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A “Readme” for this Review Site

Welcome to VNErogeReview, a wordpress-hosted site I’ve been managing for about 4-5 years now. I created this review site for multiple reasons, though the main one being that I wanted to build some form of credibility/authority when discussing about visual novels with other players though since I’m such a loner and don’t even reach out to these communities it doesn’t matter anymore lel

This page is to answer some inquiries/questions that might be sent to my inbox beforehand.

  • Please note that most of my posts contain my subjective opinions. I try to avoid anything subjective because I’m a person who likes objective things. Thus while I do try to base my scores on objective elements, many things in my reviews may simply be my opinion (and I’ll make every effort to make sure it sounds as such). Just because I didn’t like a game doesn’t mean you won’t like it, and you might think a game is #1 on your list and it can happen to receive scores of 3/10 on my reviews
  • That being said, if you disagree with any of my ratings, you are free and ENCOURAGED to dispute it with your reasoning. I honestly love it when readers will approach me and try to tell me why they really liked/hated a certain game. It gives me their perspective and adds onto my own knowledge along with helping me catch some things I may not have caught the first time around, so it’s always a benefit to me.
  • Just as you should take my reviews with a grain of salt, so should you with things like VNDB or Erogamescape ratings. These communities, while good for general information, should NEVER be trusted with detailed information such as whether X title was good or not, because in the end it’s personal preference whether a game might be good or bad to you. Even if you want to depend on the opinions of others, you should receive opinions of a person experienced, and not just some random stranger who might have played 10 titles max and now thinks he’s an expert.
  • I worked very hard for 4-5 years enduring criticisms, trolls, and flat out idiots while writing on this site, so please give me the respect that I deserve with my content. I feel confident that I have enough authority to speak on which games are good or bad based on the sheer number of games played, and flat out calling my review bad without reasoning are the exact comments that will be ridiculed or deleted on sight
  • You are free to use any part of my reviews. As a review writer, many of the posts I publish gets featured in sites like VNDB or can be utilized as reference in places like the visualnovels subreddit. I just ask that you mention something like “From vnerogereview” at the end or something
  • I do not publish regularly, meaning I come and go as I feel like it. It’s just the nature of this hobby not putting food on my tables that I resort to keeping it a low priority than everything else. I apologize in advance for this.
  • Suggestions are always welcome. If you feel that I should write my reviews differently or simply want to know what I think about a certain title, or want me to review a certain title that’s coming up, feel free to throw it out there at any time. I try to accommodate all requests as best as I can and I’ll be transparent if I am unable to do so for any reason.
  • Please note games translated into English is readily accessible for anyone and thus not a target for review. I receive LOTS of requests to review indie titles from the producers with free keys. While I am very flattered and appreciative of this gesture, my focus is on mainstream JAPANESE games, and the indie titles often requested for a review lack voice acting, graphic integrity, and character depth and thus will usually result in a much more negative review than normal, which is undesirable.
  • No download links will be provided for obvious reasons. Comments asking for download links will be removed immediately
  • I use WordPress’s free domain service and do NOT accept donations. If you feel like helping me out, please consider purchasing the games YOU enjoyed (sites like Getchu have partnered with shipping companies that deliver overseas) so it supports the companies.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at “itsjoyjason@gmail.com“. I’m also on Discord infrequently: Seraphrose#7536