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The Fate of the God-Murderer: Review of the Ikusa Megami Series

Foreword: When I first played the Memoria remake in 2014, I thought it was a very good game with amazing character design and a unique gameplay, and found it unfortunate that the story was not quite up to par. My review also revealed that I had only gone through what was the tip of the iceberg, with two prequels that I’ve completely neglected.

Ikusa Megami Zero

Ikusa Megami Verita

I’ve taken the time the past 2 weeks to actually go through every one of these games in its chronological order (with a maxed out savedata; grinding is so annoying), and found out that the story is indeed much better in the beginning games than the successive ones. In fact, I felt like a dumbass when I figured out that by playing the remake first, I’ve effectively spoiled the entire series for myself. Fuck you, me from 2014.

What I’d like to do to myself from 2014

This’ll be a fairly long review WITH SPOILERS discussing the main characters, story, and gameplay. I’ll try to go deep into what I found good about the series and what I didn’t. Now, please do keep in mind that I’ve only played the Ikusa Megami series from Zero -> Verita -> Memoria (remake). This may have biased my viewpoints onto Serika instead of Louie. In addition to this, I’ll be less descriptive about the Louie side of the story, because I have not yet played this “arc” of the series. One thing to note is that “Memoria” which is a remake, is pretty much the “Ikusa Megami 1” that was released waaaay back in 1999.

Also, you may notice that I use my own spelling instead of the Englishese that Eushully presents in the game. I personally think their “translations” are freaking retarded, so please forgive me in this aspect.

Please note that this game contains HEAVY spoilers! It contains a LOT of my personal analysis on the implications made within the game.

Title: 戦女神 (Ikusa Megami; Battle Goddess) Series.
Producers: Eushully
VNDB Link: Zero | Verita | Memoria (remake)
Game Type: Fantasy Novel with “Final Fantasy-Style” (SLG) Combat System

Summary: What do you do, when you lose your loved ones? How would you respond if the entire world hated you, and sought your death? What if your eternal, immortal life was filled with sleepless nights and silent anguish?

Don’t think society is the only thing that shuns your existence; gods will find your presence disgusting, monsters will haunt your back for as long as you breathe, and evil will always follow the path you walk.

At least for Serika, he didn’t know he would be walking this path as he returned from the Nohia Ruins after an expedition. As he is completely unaware of his eternal fate after returning to Markle, he meets a beautiful girl whose name was Satia.

Do you believe in Destiny? Serika replies with a strong “no”, but his own will drag him into the depths of Death and back.

The Story of a God-Murderer… Review of [140425] Tenbin no La Dea

Foreword: Here’s the second review in a while! As my first Eushully game, I’m wondering why the hell I didn’t get to this game any sooner. Remember Eternal’s eroge with gameplay elements? Think of those except a lot better with more H-scenes (which is primarily because of the greater number of characters).

There were a lot of similarities between the two companies, but I’ll obviously focus on this title as much as possible. While I’d hate to give away spoilers, it’s actually pretty hard to do, so I’ll just go with the flow (irresponsible)

Overall, this game was pretty much perfect in character design: much to my surprise. That’s why it does receive a 10/10 for the respective category. As expected however, story design will fall inevitably because it’s really hard to implement a good and solid story into such a long game.

Frankly, I got lazy with the leveling of the characters after I hit level 65 on Serika. I’ll make sure to explain this portion as well.

Title: 天秤のLa DEA。 ~戦女神MEMORIA~(Tenbin no La DEA. ~Ikusa Megami Memoria) [Lit. Trans: Divine Judgment of La Dea (the God). Battle Goddess Memoria]
Producers: Eushully
Release Date: April 25, 2014
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v13999
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=792202
Game Type: Turn-Rotation Advanced Strategy Fighting Game (Final Fantasy Style)
Game Walkthrough Wiki: http://www60.atwiki.jp/ladea_memoria/

Summary: Serika is an individual known as the “God Murderer” and hunted by everyone. This is why he must hide his identity from as many people as possible as he strives to reach a normal life. Regardless of his efforts, there will be someone who finds out about him, and try to hunt him down as well.

This was when the Water Miko advised him to head west, to a town called Lerun, where he would assist the Knights of Lewinia with their missing Princess. While it was unknown why he was advised to do so, Serika agrees and heads out with his loyal maid(?), Shuri.

Tenbin no La Dea is about Serika’s story as he meets various individuals during his stay at this small town, and how these people will affect his daily (and immortal) life.

This game is the remake of an older Eushully title back in 1997. Graphics, system, and story are greatly improved.

This is Alicia, a girl who became a victim of the thieves in the beginning of the scenes.

Taking Care of a “Child of a Goddess!” Review of [131129] Wagaya no Himegamisama

Foreword: Happy New Years, everyone! Just as with all new year’s resolutions, I make one today that I’ll spend more time playing VNs and writing more quality reviews for them! :D

Psh, yeah. I wish.

Despite being on Winter break for another 3 weeks, I’m still not getting done with the titles I want to finish. Just by giving up a large majority of chara-ge, I’m somehow catching up to some of the older ones, and with the help of various individuals within the eroge community (Yes, I’m talking about you guys in Anime-Sharing and gangrelion!), I’m ever-so-slowly becoming more and more knowledgeable about games and how to properly review them.

Today, somewhat complimentary to my above-stated New Year’s Resolution, I’d like to perhaps make two reviews. Will I get to 3? … … … Probably not.

Chatting aside, we have, quite unfortunately, another inferior Chuablesoft game. As I’ll say with Chuable’s games, it seems that the ones with the brown logo that says “Medicine for your Mind” is somehow greatly better than the ones with a pink logo (you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Having played Astraythem, Love la Bride, Himegami, and now also working on Sweet Robin Girl, my pattern shows correctly. Let’s see if I can pull off a good review with this title, though.

Title: 我が家のヒメガミさまっ!
Producers: ChuableSoft
Release Date: November 29, 2013
VNDB Link: http://vndb.org/v12981
Getchu Link: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=779720
Game Type: Slice of Life novel with themes of History

Summary: Takaya finds himself dazing around with his childhood friend, Kei’s, company at the summer festival. She was telling him that the weather has been getting bad, and since she’s afraid of thunders, she’ll be heading home first.

Takaya decides he wants to stay a little more, and head behind the shrine to a very old tree that is representative of the goddess who is served by this town. Rain starts falling, and having no shelter except for the tree, it is only a matter of time as a lightning strikes the very tree that stood tall for hundreds of years (for the reference, you should NEVER stand next to a tree during a lightning storm. I guess Takaya lacked that knowledge)

As the old tree groans and falls over, Takaya realizes that the tree is hollow, and inside is a small girl who lies in the rain, naked and shivering. While he doesn’t believe in gods, Takaya feels sympathy for the girl and brings him back to his house (much to the surprise of his childhood friend who visits him the next day), and it is soon reported that this child may be the goddess that generations of people have been serving for thousands of years.

Seeing how close the child and Takaya get in just a couple of days, the town’s greatest officials decide it may be best to let the goddess do as she pleases. Takaya, who is not motivated by anything, reluctantly accepts his fate as he sees the smile of the child and how much it comforts him.

… Until he is then ordered to also allow two more girls to live with him, to support the raising and protection of the goddess; Shiori (his classmate and the miko to the shrine), and Tsubaki (his upperclassman and a skilled swordswoman).