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Otaku’s Toolbox

This page is meant to host a series of files and programs that I list for the general population who also enjoys eroge as much as I do, and want to find a good way to make their visual/hearing experience the best it can be.

Below is a mediafire link to a set of tools that I commonly use to enhance my eroge experience, usually involving the retrieving of files from the games themselves, and translators. I also include other “goodies”, which I explain below.

Otaku’s Toolbox: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzqp43p8jsguni1/Otaku’s%20Toolbox.rar
Contains the following

AralTrans: Don’t want to go to Aral Lab to download the Aral Trans? Just get it here!

Cliphooker (클립후커): For Koreans, it uses the EZTrans files (if installed on your computer) to automatically perform clipboard translations from JAP -> KOR.

Crass: The ultimate tool for extracting most data files for games, this series of commands can extract even the most mysterious types of files of its music or CGs. This tool is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any player wanting to extract CG or music.

Extractdata: The secondary tool for extracting files, it is still highly limited, and Crass completely overwhelms it. I still include it for the lawls

ITH v2.3 AND v3.0: Both versions available since I have a hard time using H-codes with v3.0

mio-player: I think it was for the game “Mashiro Summer”, where I had to convert .mio files… I can’t remember why this is here, but use it to your advantage (I remember I had a hard time finding this one)

Virtualdub: Mostly for your video needs, this tool is very useful in creating animated gifs (with PS, of course), or even simply retrieving a frame from any video just to use as a picture.

AGTH H-Code.txt: Retrieved from Hongfire, this contains a large list of H-codes for the more older games, as well as some games that I’ve personally added to

NoRegionLoader: Usage with recent games where NoDVD will not allow games to run properly.

Other Software you may want to consider downloading:

Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
Very useful for editing of music files, and the only plausible choice when recording music of any kind. Completely free and highly capable of completing many tasks, including the looping of music

PicPick: http://www.picpick.org/en/ (Thanks Rayun!)
A tool I use most frequently to grab screenshots, not only from eroge, but also from my daily gaming needs or even off of websites. With features of both Microsoft Picture Editor and Paint merged into one, along with direct upload of photos onto popular image hosting sites like imgur, this tool is also an absolute must for eroge review writers like me, and perhaps to others who enjoy saving their visuals for later use.

Comments on: "Otaku’s Toolbox" (6)

  1. Thanks man, this helped a lot. Its a true otaku tool box.

  2. can crass extract .ypf files? from Yu-Ris engine

  3. Thank you so much!! Until now i found only a few functioning link for these tools and the programs were outdated, missing files or weren’t compatinle with Windows10, you saved me a headache and a great deal of time. Great idea this toolbox

  4. Thank you for the download, I just tried using Crass to extract some Cg from some games. (Dracu riot, Innocent girl, ao kanata no four rhythm) and none of them worked, there was nothing in the destination folder. I select the source path as the folder with the game installed, and the dest. path as just an empty folder and clicked nothing else but execute. I am using the exact version as downloaded from the Otakus toolbox. I am running windows 8 if that is a problem.

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