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The World and its Flowers: Review of [161125]Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana

Foreword: Quite a hyped game for me, I’m not even going to lie that this was quite the weird game that was slightly off from what I expected. Despite being hyped due to being favorable in many aspects, that high standards made this game look much worse than it may have been, so that was quite a disappointment. I also even thought at one point that this game was pulling a “Favorite” on me, by presenting an enormous amount of fantasy elements and leaving them vague only to be utilized later (kek). So that admittedly made me a bit more salty than usual.

Generally, I found this game to be heavily lacking… in many more areas than I wanted.

Let’s just get to reviewing of the title. Because I have nukige on my backlog begging to be played

Title: 枯れない世界と終わる花 (World that does not Wither and the Ending Flower)
Producers: Sweet&Tea (It’s pronounced Sweetie)
Release Date: November 25, 2016
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v19658
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=914784
Game Type: Fantasy Drama Visual Novel

Summary: The world that’s about to end and the seven-colored flower that oversees that conclusion… This world is a sad place where the hardest working individuals are the very ones to suffer the most.

Shou is a boy who has returned to this beautiful and peaceful town where he has a promise to fulfill. A promise made so long ago he’s sure that his opponent has already forgotten. On his way, a mysterious girl who he already knows accompanies him, and giving her the name “Ren”, the two somewhat mismatched couple travels down the road to this town, where they depend on the kindness of its people to survive.

Just a reminder that you also need loli to survive


Mahou Shoujo Transformation! Review of [130531]Yumekoi

Foreword: Transform!~~ This quote appears quite often, and this game wasn’t an exception. When I think of Mahou Shoujo, I always think of the definition’s long history, where it’s been used as an element of “justice” (Sailor Moon…?), then “tentacle rape” (LOL), then somewhere into being all dark and gloomy (Madoka). For Parasol, who specializes in loli artwork, none of the above really works out, so they went ahead and made this, probably another chara-ge, with the mahou shoujo setting.

However, I do appreciate that there are several character songs, and even a transformation movie for each character. I personally like Mei’s movie, where the song is “Twinkle Shining Smile”, and has a nice beat to it.

Title: ゆめこい ~夢見る魔法少女と恋の呪文~ (Yumekoi ~Yumemiru mahou shoujo to koi no jumon~) [Lit. Trans: Dream Love ~Dreaming Magical Girl and Spell of Love~]
Producers: Parasol
Release Date: May 31, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12000 (That’s a nice even number thar o3o)
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=763651
Game Type: Mahou-shoujo themed novel.

Summary: Akira returns home to find packed bags, and soon panics, thinking his sister Kurumi was running away from home. Desperately calling out to her, he strangely gets a response from the bathroom, and soon, an unknown girl who is wrapped only in a towel comes out!

Her name is also Kurumi, and it turns out that she is the alternate version of Akira’s real sister Kurumi, from the Magic World. Of course, it’s a given that Akira be spotted by his real sister Kurumi, just as the towel falls off this unknown girl, and creates a huge misunderstanding. This unknown girl soon agrees to be called “Mikuru” (reverse the letters in Kurumi), and explains her reason for coming to an alternate world; she ran away from home.

Soon, the trio will meet a “mascot” named Kurarasan, and be forced into many various troubles, which also happens to include the following three girls turning into a mahou shoujo: Akira’s younger sister Kurumi, Akira’s childhood friend Sakuya, and Akira’s classmate Mei.

Kurarasan explains that their reason for coming to this alternate world is to capture “Yumenotsubomi”, which are small flower-shaped crystals that allow the power of mahou shoujo to the girls that it chooses.

As fate unwinds, it is the three girls that Akira is closest to, that become mahou shoujo. In order to now harvest the crystal now, the girls would need to use magic to make it bloom.

Story Length: Moderate (25 hours)
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy
Comments: In the first four choices, you actually need to act “perverted”. When it comes time to choose between the four girls. Later, the girl you choose “first” is the targeted character.

Weeeee~ Falling from a 5-story building!

Character Design Rating: 6/10
Story Rating: 5/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 5/10
Rating Comments: Yes, we have another typical Parasol game–with arguably inferior story, but with a very nice loli artwork by Chikotam, but also two more artists. As always, however, there’s that “convenient” plot that’s prevalent throughout this game, and really, a lack of a solid theme.

Character Summary: There are four characters.

I start off with Mikuru, who is supposed to be the “alternate version” of Kurumi. Calling Akira “oni-chan” from when she comes out of the shower, your first impression of this character is an “amaenbo” character. Despite this, I find it strange how she can accept Akira as her older brother, and act so friendly to him. Of course, this was supposed to be part of the character design, but one of her first quotes are, “Geez, did you already forget me?” despite never really meeting Akira (in this world) in the first place.

Calling herself a super-elite mahou shoujo, her magic always seems to mess up, but suddenly become the most powerful magician in the climax of her route, where Mikuru easily overpowers the other three mahou shoujo. “Convenient plot” sound familiar? Yeah, it’s used here. Personally, I don’t understand why the theme of “alternate world” was used, when it would’ve been the same by simply making the “magic actually unknown to humans…” element. Nonetheless, it’s revealed that in the beginning of the game, Mikuru’s powers are levitation.

It’s also pretty disappointing that Mikuru’s route has “hidden elements” that aren’t explained. Why did the portal between the two worlds malfunction? The game suggests that it’s because it was such a powerful spell, but considering Akira was able to control it, this explanation doesn’t make sense either.

Right onto Kurumi, Akira’s younger sister. As a character who is responsible and always knows what she’s doing, it’s possible to argue that Kurumi is your typical imouto tsundere. She’s deeply affectionate for her older brother, and while wishing the best of him, she also often feels jealous if he’s near other girls. Despite this, it’s Kurumi that actively assists both the heroine and Akira in all three other routes in one way or another, and I give the game a plus for this aspect.

In her own route, however, her desire to stay as Akira’s “imouto” corrupts her mind to think that she can “reset” everything and it’ll work out. Obviously, resetting everything doesn’t do anything in this situation, and there’s really no explanation of how that mindset would’ve arisen. The “convenient plot” also works here, where Mikuru cannot break Kurumi’s barrier, which is set up while she’s charging up magic for this huge change. Of course, it needs to be Akira (Now, he does NOT have magic powers) that saves the day.

Kurumi is actually horrible at singing. This is why when she transforms, due to the transformation being dependent on the user’s singing, her clothes tear apart almost immediately. It is revealed in her route that this trait is because Akira himself is a terrible singer, and Kurumi had simply followed her brother’s footsteps from the past. Like her magical alternate identity, Kurumi’s powers involve levitation.

Sakuya is next, and is related to both Akira and Kurumi as a childhood friend. One year above Akira, Sakuya acts as the “older sister” for both siblings, and is a reliable person to trust. It is hinted in the beginning that she is extraordinarily popular, but she turns down all confessions, obviously because there’s someone she has in mind.

In her route, Sakuya obtains various animal forms; first being a dog, then a cat, and then a bunny girl. These clothes have strange characteristics in the sense it can’t be taken off by normal means, but the crew soon determine that this from magic malfunctioning, and soon send Akira into the “mind” of Sakuya. This is where Akira works his magic again, and everything is all happy again. Sakuya’s dream is actually to marry Akira and become his bride, which takes place at the very end of her route.

Finally Mei. The setting is that she’s actually much younger than the rest of the characters (lol, all characters 18+, HMM?!), but is so smart, she comes to school with the high school students, and is Akira’s classmate. She is a hardcore mahou shoujo otaku, and when she actually transforms, she’s actually happy about it, and accepts thing as they are.

Despite being very intelligent, Mei has no knowledge of anatomy or sexual activities (which is contradictory) probably because she was raised in a very protective family. Because of this, she has little friends, and readily accepts Akira and the crew’s friendship.

Her route, which I think is arguably the best, revolves mostly around herself “being a good girl“, and subjecting to whatever someone older tells her to do. However, Akira finds this unpleasant, and even goes to a point to ask to break up when this symptom gets serious. It’s in this route that Akira becomes rather sadistic and indecent, but the two get along very well, to the point Akira “runs away” with Mei and starts living in an apartment.

Mei’s route ends with her rescuing a kitten in a storm (which is actually Mei’s fault), and soon bearing Akira’s child, who takes on the fully mature “Yumenotsubomi” to become a magical girl when she is born.

Jump rope with four people! For the reference, it’s Akira swinging the rope while the other end is tied to a tree.

Sexual Content: High.

Comments: Each route was designed in a strange manner, since there was so many contradictions and “convenient plot” that it almost seemed as if they were doing it on purpose. Nonetheless, after facedesking through most of the story, I was also surprised that one of the elements were not explained for Kurarasan.

In the story, there is some reference about the alternate “self”. As an example, it is shown that the alternate “Sakuya” in the magical world is someone who is hard to approach, due to her strict attitude. However, even she becomes affectionate to the “Akira” in the alternate world. This comparison is made similarly to both Mei and Tomomi. However, through all of this comparing and contrasting, only Kurumi-Mikuru set are different in appearance, and of course, Kurarasan’s “alternate” existence is not explained.

Well, analysis aside, just enjoy the loli artwork xP

Affection for the Characters: Low

The black cat in the middle is “Kurosuke”, which was a doll until Mei used her magic on it to allow it to speak. After that, Kurosuke acts as a “truthful Mei”, in the sense (s)he(?) will say what Mei has in mind at that moment.

CG Quality: Moderate
Music Quality: Very good. As stated, there are several insert songs (which I’ll get to uploading soon…) that are used for the transformation scenes. Along with the fact that there is a movie for each scene. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the movies because they contain nudity, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find the video itself somewhere around the internet.

Addictiveness: Low

Conclusion: Your typical Parasol game (which relates to loli characters and plot that makes no sense), with Mei’s route actually being relatively decent compared to the others. As with all other Parasol games, don’t play it for the story; play it to drool over the loli characters like me.