTrans” section of this page, read the second paragraph.

Q: Any way to make this appear in English?

A: Yes. Use your own translation engines. However, I warn you ahead of time that the translations WILL be faulty.

Q: AralCode for (Insert Game Name)?

A: If you can properly demonstrate your knowledge of this program, I will hunt for the code for you. The website requires you to register and verify that you are over 18 (obviously because these games are rated 18+), but I’m saving you the trouble of all that. However, do remember that all these codes are player-generated, and what’s not on the database is not available for you.

Q: Can you teach me how to use AralTrans?

A: How to use is presented above. There’s also Google.

Questions? Fire ’em away.


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  1. where can i get the aral code?

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