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What are Girls made of? Review of [070928] Sugar + Spice

Foreword: Well, this game’s from Chuablesoft, a company that I find very favorable for creating thought-provoking and sometimes philosophical games. I couldn’t resist myself as a friend suggested this title to me, and decided to play it over the spring break.

Sugar + Spice, or shortened to “Shugaspa” (しゅがすぱ) was actually a rather inferior game. Note that from Chuablesoft, I’ve played 5 games: Astraythem, Sweet Robin Girl, Wagaya Himegami, Love La Bride, and this title. Having played those titles, I would rate “Astraythem” to be the best game out of all 5.

The prime reason I rate this game as “inferior” is because it felt as if this game was incomplete. The beginning starts out strong, but gets weaker as the game goes along, and the fact that “complex game elements” (which I’ll get to in a bit) made the game a bit more tedious than it should’ve been was not a good factor. The game also throws out some of its most important elements in most of the routes, such as its theme “Sugar and Spice”.

Nonetheless, it’s still better than some of the more recent Chuablesoft titles so I don’t think I can complain too much…

Title: Sugar + Spice
Producers: ChuableSoft
Release Date: September 28, 2007
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v421
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=385845
Game Type: Romance Novel revolving around an amnesic protagonist

Summary: “Who are you?” Are the first words that the protagonist hears when he wakes up. He is facing someone who looks like a doctor–wearing a white gown and looking at him with sharp eyes.

For a moment, the protagonist doesn’t remember anything. His name, his relationships, and his past. All he knows is his Japanese, which at least allows him to speak with the person in front of him, who claims that he is suffering from a strange variation of amnesia, where his basic survival knowledge is kept intact, but his memories are “sealed” away by a trauma–as if he didn’t want to remember it.

Sending him back to the waiting room shows that a person named “Aya” calls him “Ma-kun” and tells him about his past, like the fact that his name is “Kazuma”, and his parents are overseas studying architecture.

As Kazuma struggles to adjust to the environment he’s placed in, he will encounter 5 girls he becomes very close to: Uta, a strange girl who seems to lie all the time; Yumeji, a calm and well-behaved girl; Haneru, an athletic and bright girl; Ai, Kazuma’s childhood friend who is extremely intelligent; and a transfer student named Tsukasa, who becomes close to Kazuma since she becomes his next door neighbor.

Sleepover with the next-door neighbor…