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Review of [130426]Love la Bride

Foreword: I hope you’re reading this, Rayun, because this post is for you!

I was first intrigued with the fact that this game is produced by Chuablesoft, and as you can see with a game called “Astraythem“, I am very favorable for this company due to several factors. However, the summary just drove me away because this was another “harem where the protagonist suddenly happens to fall in love with one of the heroines…” and “heroines have a low-quality background story that makes them love the protagonist excessively” story.

Despite this, one of my friends introduced me to the video, which I found strange; I felt as if one of my favorite CV was singing the Opening Movie. Look up the list of CVs on the official page, and BAM! Aoba Ringo is voicing Misaki, the red haired girl who’s supposed to be the “central heroine”.

Well, I played it. Yes, I’ve cringed in spots where many other players will have cringed, I’ve laughed where I should’ve laughed, and now I am prepared to write a review for it. Scroll down if you’re interested.

Title: ラブらブライド (Love la Bride )
Producers: Chuablesoft
Release Date: April 26, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12028
Game Type: Romance Novel

Summary: Kenji Yuki has an unfortunate accident when he peeks up a girl’s skirt when she’s standing on the branches of the cherry blossom tree that blooms at his school. As the girl fixes her skirts with a red face, she falls off the branch, and Kenji who rushes to help her accidentally touches her breasts while kissing her.

Later, the girl will confine him and force him to live with her. Her reason? Because her family customs strictly state that she is now not “clean” or “pure”, and must marry the man who defiled her. However, Misaki, the girl, will not accept her fate, and forces Kenji to cooperate; she will live with him for three months then tell her family that the marriage is impractical because the couple is not a good match.

In this environment, Kenji will soon have four other girls to deal with, and soon, “Love la Bride” or contest to see who marries Kenji will break out between the girls.

Nao, Kenji’s blood-related sister who loves eating and meat. Her route is rather interesting as well.

Story Length: Moderate (~20 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: In each choice menu, the character routes divide up in this way, from top to bottom: Misaki, Nao, Hitomi, Haruka, Sasha. There’s a lot of choices to make though…

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 3/10
Game Quality: High
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: Let’s see, ratings. Nothing special here. Just your normal harem wedding plotline that’s so cliche, I had a hard time being amused. Kenji is funny with his friend Kakeru, as the two make homosexuality jokes, but other than that, I pretty much saw the ending within these routes. Despite this, it didn’t hurt to play through them (unlike other predictable games) since there are a lot of other elements in each route (explained later) that made it bearable. Other than this, yeah… Not a good game. I guess Misaki’s route was decent because it had an unexpected element, but the other routes were pretty “meh”.

Main (?) Heroine for this game; Misaki! Her strange behavior is explained in her route, so don’t hate this character before you see her true story :)

Sexual Content: Moderate

Comments: Yeah, I came here because of Aoba Ringo’s CV, but was disappointed in the end. Despite this, I have compliments for some things. For one, Chuablesoft’s games has this thing where when you open the game, your system voice says something for you, based on what time it is on your computer. As an example, at 2AM, Misaki might say to you, “You’re still up? We have to wake up early tomorrow, so go to sleep already”. Then again, I was choking in blood when I opened the game at about 10PM and heard Misaki saying (in a gentle voice) “When you finish… can we sleep together…?” Yeah. If you haven’t noticed, I love Aoba Ringo’s voice.

Hitomi also has a cute personality and voice as well.

I personally find it funny how she refers to herself as “Ken-chan’s bride” all the time.

I also appreciate some of the small elements of this game, where you can revisit non-H scenes just by clicking the CG associated with it, or the fact that you can completely skip viewed episodes so you don’t have to stare at text being skipped at high speeds. This allowed a faster clearing time, at least for me. I sincerely wish that other companies can learn to incorporate these small elements in their games…

But most of all, what I find superior in Chuablesoft’s games is that despite getting into a heroine’s route, the other characters do not simply disappear like they do in other games. Yes, you chose that particular heroine, but that doesn’t mean that the other girls simply “poof” and disappear from your sight. In this game, despite diving into a heroine’s fixed route, the other characters (including subcharacters if applicable) will appear very frequently to create even more hilarious or heartwarming stories.

Probably one of the bonuses included in the Limited Editions… The characters seem really unique, don’t you think?

Affection for the Characters: Low

CG Quality: Low. I see some reused backgrounds from Astraythem =3=;;; Also, I really do NOT like the SDCGs. SD means “super deformed”, not “alien-like”
Music Quality: Moderate. IOSYS produces the Opening and Insert Songs, so if you like them, I guess you’ll enjoy it…?

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: Another typical harem wedding storyline. Chuablesoft makes good games, so I’m surprised at why they chose this kind of script over anything else. Hopefully, their next game is at least a bit better.

This is just between me and you, but I think Ono Ryouko (or Gogyou Nazuna) isn’t a very good CV for Sasha…