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Frequently Asked Questions

I lied. No one asks me questions.

Despite this, I create a page with some of the most basic information to why and how this site is designed.  Hopefully, before you ask me anything or is curious about something, this page will explain it for you.

Why did you create this blog?

Believe it or not, I started posting reviews for JAPANESE, NON-TRANSLATED games after I ragequitted from VNDB. This is mostly my way of giving the VNDB members the middle finger, because I really didn’t like their attitude. That’s going to be a long story if I tried to explain it, so don’t worry about it, haha.

Why do you not post download links?

If I had all the time in the world and all the broadband I wanted, I would do so!

The only reason I don’t upload all my VNs and manage them is because uploading is a pain in the behind to do, and managing them (aka, reuploading if a link dies) is even more of a pain.

I don’t want to import links from other uploaders on Anime-sharing, because those are THEIR links; it makes me seem like a leecher, while it’s also a fact that I can’t do anything about it if their link dies.

While I do keep some titles in my personal online library, these are only for storage purposes, and will unfortunately not be shared. Sorry!

Who are you?

Glad you asked! My name is Jason Rhee. A Korean in his 20’s (god, I feel old) studying in Philadelphia while enjoying his Eroge. You can learn more about me on the “About me!” page.

I don’t agree with your rating on X!!

I’m sorry to hear that. However, it is a guarantee that every player has his own opinions and preferences, and mine just happens to be represented with the ratings I show. Even if you don’t like my ratings, I believe my reviews are as honest as it can be. Whether or not you agree or disagree, the comment section is there for a reason; share what you think!

Is your blog SFW (Safe for work) or NSFW (Not Safe for work)?

My blog is 100% completely SFW. All material posted will not contain extreme material, pornography, or gore. I often include profanity in my reviews, but that’s the closest you’ll get to “NSFW”.

Ironically, though, it seems that this site has been labeled as “mature”, despite having a setting of PG-13.

Will there be a translation for X?

A big, fat, NO. Fan-translations are performed when a group of players with really nothing better to do get together for a game they all thought was good. However, doing so runs some risks, since most of these groups do not even have a legal copy of the game, and hacking into the game is also illegal. This does not include the fact that these groups are not paid to translate. These obstacles discourage fan-translations, which take a LONG time to do. (As a general standard, translation of a 20 hour game will take at least 50 times its play-time, or about 1000 hours of work.)

I have contributed slightly to some projects previously, but have dropped them, believing that translation projects are not right for me.

What about annot.me?

Created recently, this program based on engines and computer-y stuff that I don’t understand allows normal players such as myself to translate games AS THEY PLAY THE GAME, without any form of hacking required. There has been many adjustments and improvements since its release, but I do NOT condone it.

Yes, it is very easy to use. Yes, it gives you translations, but its small details will disturb the reader when playing the game, and make eroge TEDIOUS, which is the last thing you want to do; you should enjoy eroge, not make it your work. Generally, I don’t like to translate games even on annot me, because it takes the fun out of the game, and makes it tedious. (Imagine having to read a page of a book, then translate that on another! I think I now understand how Shakespeare felt while writing his books…)

Why do I see more favorable reviews on your blog compared to unfavorable ones?

No one, dear reader including myself,  will want to see a game that he enjoyed degraded to the ground. I sympathize with other players on this aspect, and try to please every reader with more favorable reviews than unfavorable ones. You WILL see some unfavorable reviews, however, which is done because there’s enough JP reviews saying that it sucked, or I really, really think it sucks to the point I want everyone to know about it.

Many of the reviewers who post only negative topics are also rather displeasing for the eye; all they’re doing is spreading out “What I don’t like”, which no one really doesn’t want to hear over and over again. In my eyes, this kind of action would label the writer as an “attention whore”.

Gosh, you’re so slow with making posts!


Jokes aside, please realize that games take a long time to play. And I only make reviews when I am completely finished with the game (whether I braced myself and sprinted through a crappy game or whether I took my sweet time finishing a good one). Because of this, I can provide the best reviews (as a player who finished the game), than other players who may have simply skipped through most of the parts he didn’t like or really didn’t play it at all (I swear I’m not talking about some of the JP players *hint hint*).

omg it took me (number) hours to finish X! Your post says otherwise! YOU LIED TO ME!

Generally speaking, my reading speed is faster than even that of a native Japanese who enjoys eroge casually. this is because of me getting “eye training” (allows me to read stuff faster) in the past. This is in addition to the fact that I’ve been playing eroge for several years now.

Plus, I tend to skip over a great majority of the H-scenes. All of these factors estimate that my reading speed is anywhere between 2 to 4 times faster than a normal NON-Japanese player trying to play the game for himself.

kamige? nukige? What are these words?

These words are “descriptions” for games, usually as an acronym. Kamige (ka-mi-geh) means “god-like games”, and is used to describe games a player found exceptionally well-designed and created. Nukige (nu-ki-geh), literally means “pulling” games, where “nuki” or “to pull” assumed to be the jerking motion in male masturbation; nukige prioritizes sexual content over the story. Similarly Nakige (Nah-ki-ge) is games designed to make the player cry, and my favorite: Kusoge, which literally translates to “shit game” or “trash game”.

Favorite Male Protagonist/Female Heroine?

Favorite male protagonist is Uryuu Shingo from Mashiroiro Symphony. He has all the traits that I find idealistic in a male, and is currently my role model. As for favorite heroine, I would have to argue for Kaede Fuyou from Shuffle!. My reasoning for this is, that Kaede actually has a reason to give her all to Rin, due to their pasts, and despite being classified as a “yandere” by the majority of the VN players, also has a bit of “tsundere”, where she suppresses her own feelings, for what’s “sociopsychologically expected”. Then in her sequel, “Really? Really!”, the very beginning scenes show her panicking about Rin hating her if she has pubic hair. (LOL!)

I can’t see the music you’ve uploaded?

That’s probably because you’re in the “reader”. I upload my music onto Puush, and it should appear normally if you view the review (icwutididthar) in its original page.

Your CGs are too small!

A: Right click and open it in a new window/tab. The CGs are automatically resized to fit the width of your screen, and most of them are usually over 900 pixels in length (about twice the size as it appears)

There’s a broken link to a CG Q_Q;

That’s due to me being a lazy bum and hyperlinking it directly from the web. Since this actually causes a heavier load on whereever I took it from, it may not load it properly. Simply right-click on it and open it in a new tab (or copy paste the picture address) and open it in a different window to see it.

Any other questions? Ask me! Don’t make me feel foreveralone =(


Comments on: "Frequently Asked Questions" (42)

  1. Passwords of some spoilers?

  2. I wanted to consult your immeasurable knowledge of drove in regards to Lunaris Filia. Hopefully, you’ll still remember something about this since it’s rather old.

    I believe this is in the true route. What is Filia trying to do to the MC? She looks apologetic. Is she trying to kill him?

    Can’t you didn’t release a review of this game, Jason. A most shameful display.

    • I see that didn’t come out as a link. Just right click or tap and hold onto the square, depending on you are using.


    • Replying in addition, I have it so that links are generally disabled due to filtering spam comments. If you’d like to communicate a link with me, please feel free to do so via email! (itsjoyjason@gmail.com)

    • Hello The Joy!

      Many apologies for not having a review of Lunaris Filia! Quite unfortunately, it was a game that as you’ve stated, very old; I haven’t even started writing reviews (even on my Blogspot Review Site!) when I first played the game.

      Based on the extremely vague memories I have, I do believe that Filia (is that the last heroine’s name?) is the vampire who made the contract with Sousuke in the past. I can’t exactly remember the details of the last route, but I distinctively remember it was rather disappointing since the last heroine was introduced rather suddenly and other heroines were quite insignificant.

      It might be better to depend on a different reviewer for more accurate information though. Sorry I’m not too much help!

  3. what do you think about dr. pepper?

  4. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for your reviews. It gives me a break from reading reviews on Amazon JP lol. Oh, and that joint review you did with the OtakuOverdrive guys for Saku Koro Sakura was pretty damn funny :)

  5. yamihitsuji said:

    would you ever consider compiling all the translated eroge that exist currently?? *or if you perchance know anyone who has compiled such a list

    • Oh man, I’m not quite sure about this one as this will be EXTREMELY difficult.

      Translated novels are often not official and relatively less announced. While VNDB does have information on these pretty much up to date, I’m very unconfident that I’ll be able to compile a list like this with little time that I have.

      Sorry! :(

  6. Here’s an interesting thought. Could you make a section of the site dedicated to user requests of reviews? I know that would take a chunk of time to both create and review, but I think it would be interesting to see what your readers want.

    • Hi! Thanks for the opinion.

      Could you be a bit more specific about this? I’m curious to know what you mean by “user requests”. I have in my mind right now the idea that what you mean is the commercial games that other readers ask me to review, instead of me actually making the review on my own accord. Am I correct with this assumption?

      Thanks again for your suggestion!

    • I just read my own post and realized how much I butchered what I was saying, but, in a nutshell, yes. I don’t mean to say that the requests should be about random games, but reviews of VNs requested by your readers. I hope this clears up what I meant before.

    • I think it would be best if I created another category called “Reader Requested”. I can tag each review with multiple categories, and if I check the box for this category, readers can select this on the right side of the website to see what “requests” others made in the past.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Hiya!

    I don’t know where to ask this, so I figured I’ll ask right here. This is going to be my first shot of trying out my first VN ever (WA2). I’ve read on your WA2 post about this thing called AGTH. I’m from a less-developed part of Asia and not computer-savvy at all.

    My question to you is, 1) what other Essential softwares do I need in advance before started playing WA2?

    2) Do you have list of links and tutorials for AGTH and (all the other softwares) I need to use them?

    ps: international google is semi-blocked from this country, It’s not that I’m too lazy to google, it’s just the google result is literally tied into the local google and somehow only shows local results most of the time.

    Thank you very much. The end of WA2 left a hole in my heart, and I think I need to play the game.

    pps: I have around a 3級 level of japanese comprehension, so while I’m not going into this blindly, any help would be appreciated (esp. the ability to copy-paste words into jisho.org for one).

    • Hi! Sorry I couldn’t get to your question sooner; real life is getting to the best of me.

      As for your question, I distinctively remember using only AGTH to play WA2, and nothing else. In reality, a reliable translator is what you really need, and that’s somewhere I can’t really help.

      As for the usage of AGTH, I’d say a google search……. and you said a google search isn’t helpful. See if you can access the following link, which is pretty much your “Manual” that the AGTH creators wrote:

      Good luck!

  8. Before I play JustyxNasty, can you enlighten me on who’s the main heroine? Is it the silver-haired hero girl?


    • Wow! A late reply! Sorry about that! :(

      Whirlpool’s games often lack a main heroine. The only significant game with a central heroine is “Suzukaze no Melt”, but other than that, all the heroines seem to be on equal footings with each other

  9. Hi there, great reviews thus far!(which i actually read) but just to ask one question, is the girl on the background of your blog haotone tsubasa? could you PLEASEEEEE give me a link to the picture? IT LOOKS SOOOOO GOOOOODDDD

    • Hi Ian! The character in the background is actually not Tsubasa from Kisaragi GS, but an original piece of artwork from Tsubasu Izumi or also known as Hisuitei. I don’t have access to my computer at the moment, so feel free to search up the two names I mentioned above until I do.

    • THANKS~ i was finally able to find it! hope all would go well for ya in the future!~

  10. Jason,
    can you please review VNR (previously annot.me)? It’s improved alot since then. Though I’m not sure if its translation quality of Korean langauge is better than AralTrans, it’s still a good software. I hope that it can gain more publicity( abit exaggerating) by your review( even if it’s bad).

    Website: http://www.sakuradite.com/

    • Hello Lee, Thanks for your comment.

      However, I must decline the “reviewing” of such a translation tool since my policy on learning Japanese is that tools like VNR and annot.me can only get a person so far with reading VNs. I strictly condone reading these pieces of work without the need for translators, and have been making efforts to do the same as well.

      Therefore, while I do suggest the usage of VNR, ITH, and various other tools for enjoying of VNs, I do not suggest them to be used indefinitely in place of actually learning Japanese.

      Even if I was requested to make a “bad review” for VNR, I do believe that it is highly publicized already, and probably not at need for a review from a pitifully unknown reviewer like myself.

      실재로 한국분이시면 일본어를 배우는건 아주 쉽습니다. 중국어, 한국어, 일본어는 동아시아에서 아주 비슷하다고 알려지는 언어이며 한국어 “한자”를 배운것만으로도 일본어의 “칸지” 를 알 수 있습니다. 노력만 조금 넣어서 일본어를 배울수있으면 그렇게 하여 게임을 즐기는게 제일이라고 생각합니다.

      길게 이야기해서 죄송합니다

  11. Bloody phone autocorrected Hello Lady (wtf) and I missed it. .-. But anyway, thanks! More Narita is just what we need lol.

  12. Are you going to review the Hello Last fandisk coming out this month? If so, can you give us a small synopsis of what will be on the drama disk (that is, of course, you’re not planning on skipping out on the complete edition)?

    • I’m going to assume that you’re talking about “Hello Lady”, and yes, I’ll be going through with that just so I can see more Narita in action. I hope it also clears up some of the holes I saw in the main game.

  13. Who is the girl with the blue hair with roses that you have a background for your blog. Can you find her in any visual novel?

  14. Thank you so much. If you cannot see the adress I use for the comments, here’s another one: Gotrek5911@gmail.com.

    Meanwhile, I was able to get my hand on a copy of Pure Girl (another of your recommandation I picked up), that I am playing using VNR. You were SO right about this… but I’m afraid that my only solution for now.

    Looks like a japanese teacher in Northern France will soon get some work ^^.

  15. Thanks a lot for your posts. I really enjoyed your humor et your way of describing these VN.

    And be cursed for taunting me with great stories and characters that I would probably never be able to enjoy, due to the lack of english translations (which are already quite a pain in the VN I played, as I am French).

    In fact, your descriptions and commentaries are so tempting, that I am willing to test the annot player, even if you don’t recommand it. I guess I will need more time (a lot of time actually) to play the games 100% japanese.

    But actually I don’t even know how to start : where can I download (legally of course) these games ? Of course the links to the official pages help, but I am not even able to decypher the good link to choose.

    Is there any english platform to purchase the games ? Or maybe a japanese platform you could help to translate ?

    Many thanks, good luck with your studies, and please keep on the reviews :)

    • Thanks for your comment Gotrek! It’s very surprising to see a French player, and I’m glad to see you.

      Let’s answer some of your questions! Annot Player (http://annot.me/game) does have some great games “translated” by players. Note, however, that some of these translations may be off, and you’re using these on your own risk that it may make your story, usually less enjoyable than it is.

      All or almost (99.9%) of games that I list on my site are commercial or “not-free” games. They are usually pirated using torrents or DDLs. The reason I do this is because games are rather expensive (~70-100 USD for one), and I don’t want to pay that much for a game I buy, then find to be crappy.

      It’s generally a good practice (also very efficient!) to “pirate” games, then buy the actual copy if you like it to support the company. While you DO miss out on limited version or tokuten, I guess that’s the price of not wasting money.

      I’ll flat out comment that commercial platforms like MangaGamer sucks. Their translations are horribly inaccurate (accuracy is < 70%), and if any English platform is desired, you use places like Fuwanovel for pre-patched copies of the games (although I don't like Fuwanovel's practices of distributing others' works)

      Thanks for your encouragement, and let me know if there's any other questions I can answer or resources I can provide for you.

      Good luck! :)

    • Thanks for your quick reply.

      Of course, the Visual Novel community in France is quite reduced, but it is slowly growing. It is possible to find fully translated VN of majors like DaCapo or Katawa Shoujo. We also started to produce our own VN (and they suck…^^’).

      My problem is that I don’t like majors titles. I am what you can call an Otary-man, in its 30ies, married, etc. and so it’s difficult to project myself when the main character is a schoolboy and/or gifted with magical/technological/sportive/cooking/6ft massive sword handling superpower, and thus not very attracted to 80% of what is easily available. I am all in Slice of Life genre, which require a lot of digging into titles to find good ones (Keizoku Keikaku is not that bad for instance). That’s why the work of reviewers like you is definitly a big help.

      I will focus my efforts for now on finding a copy of Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi. Any help is welcomed.

      And I fully support you practice of “test then buy for support”. I am doing the same for most of my manga reading. And I cannot concieve that some titles I played like GoGo Nippon, were actually sold for any amount of money…

    • My gosh, all my feels for you!

      Yep, all those titles you’ve mentioned correspond exactly with how I feel. While I’m only 21 at the moment, I also find the “school life” genre to be rather annoying (keep your eyes peeled for “joyjason’s top 10 most annoying things about eroge” *hint hint*)

      Although admittedly, these games are targeted heavily towards males around the age of 18-25 (probably even lower than that =,.=;;), so I can sympathize with your difficulty of finding a good novel.

      I’ll definitely see if I can find a copy of the Damekoi for you. It’s a great story, and I’m glad I’ve piqued your interest.

      Oh, and I think it’s safe to assume that anything from MangaGamer is of low quality xP

    • Many thanks for your help. All I could find now, after a few hours of research, are dead torrent links in the U.S..

      It feels nice to know that other people are sharing the same interest (and little troubles) than me.

      I can’t wait to play Damekoi. Thanks again.

    • Hello again Gotrek! Sorry for the late reply.

      I have uploaded my copy of Damekoi and its tokuten onto a filehosting site called “Mediafire”. I understand that it’s not the best filehoster, but I hope you can forgive my laziness as I didn’t want to spend time going through others.

      I will need your email address (or somewhere I can post these links exclusively for you), however, because I refuse to place these links on my blog, as it violates my policies, as well as DMCA’s.

      Thanks for your patience!

  16. Kyandice said:

    Hi I’m currently a fan of vns and otome games but sadly I can only play the English ones.. :/ I was wondering since I learned that you’re Korean.. Are you fluent in Japanese? @_@ and how did you learn it? Sorry for my questions ^^,

    • Hi Kyandice, thanks for your question!

      Wow! Otome games! I’ve never played them before, and I really never had the courage to play them either, despite the fact that I know they probably contain story elements that I’ll enjoy.

      Nonetheless, yes, I can understand Japanese to a large extent. While writing Japanese is arguably weakest, Reading (which is required for Visual Novels o3o) and hearing are some of my strengths. (Oh, and typing Japanese, I can do with decency :D)

      Believe it or not, I learned Japanese informally simply by watching anime at first. First, it’s “speaking” and “hearing” that comes first, as if a child was just learning to speak his first words “Mama” or “Papa”.

      After getting to the level of proficiency you can “communicate basic thoughts” in Japanese (such as greetings, asking for directions, etc…), you then move onto alphabet. You have to MEMORIZE both Hiragana and katakana, and learn to read them.

      After that, it’s the kanji (oh, the dreaded kanji… O_O;;)
      This will take several years in the least, and is very difficult. I see a lot of Japanese players giving at this stage, because of its difficulty.

      Nonetheless, the fact that I’m Korean means that much of the Korean language is similar to Japanese, since both languages are derived from Chinese. This is a huge advantage, and allowed me to become fluent in about 2-3 years. As I say to all non-East Asians, if you want to learn Japanese, expect AT LEAST 5 years even with formal education.

      Good luck! Let me know if there are other questions or comments! (Actually, you just convinced me to create a page to “assist” players learn Japanese!)

    • Kyandice said:

      Oh my I didn’t expect to get such a quick reply from you! ^^, Thanks! ^,^

      So you did self-study Japanese.. @_@ That’s good to know cause it gets me more inspired and motivated to learn more.. Being a fan of anime since I was 16, I’m 21 now *_*, I eventually learned to understand and speak Japanese though I can’t read hiragana/katakana/kanji yet.. :/ I’m trying to learn katakana since they’re the easiest to memorize but after a day or two I immediately forget them. ;_; Sometimes I try playing non-translated games and thanks to the voiced scenes/dialogues I can somehow understand what’s happening but really where’s the fun in that. :/

      So yeah, if you have the time hopefully you could make that post the inspire more people to learn Japanese. ^_^/

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