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Harem of Cats! Review of [130830]Nyan Cafe Macchiato

Foreword: I really could’ve passed on writing up this review, but I decided to make one nonetheless since this game happens to have one of the greatest CGs I’ve ever seen in a game.

Despite being a nukige, the game is filled with adorable characters and a hilarious plot. There’s no drama here–just a light-hearted story for maniacs of all kinds, but especially “cat-ears” or nekomimi.

Title: にゃんカフェ マキアート ~猫がいるカフェのえっち事情~ (Nyan Cafe Macchiato ~nekoga iru cafe no ecchi jijou~) [ Lit. Trans: Perverted Situation in a Cafe with cats]
Producers: Skyfish Poco & Cabbit
Release Date: August 30, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12505
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=770941
Game Type: Nukige Harem Novel with the theme “Nekomimi”

Summary: A collaboration between Cabbit, a company known for its heartwarming stories, and Skyfish Poco, a company specializing in various fetishes.

Kouya is a teacher-in-training at an all-girl’s school. His dream is to become a teacher, and while he’s working steadily towards that dream, the apartment he lives in burns down. Actually, he’s like this–extremely unfortunate, to the point he brings misfortune to people around him. Because he has nowhere to live, his grandfather, who is currently in the hospital, allowed him to stay in the store that he runs on one condition: Kouya has to open and run the store.

Kouya will do as his grandfather asks (because it’s not like he has a choice, right?) and with the help of three girls, will start the store successfully. Little does he know that all three girl are in love with him, and they all confess at the same time.

3 simultaneous confessions!