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Thousand Romance, Ten Thousand Flowers: Review of [160729]Senren Banka

Foreword: When it comes to Yuzusoft games, a lot of people claim them to be a “safe choice”, meaning that the game itself is never going to be absolute shit. I agree with this statement for the most part (having played the more recent Yuzusoft titles), but I also think it should come with an additional comment that like other mainstream galge companies, there’s not much adventuring going on with this company at least regarding the story.

In addition to this, I’m seeing that there’s a set pattern nowadays that even for “romance” oriented games such as Senren Banka, the romance transitioning is often completely missing or otherwise shitty. This is really disappointing since quite often, the conflict presented in a heroine route is resolved by the protagonist and the respective heroine who has already formed a “romantic bond”, but said bond was never “formed” in the eyes of the reader; it was just thrown out there.

Well, aside from this, Senren Banka is not a bad game, but as with many Yuzusoft titles, it’s not a “great” game. There are multiple reasons for this, and I hope readers can follow along with me as I make the attempts to explain why.

P.S. omg Irotori is quite amazing with story elements, but it’s sooooooo boring… Someone kill me Q_Q

Title: 千恋*万花 (Senren Banka; Thousand Romance, Ten thousand flowers)
Producers: Yuzusoft
Release Date: July 29th, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v19073
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=895010
Game Type: Fantasy Romance Novel with a rural setting

Summary: Masaomi is heading to Houri, a small town unlike the city he lived in and even with the nickname “Inutsuki” (likely meaning “haunted by dogs”), which prevents taxi drivers to even enter. This town is filled with various mysteries, such as the presence of spirits or monsters which ironically seem to attract foreigners. In addition, at the heart of it all, a sword-pulling event is open to the public.

While Masaomi was brought here more from a blackmail while his parents were enjoying a trip, he greets his strict grandfather and his cousins, as well as his childhood friends. For fun, they make Masaomi pull the legendary sword–the Murasamemaru, from the stone it was stabbed into.

Masaomi obliges, and without too much thought, he pulls on the sword lightly to have it completely snap in two! Chaos immediately ensues as the sword didn’t even budge when others pulled on it. It’s not long until a spirit named Murasame pops out and explains that Masaomi has been chosen by the Murasamemaru to defend Houri from the Tatarigami’s curse which has been going on for 500 years.



The Philosophy of Human Life and its Proposition: Review of [160527] Seiken Tsukai no Proposition

Foreword: Hmmmmmm… Well, I finished this game itself. I’ll say right now that this game wasn’t exactly omgwtfbbq terrible, but it was pretty dumb. It was also shitty when it came to story elements, too, but I’m not sure if I can immediately tag this game as “bad” because it does have some good parts as well.

Yeah, as with always, I absolutely suck at summarizing and I’m not going to be able to explain everything within just the Foreword. Let’s get on with the review like a good person, shall we?

P.S. I’m going through a lot of titles I’ve played in the past, so I’m not expecting to write a review for a bit longer. I think the lack of titles I wanted to play from June titles resulted in this instead of me actually working on my backlog like I’m supposed to…


Title: 聖鍵遣いの命題 (Seiken Tsukai no Proposition) [Lit. Trans: The Proposition of the Holy Key User]
Producers: UnicoЯn (Why the fuck did they decide on a backwards “R”?)
Release Date: May 27th, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v18681
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=880913
Game Type: Fantasy Action Novel with themes of human philosophy

Summary: Haruto is quite good looking, but extremely unfortunate in the sense that he’s enslaved by his past actions in failing pretty much everything; schoolwork, part-time jobs, and much more. This has caused him to accumulate a huge amount of debt to the School Headmaster, Spiano, who pretty much forces him to take part in this strange program that certain students are chosen to participate in.

This is where Haruto meets people like Akina, who unfortunately do not have good grades in the academy, and is also forced to participate in this program. From the very first moments, Haruto and Akina do not get along, but as they widen their circle of friends, they soon find each one of them irreplaceable.


The Cursed Fate known as Bond: Review of [151023]Kenseiki Alpha Ride

Foreword: So June releases weren’t that great, so I decided to go through some backlog as well as play through games I enjoyed in the past. Good stuff, right? Yeah, it is if it wasn’t for me going full retard and trying to play 6 games at once. GGWP, joyjason. Just fabulously smart.

…And that’s the excuse I give to why this review was delayed more than it should have been really…

Regardless, let’s get to this review. I was mostly intrigued by how this game had two protagonists. If you remember my review from Sorcery Jokers and Ikusa Megami Verita, I did mention that I greatly enjoy games that feature two protagonists because that just adds more complexity to the game. However, this game actually botched up in the sense that while it did feature two protagonists, they never really correlate to each other, so it seemed as if the game was two separate “games”. I’ll do more explaining of this, and why I didn’t think this was a good game, further below.

Title: 剣聖機 アルファライド (Kenseiki Alpharide; Alpharide the The Holy Sword)
Producers: Eternal
Release Date: October 23, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v14325
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=796625
Game Type: Fantasy SRPG revolving around themes of “relationships”

Summary: Kai and Shizuma are both normal teenagers in the real world, but both of them were destined to be brought to this world of war and strife sooner or later.

Kai follows the steps of the mother who has passed away, and acquires new friends and an existence that he wants to protect with all his might, Shizuma defeats his opponents one by one and climb the ladder ranks even to the point of becoming the Commander of the Lujiwada Army.

The two protagonists will cross paths, despite how different their environments and mindsets are.

Story Length: Moderately Long (30 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Very Difficult (Level Grinding)
Comments: So the difficulty of this game stems from the fact you need to grind like hell. Yep, this is going to be a real turn-off for some of you, so I suggest getting a savedata from somewhere (Sagaoz doesn’t have one LOL), OR OBTAIN A CERTAIN WELL-USED CHEAT PROGRAM HINT HINT.

No seriously. Get “Cheat Engine” if you’re going to play this game because otherwise, you’ll probably become bald due to hairpulling from frustration. You’ll thank me.

But with jokes aside, this is very bad design; having a game which forces the player to literally “grind” his units from already completed battles (which are also pretty fucking long, mind you), with no real context on said grinding. I’ll make sure to get into the details about this in the comments. In regards to Choices, however, it is extremely straightforward and simple.