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I wanna be your number One! Review of [130927]Ichibanjanakya damedesuka?

Foreword: Okay, I lied. I’m sorry TT_TT;; I was really tired from the continuous exams + speech + a report that I had to finish literally back to back, and I had a really bad headache for the past few days (along with the fact that I didn’t get too much sleep)… I’ll make sure I put in extra effort (?) for this review though!

My first game from Rosebleu, I actually had high expectations because of its description that sounded like there was going to be some good drama in the story. In addition to the fact that a friend of mine is a huge fan of Rosebleu, I guess I had my expectations TOO high…

Yeah, it didn’t turn out well.

Turns out, the summary is wrong on vndb.org (why am I not surprised?), and this is actually a slightly inferior game. The only “good points” was that some of the characters were “deredere” to the point of comedy, but aside from all that, this was your typical “harem” game without the actual harem ending. I think I would have some explaining to do, which I’ll get to very soon.

Title: 一番じゃなきゃダメですかっ? (Ichiban janakya damedesuka?) [Lit. Trans: Must I be First?]
Producers: Rosebleu
Release Date: September 27, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12479
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=771496
Game Type: Comedy Novel with weak theme of family

Summary: Today is Shou’s moving day, and nervous about the people he’ll be living with for who-knows-how-long, he takes it upon himself to do an panties-fortune telling. Naturally, that doesn’t work out, and he arrives at the destination with his non-blood related sister (and childhood friend) Hisui.

However, there seems to been some misunderstanding. This apartment called “Ittokikan” (roughly translates into “one-time apartment”) is actually meant to be a girls only apartment due to its residents having some bad relationship with their male sibling. Despite this, all of the residents except for the manager, Ruri, finds Shou acceptable and a person who they can trust. In order to convince Ruri that he is a reliable and honest person, they now decide to have a swimming match… However, Ruri is the ace of the swim team…