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The Summer’s Harvest! Review of [150529]Natsuiro Recipe

Foreword: Omigosh, I am so sorry! It’s been over a month without any kind of posts from me, and I really did not play any games to actually write a review about. Like, the entirety of last month was either nukige or MMOs for me, and now that school’s starting back up for me, I’m expecting even less time for review writing.

A bad news is that I am genuinely contemplating on stopping the writing of reviews because of how busy everything would be, and just enjoy the releases like a normal player, but then there would be no fun in ranting about the bad games or praising the good ones!

Alright, right onto this title, called “Natsuiro Recipe”. To be perfectly honest, I came here for the food (like what most of us do when there’s an organization meeting at your college). As a competent cook myself, I was curious to know how the game would incorporate the themes “summer”, “food”, and “romance” into a single game.

In short, they did do a very decent job at this fusion of themes, but they also missed out critical portions and being the asshole of a critic I am, I’m here to thoroughly exploit that and hopefully get the readers to laugh as well.

Title: なついろレシピ (Natsuiro Recipe) [Summer-colored Recipe]
Producers: Pulltop Air
Release Date: May 29th, 2015
VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v16515
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=842088
Game Type: Romance Novel with themes of “Food” and “Summertime”

Summary: Takefumi is a boy who never thought he belonged anywhere; he was always being dragged around by his dad and frankly getting tired of it. As he had nothing to do after graduating college, a letter addressed to his father in Hong Kong arrives at his home.

The letter is written by a girl who claims to be the hidden daughter of Takefumi’s father. Takefumi, who is already aware of his father’s bad habits of hooking up with random women, takes this to heart and decides to visit this girl in the rural countryside to apologize and do whatever he can.

This strange, beautiful, but lonely girl has no one to trust, but with Takefumi’s support, she starts smiling again. Despite this, Takefumi decides to take a step further, and to re-establish the restaurant of Yuzu’s now-deceased grandmother, which was extraordinarily important to the young girl.

The restaurant’s special fried rice! Most of the beginning scenes show Yuzu and Takefumi trying to replicate this popular recipe, but having something missing each time.

Review of [080125]Sakura Strasse

Foreword: A very old game, finished quite late. Again with Palette games, you’ll have to deal with me spurting nothing but compliments about this game, so I apologize in advance.

Title: Sakura Strasse
Producers: Palette
Release Date: January 25th, 2008
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v205
Game Type: Novel

Summary: Harumi loves cooking; it’s his life, passion, and dream. In order to get better, he works at a restaurant at a far-away hotel. However, his stepmother, who runs a restaurant, has collapsed from exhaustion, and he is asked to hurry back.

While returning home after quitting his job, Harumi’s arm is sliced off.

As his conscience fades after that accident, he remembers seeing a witch who was startled… When he wakes up, he remembers nothing, and returns home normally.

However, he will soon find that his arm starts to ache, and while wondering why, he meets the same witch (who he doesn’t remember), who takes it on her responsibility that Harumi’s arm was chopped off. According to her, she was running (or rather, flying) away from an air patrol unit, she attacked the unit, which crashed near Harumi and caused the accident. In addition, since his arm cannot be healed right away, the witch, Marie, has to stay near him and continuously use magic.

Lulli, the “moe” character of this game :D

Story Length: Moderate
Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Comments: The choices involve “meeting” with the characters, and as the sprites are also presented, it will not be difficult to see which routes to take.

Character Design Rating: 8/10
Story Rating: 7/10
Game Quality: Moderate
Overall Rating: 7/10
Rating Comments: A very nice game! One of the traits about this game that I enjoyed greatly was the “free talk” at the end, when all the characters are cleared. It features the CV for the 6 main characters (Marie, Lulli, Karin, Yuuka, Claudia, and Chris), and their respective thoughts on this game, as well as a commentary about how much they liked each characters. It really shows the CV’s personality, which can often be contradicting with the characters they voice; this “difference” (aka, Gap Moe) is an added bonus.

You often need to be “forceful” (LOL) with Marie.

Sexual Content: Low

Comments: Some friends often complain that these games contain too much “fillers”, or unnecessary plotline that simply makes the game longer. However, I disagree with this comment, because these so-called “fillers” often contain key points to why a character acts like that, or some hint that the protagonists utilize to successfully capture the heroine.

Another fun trait of this game is the breaking of the fourth wall. One of the lines within the game is “Is it normal to create a movie in a scene like this?” when Marie “transforms”. It adds to the humor very well, mainly because it’s often used by Harumi to make excuses for himself when he does something wrong.

Yuuka is… Kinda scary.

Affection for the Characters: High

CG Quality: Moderate. While inferior to Haredoki, it’s good to see that Kusukusu’s style didn’t change much.
Music Quality: Moderate. Sakura Strasse actually had a music theme that was half Moshihare, and half Mashiro Symphony. It’s quite strange, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Addictiveness: Low. Quite unfortunately, despite the fact that this game was indeed enjoyable, it lacks the

Conclusion: Another great Palette game that is very enjoyable. It may be possible that the reader find some of the characters “annoying” at first, since Karin is extremely childish, and Yuuka is rather abusive, but get into their respective routes, and these characters go through a DYNAMIC change. Spoiling a story is bad, so I’ll leave it at that!