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Ratings on Games

Some people often wonder at how I rate the novels that I read. Obviously, it’s not an easy matter as assigning a number: I need to be able to pick a number that justifies my overall opinion on the game, while being able to compare the score I give on say, Game A, to another game (Game B) with the same score.

Some others may be amazed at how I use the entire range of numbers from 0-10 when scoring games, as some players around the internet does not seem to follow that pattern. This member on VNDB is particularly infamous for giving high ratings to games (the very day it’s released, which suggests that he didn’t even play the game) that otherwise do not deserve them. Note that he gives ratings of 6-10, which means that it’s enough to say that his rating of 6 is a “bad game”, while a rating of 10 is a “good game”.

The danger with this kind of rating is that because he refuses to rate any game any less than a 6, that’s where his limit hits: he cannot actually call any game a “kusoge” or a “kamige” due to his narrow standard.
Why is this? That’s because when we take a look at reviewers who have a tendency to keep the “average” rating at 5, it’s more convincing when they suddenly use a score of 0 or 10. When a user like our sample individual (Average 8.65) uses either a 10 or a 6, it’s hardly a surprise nor does it contain any impact.

This is in addition to the fact that no one will trust his ratings due to
1) He rates games without any form of reasoning
2) His range is so small, that even if he rates a game as 6 (bad game), it will not only conflict with other honest ratings, but cannot leave any impact for other members who wish to receive an honest opinion on the game
3) Even for games like FS/N, which is hyped by the English community, is deserving of a 8/10 at max (I give it 7/10). Why do you think I differ from the majority of the players who scream that 10/10 is not enough for this game? That’s because I actually see better games than our dear FS/N unlike our English community who is extremely limited in their viewpoint.

In conclusion, my wide range when it comes to rating is because I have an open mindset. I can see the bigger picture, and I have the leniency and the flexibility to speak my honest opinions through a number, AND have a desire to express those opinions via a standardized scale (0~10). Having a standardized scale of 6~10 is NOT an honest opinion, nor is it expressing anything about your preferences.

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