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The Eternal Song of a Lonely Elf: Review of [140725]Astral Air


Wow, it was a long month of trying to wade my way out of all this sticky mess that I purposely dived into (I chose this game on my own accord and refused to drop it no matter how horrible it was), and the most sad thing is that I’ll probably do this again; purposely choose a game that looks really bad then refuse to drop it for the sake of bashing it in the end and ultimately wasting hours and hours of my time.

I just realized that I’m a dumbfuck, as much as the people giving this game scores above a 5.

Well, since there’s only one November game I’m interested in, here I come, October releases! :D

Oh, and since I know that most of you won’t have time to read this long-ass rant, I’ll bold my main points that I want to make with this game. Hopefully, this saves you even more time and frustration from playing this game.

WARNING: Please note that this review contains intentional spoilers and
an increased frequency of crude language/ranting. 
Do NOT read if you know
you’ll be offended by someone bashing this game!

Title: アストラエアの白き永遠 (Astral Air no Shiroki towa) [Lit. Trans: The Eternal White Astral Air]
Producers: Favorite
Release Date: July 25, 2014
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v12984
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=779719
Game Type: Sci-fi novel (?) that doesn’t make fucking sense and mixed with overdose of convenience.

Summary: Riku is an orphan of the Chronos Group, who are actually agents in disguise and known as “Elfin”, or individuals with supernatural powers. With this power, Riku as well as his group consisting of Rinne and Hinata are deployed in the mysterious town Tsukigasaki with one main mission: Protect the Leader’s daughters: Hazuki and Ochiba.

In this town full of mysteries, including the “gentle snow that never piles up”, Riku is ironically assigned to live with two girls in their own home. With a bit of misunderstanding, but ultimately enough sacrifices on both parties liberates Riku from having to sleep on the streets.

The group also have one more mission: to secure and protect anyone who also “awaken” into an Elfin, aka, someone with superpowers. This strange phenomenon is unexplained and occurs rather frequently…

Things start to get complicated as a rival group with similar motives named “Valhalla” join the fray, and its powerful member, Kotori may block the progress of the team.

Then there is the mysterious girl named Yuki… What exactly is she?

Riku is in for some surprises at his old hometown, in the Eternal White Astral Air.